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Behind the Scenes: Okay, I wasn't going to write a sequel to Gone, but the idea simply wouldn't leave me alone. The original lyrics I was going to use as the full inspiration for this story came from a song called "Never Gone" by the Backstreet Boys, hence the 90's boyband title war (as in "Gone" was a song by Nsync). "Never Gone" inspired me a lot.

However, The Band Perry's "If I Die Young" was on the radio a lot during the time I had begun to write this and as such it also inspired me. Never Gone has been in the works for a while now, and I hope it won't disappoint you, my dear readers.

Something I never really took into consideration in Gone had been the ages of the characters. Although I never mentioned the character's ages directly, I probably initially wrote the story with their ages in the 10-12 year old range in mind. Nevertheless, the content of this sequel puts their ages, in both stories, more into their mid-teenaged years.

Also note that I like the idea of how Professor Oak is middle aged in the manga. So, for both Gone and Never Gone, he's in his forties. If you should feel like you want to go back to reread Gone, feel free to apply the following ages to that story as well.

Gary – 17

Ash - 17

Misty – 18

Brock – 24

Professor Oak – 44

Also, I had no idea what Gary's umbreon's name was so I made up one of my own. The name I used, Cade, just came to me of its own accord, so I decided to use it. If there is an actual name for the umbreon, please drop me a PM or let me know the umbreon's name in a review.

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By the way, this story is rated for random instances of potty mouths from different characters and Gary's lewd (though only implied) thoughts.

I had fun writing this, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it.


The sharp knife of a short life…

The Band Perry – If I Die Young


The one thing that death taught me was that nothing I was brought up to know about the afterlife was true. Not one single thing. There were no pearly clouds, no saints in white robes, no golden gates, no angels playing harps, and no tunnels leading to Heaven (or Paradise or whatever it is you want to call it).

On the other hand, I wasn't burning in the flames of hell either. I wasn't being chased by some big red creature with a pitchfork, cloven hooves and a tail, and nothing was screaming at me or torturing me.

At least, nothing that I was currently experiencing resembled all of that. So either I'd really screwed up or it was all made up. Fairytales to get kids to listen to their parents. Not like that had worked with me.

What I did get to see was my sister struggling with her nightmares of me. When I first realized I was dead and not moving on, I visited my family. To try to get their attention, I'd tried screaming and yelling, tried moving items and giving people a creepy vibe, because that's what ghosts do. At least, that's what I thought they did. Turned out that no one could hear me and I couldn't touch a damned thing.

So I watched them sleep. Gramps was fortunate enough to sleep right through the night, every night. I guess his work was draining or something. May was another story altogether. She couldn't sleep, though she continually denied prescription sleep aids. I knew she was dreaming of me because if she wasn't crying in her sleep, she'd be bolting upright in bed in the middle of the night. She'd immediately look to the framed picture of me that she kept on her nightstand. Sometimes when she looked at my picture, she'd cry or otherwise sniffle. Rarely did she smile at my picture.

No, I'm not that arrogant that I'd request my picture to be framed and put on her nightstand.

Okay, maybe I am…or was…but I'm not now, and for the record I didn't have May put a picture of me by her bed. She'd done that on her own accord, though oddly enough, she'd done that about two months before The Incident.

The thing is, I'm her baby brother and she couldn't save me. She hadn't been anywhere close enough to even try. That hurt her. All of our lives as we'd grown up, she'd done her best to protect me, to make sure that nothing hurt me.

Just this once, she couldn't.

Damnit, I'm sorry, May. I never meant to hurt you so much.

And Gramps, that goes double for you.

Though he puts on a brave face and continues his daily routine, I know he struggles, too.

He still sends out Pallet's youth.

Still tends to the lab's pokemon.

Still conducts his research.

And still provides the best care for Ash's tauros herd.

