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Move In Day

Bobby woke up to his alarm sounding loud in his ear. He shut it off as quickly as he could. It took him a moment to remember Lydia was right outside his room in the living room. He couldn't believe the last 12 hours. He rolled out of bed at 6:05 and walked quietly into the hallway to make sure she was still sleeping. She lay on her side facing the back of the couch with her head relaxed into his pillow. She looked so peaceful. He knew it was going to be a long day of moving for her. He wanted to make sure she was well rested. He stared at her another moment before he turned and headed for the shower. He needed to cool himself down.

Her phone ringing woke her from her dream. She knew she wouldn't remember it later, but at the time she had been enjoying it. She groggily answered the phone. "Hello."

It was the moving truck. They were parked right out front. She looked at her phone – 6:15am. She told them she would be right down and grabbed her keys. It took her a moment to remember she wasn't in her apartment. She moved slowly not wanting to wake Bobby. A sound from the bathroom made her turn her head. It sounded like he was already up and getting ready for work. Should she leave a note? Say something through the door. A note would probably be better. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a quick thank you then stuck it on the pillow. She opened the door slowly and closed it quietly behind her. She would see him later. The thought brought a smile to her face. Going downstairs she opened the door and met the movers. As she turned to go back upstairs to unlock her apartment door she bumped into something solid. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." She looked up to find a familiar eyes and a smile. She felt his hands on her elbows holding her steady.

"We just keep bumping into each other luv." She looked like she had been awakened suddenly and hadn't had a chance to look in the mirror. Her hair was wild all over the place and she was wearing glasses. Was she wearing those last night? "Nice glasses."

Oh boy, nice morning to not look in the mirror. She must look like a mess. A look of horror flashed across her face. "Thanks. I didn't have a chance to throw my contacts in. You're up early. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye this morning. You were in the shower when I got the call." She hadn't wanted him to think she was running out on him.

"That's ok, I figured as much. I heard the door click when you left. I was just getting out of the shower. You sure you're all set for today? I should be home about the same time as last night." He was hoping it would be a slow day. "If you need anything, you have my number." He reluctantly released her arms from his hands.

Could this guy get any sweeter? "Oh I should be all set, but yes I do have your numbers. Thank you. Have a good day at work!" She waved as she ran towards the elevator. She needed to be more careful not to run into anyone else.

It took Lydia and the 3 movers 4 hours to bring all her worldly possessions up to her apartment. After the movers left, she went about organizing boxes. She had the movers put the furniture in the appropriate rooms, but had them stack all the boxes and totes near the door. She found the box labeled cleaning supplies and pulled out her Swiffer mop and cleaned the floors in the bedroom, hallway, bathroom and then finally the living room and kitchen. Next she decided to unpack the box of bathroom items. She hung her shower curtain on the curtain rod and put her shampoo and soap on the shelves in the shower. The bathroom had a small nook with shelves which she filled with towels. She filled the medicine cabinet with her toothbrush holder, toothpaste, contact solution and case and q-tips. Lastly she put the remaining toiletries, hair dryer and straightener under the sink.

It must be getting close to lunch time. She thought she would take a break and grabbed her phone to check the time. She debated whether she should send a message to Bobby or not. Was she too needy if she did? Maybe she would just ask a silly question. She pulled out his business card and added him to her contacts. She typed a message to him and after taking a deep breath hit send.

Bobby walked into the office that morning with the biggest smile on his face. His team mate Jack noticed right away. "Someone woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. What's got you so happy this morning?" He knew something was definitely different about his friend.

"I met a beautiful woman last night mate", was all he said.

Jack had heard this before. He thought Darcy had been the one for Bobby, but then she flew out to LA to become a big time writer. He looked at his friend with some skepticism. "Is that so, where did you meet her?"

"She was on the train last night. We just started talking and really hit it off. Then turns out she is my new neighbor across the hall. She moved here to start a new job. Ended up ordering a pizza and helped her get her apartment ready for the movers to come today. "He left out the part where she slept on his couch last night. He didn't need to give out all the details. "She was so down to earth and funny. I felt like we'd known each other forever." He stared off in a daze.

"Well hopefully we'll get to meet her soon. It sounds like she made quite the impression on you." Jack was hoping he wasn't falling for her too fast. "Well we have some developments with our case since last night." Jack gathered his team around the board and started going over some new surveillance observations for a case they had been involved in. As the morning passed the members of the team poured over files and videos. Bobby laid the papers he was reading down and rubbed his eyes. He was trying to keep his mind off Lydia and concentrate on his job at hand. Easier said than done. Jack's words broke him of his thoughts. "Find anything? This needle in a haystack seems to be evading us." Bobby shook his head no. Just then his phone beeped letting him know he had a message.


He couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face. He wasn't expecting her to write him. Looks like she was thinking about him too. Jack noticed the smile and asked if he was missing something. Bobby held his phone up so he could see the message. Jack shook his head. "So she likes to run huh? When did you become her tour guide?"

"She said she didn't know the city, all she had was a map. I told her she would be better off getting a tour guide to show her around. Said I'd be happy to show her around." He started responding to her text.


Lydia smiled at his message. Was he asking her to lunch?


Bobby had an idea. He needed to see her. He dialed her phone number. It would probably be easier to talk than text. She answered on the second ring. "Hello." He could tell she was happy he called. "Hello luv, would you like to grab something for lunch?"

"Umm sure, if you're not too busy. I'll need to take a quick shower and get ready. I could meet you if you can give me directions. It will probably take me about 45 minutes. Is that ok?"

He would wait forever for her. "That's fine, I'm reviewing some paperwork for a case I'm working on anyway. If you head back to the train and take the red line to Metro Center, when you come up the stairs you'll take a left onto G St NW and then a right onto 10th St NW and walk 3 blocks. Or I can pick you up?"

"No that's ok, I can take the train. I'll see you in about an hour?" She hoped she could figure out the train by herself.

"Sounds good. Send me a message when you're here and I'll meet you in the lobby. If you have a problem finding it, let me know." He placed his phone back on his desk and looked up at Jack. He could sense him watching him from the corner of his eye. "What?"

"You've got it bad. So you're bringing her here huh? We gonna get a chance to meet her?"

"Nope. I'm meeting her in the lobby. I'm not ready to scare her off yet by meeting you lot!" He smirked as he went back to his reading.

Lydia took a quick shower and went to pick out some clothes. What a mess! She hadn't had a chance to put any clothes away yet. She pulled out a knee length brown corduroy skirt that didn't look too wrinkly, grabbed a white t-shirt and her denim jacket. She threw on a pair of flats, grabbed her makeup bag and headed for the bathroom. She applied some moisturizer to her face, brushed on some mineral powder and blush, swept on some mascara and applied some lip gloss. Now for her hair. She squeezed a little styling cream into her palms and lightly ran her fingers through her hair trying to keep the natural wave. Grabbing her flat iron, she straightened her angled bangs for a swept to the side look. Scrunching her hair with her hands to add to the waves, she topped it off with a little hairspray to keep everything in place. One last look in the mirror and she grabbed her keys, phone and purse and headed out the door.

Arriving at the train station after the quick walk from the apartment she headed into the terminal to by a token. She boarded the train Bobby advised her to and after verifying the stop on the map, took a seat on the almost empty train. After just a few stops she saw the signs for Metro Station. She exited the train and walked up the stairs. The city that awaited her when she came up to the sidewalk was amazing. The tall buildings, the traffic, the people. She was a little overwhelmed but knew she couldn't let it all get the better of her. This was a new adventure and before long, with Bobby's help, she would know this city as well as she knew the small town she was from. She turned left, walked the few blocksf and sure enough, there was the Federal building standing tall. She took her phone out of her purse and sent a quick message before crossing the street to enter the building.


Bobby was losing interest in this file. Nothing was jumping out at him. He heard his phone beep. She must be here. He quickly checked her message and after offering a quick "See ya in a little bit" to his colleagues, he head down the hall to the elevator that would bring him to the lobby where Lydia was waiting for him. When the door of the elevator opened he saw her first. She was beautiful. He hadn't seen her dressed up, so the skirt showing off her legs made his heart skip a beat. She had styled her hair differently too. Taking a deep breath to steady himself he walked over to meet her. "Good day luv. You look beautiful."

Lydia blushed and offered a "Thank you. You must be hungry. You probably don't eat this late?" She had noticed yesterday how nice he looked in his suit.

"Nah, usually whenever I can find a break. Ready to go?" He said as he checked his pockets to make sure he had everything. "Oh man."

"Everything ok?"

"I forgot my phone. I really need to grab it in case there is a development with a case we're working on. Do you mind running upstairs quick?" When she shook her head no, he brought her over to the security desk to get a visitor badge and they headed for the elevator. "Did you get everything moved?"

