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Now that they were headed back to the city Miranda found that she was nervous for possibly the first time in her life. She had made all the preparations she, well that her assistant, possibly could but there was just no way to tell how Andrea was going to react to new surroundings. A new home, a new, much larger city, new people, Miranda was anxious to get the young woman home and settled. She glanced over at the passenger seat where Andrea lay curled, peacefully asleep.

Andrea's impromptu "farewell party" had gone well. The young sheriff had gotten the word out and a day before the family's departure half the town had shown up, covered dishes in hand, and given Day a 'proper send off' as one elderly woman had said. Day had seemed in her element. She had padded around, on all fours of course, and licked and nuzzled the people whom Miranda assumed must have been closest to her. What had surprised Miranda was the number of people that had come to her and told her to take good care of Andrea, or Day as they kept calling her. Of course Cassidy and Caroline had used the party as an intelligence gathering expedition and Miranda had yet to hear every tidbit they had garnered about Day and her years in the small town.

The editor glanced in the back seat to see two red headed twins still asleep, one leaned on the window, and one leaned on an equally asleep Patricia. Sighing Miranda shook her head; she didn't enjoy being the only one awake on such a long road trip with only her thoughts to keep her company. It was moments like these that Miranda realized how much she missed Andrea from the night. There were times the editor swore she could see something different in those brown eyes during the day but Andrea never acted any differently so Miranda could never be sure.

In all honesty, Miranda wasn't sure what would happen, or more importantly what she was going to do once Andrea did 'wake up' during the day. Thus far that side of the young woman had only ever been visible to the editor and Andrea was still so incredibly fragile and easily upset. Miranda dreaded Andrea 'waking up' at an inopportune moment and being so overwhelmed that it ruined all of their progress. She had worked her schedule so that for the first week she could be at home most of the time with the young woman. Cassidy and Caroline still had a few weeks of school left to finish before breaking for summer. Aside from that the editor's plan was simple and to the point, she planned to hardly ever, if possible never, be separated from Andrea. She had already gotten Emily to start a rumor that Miranda had found a protégé or young artist on her vacation and that the young woman was extremely talented and a bit odd, on top of which Miranda had made sure that Emily include that the new artist only spoke to Miranda and never in front of others. Miranda planned to segue this rumor into a reason to have the silent young woman by her side at all times, pinning her success of the plan on her hope that she could get Andrea to walk on two feet and not bark during the day, even if she didn't 'wake up.'

The trial run was to be Emily. True Miranda's valued assistant knew more truth of the situation than of the rumor she had spread, but she didn't know everything. Miranda would only divulge the 'dog' side of Andrea's personality under the most extreme duress or absolute need. After all, one day Miranda hoped the girl would 'wake' for good and the editor did not want her to have to battle that image of her past with anyone. Everyone deserved the chance to heal and move on without the past being thrown in one's face. Miranda was hoping against hope that she could get the girl to walk upright all of the time and lose most of her 'dog' traits while she slowly brought Andrea from the night into the daylight. To be sure the task was nearly impossibly but if anyone could accomplish the impossible it was Miranda.

A noise brought Miranda from her musings. Glancing to her right she saw that Andrea was awake. Quickly she glanced in the rear view mirror to see if the rest of her passengers were awake as well, so far just Andrea was back in the land of the living. The editor felt a bit guilty that she was glad for this bit of alone time with Andrea. Smiling Miranda glanced at Andrea again, meeting her eyes and softly said, "Hey."

Andrea sat up straight in her seat, feet on the floor, a posture the editor missed as her eyes were mostly focused on the road, however she didn't miss when Andrea returned her smile and softly said "Hey."


I know, I know, I'm being horrid again with this cliff hanger. Where do y'all want it to go? Should this be a fluke? Should the twins wake up and finally meet Andrea? Should it be an in depth, revealing conversation between Miranda and Andrea? I'm taking suggestions!