Frosted Winters

Jamie was the first child to believe in Jack and Jack will always be there for Jamie, through the good times and the bad, as Jamie grows and learns and changes. Light Jack/Jamie.



Ah! Finally finished this!

This is a coming of age type of story for Jamie Bennett, and how Jack Frost helps him throughout the changes in his life. It becomes more Jack/Jamie as the story goes on, as Jamie gets older.



Part 1: Eleven

Ever since Easter, when Spring began, Jamie has been itching for winter.

He lost two more teeth over the course of the year, but no amount of staying up late let him see the Tooth Fairy. He tried so hard, even drank some of his father's coffee (though it made him gag), but he still fell asleep without seeing a wink of green or pink. In the morning, as expected, there was a quarter under his pillow.

He also never saw the Sandman, though he was certain the golden man was the reason why he could never stay awake at night. Jamie never saw the golden sand light up the night sky like he had Easter night.

Logically, he never saw Santa or the Easter Bunny. Those holidays hadn't happened yet since that magical night. Jamie remembered them vividly, anyway, and waited with baited breath for his chance to see them again.

But as the year dragged on, Jamie doubted. He never stopped believing, but he wondered. By the start of the new school year, Pippa had already forgotten Jack Frost was anything more than a saying about the weather. Jamie got detention for shoving her into her locker and got reassigned to a new locker down the hall from her.

He decorated his locker with different renditions of each of the Guardians. He even found some of Jack, though they were from old movies and never looked like each other. Some had even frightened him and he'd quickly left those pictures for nicer ones, like the stop motion figure from that old Christmas movie he'd found. He also drew his own pictures of the Guardians, as he remembered them, and stuck those up. That way, he could see them every day and remember and believe.

Then the wind grew colder. The leaves fell from the trees. Jamie woke up every morning, opened his window, and tested his breath. Could he see it? How cold was it? Would there be snow? Then one day, in early December, Jamie woke up to frost on his window.

Jamie dressed like his house was on fire, tore downstairs, grabbed his coat and hat, his sled, and flew out through the front door. He stopped before he'd reached the first step of the porch. Across the yard, perched on the fence and leaning forward on his staff, was Jack Frost. When the door burst open, Jack looked up, a hopeful expression on his face. He jumped up to stand on the fence instead of sit and Jamie smiled widely.

"Jack!" he called, and a wide smile spread on Jack's face. Jamie raced over to him as Jack hopped to the ground. Jamie smiled up at him. "I knew it! I knew you'd come back!"

Jack smiled back. "Would I miss having fun on the first snow day of the year with the first kid who ever believed in me? Not a chance."

Jamie frowned. "Was...was I really the first?"

"Yup," Jack said, almost like it was nothing.

Jamie felt torn inside. He suddenly remembered his first meeting with Jack, how shocked and happy Jack had been when Jamie said his name, saw him, spoke to him. Jack had been invisible before then. Had he been around before but no one known it? Ever?

Jack must've been so lonely.

Jamie shook his head. Jack wasn't lonely now, and he never would be again, if Jamie had a say in it. He smiled. "Come on, let's play!"

A wicked, playful grin took over Jack's face. "Of course! Let's go see how many people we can get into a snowball fight!"

Monty and Cupcake were already outside and hopping around their yards as if just waiting for Jamie and Jack to come along and collect them. The beaming smiles on their faces proved that their belief in Jack hadn't wavered in the least. Caleb and Claude had to be woken up, but they were happy to play. They didn't go to Pippa's. At Jack's questioning look, Jamie silently shook his head. Jack's face fell and he looked off toward Pippa's house sadly. Jamie wished he could make the world believe in Jack, forever.

They went to the park and Jack jumped on a bench. "Ok, snowball fight." He held up his right hand, a snowball already perfectly formed within. "Who's ready? Go!" he shouted without pause, tossing the snowball.

It caught Jamie in the face but it didn't hurt. He laughed and reached down to make his own snowball, his friends doing the same all around him. Once they all had one snowball in their hands, they looked at each other. Then five snowballs flew through the air toward the winter spirit. Jack let out a shocked yelp and flipped backwards off the bench to avoid the attack.

"Hey hey!" he laughed. "I'm not the only target!" He peeked at them over the wood and smirked. "But if you want to play that way, I can play that way."

In a moment there were snowballs flying at the kids. They laughed and ran for cover, grabbing snow for hasty snowballs as they went. They tried to hit Jack with a snowball, but even as he skipped and darted around the open park around them, they couldn't even graze him. Then Claude hit Cupcake in the back with a snowball and it became a free for all.

