The moment you reread your story and realize you gave a character glasses in the first chapter and you had completely forgotten that... whoops. At least in the process of writing the middle chapters, I remembered and added them back in once. Wow, I also gave Kurt and Rachel a cat... I should have mentioned the cat when Rachel nearly burned down the apartment. Double whoops. I really have to proofread my stuff better.

Without further ado, another adventure in the Loaves 'verse

The quiet snuffling of Blaine's snores was the first thing Kurt heard as he blinked awake. He glanced over at their alarm clock, groaning when he spotted the time. He rolled over to face his husband, twining his arm around his body and nuzzling into his neck.

Blaine didn't stir, his mouth slack and his breath raspy in his throat. Kurt smiled at mess of curls atop Blaine's head, eyes following the drop of drool trailing out the corner of his mouth. Blaine's nose twitched in his sleep, his eyebrows furrowing. Kurt stroked his fingers across Blaine's scalp, pressing a kiss to his neck and shaking him slightly. "Wake up, B."

Blaine groaned, turning away from where Kurt was shaking him. Undeterred, Kurt continued to shake him. Blaine whined, peeking one eye open a millimeter. "Don' wanna," he mumbled.

"You have to be to work in an hour."

"That means I can sleep for another thirty," Blaine said, smiling and pulling the blanket up to his chin.

"No, it means you have thirty minutes to get the kids up and breakfast in their bellies before you have to leave for work."

Blaine huffed, finally opening both eyes and blinking at him blearily. "I thought you'd forget. Have mercy on your exhausted partner?"

"Like you had mercy on me yesterday?" Kurt asked, raising his eyebrow. "I had to be up at 4 in order to get Kaylee ready for dance class. I got dressed in the dark. I didn't notice until I was there that I had on blue pants and brown shoes!" Kurt knew his eyes were bugged out. "If any of my clients saw me, they'd have fired me on the spot!"

Blaine smiled at him. "My poor baby," he cooed, cupping Kurt's face in his hands and kissing him sweetly.

"Besides, they're biologically yours, so..."

"Oh, don't pull that card with me. You married into this family, so they're just as much my niece and nephew as yours." Blaine sighed and sat up, stretching his arms over his head. He grimaced and wiped at the dried spittle on his cheek. "Fine. I'll go get them up."

"Cooper keeps asking when we're going to have some of our own. He doesn't understand that all this babysitting he makes us do is essentially birth control for us."

"Right?" Kurt watched as Blaine pulled on his clothes, stumbling when he got his foot caught in his pant leg, barely catching himself on their dresser, but not before his knee banged into one of the drawer handles. "Fuck," Blaine bit out, clutching his knee.

"Blaine! Language!"

Blaine grimaced. "They're sound asleep, they wouldn't have heard me. I imagine Coop can't hold his tongue around them, so I'm sure they've heard worse at home." Blaine pulled his glasses on and raked his fingers through his hair.

"That doesn't mean they have to hear it here, too."

Blaine managed to pull on the rest of his clothes without mishap. He leaned over and kissed Kurt on the forehead. "Nap. Enjoy your extra time off. Remember, we have a reservation for dinner tonight."

Kurt closed his eyes and let himself doze off. It seemed like he had barely drifted before he was jolted awake by something landing forcefully on his stomach. He felt his breath leave him in a rush. His eyes whipped open as a little voice screeched in his ear, "Unca Kur! Wake up!"

Kurt groaned, attempting to sit up under the weight of his three year old nephew. "Liam, we've talked about this. You can't just go around jumping on people."

He looked down to see the biggest and most sad puppy dog eyes. Jesus Christ, this family has that look down pat. "I sorry," Liam said, sticking his lower lip out.

Kurt sighed. "It's okay, buddy. Just remember that for next time." He ran his fingers through the boy's hair. He rubbed his other hand over his own stomach, grimacing at the soreness. "Was there something you needed?"

Liam nodded. "Unca Blay made beffest."

"Oh wow, breakfast? What'd he make?"

"Pancakes!" Liam said, a huge smile on his face.

"I guess I should get up right now if I want some, huh?"

Liam nodded, jumping off the bed and bounding out the door. Kurt stretched his arms above his head, wincing when he back popped. He made his way to the kitchen, a fond smile rising to his face as he saw both Liam and Kaylee on Blaine's lap, all three chowing down on large bites of pancakes. Liam's face was already covered with syrup.

