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"For the last time I am NOT GAY!" Draco Malfoy shouted, stomping his feet and causing several fourth years to stop on their way to Herbology and gawk openly at the blonde's overdramatic tantrum.

"Easy Draco," Blaize Zabini said, smirking as his best friend whirled to face him with a look of absolute indignation on his face. "We're just stating the obvious…if we didn't do that we'd be lying to you, and that's not how friends treat friends is it?"

"Yeah Draco," Pansy Parkinson chimed in, "you even told us last year that you're—"

"I KNOW I'm gay," Draco said dramatically rolling his eyes, as if his friends were missing some key element of this conversation, "but there is no way that I am in any way flamboyant."

This time, Blaize was unable to hold back his mirth and began openly laughing as Pansy unsuccessfully attempted to kick him in the shins. "Really, you're not flamboyant?" He choked out finally. "I'm sorry Draco but you refuse to wear any article of clothing that doesn't accent your eyes or your figure, you spend at least two hours every morning on your hair, and you give more fashion advice to me than Pansy does…or my mother," he added as an afterthought. "Face it, you're a flamer."

Draco huffed indignantly and positioned his face into the loftiest expression he could muster. "Well, don't expect me to help you next time you decide to wear soot-grey. Doesn't everyone know that his year's grey is obviously charcoal?" Suddenly, the blonde's eyes snapped open in shock as he looked about him in horror. "Oh fuck I am a flamer!"

"Oh Draco, it's okay," Pansy said, giving her friend a quick squeeze. "You're fabulous just the way you are, and beside," she said throwing Blaize a mischievous glance, I'm sure Harry would love to have a femme like you around."

Draco spluttered, horrified that she had mentioned that in such a public place. "I—it's not—that's irrelevant…"

Pansy smiled and patted his arm sympathetically. "Please love, if it wasn't obvious enough that you're gay, it was even more apparent that you fancy Harry. I mean, you've been obsessed with getting his attention since first year. Now we're sixth years and the only thing that's changed is that Harry finally dumped the Weasley girl and told her that he didn't swing that way. So, logically, you have more of chance now that he's officially out of the closet." Winking at the stunned blonde, she turned to Blaize and asked if he was ready to head down to dinner.

"See you down there," Blaize smirked as he took Pansy's hand and began making the way towards the Great Hall's entrance. "But don't worry Draco…you were born this way baby!"

Draco was about to make a retort about how Blaize was lucky to have a fashion-savvy friend like him, but before he could open his mouth (let alone figure out what he wanted to say) her heard a sharp voice calling "Malfoy!" across the entrance hall. Looking around, he made his way toward Professor McGonagall, wondering what on earth he was supposed to have done this time.

"Professor Dumbledore would like a word with you in his study before you join your classmates," she told him crisply, eying him as if she expected to find some trace of something on his face. "And don't look so nervous Malfoy, it's not like you've done anything wrong!"

Still utterly confused, Draco turned and made his way back up the grand staircase towards the Headmaster's office. As he walked, Draco couldn't help but think about what Pansy had said. Yes, rumors had been flying that Potter had dumped the Weasly girl about a week ago. They were no longer seen holding hands in the hallways or studying together in the library. In fact, Ginny has been in tears every time Draco had seen her the last few days and, it has been said that the reason Harry broke it off was because he finally came out about his sexuality. When Draco first heard, he had been hesitant to believe it. What were the chances that the man he'd fancied for six years would also end up being gay…? Did orphan heroes just come out as being bent every other day? But over the past week, the story seemed to honestly prove true as Harry could be overhead telling a gaggle of interested third years that, no, he had not be unsatisfied with his old girlfriend, he honestly just wasn't interested in women, period. Before Draco could ponder any further about what this development meant, he had reached the door to Dumbledore's study and, as he raised his fist to knock, heard a pleasant "Come in Mr. Malfoy."

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news," Dumbledore began as Draco took his seat opposite the headmaster's desk, "but this morning one of your dorm mates was in an experimental accident. Gregory Goyle seemed to be trying to find a way to change his hair color and instead, created some sort of contagious virus."

Draco stared, dumbstruck. He knew Goyle was stupid but to mess up a hair-coloring potion that badly was cause for serious concern.

