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He sat in his car as he watched the apartment that Eva went inside. She was with him. Gideon Cross, one of the youngest billionaires in America. He'd been here for a week, and he had been spying on her. Nathan Barker refused to take his eyes off the apartment in hopes that Eva would come out, preferably alone. There were tons of unfinished business he had with her. The thought of her being happy with someone else built the anger inside of him. She was his, end of story. Nathan hated the fact that she was inside that apartment with another man probably fucking him as he sat here waiting for her.

A knock on his door distracted him. A police officer was crouched down to his level. Rolling down the window, he put a smile on. "Is there a reason you're parked here? "

"Sorry officer, I'm just waiting for a friend. I didn't realize that she'd be this long. "He admitted

"No worries, but you need to move soon. This is a no parking zone. "The officer told him and then he was gone. Great, just great. Now how the fuck was he supposed to notice when she came out of the building without her noticing him?

"God, I love you so damn much Gideon. " Eva said as Gideon continued to make love to her. They'd been like this since they arrived home four hours ago. It scared her how much she actually loved him. The thought of him consuming her, made her feel terrified of the fact that someday he could leave her. And then where would she go from there?

"I know Angel. God, you feel so good. I could fuck you all day long and not get restless. "Gideon said with a smoldering look

After he pulled out of her, her smile didn't fade. She stared at him with her gazing grey eyes and treasured the gift that was Gideon Cross.

"I've wanted to do that since I saw you sitting on the park bench. " He said

Her smile faded, as she remembered the feeling of being followed.

"What's wrong Angel?"

"It's nothing. " She told him, trying to avoid her paranoia

"Talk to me about it, you can tell me. " Gideon told her with a worry in his eyes

"I still have that unsettling feeling in my stomach that I'm being followed Gideon, I know that you said it was just paparazzi, and I'm trying to believe that, but it feels so much more than that. " Eva said, not able to look at him

"Angel, look at me? Would it give you a peace of mind if I looked into it for you? "

"You'd do that? " She replied hopeful

"For you, I'd do anything. I once told you that I'd even kill for you. "Gideon said with a confident voice

"Thank you Gideon."

"You're welcome, now there is something that I want to discuss with you, Angel. " Gideon tells Evan in a serious voice

"What's wrong? " Eva asked in a worried voice

"Nothing is wrong, but I want you to move in with me. " She said

Eva froze. Move in with him? They'd only been together for such a short time, how could she possibly even consider moving in with him right now. It was too fast. There was no way either of them were ready for such a huge step. Right? God, what the hell was going on?

"I'm starting to worry about your silence. " Gideon said to her, pulling her away from her thoughts

"I'm sorry, I was thinking. " She whispered

"I scared you off, didn't I?"

"No, Gideon, 'I was thinking that it's too soon for us to be moving in with each other, isn't it?"

"Not at all. I love you and you love me. You're my entire world, and life won't make sense without you. I want you to wake up to that beautiful face, every single morning, and go to sleep with those beautiful grey eyes every night. Don't try thinking of what everyone else is going to do or say, listen to what's in here. "Gideon said, placing a hand on her heart

She didn't need to think about that answer. She knew what she wanted when It came to Gideon.

"Okay, I'll move in with you. " And with that final statement, he pinned her beneath him and began to make love to her, yet again