Why Weren't You There?

Summary: I was the one who held her in my arms, I was the one that heard her last words. So the only question I ask is; why weren't you there Snow?

"Hey, Noel...Thank you." Her voice had been hesitant, like she was choosing her words carefully. Then her blue eyes became expressionless.

Her last moments.

He desperately tried to believe that this was all just a dream. Fake. Unfortunately, it wasn't. She was gone he hated that fact.

"SERAH!" He was holding her by the shoulders now trying to see if she was just playing around. No, she wasn't.

All the people he had ever loved were gone. It wasn't fair, why was his life full of such sorrow? Why? He stroked her beautiful pink hair and stared down at her serene looking face. How could she look so peaceful? Like, she was sleeping.

It wasn't her time.

She was supposed to be reunited with her sister, marry Snow, and live happily ever after. He continued to shake and just sat there. Her fate, so much like Yeul's. Suffering through the same thing over and over again. Making so many people saddened. Then he started to ponder over something: why was this somehow wrong? Why did it not feel right for him to be crying over her like this?


Wasn't he supposed to be here? Wasn't he supposed to be the one holding her? It didn't matter what he was doing at this very moment he should be here. It didn't make any sense.

"Why weren't you there Snow?"

She was gone and the love of her life wasn't there to hear her last words.


Author's Note: Man! This is sad. I always wanted to write this, but didn't know how to. I always wondered why Snow wasn't there when Serah died. It made me sort of annoyed because Square Enix makes it seem like Noel and Serah are a couple! I supported Snow and Serah in the first game, but then Noel came in. XD This is just me being a biased fangirl, I guess. Sorry about the long author's note!