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My mouth went dry, and I felt like I was about to pass out.

"He's not murdered at this school," stated Clockwork firmly. I breathed an early sigh of relief.

Vlad laughed manically and two silver rings surrounded him. His human self was wiped away in an instant, being replaced by the face I knew so well.

"What? How- how did he do that?" I gasped. I didn't get a reply. Instead we made our way out to the hallway, and what I saw next shocked me. (Shocking, right? Today was just full of surprises.)

Everyone was supposed to be frozen... But Danny...

...somehow, he had transformed into the phantom. My phantom I knew so well... He was currently fighting- I suppressed a laugh. He was fighting the Box Ghost. Of all ghosts.

Danny didnt seem to have too much of a problem with him. In fact, he just seemed rather annoyed at the box ghost.

"Daniel." said Vlad loudly and clearly. Danny immediatly growled.

"Plasmius... Aren't you supposed to be giving a fancy reward to some kid in there?" He bantered at the older ghost. Vlad chuckled.

"Your name was drawn, my dear boy. And since you were apparently 'about to puke', I had to make sure you were okay." Vlads voice dripped with sarcasm. Danny let out a harsh laugh.

"What's your evil plan, fruit loop?" mocked Danny. Vlad growled at that rather hilarious nickname.

"It's not evil, Daniel. I simply want you to... Oh, how do I phrase this? Learn more about being a halfa for a year under my command, no questions asked."

Again, what was with this 'half a' stuff?

"And if I don't?" Danny shot back. Vlad grinned evilly.

"There will be...major consequences. A few fatal accidents towards the ones you care about." said Vlad smoothly.

Danny's green eyes flashed a deathly yellow. Yeesh, how many eye colors does my phantom have? He must be ticked...

"You wouldn't." said Danny menacingly. Vlad laughed and flew inches away from his face.

"Try me."

He then floated back down to the ground.

"BEWARE! I am quivering in fear!" screamed the Box Ghost, who had remained silent through the whole ordeal. Vlad simply glared at him. Whimpering, the Box Ghost vanished without a trace. Vlad then directed his attention back to Danny.

"Now then, I'll release this time lock as soon as I get back on stage. You will enter back in the auditorium acting a bit queasy as I reannounce your name. Then you will accept happily and grin like an idiot. After school we'll discuss your education with your dear mother. Do I make myself clear, Daniel?"

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Danny swallowed and frowned.


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