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I lean over and kiss him. "Thanks, I love you, goodnight." I snuggle into his chest.

"I love you too, my love. See you in the morning." I hear as I fall asleep.

~Ch 3~


I wake up to an empty bed and my husband's voice talking in the living room. He must be on speaker phone since I can hear them both. Husband? I never in a million years thought I would ever call him that. I grab the hotel robe after I take care of bathroom things and head for the door.

"Mr. Johnson, this is Edward Cullen in Penthouse 1. I need you to add my wife's name to the room."

"Her name please?"

"Isabella Swan is on her license, but it's now Cullen."

"Would you like for me to add her name to the credit of two hundred fifty thousand in the casino we issued you upon check in?" Two hundred and fifty grand? Holy fuck!

"Yes, please. I want her to be able to gamble if she wishes. I also would like you to refund room 1324 to the credit card on file and add mine to the account to be charged. The girls' stay is on me as a graduation present. Also, I will find out if they wish to stay till Sunday."

"Just call me back and I will extend it if they want to stay. You are a premium customer, I will make sure you get what you want."

"Does that mean I can use the limo again today?"

"Sure, where do you wish to go?"

"Is it too much to ask to be taken to Hoover Dam? I want to see the sights."

"I will contact your driver from yesterday, Dave. I will tell him to take you anywhere you wish."

"Thank you."

"What time shall he be ready?"

"Two hours, I need to wake up the missus and the rest of the group. Then we need to eat some breakfast."

"How many for will there be for breakfast, sir?"


"I have credited you with eight breakfast buffets for this morning on your player's card, go to the VIP line for the buffet. Enjoy."

"Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. Please let me know if you need anything else. I can get you whatever you need."

"I will talk to my wife and ask her what she would like to do. This is her graduation trip, and as such, she will get whatever she wants."

"I'm only a phone call away, Dr. Cullen."

"Thank you, Mr. Johnson. I will call you back when a decision has been made."

"Talk to you then. Have a good day."

"You too. Bye." I walk into the living room and curl up next to him on the couch.

"Good morning, wife. How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine. What was that phone call about?" I ask.

"I called the Concierge to take care of some stuff for me."

"Do I even want to ask about the casino money or the girls' room that you took care of?"

"The money is a line of credit to play in the casino if we want. I'm pre-approved for that amount to spend. As far as the girls' room, I want to make that a graduation present for all of them. I know how hard you all worked, and I wanted to show them that they are cared about by us. They are, after all, your three best friends."

I lean over and kiss him.

"Thank you, Edward. That's very nice of you, but you don't have to do that. It's a lot of money. I don't want you to waste it."

"Oh please, baby. We have plenty. We don't have to work if we don't want to, our kids and grandkids too. Trust me, this is nothing."

"Kids?" I squeak out.

"Sure. Don't you want them?"

"I do, just not yet. I want to get to know you better."

"Then ask away. I want to have kids with you. I have watched you from afar for the better part of the last four years. Everything I have seen has made me fall in love with you. I am so glad we ran into each other here in Vegas, and I couldn't be any happier than I am right now with you here in my arms, loving me back."

I straddle his lap and capture his lips with mine in a searing kiss.

"Could I be any luckier than I am right now?" I whisper.

"You can if you want to go take a joint shower right now..." he teases as he wiggles his eyebrows at me. I can only sit there and giggle and blush. "Oh how I love your blush, my wife. But you don't have to be embarrassed around me. I love you and want to experience anything and everything with you."

"Let's call our friends and tell them to meet us for breakfast, and then let's go take that shower." He places me on the couch next to him as he dials their rooms. He asks them to meet us down at the buffet in an hour. When he's done, he takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom, where we have some shower fun up against the tile, and then wash each other while giggling and splashing around under the water. We both dress in shorts and tees, with Chucks, and head for the buffet. Everyone smiles as we walk up holding hands and grinning like the fools we are.

