Welcome to chapter 2 of my story. I hope you guys like it

"Ok. Can I ask a few questions?" Michael asked.

"sure" Cupa replied.

"Why haven't you exploded?"

"I just met you, why would I"

"Well when creepers see me they explode"

"I don't" Cupa said with a smile.

"Why do you look different?"

"Why would say that"

"Well you look more human and…" Michael said while blushing.

"And what" Cupa asked

"I'll tell you later. Do you have a place to live?"

"No, can I live with you?" Cupa asked.

"Sure, but I have someone else who living with me"

"Who is it" Cupa said with a little bit of anger.

"He is Tabuu and he is a bro"

"Ok" Cupa said feeling relived.

Everyone goes back to the house.

"Are you ok" Michael asked Tabuu.

Then Tabuu whispers to me "She is from the mob talker mod"

"I know" Michael whispers back.

"Let's go to bed" Tabuu said. Then everyone went to bed. Then I the middle of the night Tabuu, Cupa, and I heard a bang and saw that a block of wooden planks were gone. Then I said "Cupa stay here. Tabuu and I will see what is outside." We went outside and saw nothing. Then we heard an Enderman behind us. "Its behind us" Tabuu whispered while taking a stone sword out. Then he gave me one because I didn't have anything. We turned around expecting an Enderman, but we saw a girl with an ender hat and a black coat, "it's about to rain" she said.

"Ok" Tabuu said.

"Wait what is your name" I asked.

"My name is Andr" The girl said.

"Ok let's go inside" I said. We all went inside. I craft a bed and placed it down for Andr. Then I saw Tabuu looking at Andr. "I know you like her" I whispered.

"Don't tell her" Tabuu whispered back.

"I know let's just go to bed" I said. Then Tabuu gave me a nod. 2 hours later. I woke up with Cupa next to me, still awake. "Are you ok" I asked.

"yeah" Cupa answered.

"then why are in my bed" I asked. Then she gets out of my bed, crying. "Sorry, I thought you like me" Cupa said.

"I do like you, but we just met. I'm sorry you can come back in if you want"

"Thank you" Cupa said happily. The next day Tabuu and I wake up first and we talked about what our first adventure by ourselves. Then we saw something outside. "Is that Steve" I asked.

"NO, THAT'S HEROBRINE!" Tabuu yelled, waking up the girls.

To be continued…