Jack ran around making snowballs for everyone as fast as a blink and then he stood off to the side, admiring his handiwork. A soft tug on his hoodie made him look down. He smiled. "Hey, Sophie! When did you get here?" he asked happily.

She giggled. Then Jack saw the girl standing behind Sophie. Her hair was dark as night but her eyes were bright blue. When she noticed Jack looking at her, she blushed and hid behind Sophie. Sophie noticed and tried to turn around to face her friend, but her friend held on to Sophie's shirt and wouldn't let her. Jack gave a gentle smile and knelt down.

"Hey. Come on. It's okay," he assured her. "I'm not gonna hurt you. My name's Jack Frost. What's yours?"

The girl peeked out from behind Sophie shyly. "Lin."

"Hi, Lin. You have great eyes. Did anyone ever tell you that?" Jack asked. Lin shook her head, her hair mixing with Sophie's. Jack laughed and Lin smiled. "Do you two wanna join the snowball fight?"

Both girls shook their heads. Jack frowned and scratched his head with his staff for a moment. Then he smiled again.

"Do you wanna make some snowmen?" he asked excitedly.

"Yeah!" Lin cheered.

Jack laughed and began to help them build by creating perfectly round snowballs to start with. "Now you just roll it around in the snow until it's as big as you want. Feel free to go crazy huge with it!"

Jack stumbled forward half a step when a snowball collided with the back of his head. He felt the cold particles land in the hood of his hoodie. He turned around and was faced with a mischievous looking Jamie Bennett.

"Jamie Bennett, you are asking for it!" Jack called out before floating away from the girls building their snow people.

Other kids showed up during the snowball fight. Jack was surprised when a lot of them looked up at him with shock and awe and joy on their faces. Kids as young as Sophie and Lin and kids as old as fifteen were able to see him. Not everyone who showed up could see him, but a great number could.

"We're still working on those guys," Jamie said, motioning to the group of non-believers, who had formed a coalition and a small snow fort for the fight.

Jack created a small pile of snowballs at Jamie's feet and reinforced the snow wall they were hiding behind. "So all those kids who see me...?"

Jamie threw a snowball and shrugged. "We told everyone about Easter. It took some work, but people started to believe. Most of Sophie's class believes in you."

Jack looked so touched. He just watched as Jamie threw snowballs for a bit, barely moving a muscle when snowballs collided with the snow wall or zoomed over their heads, brushing the tips of Jack's hair. After a few moments, Jamie held out a snowball to Jack.

"Come on, Jack. It's not like you to sit out of a snowball fight," he said, grinning as mischievously as Jack ever had.

Jack smiled and accepted the snowball. He stood up and tossed the snowball, with deadly accuracy, at one of the non-believing kids that was sort of just hiding next to their more active friends. Jamie saw the sparkles around their eyes as they laughed and reached down to quickly make a snowball to join in.

Much later, after the snowball fight; after Sophie, Lin, and another girl from Sophie's class named Margie made a whole village of snow people (with Jack's help); after sledding that started at the top of the hill and wound around the park and then back up the hill to start again without stopping; after snow angels and snowmen and women on the ground; everyone began to head home. One more kid believed in Jack than the day before. Jack smiled and waved goodbye to each kid that waved at him. Then Jack walked Jamie and Sophie home for the night.

Sophie was yawning her way up the stairs into the house for dinner when Jamie stopped at the first step and turned back.

"Jack?" he asked tentatively.


"Will you be here tomorrow?"

Jack shrugged. "I don't know. I have to help bring winter to the whole world. And it's always snowing in Russia, somewhere." Jamie frowned, his heart sinking. He loved playing with Jack. Everything was more fun with the Guardian there. "Maybe not tomorrow, but I'll do my best to come back a few times this winter, okay?" Jack said.

"You promise?" Jamie asked hopefully.

Jack nodded and smiled. "I promise."

Jamie smiled toothily in return and then hopped up the porch steps happily.

"Hey, Jamie?" Jack called quietly. Jamie turned around, still smiling. "Thank you. So much."

A shrug. "No problem. We're both Guardians, remember?"

Jack gave him a fond look. "Yeah. Yeah we are. Sleep well, Jamie. I'll see you around."

"Absolutely!" Jamie agreed.

"Jamie! Come inside! Dinner's ready!" his mom called.

Jamie faced his house. "Coming, mom!" He turned around just long enough to wave bye to Jack, and then he was inside.

He saw Jack on two other occasions that winter. Once on New Year's Day and once on the anniversary of when Jamie first believed, on the last snowy day before it all began to melt. But Jamie knew he would see Jack many more times in his life and he didn't worry. As long as he believed in Jack Frost, he would always be around.