This is my second LOTR poem, and I like it a whole lot more than my first attempt! Please review! Any constructive criticism would be welcome!

READ: No intended slash! I realize the word "love" is used, but it's not that kind of love! They are just closeclose friends!

Here I sit in a house of joy

Where the fair elves dwell

But joy has no place in my heart

While you are not well


I know you've never known such pain

As you did that night

And no one knows if you'll pull through...

Please come back to the light!


My tears are falling fast and thick

As I hold onto your hand

You can not leave me master, dear!

Not ever, do you understand?


I need you here beside me

I just can not live without

I love you more than life itself

Though I've just figured that out


Your skin is cold to the touch

And your face is deathly pale

Your eyes are closed in slumber

You look so thin and frail!


It seems that you will never wake

Until one day you do!

I'm overjoyed, but not surprised

As I knew that you'd pull through


Your blue eyes sparkle once again

Your hand feels warm in mine

You give to me a lovely gift:

A smile like pure sunshine


Here we are in a house of joy

And it fills me up inside

I make a promise I intend to keep:

I will never leave your side