"Nice to see you both out of bed. To what do we owe this pleasure?" Garrett teases.

"Well, I am having brunch with my wife, then heading to Hoover Dam. Do you guys wanna join us? We have the use of the limo for the day to sightsee."

"I'm in. Now, let's get some food and talk in there," Ben suggests.

We walk into the VIP line, and Edward hands over his player's card; she swipes it and hands him a paper to sign. He signs it and is led with the rest of us to a large table. We order drinks and go through the line to grab some food. We all sit and dig in. It's quiet around the table except for moans and groans of approval of the food. I feel the person next to me lean towards me and whisper in my direction.

"You OK, Bells?" Tanya asks.

"I'm fine, Tan. Why?"

"How was last night?"


"Did you, ya know?"


"And? Don't keep me hanging here," she begs.

"It hurt."

"It always does the first time. Did he make you feel good at all?"

"Twice last night, once this morning."

"Damn, go Dr. C." She giggles.

"Yeah, he knows what he's doing. Trust me."

"Do you ladies want to share with the class?" Edward asks in his teacher voice from next to me.

"Girl talk, Dr. C.," Tanya answers.

"You aren't my student anymore, Tanya. It's Edward now."

"Edward it is."

"Oh, girls, I want you to know I removed your credit card from your room, this trip is on me and Bella for your graduation present. Also, you can stay till Sunday if you want. Mr. Johnson said to just let him know and he will extend your room."

"I have to go back; I have work," Angela says.

"Me too," Jess replies.

"Me three," Tanya adds.

Edward turns to me. "What about you, baby?" he asks.

"I'm still looking for a job. I'm good to stay."

"Good. I want you with me forever."

I lean over and kiss his lips.

"Me too, now what's the plan for today?"

"We are going to sightsee today. The others can come if they want. We have the limo," Edward answers then turns to the others. "Who wants to come with us?"

"Us girls do," Tanya answers for them as they nod their heads yes.

"The guys too. Let's all go," Garrett says.

We all leave the buffet and head for valet where Dave is waiting for us. We load up and head for the dam.

We climb out of the limo once Dave has parked and go do the dam tour, where we see the turbines and how the dam works. There's a museum to look around and a gift shop where we get tee shirts as souvenirs. We all take turns taking pictures of us straddling the Nevada/Arizona border in the middle of the dam. We head back to Vegas where we eat at the Paris and ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower, go on a gondola ride at the Venetian, see the pirate show at Treasure Island, and then head back down the strip to the Bellagio for dinner and the fountain show. I must admit, so far this trip won't be able to be beat. We head back to Caesars and separate to sleep late into the night.

I wake up to find my fuckhot husband doing something I didn't expect. He is licking me like I am dripping liquid from the fountain of youth and he wanted badly to live forever. He then starts to kiss up my leg, starting at my ankle. I am writhing by the time he gets to my thighs. He then picks up my other leg and repeats his actions. I am ready to explode by the time he gets to my other thigh from the anticipation alone. He is a very talented man, by far. How is he still single again? Oh who cares? He's mine now! By now I am dripping down my thighs as he takes a long lick.

"Oh God, baby, you taste like honey. I need more." He proceeds to lick both thighs while sliding a finger up and down my slick folds. He slowly inserts one finger. "So wet. So tight. I need more." He then inserts a second finger and slowly starts sliding them in and out. He adds his thumb to my clit and starts rubbing circles as he slides his fingers. He switches out his thumb for his tongue. Holy Shit! That man has one magical tongue. Between licking and sucking on my clit, I just about lose it.

"Oh God, Edward. I'm about to come." He then shocks me by biting it, and that's when I explode. "Edwarddddd." I have never had an orgasm that hard before. I see stars. He licks up every last drop while still sliding those fingers in and out of me to draw out my orgasm. I look down at him in awe. "Holy shit, baby. That was amazing!"

He laughs at my words.

"Well, thank you, angel. What would you like next?" He wiggles his eyebrow at me as he asks his question.