Even though I'm sure he knew that the tauros that killed me wasn't one of Ash's herd, and that it was just being an overly hormonal tauros, it was evident that Gramps had a new outlook on the tauros species as a whole.

He didn't trust them anymore. I could see it as he went through his daily routine. I personally know that he once had a healthy dose of respect for tauros as a species, but he had also carried trust in them. Not anymore. He didn't even seem to want to interact with them at all. He had since delegated care of the tauros herd to Tracey, and required his assistant to bring at least two high level psychic pokemon with him whenever the herd needed fed or otherwise maintained. That the psychic pokemon had to know teleport was mandatory.

Even though he hid it from everyone else, I knew my Gramps. I could see the smallest narrowing of his eyes, or the slightest clench of his jaw, and I knew. When he watched the herd stampeding over the flat meadows, or watched them spar with one another, I knew he was thinking about what had happened to me.

While I felt sorrow for Gramps and May, I knew I'd done the best I could at the time. Knew I had to do something to try to save Ash. Certainly I would've reconsidered my actions, had I known I'd be gored to death.

I'm arrogant, not stupid.

The way I had wanted to be remembered was quite simple. I'd wanted to be remembered as the Trainer who beat the Elite Four. The one who kept winning over Ash Ketchum time and time again. Grand Master and eventual leader of the Elite Four. I wouldn't mind an action figure of myself, or even a movie documenting my rise to greatness.

What I didn't want to be known as was someone who was given fifteen minutes of fame, someone who had the spotlight on the news for sacrificing himself and not even knowing if the other person was saved. I didn't know if Ash had been safe, but I had hoped that his pokemon were at least smart enough to keep him out of harm's way. For all I had known at that moment in time, he could've been as dead as I was soon to be.

Don't get me wrong. I know I'm well known beyond fifteen minutes of fame.

I'm Gary Oak, after all. Fame and glory kind of go hand in hand. It's practically in my DNA.

Despite the emotional difficulties my death caused my family, I knew that Ash's mom, Delia, would've been far more inconsolable than May and Gramps combined. More than likely, Ash's death, if it had happened, would've killed her. She and Ash have a mother/son bond that's pretty awesome. Knowing first hand how dangerous pokemon are, I'm kind of surprised that she hadn't demanded that her pride and joy give up the Trainer's lifestyle when I died. That he go to school instead.

School. I know I'm digressing far beyond what would be considered polite conversation, but I hated school. We Trainers didn't always travel all the time. School was required, be it traditional schooling, migratory schooling (where you could train and travel, but stop in at schools along the way), or online school (do I really need to explain that one to you?). Any of those options were as boring or as exciting as the Trainer/student would make them out to be.

School always bored me, which was why I hated it. Gramps used to tell me that it was boring to me because I was too smart for school.

Yeah, sure. Smart. That's why I ended up with tauros horns in my stomach. Do you know how many sit-ups and crunches I did daily to get a stomach that flat? Fat lot of good a sixpack did against a pissed off tauros.

And that angry tauros goring me? That hurt, by the way, like being sucker punched by a machamp. It shoved all the air from my lungs. Not being able to breathe had me losing my sight to a large amount of white stars dancing over my vision. Then I started bleeding like it was going out of style.

Internal bleeding.

External bleeding.

You ever see a campy horror movie where blood sprays everywhere? Yep, that was me after the tauros yanked his head back. I was still impaled on his horns, which must've pissed him off even more. He jerked his head to the side and I went flying. I didn't have enough strength to drag myself into the cover of some bushes, or to hide somewhere.

The campy horror killer was after me with a laser-like focus.

And Ash…poor Ash. He might've thought he was safe in the tree, and he was safe from the tauros, but he couldn't avoid the blood geyser I'd turned into.

And the hooves.

Some might say that it was fortunate for me that tauros hooves are not as hard or sharp as those of a Rapidash. I would disagree. Even as my eyesight had been dimming, I could still see the hooves coming, but for the first time in my life, I was too weak to do anything and –

"Stop it."

