"Jokoren, this whole thing is stupid. We just settled a pricey bargain that nearly slit our throats with that Hutt for this fleet and now you want to go back? Are you insane? He didn't like you much the first time round." Captain Amadus protested over the Holographic communicator. Jokoren was hitch-hyperspacing in a spice freighter to Tatooine. His billowing robes draped around himself with his hood up as he knelled in the cargo hold for privacy.

"Sorry, Captain. Not happening. Besides, you'll just spark confrontation. The last time we went in we came in guns blazing. That was slightly stupid if Jabba hadn't been so good-natured about the whole thing, we would have been history." Jokoren replied simply.

"Just don't end up as a Scarlac meal." Amadus sighed shaking his head and folding his hands behind himself. Jokoren nodded and closed communication before exiting the cargo hold and walking into the Bridge.

The space freighter captain looked over his shoulder to Jokoren as they came out of hyperspace. He snorted irritably.

"Weirdo." The captain mumbled, his breathing mask face scrunching up with disgust. Jokoren bowed apologetically.

"We're here I take it." Jokoren said quietly.

"Yeah. Sure. You're pretty strange for a Jedi kid." The freighter captain murmured. Jokoren smirked.

"A Jedi Master. That should explain the exceptional peculiarity." Jokoren replied smiling. The freighter captain grinned.

"Well at least you know how to insult yourself."

"Careful. I also know how to aim them."

"For a weirdo, I like you." The captain said chuckling.

Jokoren made his way out of Mos Eisley space port to the Hutt palace, the critters of the desert shrinking away from him as he went. The Palace loomed in front of him, the twin suns setting in the distance. He approached the door and made himself known to the door guard droid. The droid recognized him immediately and the door opened slowly.

The moment the door had risen to the top, a platoon of Weequay guards took positions inside with blasters and opened fire on him. Jokoren glared and ignited his blue lightsaber, deflecting the lasers back at his attackers with his lightsaber in one hand, not moving to dodge. His lightsaber intercepted every shot and deflected it back at the shooter, killing them instantly. After seeing there was no hope in taking him on, they retreated in a dead sprint. Jokoren walked forward, lightsaber still ignited in case they decided to regroup.

It turned out they didn't, and he made his way relatively unhindered to the throne room chamber. A handful of gamorean guards however were arrayed in front of the criminal lord of the underworld, Jabba the Hutt. The Hutt reclined lazily on his platform, a Twi Lek dancer reclining in the crook of his tail. She was a fair faced Twi' lek as far as her features went however she was entirely orange. Her Leku were adorned with a gold band around the base of each. She wore her peoples traditional garb which left as many large portions of her skin visible as possible. Jokoren rolled his eyes inwardly. And I thought Ayla Secura was under dressed, he thought to himself. Then a rather unnerving thought crossed his mind. Was this the padawan?

"Chequan to' nayinki puddi nan dancha?" Jabba asked. His Protocol droid looked to Jokoren and moved as if startled before translating for Jokoren.

"The Almighty Jabba bids you welcome and inquires why you have returned." The protocol droid said almost in a terrified way.

"And I return the greeting." Jokoren replied bowing graciously to the Hutt."And I wish to inquire if he has ascertained a Twi' Lek padawan. According to the Jedi Council, you abducted her. Bear in mind However, I am not certain that that was the case." The dancer's eyes widened and narrowed at Jokoren suspiciously.

The Protocol droid repeated what Jokoren had said word for word. The Hutt's narrow eyes went wide with rage and he spat out a vicious reply.

"Ganka navidi doki, gevtoira!"

"Th-the almighty Jabba inquires why the council would make such an insinuation so foolishly." The protocol droid replied desperately. Jokoren raised an eyebrow unimpressed and pulled back his hood. He knew he sensed a powerful surge in the force from the Twi' lek dancer girl. He didn't want to admit it, but she was Salori Onalo. And what was worse was he couldn't tell if she was playing the part of a dancer or if she actually was a dancer.

"Because your dancer here is powerful in the force as it turns out." Jokoren replied shrugging, hands folded into his robe."No one is that powerful without training."

"Wanto nakudi shangota!" Jabba growled and the Gamorean guards took up their axes.

"Alright, I accept the wager." Jokoren replied and let his robes fall to his feet, revealing his belt with around his tunic with lightsaber attached to it. The Gamoreans rushed him and he took a defensive stance, lightsaber ignited. They struck out at him, but he vaulted above them and landed on the other side of their line, running one through the back with his lightsaber. Another swung their ax down at him but he side stepped and countered the attack with an arcing sweep of the lightsaber up through the Gamorean's body. Another pulled back for a broad sweeping swing but Jokoren was faster and jumped up in a flip, spinning his lightsaber in his hands so that it sliced through the guard's neck and landed in a crouch behind them as they fell to the floor.

The Twi Lek girl stared in surprise as Jokoren dispatched all twelve of the guards present as they swarmed towards him. Each fell before they could even complete an attack. It wasn't an ambush. It was a massacre.

"Groa!" Jabba roared in rage and everyone froze. Jokoren kept his guard up as the Gamoreans backed away and the other ten remained motionless on the floor.

"Shnkor wedonki nogira. Mendo kewandu apayodi. Jenha tenoyo." Jabba said. The portocol droid reeled back and looked to Jokoren.

"Well, what does he say?" Jokoren asked turning off his lightsaber and re-hooking it into his belt.

"The Almighty Jabba proposes to sell her to you out of the goodness of his heart. He sees his maternal love for his son in your efforts to free this padawan and is willing to sell her to you for 20,000 republic credits out of the goodness of his heart." The droid replied. Jokoren grinned.

"Make it 100,000 and we'll have a mutual understanding." Jokoren replied and everyome gasped in surprise including the Twi' lek girl. Jabba laughed heartily after hearing the translation from the protocol droid and Jokoren smiled knowing a deal was struck. The girl stared at Jokoren as a Weequay walked up behind her and removed the transmitter from the back of her neck with a specialized tool. She got to her feet and ran over to him getting behind him. Jokoren bowed one last time after handing over a credit chip and walked out of the throne room with the girl. Dealing with criminal master minds was so much easier than with the Jedi council.