"Just you," I breathe as he slides up my body and places himself over me. He plunges straight into me. I scream out in pleasure at the feel of him.

"Oh fuck, Edward," I scream out as he hits that spot deep inside that makes me lose all control.

"Oh I plan on it, angel," he says, pounding into me like never before. He leans down and starts to lick and suck my neck. He pulls my legs over his shoulders to get even deeper into me. At this rate I'm not going to last. He notices and pinches my clit sending me into oblivion screaming out his name.

"Edwarrrrrrrrrd." While I am coming down from my high, he is still pounding into me, making me build right back up so fast I see stars.

"Oh God, angel. Feels so good, baby. So tight. So wet. So hot," he breathes. I am back at the edge. From the sounds he's making, he's right there with me. I bring my hand down and tug on his balls as he growls out his release sending me with him for a third time. He slows his movements down a little, allowing us to ride out the blissful feelings a little longer. By the time we are done shaking, we both have smiles a mile wide on our faces. He slips out of me slowly, both of us groan at the loss of contact. He pulls me tight to his side while we fully recover.

"I love you, Edward."

"As I love you, angel." We both jump up when we hear pounding on the door. Edward throws on some basketball shorts and runs for the door. "Coming!" he yells out as I hop up and grab a robe off of a chair and follow behind to the living room. I see him fling the door open and see the girls on the other side all standing there in shock.

"Holy fuck! Bella's a lucky bitch. Who knew all this was under Dr. Cullen's horrid clothes?" Tanya asks a she waves her hands in front of her to the shape of Edward's body.

"Horrid?" he inquires.

"Do you not know you dressed like a sixty or seventy year old man at school? I mean the tweed is for old fogies, and you are by no means an old fogie. If my eyes aren't decieving me, you are one fuckhot man. We seriously need to update your wardrobe, Dr. C."

"I think I told you yesterday, Tanya, it's Edward. Now how do we fix it?"

"Ever hear of an outlet mall?"

"Yes, but never been to one."

"You can go to designer stores, and get cheap prices."

"But I never worry about prices," he protests.

"Well, get over that. You married Bella. She will whip your ass into shape about your spending."

"Then I need to teach her she can be more reckless. We have more money than we, our kids, their kids, and so on wouldn't have to work. I told her this yesterday. Now how about we do some shopping then? I have nothing planned for today, unless my wife has anything she wants to do?" He turns and looks over at me. The girls' eyes follow his to find me with my hair all messed up and a robe barely covering me.

"Did we interrupt something?" Jess asks.

I can only blush at her question.

"Not anymore," I hear Edward grumble.

"Good Lord, Edward. Behave. How about we all go hit the outlet mall? I have some clothes suggestions for you to wear for school. I agree that I always hated you in the khakis and button ups. Well, not so much the button ups if you would roll up the sleeves and such. We need to get you some jeans and polos. Maybe a few blazers instead of the tweed. And no more shiny shoes unless we are going somewhere nice, and you are wearing a suit," I demand.

"Damn," Edward mumbles. "Married two days and she's already bossing me around."

All the girls start laughing at him.

"Come in, girls, order room service for all of us while Edward and I go shower, then we can see about heading to the outlet mall."

"Shall we invite the guys, baby?" Edward asks.

"Whatever you want. All I know is I am hungry and want to get out of here for a while."

"One day before we leave we will be staying in here all day, wife."

"Is that a threat or a promise, husband?" I play.

"Both. Now shall I call and see if we can have the limo again?"

"Sure." I grab the room service menu and hand it to Tanya. "Order me some bacon and eggs please."

"What about you, Edward?" she asks him.

"What Bella's having is fine. Thanks." He calls down to the concierge and asks for the limo again, to which we are told no problem, and then he calls the guys to see if they wanna come. They all say yes and tell us they will be right over, but they are hungry.