The highly irritated voice of my Umbreon jerked me back into the present. Cade's ruby eyes glittered angrily as he looked up at me.

"I swear, I will leave if you continue moping in the past like this." He stood up and shook himself off.

Cade hates it when I reminisce.

Lately I've been getting a feeling that this is all I have to look forward to.

No moving on.

No peace.

No shimmering golden gates.

Just this endless wandering. No one can see me and I can't even talk to anyone.

It's just a bit depressing.



Cade had interrupted my pity party to talk to me about Celebi.

To be honest, I wasn't sure why Cade brought up the subject of Celebi. You'll find out in a little bit, but I had to wait for a few hours. At first I thought it was an effort to get me out of the "oh noez, it suckz 2 be me" funk that I had let myself slide into. What could I say? It was easier to be depressed than it was to figure out what it was that I was supposed to be doing with my afterlife.

Then again, I didn't really have anyone or anything to guide me. I felt utterly abandoned. If it wasn't for Cade, I think I'd have gone insane long by now. Just the sight of my own grave the first time almost did me in. Realizing that I was pretty much forsaken in this…this…

What word was there to even describe my predicament? I'd gotten myself into a ton of fucked up situations before, but nothing even remotely close to this.

Cade growled low in his throat. I'd learned that a growl like that was the only warning he'd give me before biting me, if he was sufficiently pissed at me. He'd done so before, so I took his warning as a serious one. Yes, Cade could interact with me. I wasn't sure how, he wasn't sure how, and I wasn't gonna question it. He was my only anchor to the life I'd known. Even a bite was welcome. I had no nerve endings, so the bites never truly hurt me, and while his bites couldn't draw blood or leave bruising, there was a slight phantom sensation (pun intended) of minor pain. Usually it was enough to get me focused on whatever was at hand that was more important than whatever angst I was dealing with.

"Okay, okay," I sighed. "I'm done moping."

The growls ceased.

"For now, anyway," I let a grin spread over my face and I chuckled at his frustrated snort. "So, what's on the agenda, little brother?"

"A meeting, of sorts."

"A meeting?" I stared at him. "Oh, man, the insanity is spreading, isn't it? I knew I should've had you vaccinated or something at your last physical. And now I can't because I'm…"

"I'm not crazy," Cade snapped his teeth at my fingers, only slightly serious. "It seems that Celebi has been looking for you."

"Celebi?" My mind flew through the names of pokemon. It wasn't as if Celebi was a human name. "The little green and white thing?"

"For Lugia's sake, do not call her that to her face!" Exasperation laced his words. "She's a Legendary pokemon with Legendary powers. I know it'll be hard for you, but don't piss her off."

The joke I'd been about to say slipped from my mind when I realized that I did know of Celebi, and I knew what it was that Celebi did so well.

"She's a time traveler."

The look that my umbreon leveled at me was more serious than I'd ever seen on him. "Don't get your hopes up. I know exactly what you'd want her to do, but believe me when I say to not order her around."

Just the thought of the possibility of turning back time, of not being killed, made me weak all over. Weakness wasn't something I was too eager to admit, but I slumped against the tree behind me as if I actually had substance.

For once, I didn't sink through the tree.

"What else could she possibly want?" I couldn't hide the mix of worry and excitement from my pokemon's ears. I didn't care. "Maybe…maybe there was a mistake. I wasn't supposed to die, and she wants to fix what was screwed up." Then a thought crossed my mind. "What if Ash was supposed to die?"

But Cade, who chose to sit next to me, was shaking his head. "No. That one…Ash…he's supposed to live."

A heavy sigh escaped me. "That Chosen One thing, right?"


A moment of silence passed by before Cade stood and stretched. "I gotta go hunt something. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Yeah, I'll be here."

He studied me for a moment, ruby eyes reflecting the setting sun. "Regarding Celebi…you might not be too far from being right."

