I've been here for a week and Perry still has me running to fetch his coffee, that has burned me three times today. I groan and quickly jog into the Lounge room ready to brew another cup but notice Clark Kent sitting at the small table- which looked even smaller with him there.

"Hey, Clark," I greet and briskly make my way over to the coffee pot. I glance over my shoulder to see why he didn't answer and frown. He had left the room in the samll time I had turned my back. He's quick. Clark Kent was tall- extrelemely tall- and had chiseled features and a bright smile. His blue eyes weren't too bright nor too dull and they seemed to always be shining but my mind could be playing tricks on me.

"Westmore!" Perry growled from the door. His glasses were halfway down his nose and he seemed flustered. I open my mouth to answer but he cuts me off with more yelling.

"Where's Kent?" I shrug a bit nervous at his mention of the gourgeous awkward man-why am I nervous it's not like Kent can read my mind. I quickly grab a beige cup from the cabinet and pour Perry's straight black coffee into it hissing as it splashed against my knuckes as I cautiously handed it to glared at me then took a sip.

"Good job, Now go find Kent," He ordered before walking back to his office slamming the door then opening it to call Lane. I watched Lois Lane get up from her desk, pushing her dark brown hair to the side and confidently strode into Perry's office. She was pretty and wasn't scared to state her mind. I watch Perry chew her out as I made my way to my desk- which was bare with no reports- not even a proper filing bin. I was hoping to write along side Kent and Lane or have an article feauturing Olsen's fine photography but Perry took one look at me and designated me 'Go get my coffee' girl on the first day. It must've been my attempt at a handshake or even my bag spilling all his paper work...all I know is that I didn't make a good impression. I never do. I grabbed my light white knit sweater and asked if anyone had seen Clark before walking to the elevator. I leaned my head back against the cool metal gold I had my red curly hair pulled back today. The weather said it was going to be a high of 60 but for the last week it's been in the low 30s so I wasn't taking chances. As the elevator slowly made it's way to the lobby I adressed my posture in the reflection of the panels.

I was leaning back but slumped over a bit my shoulders drooping in defeat I guessed. I was short too and the reflection made me look stubby. My wide hips were wrapped in soft dress black dress pants I realized I had spilled coffee on my light grey turtleneck. I crossed my arms under my chest- a small chest- nothing quite as special as Lois' or anyone elses for that matter. My lips pulled back in an awkward smile revealing perfect white teeth, due to 7 years of dental work, my nose was long but not gross long and had a small arch that kept my glasses in place...my sister told me I should consider plastic surgery but I heard you change your nose you change your face. My eyes were small and bit far apart but the hazel color did make up for the weird placement. I ran my hand through my deep red hair and frowned at the contrast of my pale skin. The elevator dinged and I realized I had spent all 30 floors thinking about myself and not thinking of where to find Clark. I shook my head in disbelief and stepped out of the elevator narrowly missing the crowd ready to rush in. I looked around, asked around but noone had seen him. I walk outside and down the street but still no sign of him.

Where could he have gone? I mean he's a big guy no one can miss hi- I slammed into something hard and stumbled back. A figure clad in blue and red was standing infront of me. I grimaced and glanced up seeing a red S. I froze.

"Are you ok, miss?" His voice was strong and I nodded as he extended his hand. He helped me up and I dusted off my clothes. People had stopped to stare and take pictures and videos of the caped crusader.

"Yeah, wait why did I bump into you?" I asked him looking up at eerily familiar blue eyes. He smiled- a charming smile- and answered.

"You were looking at the ground and not up,"

Wow, never knew he could be such a smart ass.

"No, I meant why were you not in the air or something? Why walk when you can fly?" I asked.

"I had helped an old lady with car troubles and remembered I had an interview at The Daily Planet." He said matter of factly looking over his shoulder at the old women who was know pulling out of her spot and I noticed the grease stains on his sleeves.

"Oh, well sorry for bumping into you," I say turning on my heel and walking back to The Planet. Superman called out to me.

"You should look up more often Miss. You're smile is too nice to share with just the ground," he said before flying inot the air and I watched him amazed. When I got back to the office I had to deliver the bad news. I couldn't find Clark but when I walked in Jimmy patted me on the shoulder and told me Perry wanted to see me. It wasn't a pity pat but a good job pat. I looked at him confused as Lois walked over to my desk doing the whole hair shift she did earlier.

"So you ran into him,yeah?" She asked examining my purple stapler. I hung my sweater on the back of my chair and looked at her with knitted brows.

"W-what? Saw who?"

She glanced up a bit of coldness in her eyes. "Superman,"

"Oh," I was taken back by her answer,"Yeah , I just actually ran into him litteraly two minutes ago," I tell her.

"Yeah, we just got a dozen and one photos of you two. You might make the first page," She said turning away from my desk to sit at hers. I followed curious.

"The front page?Why?"

"Superman took the time to talk to you. So don't be amazed at what the tabloids will spin from it," She said nonchalantly.

"Oh," I meekly said again. She smiled and said that it happens to the best of us but I felt like there was something more to that statement.

"Oh, Perry's looking for you. Did you find Kent?"

I shook my head and hesitantly made my way to the boss' office. Superman was shaking his hand as I walked in.

"Oh, Westmore we were just talking about you," Perry said motioning for me to sit. I watched Superman smile and hold his hands behind his back.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't find Clark. It's like he vanished into thin air," I explained quickly. Perry shook his head.

"Don't worry about it, just make sure you tell him your doing the interview with him tomorrow and tell him I took a dollar from his pay for every minute he was gone. Dismissed." I sat awkwardly in my chair, confused.


"Yeah, the Superman interview Lois has been fighting him for," Perry said.

"Oh, ok." I got up and nodded at Superman as I left. I hadn't said thank you! I quickly opened the door back up.

"Thank you, you won't regret it!" I said happily.

"I better not, now go get me some coffee," I was actually happy to do so this time. I filled his coffee and began to go back to his office but as I rounded the corner I - for the second time bumped into a hard chest- dropping the scolding beverage.

"Shit!" I cried scared to have it spill on someone. But a swift hand caught it and I looked up too see the same blue eyes I had seen earlier but with glasses.

"Sorry Annie, didn't see you there," He apologized handing me back a full coffee. I quickly took it and mumbled my reply.

"No problem, Clark," but he had walked around me to rummage threw the fridge and I watched him hunch over baffled.

"Clark?" Lois asked walking past me.

"Hmm?" he answered with cold noodles in his mouth. He quickly swallowed realizing who he was speaking to and straightened up and shut the fridge.

"Has Perry told you I was doing the interview with you?" She asked.

"Uh, no, I had to step out earlier so I'm not sure," he siad pushig up his glasses.

"Well, he said he picked someone and I thought he just didn't want to tell me it was me,"

"Sorry, Lois Clark and I are doing the interview on Superman," I tell her.

"Oh you are? Well, congrats to you," She said clipping my shoulder as she walked past obviously fuming. Clark and I turned to look at eachother and I shrugged.

"Clark you've got a little somehting there," I say pointing to my chin. He immediatley wipes a remaining noodle away from his and grins awkwardly.

This day has been - well a different kind of day. I think to myself as I twirl my pencil around in my hands starring off into space. I couldv'e sworn Clark and Superman have the same eyes but my mind could be playing tricks on me. They are even the same height and build I think as I watch Clark staple his finger underneath his report and then pratically fall out of his chair reaching for the band aid in the opposite desk. Nah, he's too uncoordinated to be a guy in a blue spandex suit.