"Just order everyone some bacon and eggs, Tan. It would be easiest," I tell her as Edward drags me to the bedroom.

"Have fun, Bells!" Ang yells at us as the door closes.

"Oh, I plan on having more fun with my wife in the shower," Edward whispers as he drags me into the bathroom. He turns on the water and undresses me and then himself. He takes my hands and leads me into the shower, putting us both under the shower heads, soaking us both.

He sits down on the seat. We take turns spraying each other down with the shower head, laughing as we soak the other person. Soon our laughs turn into moans, and we start kissing, licking, nibbling and caressing each others bodies. I get smart and straddle him. As I slide onto his lap, I slide him down a little and give him access to my waiting pussy who was all too eager to be home again. When I am with this man, I truly feel at home. I slide down his shaft and give him the most delicious moan I can muster.

"I'm gonna ride you into next week." I moan out.

"Yes, please," he groans.

"Oh God, yes, yes, yesssssssss. Oh right there!" I am riding him like there is no tomorrow. He feels amazing at this angle. He had my perfect handful of breasts bouncing right in his face, so he gladly takes advantage of that fact. He starts licking and kissing each and every inch of them. I scream in ecstasy as he nibbles on my nipples. At this rate, I wasn't going to last that long. He feels so damn good under me. I grab his face and start kissing his lips. I lick the bottom one, asking for permission and was granted it easily. Our tongues caress each other in soft, slow motions. We slow down to draw out our pleasure. I hold his face in one hand, and kiss every inch of it.

"Do." Kiss. "You." Kiss "Know." Kiss "How." Kiss "Much." Kiss "I." Kiss "Care." Kiss "About." Kiss "You?" Kiss. I get to his neck and start kissing and licking it. I get so lost that once I start sucking it, I just give in and decide to show him just who he belongs to.

"Oh God, Bella. What you do to me," he moans out.

"You do it to me too, baby."

"We need to finish, baby. We have a living room full of people."

"Fuck, I want you all to myself."

"Thursday, baby. We can leave them to their own devices."

"Deal, now it's time for me to make you come."

I get so into it I start to bounce up and down on him at a furious pace. "Oh yeah. So close." I cry.

"Me too, Sweetheart. Oh yeah. Feels so good," he breathes. He sticks his hand down and starts rubbing my clit. All that comes out of my mouth by this point is incoherent words, I am so far gone. My pussy clamps down on him and that is all she wrote. As my orgasm starts, I bite down on his neck causing his orgasm to start. We ride out wave after wave of pleasure till we are gasping for breath. "Holy shit, baby, that was intense."

"Oh, my, God. No kidding," I breathe out. "Now let's wash each other and go back to our friends."

"OK, baby. Let's." He helps me up and we each take our time washing each other. We dry off and go get dressed in our room. We both enter the living room to find everyone there and a ton of food. I blush as I watch all eyes on us as the door opens. I see smirks on the guys' faces, and grins on the girls'.

"Have a nice shower, Bells?" Jess asks.

"Yep, nice and clean," I answer best I can.

"The right question, Jess, is did they get dirtier first, then clean?" Tanya plays as my blush deepens, and Edward starts to laugh at the look on my face.

"I guess that answers that," Ang says to everyone. They all start to laugh, knowing that my husband and I can't keep our hands off of each other.

"So...where's my food?"

"Over here, Bells." Jess opens a lid and hands me the plate.

"Thanks, babe. What about the husband?" She reaches for another plate as I hand Edward mine. He leans over and kisses me.

"Thanks, baby."


We all spread out around the living room and eat our food. Everyone finishes and we leave a pile of dishes in the hall on our way out. We head to the valet and to Dave, who is waiting for us again. He smiles at us as he lets us into the limo.

"Where to?" he asks.

"The outlet mall near the airport," I reply.

"You've got it, Mrs. Cullen."

Mrs. Cullen? Woah. It's so weird to hear that now.

"Thank you, Dave."

He closes the door and we hit the road.

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