This is probably one of the longest I've written. This is a late night drabble that didn't have a plot. You have been warned.


"I-I'm telling you guys there's something going on and I feel it's bad." The Guardians continued on with their looks.

"Jack…. We know how you feel about them…. But we know the other spirits well and they won't do anything at this party." Tooth said comfortingly. Sandy nodded.

"If something were to happen just come get one of us." Bunny nodded in his direction.

"Sure, Cottontail like that would stop any of them," Jack rolled his eyes. "I mean I know you all know I'm not a fan favorite among the realm of spirits like us." Tooth bit her lip. Jack stood up heading for the window.

"Will you still come? New Year's wouldn't be the same without." North called to him. Jack turned and gave them a forced smile.

"I'll try North… I really will." Then he left into the cold night air.

The party was loud and very uncomfortable for Jack. He leaned against the wall drinking a warm glass of hot chocolate, watching everyone just converse. He was lucky it was a come as are party so he didn't have to get dressed up for this. A few spirits gave him nasty looks other just passing glances.

He was okay with this. No one bothering him, no one causing a scene. Though he did have a mini melt down seeing Juniper, Groundhog, and Eros together. Erised, Eros' sister was mingling as she would. The twins of love were the polar opposites who would of thought. Certainly not Jack at first. Erised was one of his first friends besides, the other higher seasonals.

Jack caught sight of April Fools another friend of his, watching him with a glint in his eyes from afar. Jack gave a quiet laugh knowing what was in his future. Mother Nature waved to him from the center of the room, with a warm smile on her face. His other seasonal siblings around her.

"She probably wants us all to introduce ourselves." He thought. Pushing up from the wall he made his way over.

"Ah here he is. Jack you remember Father Time right?" Jack put on his most dazzling smile and held out a hand.

"It's nice to see you again sir." Bunny watched from just a few feet over, questioning how well frostbite could act. Father time shook Jack's hand with a warm smile.

"Nice to see you again, my boy. Hope you haven't been causing too much trouble." He gave Jack a wink.

"Well nothing to bad." Mother Nature put a hand on Jack's shoulder.

"They are a lively bunch are they not." She laughed. Jack looked at his seasonal siblings. Eros glared at Jack. Jack new he had a thing for April, and supposedly she turned Eros down. So Eros directed all his anger towards Jack.

Sorrell tapped Jack's shoulder after Mother let go to continue her conversation with Father Time. "Are they giving you a problem again?" He question his younger brother. Jack shrugged.

"They haven't really said anything. Juniper and Groundhog haven't even looked at me. Eros on the other hand doesn't like me anywhere near April, for MIM knows what." Lillia hugged him from behind. She toned down the heat just for her youngest brother.

"Jackie you know they won't bother you with us around just stay by us the entire time." She rested her head on his shoulder, her Blonde hair ticking his nose.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea Lillia…" Sorrell tapped his chin. The smarter one of the four and the oldest always tried to take care of his younger siblings. April watched quietly, gripping Jack's hand.

April, what's wrong?" Jack asked.

"I wane go to a different room." She spoke up softly. Sorrel nodded at Jack.

"Know any good quiet places?" Jack tilted his head in the direction of a long hallway.

"Just let me talk to Bunny about leaving." He walked away from them.

"Hey cottontail can I go take a breather?" Bunny turning from his conversation with Navin –or baby new year, who actually looks 20 years old-

"Sure just come back soon." Navin nodded towards Jack in hello. Jack returned the gesture before walking off. Grabbing April's hand he led them away.

"Aww isn't it Jackie. We missed you." Juniper crooned over his shoulder. Eros snickered, as Jack stomped away.

"She only misses the beatings they give me every spring even though they are under April's advising. Why don't they ever listed April?" She just shrugged as they came upon a small sitting room.

"Is this okay?" Lillia hummed in agreement, before jumping on one of the couches.

"This is nice and all but why do we have to actually come to these events when mother controls all seasons?" Lillia asked.

"Because we didn't come to Jack's guardian party, so we can't miss this one." Sorrell sat next to her.

"Guys it never mattered to me. We get to see each other every solstice, equinox, and every time Mother or April wants to host a tea party." Jack grinned as April sat on Lillia's lap.

They spent the rest of the night talking, and enjoying what little time they had left together.