Hey, hey everyone! So I guess because it's common to announce this/give you a heads up: This is my first fic. Not only first one I publish but also my first attempt of writing one, ever. This was supposed to be a very quick, lemony One-Shot, because I had this idea in my mind, but things seem to be playing out differently once you start writing...

This is still not gonna be a very long fic... hell, it's hardly long enough of a chapter to post on it's own, but I haven't quite made up my mind on how to continue from here on and was kinda eager to upload at least some of it already. I hope you enjoy it so far!

As you already know, the characters are Eiichiro Oda's invention, not mine. I simply use them to produce some sweet, sweet smuttiness ;)

Happiness Punch

Chapter 1: Suspicion

"HAPPINESS PUNCH!" Nami exclaimed, opening her towel towards the line of Peeping Toms that had assembled on top of the wall separating the royal men's and women's bath halls. After contentedly beholding the boys toppling off the wall with streams of blood sputtering from their noses she turned around with a happy giggle while giving poor, shocked Vivi a thumbs up.

Now that had been fun!

The fight for Alabasta had been long and exhausting and hard on every one of them. It just felt so good being able to be a little silly and fooling around with everyone again. Just being able to laugh again.

The Straw Hats had left Alabasta behind for a few days now and though on the Grand Line, things had been pleasantly quiet. There had been time for wounds to heal, tension to fade and everyone finally found their way back to their old routines on the Merry-Go and to being their normal selves.

Everyone but a certain raven-haired boy.

Or maybe that was just her imagination?

Nami couldn't tell that anyone else had been perceiving a different vibe from their captain, but somehow she was certain she did. Somehow... distanced or... detached. Maybe he wasn't taking the fact well that Vivi had chosen to part from them? Or maybe it was because of that weird ballet guy he for some reason liked so much? It had been tough on him leaving someone behind who he considered a friend...

Well, he'd be alright soon enough. Afterall Luffy had never failed to bounce back from any hardship, just like the rubber ball he was. And with that the young navigator abandoned her not-so-deep thought and with a sigh she got up from the sun lounger she had been sprawled at. She had been observing the clouds for a while now and decided it was time to inform the oblivious rest that the sails would need some attention considering the changing weather.

At the aft deck before her, that until now she hadn't paid a lot of attention to, she was met with the sight of an (always) sleeping swords man and a chaotic bundle of the three littler pirates. Chopper and Luffy were curious to take a look at Usopp's newest invention while Usopp for his part seemed little thrilled with the idea, convinced they would break something, if he let them get even close. Sanji was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Upon knowing how hard it was to get Zoro to do anything when he was designated to taking a nap, the mikan-haired girl was left to deal with the noisy trio.

Usopp had his hands occupied holding a struggling baby reindeer up in the air and therefore away from the construction behind him, while using his left foot planted in Luffy's face to shove him away at the same time. Unfortunately for the sniper it was all to no avail, seeing how the captain's rubbery arms could just snake their way around him and towards the invention, no matter how far away his head was being pushed. It was a comical sight to behold and Nami couldn't help but think that she probably had reason to discard her previous train of thought. With the way that three of his his limbs were now entangled with two of his crew mates, finding Luffy "detached" seemed just a little ridiculous all of a sudden. She let a little smile of both comical and actual relief pass her lips before resettling in order to finally get down to business.

"Oi, guys!"

And there it was again...

The navigator in action beheld one boy and one reindeer reluctantly turning their attention to her, not wishing to abandon their play, but nonetheless waiting for further orders... Luffy on the other hand upon hearing her voice seemed to have tensed slightly and then looked at her in a way... well to be exact, he didn't look at her at all.

While explaining the current situation of weather and the position she needed the sails in, Nami couldn't help but find it peculiar how the dark-haired boy did listen, but never seemed to fix his gaze on her. Of course Luffy was not really one to expect attention from as he could get distracted by anything that even pretended to be shiny. That much she knew. Yet, it wasn't that he was distracted and therefore looking at something else. He was simply not looking at her.

The female pirate had regained the feeling that her captain was behaving in an unusual manner and this time with certainty. And this feeling would just wear on all the way through the adjustment of the sails and later dinner. She had been so sure of Luffy's behaviour before when she had watched him fooling around with the others, that Nami was now facing a somehow disturbing thought. Was Luffy only being distanced with her? The mere thought just didn't add up for her. He was the most forgiving person she knew and even before that would apply, she couldn't for the life of her remember having done anything wrong, anything to change their relationship.

