Okay, so I just got really inspired to write this, and the first chapter is kind of short and crappy, but it's just to get it started. I'm not completely sure if it's even going anywhere. Please do give me some input on whether I should continue or not. Thanks for reading. Please excuse the grammar.

"I could wake up like this each morning. " Eva says as Gideon pull out of her and collapses beside her. It was a Saturday so they had the day to waste away together.

"Me too, Angel, me too. " He replies as he shuts his eyes in exhaustion

"You're tired. " She observes

"Just a little, I'll be fine though, what's on the agenda today?"

"No, Gideon, sleep. You've been working longer hours than you usually do, and you had all those charity dinners last week, relax, I'm just going to go to the gym and get a work out in. I'll be back in a bit. "Eva tells him and then kisses his lips before getting off the bed, but as she starts to walk to the bathroom he grabs her wrist

"I'll be fine, I'll go with you. " Gideon demanded. He was possessive over her, especially at the gym. Guys watching her as she ran on a treadmill, the very thought made his gut twist

"Please don't fight me on this, I'll be okay just stay here. I'll bring Cary with me. Sleep, I'll be home later, and we can finish what we started when you woke me up. "Eva assured him

Giving in, Gideon pulled her on top of him. And kissed her. "Just remember one thing, this is all mine, and I'll prove that as soon as you get back. "

"I won't be long. " Eva said, as she blushed

"I'll miss you Angel. "

"I'll miss you too. I love you Gideon. "

"I love you too."

After an intense workout and Lunch with Cary, Eva sits in the park on a bench and takes in the world around her, for years she thought she was the most screwed up person in the world. She never imagined that she'd ever be this happy. Gideon consumed her, his love owned her, she couldn't control it. The feelings she fought so hard to deny were there. She was surprised how fast she fell in love with Gideon. When she was with him, it was like they were the only people in the entire world.

"Now I'm dying to know that smile on your face is for? " A voice calls. A familiar voice. Gideon

He takes the seat next to her, and waits for her to answer.

"You." She replies with a grin

"What did I do? " He asked, curiously

"You make me happy. Simple as that. "

"You make me happy too, Angel, women used to be nothing to me, it was just fucking, until I met you. " He reveals

"I love you. "

"Even though I don't believe it's the right word, I love you too Angel." He said in a way that made Eva's heart melt

"Let's go home. " Eva spoke with a hunger in her eyes

On the walk back to Gideon's apartment, Eva couldn't help but feel like she was being followed, she felt as if eyes were piercing on her. Holding a death grip on Gideon's arm, she began to tense.

"Angel, what's wrong with you? " Gideon stopped when they were a block away from their destination

"Nothing. " She responds, trying to shed the feeling

"Don't lie to me. " He tells her in a compassionate voice as he cups her face "Tell me"

"I just have this unwelcoming feeling that someone is following me. "

"It's probably just the paparazzi. Don't over think. Look we're almost home. "

She knew he was probably right, but she just couldn't shake the feeling. She was grateful when Gideon closed the door from the outside word behind him.