"Yeah it only took 4 hours. Did I mention I have a lot of stuff? The guys got all the furniture in the right rooms, but I had them leave all the boxes and totes for me to sort. I still have a lot to do. Good thing I have the weekend." She smiled

"I can help you this weekend too. If you need anything moved. Not sure how much help I'd be unpacking anything though." He said with a wink as they exited the elevator and rounded the corner to his office he placed his hand on the small of her back again. They could hear people talking. "Hey Bobby, forget something?" Jack smiled when he saw Lydia standing next to Bobby.

"Yeah my phone. We're heading to grab a bite. Lydia these are my teammates; Jack, Sue, Tara, D, Tara and Myles. Everyone this is Lydia. She's moved in across the hall from me." They all said their hellos and Lydia added, "Nice to meet you all." Bobby grabbed his phone, placed his hand at the base of Lydia's back and guided her towards the door. "See you all later." He threw over his shoulder. She smiled and waved as he escorted her out the door.

The team stood there with grins as they watched Bobby exit the bullpen with the woman who was obviously on his mind all morning. They gathered their things and headed out for lunch as well.

While in the elevator, Bobby found himself stealing side glances at Lydia and smiling nervously when she caught him. They exited the elevator and walked through the lobby and out onto the sidewalk. Again his hand rested in the small of her back. It felt so right. He couldn't get over how quickly he was developing feelings for her. He needed to focus his thoughts. "There is a nice sandwich shop around the corner."

Lydia had been lost in her thoughts when Bobby mentioned where they were headed for lunch. She kept noticing him look over at her while they were in the elevator. She blushed when she caught him. As they approached the restaurant, Bobby opened the door allowing Lydia to enter in front of him. He couldn't help but let his eyes wander down as he followed her inside. His lips curled into a smile as he waited for the hostess to seat them.

Seated across from each other in the booth, they ordered their lunch and started some small talk. "I was thinking about making lasagna for dinner tonight if you wanted to stop over." She said it was to thank him for all his help last night, but there may have been another reason. "That sounds good. I never turn down a home cooked meal!" He was about to ask her about the hotel she was going to be working at when she saw his expression change. His eyes were on the door. Picking up on his change in demeanor she turned slightly towards the door to see his team enter. It didn't take long for them to notice Bobby across the room. They all waved and headed in their direction. She smiled as she looked at him and caught him rolling his eyes slightly. She could tell he had wanted a quiet lunch. As the team approached the table, Jack asked, "Mind if we join you?" Bobby raised his head and gave Jack a look that spoke volumes. Lydia decided to break the tension and scooted over in the booth. "Sure, have a seat." She gave Bobby a smile as he did the same.

Bobby knew what was coming and he hoped the Sheila was up for it. He was hoping their tatics didn't scare her off. As they gave their order to the waitress, Myles was the first to start the interrogation. "So Lydia, where are you from?"

Lydia smiled, this must have been what Bobby was hoping to prevent. "I'm from Maine. How about you Myles, Boston?"

He smiled, "Ahh, yes. Born and raised. Are you familiar with Boston?"

"I went to school just outside of the city. My roommate was from Boston." She could almost predict the next line of questioning. Her eyes shifted to Bobby who was grinning. He gave her a wink, which did nothing to calm her nerves. This man had no idea how he could make her heart race. But she didn't have much time to think about that as Lucy and Sue were asking her about what she went to school for and conversation went from there as they covered everything they needed to know about the woman who had caught Bobby's eye. As the waitress brought the bill, cell phones started to beep. Lydia watched them all as in unison they picked up their phones and read the message that they were needed back at the office.

Bobby was disappointed he didn't have an opportunity to have a lunch with just Lydia, but there would be time for that he thought. She didn't seem deterred by all the questioning. "Well unfortunately, we've gotta go." As they were walking out the door, he asked, "Can I have a rain check for dinner? Unfortunately it will probably be a late night."

"Of course. I'm sure I'll be up for a while tonight unpacking, so feel free to stop by." Bobby smiled and said he would see her later.

Outside the restaurant, the team said their goodbyes to Lydia as she headed back towards the train. "It was nice to meet you all." They all said the same and headed back to the bullpen for their briefing. Bobby was anticipating his team mates to give him a hard time, but all they said was how nice she was and that they were looking forward to seeing her again. Lydia stopped by the store to grab a few essential groceries and headed back to her apartment to unpack some more.