After dinner everyone had gone back to relaxing outside on the Merry-Go. Having left Alabasta quite a while ago, they weren't facing unbearable heat anymore, yet they were still within a warm enough climate to enjoy the evening dawning with the pleasant air of a mild summer night. Everyone seemed to be contently exhausted from an uneventful day as the whole crew was laying low.

Nami stood by the rail, welcoming the feel of warm wind enveloping her cross the salty smell of the sea. If only she were able to switch off her mind for just a second as to truly enjoy this sensation. But she wasn't. And upon this current state she found herself in, it only fueled that resentfulness inside her even more when she glanced over the deck to have her eyes stick with a certain carefree youth sprawled on the wooden floor, obviously from the look on his face enjoying to the fullest what she couldn't. The by now considerably irked young woman didn't even get to stop and think about what she was gonna do once she would reach her destination when she already felt her body on the move.


There was just enough light left to leave Luffy noticing that a shadow was being cast over him. He had been too relaxed by the pleasant almost-night air and the mild rocking of the ship to pick up on the foot steps of his soon-to-be cause of distress approaching, whereas now he felt all of his relaxation sag away as he was taken by surprise by the sudden presence of his unhumoured navigator.


His voice came out unsteady and with a slight hint of fear upon sensing her mood as if it was radiating from her in dark, squiggly rays.

In spite of the dangerous vibe of the situation the teen couldn't help but just for a moment contemplate the physical appearance of the young woman before him. His Nakama was wearing a light yellow neckholder top that, if he hadn't been lying on the floor beneath her, would have provided him with an ample view of her cleavage and the whole of her bare, feminine back. While that sight was left to his memory from the rest of the day, from the angle he was in he could instead let his gaze wander from bare feet in high-heeled sandals along long and slender calves and thies and up to her chocolate brown mini-skirt. Or rather under said skirt, due to her angered stance... Which he didn't. Although, or maybe because he was uncomfortably aware of this view, Luffy awkwardly averted his eyes from his female Nakama, as he had done so often during these past few days. Instead he tried to concentrate on finding out why it was that she was hovering over him all of a sudden, causing him so much discomposure.


"What's up?" Nami heard him say, his voice audibly strained to sound casual while his eyes wandered towards a random direction - much to the angered girl's chagrin. Irritated with the currently not only felt but also physical distance between them Nami crouched down beside him, determined to finally figure out what her idiotic captain's deal was. With or without force.

"Listen Luffy, I don't know what I've done, but if you're angry with me you'll just have to spit it out, because I'm done being treated this way!"

"...angry?... treated what way?"

The confusion in his answer sounded sincere. Nami however chose to ignore that fact as she grew even more aggravated upon seeing the boy turn his head away while speaking and even trying to scramble away a little despite the fact that he was still lying flat on his back.

Upon the young woman's sudden closeness, the black-haired teen also began to slightly shuffle his legs uncomfortably.

This she didn't notice.

Nami felt her patience slipping away from her now. She finally reached out to grab Luffy's face and roughly janked his head towards herself, not so gently squeezing his cheeks together, which rendered the protest from the boy now facing her rather unintelligible.


The young navigator only realised how her voice had just exploded all over the ship, when she felt the eyes of the rest of the crew on her and the struggling rubber man beneath her. Well, not all of the crew, thankfully. As usual Zoro didn't care enough to even wake from his nap over the commotion and Robin had kept her composure as well as keeping her eyes on her book. Although a little smile seemed to be playing along her features. It was pretty likely that she had already secretly spawned an eye somewhere around the two long before. The newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates always seemed to be knowing much more than she was giving away.

It wasn't until Nami heard Sanji squiggle towards her general direction from the front of the ship, singing something along the lines of "goddess... Nami-swaaaan! Idiotic... captain... bothering you?" that she decided to take this conversation to another location. She released her death grip from Luffy's face in favour of now clutching her fist into the collar of his vest, dragging the boy behind her as she stomped off. Luffy on his part was reduced to flailing his limbs and whining pathetically as he was violently being removed from the pleasantness of the night air and the safety of the company of his friends, to face an unknown future at the hands of the one person on the Grand Line that could actually strike him with fear.

You probably already guessed what the problem is, right? ;) Anyway, I've been writing the next part before this one actually, but somehow things didn't turn out anything as planned. By now I've grown quite convinced that this fic-writing thing has a mind on it's own, taking the story to weird places...

In my mind Nami's just gonna go for it because she thinks there's nothing wrong with the two enjoying themselves together. All very nice and simple. But somehow I always come to get her emotionally involved, leaving her in doubt if she's in love and making her (for my taste) a little whiny... If you have any preferences on which one of the stories you'd like better, I'll appreciate suggestions :)