"Thankfully," Dumbledore continued, interrupting Draco's thoughts, "we have quarantined your dormitory but, until further notice, you and your housemates are all going to have to stay in with members of other houses. We have managed to salvage your possessions, but it is too dangerous to allow any students to stay in the Slytherin Common Room. You are to move immediately to your new quarters and remain there until further notice. As for Mr. Goyle, he has been taken to St. Mungos and is currently undergoing an evaluation. We are hoping he makes a full recovery…and that his hair will no longer be bubblegum pink."

By this point, Draco's mouth was hanging open. He had a very specific system for keeping his area of the dormitory organized and in properly preparing himself each and every morning. Moving to an entirely new environment with bumbling idiots who wouldn't have the first clue as to why Draco needed to use that bathroom at precisely six-o-clock (he had enough time to style his hair in a way that was mussed in a somewhat sexy manner, yet still had an appearance of being under his control) or how protective he was of his hair products and the specific order they had to stay in. The only thing that could possibly make this worse would be if…

"Oh, and before I forget," said Dumbledore, smiling knowingly at the blonde Slytherin, "you will be in the Gryffindor boys dormitory, right next to…" he checked his notes, "Mr. Potter."

"WHAT, but Professor, I...I can't room with Potter! It's…I mean I….it's just that…"

"Now Draco," Dumbledore said sternly, trying to hide the smile that was twitching on his lips, "this is a perfect opportunity to promote house unity..."

Draco tried to avoid rolling his eyes."

"And Mr. Potter is certainly much more chivalrous than you give him credit for. I am sure that the two of you will manage a…civil relationship until this situation can be resolved. Unless you feel you are unable to handle your new quarters and I would be more than happy to ask Hagrid to make some space for you to camp near the Forbidden Forest. It's not quite cold enough yet that you should be uncomfortable camping out." His blue eyes twinkled obnoxiously as Draco balked in horror at the possibility of sleeping so close to sniffing thestrals and hungry werewolves.

"No Professor, that won't be necessary. I can make do." He answered hurriedly, standing up and backing towards the door before the headmaster could make his idea a permanent set-up.

"Very well," replied Dumbledore in that infuriatingly calm manner of his, "off you go to dinner Mr. Malfoy. And Mr. Malfoy?" Dumbledore called after him as Draco was about to close the door behind him, "I find that in certain situations regarding how I feel about...someone or…something…that honesty usually serves me best."

Unsure of how to respond, Draco merely nodded and quickly shut the door behind him. "Crazy old man," he muttered as he took the stairs back to the main part of the school two at a time, "I don't care what anyone else says, there are definitely a few screws missing up there." Deciding to put the Headmaster's nonsense out of his head, Draco focused on the issue at hand—living in close quarters with none other than the Wizarding World's Golden Boy, Harry Fucking Potter. How was he supposed to function without getting himself into a situation he couldn't back out of?

As Draco rounded the last turn on his way to the top of the main entrance staircase, he settled on doing what Malfoys did best: acting as if he belonged in the Gryffindor common room and giving anyone who gave him trouble a piece of his mind. If he played his cards the rights way, he may never have to acknowledge Potter's existence anymore than Longbottom's or Weasley's. He could make this work. He was, after all, a Malfoy. And, if nothing else, Malfoy's excelled at hiding their feelings. Draco finally entered the Great Hall and made his way over to the Slytherin table, where Blaize and Pansy were waving to him and motioning to an empty seat. As he made his way to sit with them, Draco couldn't help but feel as if someone's eyes were carefully following his every move. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Potter looking at him with a mixture of emotions Draco couldn't place. Pensiveness? Confusion? As Harry realized that he had been caught watching the Slytherin, the Gryffindor jumped and hurriedly went back to his steak and potatoes, shaking his head and muttering a response to a question Granger just asked him. By this point in time, Draco reached his seat at the Slytherin table and slid in across from Blaize and Pansy. From the look on their faces, he wouldn't be able to eat in peace without telling them what Dumbledore had wanted to say to him. He sighed and stabbed a baked potato with a little more violence than was necessary. Blaize was never going to let him live this down…

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