My eyes narrowed and I looked over at him, but he was already gone, leaping into the nearby underbrush. I shook my head and sighed.

What could a Legendary time traveling pokemon want with me, if not to help out with my living challenged status?


Cade hunted better at night than any other time of day. While he was away on his hunting trip, I took a trip of my own. Time had since begun to not make a whole lot of sense to me. Oh, I still recognized days and weeks and months, but hours and minutes and seconds began to not matter all that much. I didn't need to eat, drink, or sleep.

Come to think of it, if my skin sparkled in the sunshine, I'd be like…

…Nah. I wasn't about to go there.

But being dead did have some advantages.

There weren't many places that I couldn't go. I could watch any movie I wanted, see any concert, go into any art gallery or museum. I could walk through any store after hours, slip right into any bank vault in the world.

Not that it really mattered since I couldn't take anything because I couldn't touch anything.

Bah. You've heard all this before.

Waiting for Cade to return was swiftly becoming boring. There were only so many things my mind could think up of while waiting. As such I thought about visiting people. After all, Cade's hunt could take a while. Why stay here? Why not go on a little trip?

It had occurred to me to visit my family, but I wasn't really up to being reduced to a sob fest. I'm an arrogant prick, I know, but I do have feelings. Being in the same room as my sister and Gramps, but not speak to them or be seen by them, not being able to even hug one of them, all of that flat out sucked.

If I could redo my life, knowing what I know now as a dead guy, I'd have made changes. When I was alive and in public situations, like parties or out Training, I was never affectionate beyond what was courteous. And while I wasn't a sappy little mama's boy in private, while I was never afraid of hugging what remained of my family, I didn't do that sort of thing often. Having the kind of public attention on me that I did, not just with having a famous grandfather but also being the star Trainer that I was, I doubt my sister or Gramps ever took offense to my actions if I was curt with them or if I wasn't overly affectionate. They knew I had an image to live up to.

May didn't really like my public image, and she shunned the fame circus as much as she could, but she knew that I couldn't look like some kind of a sissy.

My last actions kind of threw a monkey wrench in all of that. Or maybe just some of it.

Thoughts of Ash brought me to thoughts of someone else who was periodically in and out of Ash's life.


The fiery redhead was hot. Far too hot for a wimp like Ash to know what to do with. Oh yeah, I'd noticed her, a lot. I noticed when Ash split up his little group to go to other regions and I'd almost gone in for the kill. Yes, gone in for the kill. Using sayings like that never seemed morbid. I might be dead now but I wasn't then and I'd had Misty in my sights.

A tauros with romance on his mind put an end to my own notions of romance.

Okay, so I know it sounds clichéd, but I was very close to making a move on Misty. Ash was out of the picture, long out of the picture and traveling somewhere in Hoenn. I knew that Brock was with him, as was a new girl named May. I was more than a little jealous since I'd never gotten to travel that far as a Trainer when I was alive.

I also wasn't able to do something else, which was to have a serious significant other. The person I'd had in mind for that was Misty. It was one thing to hook up with the girls who loved you for your status. It was quite another to date someone who could see past the fame. I was seventeen, and being the lively virile male I was, I didn't think random dating was a bad idea. It was, in fact, a great way to pass the time. Or at least, it had been. Heh. It was a pastime that probably didn't put me in Misty's good books, if she'd been keeping tabs on me.

I'd visited Misty a couple of times already and, surprise surprise, I found out that she did, in fact, seem interested in me. She wasn't a stalker, with tons of newspaper clippings and posters of me all over her walls. Misty kept it practical with a simple picture of me. It was a photograph, an actual photograph and not something printed out from her laptop. My picture's place of honor was on her dresser mirror, with one corner jammed into the mirror's wooden frame. I didn't know where she'd gotten it, but I could guess that it might have come from May. My sister was a hopeless romantic.

