"Master Amidale, They're here." he said. Jokoren walked over to where one of his officers sat, other officers on the bridge fully clad in Naboo guard uniforms walking and working throughout the command area.

"Geonosis?" He asked unphased. They nodded eyes fixed on the monitor.

"No doubt about."He replied, face glowing in the light of the monitor. "Signs of fighting and scans of repetitive explosions across the surface. The entire area is crawling with droids and humanoids. Ten or twenty warships of some sort and a series of CIS core ships."

"How are the Humanoids holding out down there?" Jokoren asked.

"Taking casualties but driving back the droid forces. It appears the droids are only trying to delay for something." The officer said bluntly. Jokoren hit the wall with his fist.

"Escape. They're trying to escape." Jokoren murmured realizing their strategy with frustration."Delay for the core ships to escape and leaving the republic with another four years at least of war to suffer through."

"Master Amidale, we aren't at war-" the officer tried to correct.

"According to the politicians yes. According to the out bound Republic systems under fire, I think massacre would be a better word for it." Jokoren replied."Regardless, we need to take out those ships. Have all vessels stand by to engage. Shoot to disable engines and weapons."

"Yes sir. All corvettes, stand by to engage fleeing Droid command vessels. Shoot to maim. Repeat, shoot to maim."

Outside was a fleet of mismatched Correlian corvettes and republic cruisers, engines and hulls mismatched and irregularly shaped. Some had possibly illegal upgrades and dangerous components. That's what you got when you bought a handful of ex-Republic ships off of a criminal overlord on Tatooine. At least both parties were happy. They had their money, and he had retrieved republic vessels from the wrong hands. And heavily armed ones at that. For a fleet of twenty four corvettes, they packed enough power to go head to head with a blockade of Trade Federation control ships. Maybe not win, but definitely go head to head. And this was far from an effective blockade considering they were a fleeing pack.

"Angle all deflector shields. All crew to battle stations." Jokoren called over the inter-com."Open fire on my order."

"Yes sir." The gunnery commander replied and everyone began scrambling into position. They may have simply been volunteers as a pose to actual soldiers, but they knew their job. And they did have military training. The Volunteers were Naboo palace guard recruits who decided to leave the service for a new cause. Jokoren's growing band of soldiers who called themselves the Republic Militia. Their uniforms were a combination of Mandalorian body armor, Naboo styled security helmets and Correlian grade pistols strapped to their hips for the officers. The soldiers were equipped with blaster rifles and survival packs on their backs. They were rather professional for a simple militia.

"Captain. How are our sheilds?" Jokoren asked walking to the exit door.

"We've fully recovered our sheilds. Why do you ask Master?" The captain asked hands folded behind his back.

"I'll be leading the fighter squadron. We'll make strafing runs on the ones getting through our line. You maintain the barrage. Keep me updated on their approach to firing range. I'll be giving the order to attack." Jokoren said before sweeping through the door and into the hallway.

"Yes Master. I'll do." The captain replied.

Jokoren walked over to his Delta-7 jedi starfighter's private hangar bay, a large room modified for docking starfighters on board the corvette. He rushed over to his turquoise blue ship and jumped into the cockpit. His matching colored R2 unit beeped and whistled a greeting cheerfully. Jokoren smiled wryly.

"Yes, we're in for a bit of a mess. However there's going to be a bigger one when we have to meet with the council. Then it might get rather awkward." He sighed and began flipping switches and initiated the start up sequence. The engines whined to life and the repulsorlifts kicked in as the cockpit cockpit closed back. The R2 unit gave a series of panicked nervous beeps as they rose up. Jokoren smiled mischievously.

"Simply put, we're going to try to end an unstarted war by taking on a herd of bantha with a jawa stun blaster." Jokoren replied and the ship dropped through the opening floor and out into space, speeding into position as a pack of fifty other fighters, A-wing in design flew into position, turquoise war markings across their ships.

"All craft, stand by to engage."