"Good morning, guys," Kurt said, preparing a cup of coffee from the machine on the counter. "Are you excited to go to the zoo today?"

Kaylee nodded, bouncing up and down in Blaine's lap. "Uncle Blaine said we could go feed the goats at the petting zoo."

"Cool." Kurt took a tentative sip of the coffee, sighing as the taste rolled over his tongue. "I'm going to be at work all day, so I won't see you guys before you go home."

"Awwwwwww," Kaylee whined. She hopped off Blaine's lap and ran over to wrap her arms tightly around Kurt's legs. Kurt was extremely thankful he was still in his Pjs as he felt her sticky fingers twist into the fabric of his pants. "You'll miss the monkeys!"

"I get to see a monkey every day," Kurt said, trying desperately to get out of Kaylee's syrupy grip before his pants got completely ruined.

"You do?" Kaylee asked, looking up at him in awe.

Kurt nodded. "Your Uncle Blaine is the biggest monkey of them all."

Blaine gasped, eyes flicking up to look at Kurt. "What?"

Liam giggled, reaching up and plucked at one of Blaine's ears, his syrup covered hands. "Monkey!"

"I'm not a monkey!" Blaine pouted, scooping Kaylee back up onto his lap so that she could continue eating.

Kurt snickered and grabbed himself a plate, slinging a pancake on it. "B, the amount of things you climb on and over? You are most certainly a monkey." He sat down, cutting up his pancake and slathering it in strawberry jelly. "You guys are going to have so much fun at the zoo. If you guys are good, I heard Aunt Evie and Aunt Rachel are going to take you out for ice cream after."

Kaylee dropped her fork onto the plate, mouth falling open. "Ice cream?"

Liam scooped up his piece of pancake, placing it on his spoon and shoving it into his mouth, smearing more syrup over his face. "Can I get 'nilla?"

"Sure, buddy." Blaine mussed Liam's hair, pressing a kiss to his temple. "Let's get your hands and faces all cleaned off so that we can go get dressed."

The kids toddled off to the bathroom while Blaine picked up the plates and silverware and cleaned them off in the sink. Kurt took another sip of his coffee, eyes trained on his husband and how his jeans were stretched tightly over his ass. "Did I ever tell you the first thing Rachel said about you and your deli?"

Blaine looked at him over his shoulder. "I don't think so. What'd she say?"

Kurt smiled. "You'd been bent over and she commented how the name of the store was quite fitting."

Blaine raised his eyebrow. "I bet you didn't know that I heard her."

"You did?" Kurt asked, feeling his cheeks pinken.

Blaine nodded. "I was quite sad that you didn't agree with her. I thought we'd had quite a nice flirting thing going on."

"I didn't disagree with her, though. Tell the truth, you dressed up for me the next day, didn't you?"

Blaine looked sheepish. "Maybe. You had been so put together and gorgeous, I wanted to make an effort to look nice, too."

"If you must know the truth, I thought you were extremely attractive that first day. I love when you let your curls fly free. You looked adorable in your glasses and hat."

Blaine beamed. Just then, the kids came racing into the room. Blaine had barely enough time to dry his hands on the dish towel before he had two armfuls of children.

Blaine walked over to Kurt and gave him a small peck on the cheek. "Say goodbye to your Uncle Kurt."

"Bye!" Liam screeched, giving him a slobbery kiss on his nose.

"Bye," Kaylee echoed, gripping Kurt tightly around the neck.

"Bye, guys. Have fun!"

Kurt felt his heart swell at the image of his husband smiling down at two children who looked remarkably like him. They'd agreed that neither of them wanted children a few years back but would let themselves be open minded and rethink their decision if circumstances changed. It had been nice to have two other voices and personalities in their house these past few days but Kurt didn't know if he could handle it twenty four-seven. Maybe they could talk about it again after they both were out of work tonight.

I had wanted to try and fit in Evie, Rachel, and Coop's stories in this but it just didn't work. Cooper eventually met a nice girl and married her and had two kids. Evie's happily single, managing the store with Coop and Blaine. Rachel is too busy on Broadway to date but she dotes on Liam and Kaylee (named after two of my favorite Joss Whedon shows if you couldn't pick that out). Kurt's quite successful in the fashion industry. I hope you enjoyed!