I do not own The World Ends With You; I merely wrote this fanfiction.

"It's simply a game Neku. No need to be so worried," Joshua said. He was standing adjacent to the Hachiko statue, appearing more interested in the statue than Neku himself.

"The last game I played with you ended up pretty bad," Neku said. He was twirling the cord from his headphones around his finger; his headphones were neatly placed, halfway into his pocket. Joshua smiled.

"Well, I didn't destroy Shibuya anyway, didn't I?" Joshua asked rhetorically. Neku frowned.

"I suppose not, but you still shot me," he said. Joshua laughed.

"God Neku, you're so one sided. You had a chance to win that game; you just didn't take it," Joshua said. He sighed. "What will it take to make you play this game?" he asked.

"What will it take to get you off my back?" Neku asked.

"You know me Neku, and I'm going to get you to play this game," he said. "How about this; if I tell you the rules, as well as the prizes for the game, will you at least consider it?" It was Neku's turn to sigh.

"Fine, since this is probably the only way to get you to shut up about it," Neku said. Joshua smiled.

"I knew I could get you to think rationally. Ok, the game is simple; survive one week of the Reaper's game. One more time," Joshua said. Neku's eyes widened. "The rules; you must abide by the rules of the Reaper's game itself. In the event you do die, you will be brought back to life with everything in tact. You may not, and will not have any players to help you except for the person you make a pact with. However, this game will only have one reaper, doubling over as the GM."

"Why the hell would I play the Reaper's game again?" Neku shouted. "I almost died on a daily basis!" Joshua snickered.

"But the prizes are excellent for the winner," Joshua said. He put his hand up, partially covering his face. "If you win, you get any one wish performable by me, the Composer. However, if you lose, you will work under me as the Conductor." Neku stopped twirling the cord, shoving it into his pocket, sighing.

"So this is all a ploy to get me working as your Conductor?" Neku asked. Joshua nodded. He thought for a moment. "What will you be doing?" Neku asked. "While I am playing the game?" Joshua paused, thinking carefully.

"I really don't need to be doing anything, just simply watching from a neutral position," Joshua said. He smiled. "Have I got you convinced?" he asked. Neku nodded.

"I'm game," he said.

"Okay then, the only thing that needs to be settled is the matter of your partner," Joshua said. "I've got it all arranged, Shiki will be coming here shortly." Neku shook his head this time.

"Nope," Neku said, smiling deviously, "I pick Yoshiya Kiryu."