Joshua frowned. "Well played Neku. I was almost sure you'd pick Shiki," he said. He looked at Neku, giving a thoughtful face. "Although I'm curious of your reasoning," he added. Neku smiled.

"Well, I know that you are the Composer. And that you most likely would not want to die, and let someone take over. Therefore, you will fight to stay alive, and it will be unlikely you'd let yourself, and therefore me, die," Neku said. He smiled. "I'm not stupid you know." Joshua laughed.

"Well, I suppose I have to give you some credit," Joshua said. "But you are ready for the game, correct?" Neku nodded.

"Whenever you are," Neku said. Joshua nodded.

"Now the only problem is getting the GM, as well as you into the UG," Joshua said. Neku's eyebrow twitched. "Let me just call him real quick," Joshua said, smiling. He pulled out his cell phone and excused himself for a quick call. After about a minute or so of nods and muttering, Joshua walked over. "Well, change of plans, there will be a dual-GM as opposed to just one. He kind of refused to do it without his partner," he explained. Neku sighed.

"Are you talking about Lollipop and Pinky?" Neku asked with disdain. He shook his head.

"If by Lollipop you mean Karyia, and by Pinky you mean Yashiro, then yes," Joshua said, trying not to smile. "They will be your, ahem, our, co-GM for the week." Neku sighed once more.

"Of course you had to pick them," Neku said. "But what convinced Lollipop? He never really wants to get higher up, so what made him agree?" At this point, Joshua was almost laughing.

"Well, I kind of promised him some bean curd lollies as well as paying his for his ramen for a month," Joshua said. Neku smiled a little at this.

"That seems appropriate, and I assume he also had the condition of working with his partner?" Neku asked. Joshua nodded. "So is everything ready to go?" Neku asked. Joshua nodded.

"One more thing," Joshua said, reaching for his pocket. "Getting you to the UG." He pulled out a revolver. Neku looked at him, clearly worried.

"You wouldn't," Neku said. Joshua smiled, looking just past him, at Shiki, who had just arrived. He cocked his gun, aiming at Neku's forehead.

"You sure Neku?" Joshua asked. A bullet was fired, and Neku collapsed on the street, dead.