And, yes, I admit it. I snuck into Misty's bedroom, but I swear that she hadn't been in the room at the time. I'm not that much of a pervert. Okay, so maybe I could be that much of a pervert, but I do have some manners.

One cool thing about being dead is that I don't have to walk everywhere all the time. Sometimes if I think of someone (or somewhere) deeply enough, and if I have a clear enough picture of them (or it) in my mind, I can just be there with them. I can do this with actual locations, like say Pummelo Stadium, but I preferred to visit people, not places. And yeah, theoretically I'm traveling farther than Ash, but it's not the same when you can't physically experience it. You can't interact with other people when you're dead. You can't catch pokemon. You can't experience it at all.

So for this little trip I considered the one person that had snagged my heart. Misty.

My thoughts honed in on Misty. Seeing her in my mind as clearly as I was, it didn't surprise me too much when my surroundings blurred and reformed in an outdoor location. I found myself standing on a patio overlooking a large in-ground pool. Being that Misty's home was an hour away from the location Cade and I called home, it was fully dark out. The moon and stars shimmered brightly overhead in a cloudless summer sky.

The Cerulean Gym didn't have living quarters attached to the gym as others did. The gym leader could live at the gym, if desired, but who really wants to live where they work? As I understood it from Gramps, there was an apartment somewhere in the Cerulean Gym. I never cared enough to dig deeper in that subject, even though Misty had caught my attention. What I did know was about the home belonging to the gym. It was a modest ranch house situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Of course, right? There was a pool that was on a level area behind the house, and beyond the pool was a grassy weedy area (one of those 'left to nature, isn't it pretty' things), and beyond that was the cliff itself.

There was only one person around me and she was swimming in that pool. Slicing clean lines through the dark chlorinated water, Misty swam as if nothing else in the world mattered. Her long red hair was darkened by the water and it flowed behind her like a banner. I watched her swim, watched her slide under the water's surface, and come back up for air. I don't know how long I watched her, but she eventually decided enough was enough. She stopped swimming laps at the far end of the pool, resting one slender arm on the stone that edged the pool. She almost seemed distracted, but that only lasted a moment before she swam gracefully for a nearby ladder.

It was very difficult to look away, but I did out of respect, and I grinned as I did.

Dear Misty had a naughty streak in her.

"Skinny dipping, Mist?" I murmured low, though it wasn't as if she'd hear me even if I screamed it. "Kinky." I listened for the sounds of a towel being used, heard other rustling fabric, and turned around.

It was the perfect time to look. While I had sadly missed out on getting a glimpse of her unclothed body, as she had covered herself by the towel and was thereby no longer naked, she was breathtaking in how gorgeous she looked with clothes on. Who says guys can't be mature? She was staring out at the ocean with an intensely deep and thoughtful expression.

Naturally I took the opportunity to do some staring of my own. Namely at her. If I was alive, I'd get bitchslapped faster than I could blink for the length of time that I stared at her. But now…Well, let's just say I could stare as long as I pleased.

No oogling, no leering, just…intent watching. She was gorgeous, with that tapered nose, high cheekbones, and her eyes…

I could lose myself in her eyes. The color was a blue shade that Ash often joked looked like the water in the Cerulean Gym's pool, but then again, Ash was never very elegant with his words.

Could I do better? Of course. I'd once seen pictures that my Gramps had of his time in Greece. The shimmering waters surrounding Santorini were a blue green mix that was dazzling and stunning, reflecting a mystifying azure shade that seemed unnatural. The color of Misty's eyes were just like that.

"What are you thinking about?" I murmured and cocked my head to the side. "Doubt you're thinking about me, but a guy can hope, hnn?"

She had pulled her hair back into a sloppy ponytail. Left loose, it would nearly reach her waist, but it was restrained in a wet, dark red mass. Her skin shimmered like a pearl under the moonlight. A bead of water slid from the dark strands of her hair, ran over the bare skin of her shoulder, and disappeared into the towel. She tugged her towel over her shoulders and shivered a little. She'd also pulled on a tank top and shorts, but remained barefoot.

