Tonight I'm saying goodbye to my good friend, my best friend. We are all here to honor the memory of Sheldon Copper. A brilliant man, a caring son, and a loyal and loving friend. Sheldon may have left this world but his memory is with us always. I know that he will always be with me, in my heart.

As you all know Sheldon struggled with Alzheimers in his last years. That was very hard for him, since Sheldon prided himself on his intellectual abilities. Still even with his mind slipping Sheldon pursued his love of science. He enlisted the help of his friends, such as Leonard, Howard and Raj.

As the disease progressed however Sheldon struggled to keep up with his work. He began to become less and less lucid. It was heart breaking to watch. To see a man so brilliant, so gifted not being able to even remember the names of his wife and children.

Even though Sheldon was not able to remember where or who he was Sheldon was never alone. His wife Amy never left his side. His friends stayed close. And his two beautiful children kept connected to the family.

Still the main point of my speech today is not to talk about the sick Sheldon, he wouldn't have wanted that. I'm here to talk about the Sheldon most of us remember. The know it all scientist who somehow became one of my very best friends.

I want to talk about how Sheldon was kind and how he cared very deeply for his friends. Sheldon had his own way of showing affection. As an outsider one might not be able to see it but to those close to him we knew. That's all that really matters, is that Sheldon cared for the people in his life, and would fiercely defend them if need be.

Sheldon did not suffer and passed peacefully in his sleep last Tuesday night. Death did not come to him painfully, it was a release for him. The truth is Sheldon left along time ago and his passing now is just a formality. He is now able to rest in peace, and is now free of the burden that the Alzheimers brought. Sheldon was one of my best friends and he will be dearly missed.

Penny looked at the computer screen in front of her. She began to reread her eulogy for Sheldon's funeral that was going to be held on Sunday. She began to cry while reading over it again. She had been on and off crying for the past couple days since his death. Leonard heard her and came down stairs to their living room to see what was wrong. There he saw his wife on the couch crying.

"Penny" he said "It's late you really should be sleeping. You know we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow"

She turned to look at her husband.

"I know" she said "I was just working on my speech."

"You can work on that tomorrow, after we go to Amy's and hear the reading of the will."

"Yea I know, I just wanna do a good job you know?" she questioned

He nodded in response.

"And why do we even have to be there for the reading anyway? Isn't that a little personal? You know something only for the family." Penny asked.

"Yes normally but Sheldon requested that we be there." He answered. "And when you think about Sheldon was family" He added.

"Yea you're right. Let me just save this. Okay?"

"Sure thing" he said as he planted a kiss on her cheek and turned to go upstairs to their bedroom.

Penny saved her document, closed her computer and headed for the stairs. Before she proceeded after Leonard up to bed she looked at the photo hanging on the wall over looking the staircase. It was an old photo of the gang many years ago. Before everyone got married, before kids, even before Amy and Bernadette. Just Penny, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon. She smiled to her self remembering the many days and nights spent over at the guys apartment and all the wonderfully memories that happened their.

"I'm really gonna miss you Sheldon" Penny said as she walked up stairs and turned out the light.