Thank you guys for reading my first fanfiction. I hope you guys like it.


"Where the hell am I "said Michael. He looks around but all he sees is that everything is made of blocks.

"Is this minecraft? Well if it is I should make a place to live at." Michael makes a small simple house with all his stuff in it. He made a crafting table, furnace, wooden pick, and a wooden sword. It is starting to become night. Michael looks at the sky and sees that it is night. "I got to go home." Michael then runs home and sleeps in his bed.

When Michael wakes up sees the words "Tabuu99 has joined the game" Michael knows who Tabuu is. Michael then finds Tabuu and yells his name and then Tabuu recognized Michael's voice. "We are trapped in minecraft I also think it will take a while to go back" Michael says.

"I know." Tabuu

"Hey Tabuu do you think that the mob talker mod is on?" Michael ask

"Maybe." Tabuu answered

"The plan is that I will hunt and collect rescores like wood and food."

"Then what do I do" Tabuu ask

"You will mine and maybe farm" Michael asks.


"Bye, see you at night"

"Ok" Tabuu says. Michael goes to punch some trees. When he was punching a tree Michael heard that noise that people who play minecraft know. "Ssssssssssssss…" then Michael yells " CRAP" then he pulls his wooden sword out while running and turns around seeing a cute girl with orange hair and warring a green creeper hoodie. "Please don't hurt me" she yelled.

"I won't hurt you" Michael says while putting his sword away. "Sorry if I scared you're here's something." Michael pulls out a rose "It's the only thing I ha-"Michael gets interrupted by the girl hugging him. "Thank you. I'm Cupa the creeper."

"Well I'm Michael. (Realization) CREEPER!"

"I won't hurt you"

"really" Michael asked. Then she nodded her head.

To be continued…