Taking advantage of one of the many wooden chaise lounges, I focused on not slipping through the wooden slats, sat back on one of the chairs, and got comfortable. I wasn't sure how long Cade would be and figured I'd make the best of it. Sometimes his hunting trips took hours.

"Wish I'd been just a bit faster in trying to get to you," I mused quietly. "But I doubt you'd have ever said yes."

Why was I still talking in such a low voice? It wasn't as if she'd hear me.

Sudden frustration gripped me and I stood and walked over to her. To face her, to look her in the eyes as if we really were carrying on a conversation, I had to be standing partially in the decorative weeds and partially in the railings of the fence that wrapped around the pool area, but that was a moot point to my internal anger.

Staring her in the eyes, I talked to her in the most seductive voice I could manage. Don't laugh. I've gotten a lot of chicks with that tone of voice. "Five minutes, Misty. Give me five minutes and I'll give you a taste of what I can do to make you the most sexually satisfied woman in the entire region. I'll leave you begging me for more."

If I was alive, I'd have had one of her palms slapped across my face or maybe just flat out punched. I'd also have been impaled several times over by this fence, but huzzah for already being dead.

Her eyes remained fixed on points beyond me. Her hands were steady on the towel. Not a muscle in her face twitched with what should've been Seriously Explosive Misty Anger. Trust me, she lives up to that notorious short temper thing red-heads have. Ash isn't the only one who's been hit by one of her famous mallets.

Yes, there have been a couple of times that I've met Misty and her Mallet of Rage. No, those tales weren't publicized at all. You wouldn't have heard of them, and I'm sure not going to repeat the story of how I met her mallets.

My anger vanished and I sighed. Laughed bitterly and sighed again. "I guess I shouldn't have expected anything."

In a moment of pure pissiness, I walked through her instead of around her.

Looking over my shoulder, I grinned wickedly. She shivered and suddenly looked startled.

Misty looked around her as if searching for whatever caused the crawling feeling on her arms. "Oh….not a spider, not a bug, pleeeease, not a bug!" There was real fear in her voice. "I knew I shouldn't have come out so late at night."

"I am not a bug!" I snorted disdainfully.

She blinked, several times, and was staring in my direction. "I'm going nuts." She wiped at her arms and sighed. "Mistaking some stupid spider for…" but she didn't finish her sentence and sighed again. She turned away and, padding around the pool, then broke into a slight jog back towards the house. I watched as she opened a door on a back patio and went inside the large home. The door shut behind her and I was alone. Again.

Now I felt like an idiot. As much as I was infatuated with her, I'd forgotten about her fear of insects and all things buggish. Then again, I didn't think she'd sense me at all.

While Ash had traveled with her for years, my time interacting with Misty was quite limited. I'd seen her through tv interviews and magazine articles, but I didn't have the time when I was alive to actually ask Misty out. Because my Gramps worked pretty exclusively with the Kanto Gyms, I did get to meet the Gym leaders. I got to meet Misty's sisters first, and met her a few times afterwards. Uh, the mallet story would have Chapter One placed here.

Misty's first impression of me wasn't one she'd ever forget. Sigh. I suppose my reputation preceded me by a lot. I never got a chance to even get close to asking Misty out on a date, even after she'd parted ways with Ash.

And while I did die, and most spectacularly at that, I didn't die a virgin. Hell no. Not by a long shot.

"So how many girls did you mate with?"

Despite being a ghost, I almost jumped from Cade's sudden question.

"What?" The umbreon asked the quesion with an innocent look in his crimson eyes. "Did I scare you?"

