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Kate hadn't had the best of upbringings, actually she didn't really have one. A stone-hearted Mother, a drunk and lonely father, she despised them, never knowing what love was, never feeling the warmth from a cuddle from her own Mother. She got away from them as soon as she could, she would better herself, make herself proud, she didn't need them, she didn't need anyone.

She was never the girly-girl, always stood out from the girls at school, never quite fitted. She didn't believe in Prince Charming, she didn't believe in fairytales, she liked facts, beliefs but despite that she found herself smiling, looking down at the fingers entwined with hers. She had been seeing him for well over five months now, most of the crew had guessed but she didn't care, she was smitten, she had only felt like this with one person before, Mike Flynn. The moment she set her eyes on him she fell in love, his intoxicating smile, his blue eyes and the way he made her laugh. He broke her heart and from that day she had a heart of stone, she had built her walls so high that she didn't think anyone would ever break them, until she met Jim Roth.

Kate stood on the deck of the Hammersley, the salted air blowing against her face, this is what she loved, the feeling of being free. Well as free as you could be being in the Navy. She finally felt like everything in her life was going right, nothing was stopping her from being happy especially not the Navy. They had been back in port for a couple of hours, most of the crew had left but she as usual had paperwork she needed to catch up on. She hadn't heard anything from Jim, she wasn't sure if he was on a mission or he was just busy. Mike smiled watching her, her hair was such a golden colour, as he approached he could smell her scent in the wind. He placed his hand on her lower back. "Hey, I thought you were heading home." He didn't mean for her to leave he was just curious, he had heard a lot from the crew about Kate and Jim, of course he knew not rely on what they said but he took particular interest in what they had to say about their relationship.

Kate turned to look at his, she sometimes forgot how handsome he was, his eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She snapped herself out of her thoughts, no Kate, she thought to herself. "I'm such admiring the view", and she was, but not just the beautiful ocean. Mike smiled and looked at her, "You've just been on a patrol, we've come home and your still here?. He smirked lightly "I knew my company was good but I didn't realise how good". Kate laughed and pinched his arm lightly. "Well you haven't left yet." She stated, he shrugged. "I'm the captain, first one on, last one off.. And besides the company isn't that bad". Kate smiled. She finally felt like they were over all of the awkwardness of their relationship, now they could really just be them, they got on so well. "Pub later?." Mike asked as he stepped back a little. "Everyone's going to be there..". He wanted to add that part so she wouldn't feel he was suggesting anything else. Kate lowered her head and thought, looking back up smiling and nodding "Yea, I'll see you all later". With that she got her bag and headed of the gangway.

Jim had known the Hammersley was due back today so he went to the port to surprise her. He had bought a bunch of beautiful white roses, he had missed her more than he thought would ever be possible. Jim stood in a secluded space, where he could see the Hammersley but he was out of sight. When she walked onto the deck and just stood there, he took her features in, her beauty, he was head over heels in love with her and he knew it. As he started to walk toward the boat he watched Mike walk up beside her, the way he put his hands on HIS girlfriend made his blood boil. He had known from the first time he had seen Mike and Kate together that they had feelings for each other, it was obvious. He was jealous, he always had been but she was his Kate and it was going to stay that way, no matter what.

As soon as Kate spotted Jim she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. "I didn't know you would be here..". He took her bag off of her "Clearly." He replied slightly cold. "They're beautiful", taking the flowers and smelling them briefly. "Let's get you home", he wrapped his arm around her and headed to her house. Kate had made a rice dish for their tea, she knew it was her first day back but it was tradition for the crew to go to the pub the first night home. "We've been invited to go to the pub tonight.". Jim stopped chewing his food and looked up at her and simply gave a nod. He wasn't happy, he wasn't happy at all.

Kate had decided that tonight she was going to make a bit of an effort, she picked out a navy blue chiffon dress, it had a V neck and a wrap around the waist, it clung to her waist but flowed at thee bottom. She wore her hair down as usual with a little bit of make-up on. She really hoped Jim liked it. She loved going out with him, she felt so proud to be on his arm. She walked down the stairs and stood in front of him. "What do you think?.". "Bit dressy for an evening at the pub isn't it?." she didn't like the way he spoke to her. "Well maybe, but it's the first night that we've spent together." "And the rest of the crew, well Mike" he snapped. She stepped back not expecting that reaction from him. "Well yes, Mike is part of the crew.". Jim jumped up and threw his plate off the table. "Don't give me attitude." He said pointing his finger at her.

