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Cain was a patient man.

"…Now in regards to the Munchkin-O.Z. Reintegration Pact, I recommend that Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, and my fellow Councilmen to turn to your overview handouts, page seventy-two for the pertinent items on today's agenda…"

It was a trait that had served him well in the past…

"…in particular I would like to draw your attention to the Nine Treaties of '32 which clearly demonstrate a previous precedent set by Your predecessors…"

…taught him how to shoot with an unerring eye…

"…I am, however, aware that we must take into account their actions during the war of the past eleven annuals, in particular their assistance in the Return of the Light, however grandiloquent a name that might be for what was, in the end, a mere skirmish – but an important one…"

…enabled him to blend seamlessly into the shadows on a sting (or, alternately, a prison break)…

"…and one cannot ignore that their conduct during the last sixty-four annuals has been irreproachable…"

…and, most importantly, allowed him to sort through the veritable barrage of verbal information he might encounter in a day, separating the unimportant from the-

"…furthermore, as it states in the Accords, subsection I, paragraph twenty-two, regarding-"


There was instant pandemonium and a tumultuous outcry as the Royal Guard converged in on their respective charges even as the panicked council members pressed outwards in an attempt to flee the Council Chambers.

It was well, the Tin Man thought as he pulled his wife clear of the melee, that he was a patient man. "You mind telling me," he grumbled to a certain sheepish princess, observing the chaos that was undoubtedly his future, "why you thought that was an appropriate new name for Bingo?"