A side-effect of Cade being linked to me as much as he is was that he could teleport as well. For him it was different. He called it shadow walking and said it was something just about any dark pokemon worth its weight could do. The difference for him was that he had some kind of a fix on me and could find me wherever I was. Sometimes, like now, it wasn't as convenient for me as it was for him.

"Shut up," I glared at the dark pokemon. "You know damned well that you did."

"So how many females did you…"

"How did you even know what I was thinking about?"

"I ate a psychic type for dinner," Cade deadpanned. "Just a little side effect."

"You're so full of shit."

"No, I'm full of psychic." He stared at me with his ruby eyes. "Okay, I'm lying. You're just that easy to read, boss." A pause. "Not that you're easy…"

Nice side effect of being dead is that no matter how embarrassed I was my face couldn't turn beet red. The whole 'no blood' thing and all. You know, since I left most of that on the ground back when I died.

"Fifteen," I answered truthfully. "Names withheld for confidentiality." A loophole here was that he asked about sex. Not about how many I'd dated. There's a difference. A really big difference.

"Confidentiality?" He blinked, then said in a sarcastic tone of voice, "You, keeping something confidential? Really?"

"I'm not gonna play the jerk and turn the tables on you," I smirked. "I could, but maybe I don't feel like hearing the answer."

A matching evil look was on his muzzle but he didn't say a number. "Celebi."

"Isn't that…not legal? Even for you? Legendary pokemon are pretty, well, legendary."

"You're an idiot." The evil look faded into disgust. "I didn't mate with Celebi! I meant that she wants to see you!"

The contented feeling I'd had at seeing Misty faded into sudden apprehension. "Now?"

"Now." His claws ticked against the stone of the patio. "And hurry up. You don't want a Legendary seeking you out."

"Where are we meeting her?"

"Back at the…" Cade paused. "She wants to see you at your grave."

"Oh joy," I said in a chirpy tone. "A morbid Legendary."


Gramps took good care of my grave. Either he did it of his own accord, or May nagged him to do it. I knew he maintained it because I saw him doing so, many times, and sometimes May accompanied him. As it was, May's touch was evident in the number of plants that flanked my black marble headstone. She was always really good at getting flowers to grow.

"Those are nice," Cade said as he looked at some new flowers. "I really like the purple ones."

"Whatever you say," I snickered. "Maybe you can help May with planting some more."

"Don't make me bite you," My umbreon said with a slightly curled upper lip. "Dead humans don't taste good."

"Yeah, well, I'm a ghost, so your argument is fail."

"Done yet, boys?" The voice that came out of thin air was light and airy, and sounded like I thought a wind chime would if one could talk. The pokemon appeared out of nowhere and sat on the top of my headstone and tilted her head to look up at me. "Hello, Gary Oak."

"Celebi," I bit out as pleasantly as I could (which wasn't very).

Her large green eyes turned to my pokemon. "Hello, Cade the umbreon."

He actually bowed a little. "Lady Celebi."

"No time for formalities, I'm afraid," the lithe sprite-like pokemon stared at me and sighed. "You weren't supposed to die, Gary Oak. It was a foolish miscalculation on your part and an error on the part of your guardian."

A stupid feeling of relief flew through me. It was a mistake! I wasn't supposed to be dead!

"I knew it!" I said triumphantly. "Can you unkill me or something?"

Ever by my side, Cade groaned softly at my outburst.

"No," Celebi said softly. "That does not mean that I will turn back time to – as you so eloquently put it – unkill you."

"Why not?!"

"You'd have to take that up with Arceus." Celebi shrugged. "I'm not in charge of unkilling."

Depression, all over again. My world was crumbling all around me.

"No, it's not," Celebi said in a chastising tone. "Stop being such a baby."

"Stop reading my mind!" I growled out. "What is with you pokemon and reading my mind?"

"What do you mean 'you pokemon'?" Cade snapped out.

"And anyway, I'm practically a baby!" I defended myself. "I'm just a child!"

