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We walk into the office where I proceed to fill out the tax forms and DMV info. Edward helps me with the new address, and we head out of the offices thirty minutes later with me being the proud new owner of a luxury sports car. We head back to Caesars with Dave and enjoy the dessert Sam packed for us in bed. We spend the rest of the night and into the wee hours of the morning making love until neither of us can hold our eyes open.

~Ch 9~


Friday morning dawns bright and clear. I am woken up by pounding on the door. I drag myself out of bed, grab some shorts and head for the door to see what is so urgent. I fling open the door to see the guys standing there grinning at me.

"What the fuck, guys?" I ask irritated.

"Someone is grouchy. He obviously didn't get any last night," Garrett says.

"Fuck you," I deadpan.

"No thanks, that's your wife's job. One she obviously isn't doing, and you are barely married five days. What's up with that?"

"Not like it's any of your business, but that's why I'm so tired. We were up till three a.m. having some fun. I think I created a monster with her. She's insatiable."

"What do you mean created?" Garrett asks.

"Ummm... well..." I mumble.

"No way!" Mike shouts. "Your wife was a virgin?"

"I was waiting for Edward," we hear from the doorway to the bedroom. Our heads snap in that direction to find Bella standing in the doorway in my button up from last night, looking all rumpled and sexy.

"You don't have to justify yourself to them, baby. Why don't we go get ready, and then we can go get breakfast before our plans today."

"I know I don't, Edward, but they don't know me. I would be offended if they didn't question my intentions at least a little."

"Well they know now, and from now on they will leave you alone."

"They might not have questioned me if you would have let me sign that prenup I asked for."

"Dude, she asked for a prenup and you turned her down?" Garrett asks in exasperation.

"I did, she didn't know I had money. She wanted me for me, so I knew I could trust her. Plus, over the last almost four years I have gotten to know her; she could care less about the money. Hell, you saw how she was at the outlet mall; she didn't wanna spend much. I thought she was going to have a cow at the price of the purse."

"I wanted to, you know that purse is half the price of my rent?"

"Only half?" Ben asks.

"Uh, yeah. I live in a tiny studio in a shitty building near campus and walk everywhere. You do what you gotta do to be able to go to school. I owe about ninety grand in loans too. Luckily I won almost eighty the other night, and won a Porsche last night, so I will sell the car to pay the difference of the loan."

"You won a Porsche?" Garrett inquires.

"Yeah, from the Paris. Edward and I were gambling there after dinner. It's a 911 Turbo."

"That's like a ninety thousand dollar car, Bella!" Mike shouts out.

"I know, hence me going to sell it. I want to pay off the loans. Maybe I will have enough to go back and get my doctorate."

"You won't be selling the car, Bella. I want you to keep it. We can pay off the loan with our money in the bank. Education is important to me. If you wanna go back next semester, then go back. I will fully support you in your decision," I explain.

"What would you say if I wanted to get a job while I go back?"

"I'd rather you didn't so you could concentrate on your thesis, but I can't force you not to. Whatever will make you happy, baby. I only want you happy."

"We will figure it out when we get home, I guess. Now how about we go get ready and grab food. I'm starving after last night." She winks at me and blushes when she remembers we aren't alone in here.

"Does that mean you are moving in with Edward?" Ben asks.

"I am; he asked me to move into his house. I live in a tiny apartment in a shitty building. I doubt he wants to live there with me, so I figured it would be easier to move in with him."

"So will you require us to help move you next week?" Garrett asks.

"I doubt it. I don't have much. The furniture belongs to the apartment, so I only have knick knacks, clothes and books. We can probably put it all into the Porsche," she teases.

"Are you sure you're a girl, Bella?" Garrett asks.

"Why, Garrett?"

"Because every girl I know would require a moving truck all their own for all their stuff."

"Eh, I'm not like other girls. I keep what means something, and get rid of the rest. I appreciate the offer though."

"You're welcome. You are now family, and family sticks together," Gar replies.

"Family?" Bella squeaks out.

"Oh yeah. You married our brother, so that makes you family."

"So that means I not only get a husband and a sister-in-law I have yet to meet, but I get you three in this too?"


"But what if I don't want you in this deal?" she asks sassily.

"What? Huh? How could you not want us? We are awesome!" Garrett sputters as Bella tries not to laugh at him.

"If I have to," she pretend huffs at him as I try not to let the laughs out at her teasing him.

"You did well, Edward. I wanna steal her for myself now," Garrett says to me. "I like snarky Bella. She will keep you on your toes."

"No shit, Gar. I can see it already," I mumble.

"Now go get dressed. We have plans to jump out of a perfectly good airplane," Gar tells me.

"Yeah, yeah." I get up off of the couch and head for the bedroom.

"Wait a minute," Bella demands.

"What's up, Bells?" Ben asks.

"Did I just hear we are going skydiving?"

"Yep. Do you wanna go with us?"

"Fuck yes! I think it would be fun."

"Did shy, sweet Bella just say fuck?" Gar inquires.

"Fuck yes, I did. You got a problem with it?" she snarks back.


"Fuck that. How about this?" Bella asks. "Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck. Screw a kangaroo. Finger bang an Orangutan. Have an orgy at the zoo," she sings out as the guys and I watch her with wide eyes.

"Marry me, Bella?" Garrett asks.

"No. I love Edward. Too bad, so sad. Find someone else. What about Tanya? She's a good person. Go for her."

"I like her, she's fun. We had a good time. Do you think she likes me too?" he asks.

"I will find out for you when we get home. You are my brother after all, and family sticks together."

"Go shower, sis. I can smell you from here, and you smell like Edward," Mike teases as Bella blushes. I take her into my arms and growl at Mike. The guys snicker at my protective actions, so I stick my tongue out at them and walk us into the bedroom to get ready. We shower and get dressed in jeans and tees, with our Chucks and head back into the living room as the phone rings. Bella walks over to it and answers.

"Hello?" she asks. "Yes, this is Mrs. Cullen. Oh, hi, Mr. Johnson. Yes. No. I forgot. Thanks. We will be sure to go use some of it right now. We are heading down to eat now. Thanks for calling and reminding me. Bye." She hangs up and turns to us. "So breakfast seems to be on me. I forgot that when I won all that money, they comped the rest of our stay, including food. So let's go show them that we can eat."

"Let's go, Mrs. Cullen," Garrett says as he takes Bella's hand and leads her out of the room after she grabs her purse. The rest of us follow them to the elevator and down to the buffet. We get into the VIP line, and Bella checks in with the cashier who hands a paper for Bella to sign and then sends us to find a table. We eat then head out of the hotel and into valet. We take a cab to Las Vegas Extreme Skydiving at McCarran airport.

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