Kate stood in disbelief. She was frozen to the spot. Seeing the look on her face Jim lowered his hand. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shouted. I'll clean this up.". Jim started to pick up the broken pieces. Kate walked past him, she walked out to her balcony. Who was that person she just saw?. That wasn't Jim, not the man she loved. Jim stood behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry Kate, I promise that won't happen again.". "No, it won't." Kate said firmly. "You look lovely." "Thanks, let's get going". She wasn't feeling very comfortable and well she wanted to be in the company of people who made her laugh.

The car ride was quiet, jim trying to make small chat but she wasn't having any of it. As they arrived she just got out of the car. Jim walked closely behind her, taking her arm to stop her walking. "Kate, please, I said i'm sorry.". "Let's just have a good night". Kate responded with a small smile, she was still confused and shocked. She took his hand and walked into the pub. Seeing everyone laughing at a standing table by the bar they went over to them "X!" Dutchy shouted and shook her's and Jim's hand. "Dutchy" Jim replied. "I'll get the drinks".. Kate said, seeing Mike at the bar. "Good evening Sir". Kate grinned. "Kate" Mike replied, he turned to see everyone round the table greeting Jim and catching up. Jim looked over to the bar and saw Kate and Mike tapping their glasses together and laughing, he could feel his temperature rise, he could see the way Mike was looking at her. Kate had forgotten how good Mike smelt, the way the black shirt made him look so attractive. "You look beautiful" Mike lent in slightly to say. "Thank you." Kate blushed slightly, she looked toward the table to see Jim staring at them, feeling awkward she broke away swiftly. "I should head back".

For the next couple of hours Jim just watched her every move, she could have only been talking to Nikki but he started to resent her, actually he started resenting them all. Kate joined in on some of Charges' exaggerated stories and Dutchy's jokes. He hated the way that she got on so well with them, especially the men, he hadn't realised but she was a flirt, well at least in his eyes. He couldn't take it anymore, the little glance between Kate and Mike as he he would talk about a mission where he got to save the day or when Kate came to his rescue. He walked up behind Kate and whispered in her ear "We're leaving. Now.". She could hear the seriousness in his voice. "I have to go, bye". She said not really exchanging looks with anyone.

"What is wrong with you?." Kate said throwing her clutch bag on the sofa as they walked in. "You!" he shouted, she turned to look at him. "Excuse me?." she was confused. "You, you've been flirting with half the crew all night. I couldn't even look at you, you were disgusting". He spat slightly. "I was what?!." Kate had never been a flirt not with the crew at least. "I was standing there watching you. You and HIM, Mike". He could feel the anger in his chest even saying his name. "What did you get dressed up to see him?. Hm?." "What, Jim, I don't know what you're talking about. Please stop." She said moving toward him, placing a hand on his arm. "I got dressed up because I wanted you to find me beautiful, I wanted to feel beautiful". Jim calmed at her touch. He nodded and started to pace. "Okay". He simply said.

There was a text alert from her phone, she looked at Jim and he looked at her, before she could get to it he was already reading it. "Kate, is everything okay?. You left so quickly. Let me know please- Mike x". He chucked her phone on the sofa. "Well well, isn't it your boyfriend. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey". "He isn't my boyfriend Jim, we're just friends. I love you, I'm in love with you". She wanted him to calm down so much, why had he just turned, it didn't make sense. "You've been playing me for a fool haven't you, Katie?". His eyes were blood shot and his fist where clenching. "Just please, you're being silly.." With that, using the back of his hand he swiped her face, knocking her to the floor. "Don't call me stupid bitch". She could feel her face throbbing, her eyes were out of focus, she tried to get up, tears welling in her eyes. Running up to her bedroom she locked herself in, entering her bathroom she looked in the mirror, blood was coming from a cut on her lip as you would imagine it had begun to swell. Tears rolling down her cheek she didn't know what to do, did that really just happen.

Jim had stormed out of the place, he didn't want to see her, she would pay for this, she really would.

Climbing on top of the bedsheets she curled herself into a ball, she knew she wouldn't and couldn't sleep.

She didn't know it but that night was the beginning of it all.

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