"You're a teenager who's already mated with a large number of females," Cade said in a not helpful manner. "You're far from being a child."

"You," I glared at my pokemon. "Shut up!"

"He's correct in his observations," Celebi stood on my headstone. "And you are lucky that none of those matings resulted in offspring."

My pride took a nosedive. "I can't think of any girl who wouldn't want a baby by me and…"

"Boss, don't think too much of yourself or anything," Cade broke in. "This is just Celebi, one of the Legendary pokemon. I'm sure she's glad to hear you carrying on about yourself like this. You know, instead of the important things she has to tell you. Please, keep on going."

There was a heavy silence around us. Not even a cricket dared to chirp.

"So, you're done?" Cade blinked up at me innocently.

"Yes, I'm done!"

Cade grinned. "Cool. So, Celebi…"

The little sprite laughed. "I'm so very glad that your spirit is still so full of life, Gary Oak." Her mirthful gaze turned serious in a split second. "You will need it."

I shrugged. "Yeah…" A pause. "Wait, a guardian?!"


Not a guardian, but a Guardian. Big G. Not every human had a big G, but all had a guardian…little g. Guardians were supposed to guard people, kind of like guardian angels. Unlike guardian angels, these were living individuals, mainly pokemon, but occasionally humans. The other guardians, little g's, were people or pokemon that weren't always alive, as it was easier for a spiritual guardian to help their charge.

Confusing? Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me either.

"Who is my guardian?" I asked the diminutive green and white pokemon. Hey, I called her diminutive, not small.

"I cannot divulge that information."

"Can't or won't?"

Cade made a little choking noise at my demand, but I shrugged it off. I had questions and she had answers.


I blew out a frustrated, yet nonexistent, breath. "Why not?!"

"Because you will attempt to take some sort of revenge on him for slipping in his duties," Celebi paused. "Or you will try to talk him into talking me into changing the past."

"Him? What was he doing while I was getting gored?"

"He was trying to not die in a dire situation of his own."

My eyes flicked to where Cade was settled by my feet.

"No, Cade is not your Guardian."

"So this he," I ground out between angrily clenched teeth. "Is he a human or pokemon?"

Celebi hesitated, but answered me. "Human."

Annoyance was taking over my common sense. "Then who, damnit?!"

Celebi was unperturbed by my behavior. "Patience, Gary Oak. He is almost here." And she went back to meditating, complete with her eyes closed and legs crossed in a modified lotus position.

"He's coming here?" I glared at the Legendary pokemon. "Some stupid, lazy, son of a bitch let me die while he was off doing whatever, and now he gets to see the results of his handiwork. Nice. Real nice."

Celebi sighed a little in annoyance, then sat up a little straighter, if possible. Her eyes opened and a smile spread across her small face. "He is here."

"And other than me kicking his ass," I flicked ineffectively at a purple flower, "is there a reason why I should care?"

A tall, lean man appeared behind my tombstone. Literally appearing out of thin air, but I knew he wasn't a ghost. Hey, I'm dead. It was kind of just one of those things that I knew.

For a moment, the moonlight hid his face from me. I could see his black hair was cropped short, almost military like. He was wiry lean, though far from lacking in muscles, and looked like he could effectively kick some ass all on his own. He wore a white short sleeved t-shirt, blue jeans and, when he stepped around the headstone, I could see that he had on a pair of black hiking boots.

"Hey, Celebi," the man said in a pleasant voice, and grinned when the Legendary pokemon flew up to greet him with a hug. "Hope I didn't miss too much."

My hands curled into fists when he looked at me and I could see his face. Unlike Cade, when I curled my upper lip in a snarl, I wanted to draw blood. "You fucking asshole!"

The man smiled at me, a little sadly, though his easy going mannerisms were a cold contrast to my growing fury. "Hey, Gary."

Although it was a move as ineffective as me flicking a flower, I leaped at Ash Ketchum with murderous intent.


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