Chapter 1

"Ok girl. You got this. Just go in there, work your own special brand of magic, pick one, and get the fuck out" she told herself before leaving her parked 1970 Chevelle SS.

Competitive Demon Fighting (CDF) was how rich people got their jollies this day in age. Pitting demons against each other to fight to the death while the crowd roared. It was horrible to watch them tear each other apart just to do it all over again in a few days time. Kagome thought it was barbaric. Her father had been a rich man, he owned the CDF until he died a few years ago. He even had a few demons in the kennels to fight for his amusement.

When her father, mother, and brother died in the accident, she got everything, the house, and the fortune, the CDF. Moreover, to mend this atrocity of her fathers' actions in investing in the CDF, she decided to save the demons. However, considering the CDF is a 'gentleman's' club, so no ladies allowed, except for the daughter of the previous benefactor. Bracing herself for the night's events, she entered to CDF stadium.

"Gentleman! Are you ready for an exhibition unlike anything you've ever seen before?" the announcer's voice echoed throughout the stadium. The crowd roared assent.

"Gods help me", Kagome thought taking her seat in her father's private box. She maintained an indifferent facial expression through the whole match.

"And now the main event. D7604352 versus D300" the announcer roared and the crowd cheered.

"D300?" she was shocked "D300 must be really good to last this long"

The two demons took their corners. A huge lizard demon and the other was a man who looked no older than thirty, who had long white hair tied back. The gong sounded and the two demons advanced towards the middle of the ring and then circled each other. The smaller of the two, his plan of attack formed, jumped high above his opponent then came racing back down to the ring and raked his claws down the bellow of the lizard. A shower of blood coated the attacked and the front row of the crowd. The white haired man swiped his claws sideways and took the lizard's head, lifted it above his head and roared.

The crowd roared even louder. Kagome felt sick that humans could make demons do this for their amusement. Thankfully, she got up from her place and headed towards the kennels. Before she walked in, however, she checked her outfit. A professional black pantsuit with a crimson blouse and black stilettos with crimsons soles. Reassured she looked like her fathers daughter, she entered the kennels, taking extra precautions to remain unaffected by what she may see.

Walking along the aisles, she made a mental note of now less than 100 demons in cramped, damp areas with not even a blanket to warm them at night.

"Excuse me Miss, you can't be back here. Gentleman only" said a man who was walking towards her.

"Pardon me" she looked for a nametag, "Barney but I wish to buy one of these demons" she retorted.

"Oh?" he shot back, "Well none are for sale and even if they were, you don't have the cash to cover their debts plus their costs."

"Have you no idea who I am?" she said, growing irritated.

"Some rich bitch of some rich fucker husband" he said. Smiling and crossing arms, he had her now. She would stomp her foot and run back to her rich husband and he would pat her on the head and buy her some new car or something.

Her face lost all trace of civility, she advanced on him grabbed his left arm, twisted, and forced him to his knees. "I am the daughter of this sorry ass excuse for a fucking enterprise!" she yelled in his ear.

Even the demons in the kennel fell silent to listen. "So now, since you've been less than gentlemanly, you will give me a demon of my choosing." She said back to her professional demeanor.

"Miss Kagome?" the man said in pain, "Sorry but I can't sell you one. It's the rules"

"I did say sell me. I said give me" she smiled twisting his arm eliciting a new yelp of pain. She pulled him to his feet then pushed him away from her. "Take me to the white haired one who won tonight's match"

Barney lead her down the aisles, rubbing his arm and sneaking glares back until the pair reached the enclosure labeled "D300". She peered inside the cage and saw him hunched in the far corner in the dark.

"Thank you Barney. Now, he's the one I want." she smiled sweetly at him.

"Hell fucking no!" Barney replied indignant. "D300 is the best demon fighter we have."

"Oh sir. There you go being un-gentlemen like again," she said dripping excessive sweetness. Slamming Barney into the bars of D300's cage, "Open his cage" she ordered.

"Go fuck yourself lady" Barney yelled. He struggled against the bars but in vain. "Keys please" Kagome said, holding out her free hand. When Barney made no move for them, she reached into his pockets and got them herself "Now, no get too excited Barney" she smirked. "I have been nothing but professional since walking through those doors until your ill-breeding made be do this to you. Now I am taking him away from here. What is his name?"

Barney spit in her face, then smiled in satisfaction. Kagome grabbed his neck and brought his face to her knee, breaking his nose then pinned him to the floor, securing his arm behind his back holding him down with her knee.

"Well that was smart, no?" she said, "As I was saying before, he's coming with me"

"That piece of shit half-breed will kill you as soon as you open that door. It's been here since the beginning, it's wild now," Barney snarled.

Meanwhile, the 'he' they were speaking of was watching intently. "No." he thought, "I do no want to kill this woman. She is showing me kindness and is trying to…get me out." He walked slowly to the bars and said in a hoarse voice, "Inuyasha".

Kagome heard his voice, she moved her gaze from Barney's back and followed up from a pair of bare feet, blood soaked sweat pants, bare and scarred chest, to see a pair of red eyes looking down at her. With his head cocked to the left, he was bemused what was occurring outside his dank little corner of the prison.

"Oh holy fucking shit! It talked! Been here thirty years and he never made a noise" Barney said from the floor.

Kagome smiled at him, got up, and moved to unlock Inuyasha's enclosure. Before she knew it, she was the one pinned against bars, Inuyasha's eyes gazing at her. She shuttered slightly but held her gaze directly into his. He bent down to the juncture of he neck and inhaled deeply, growling deeply in his chest.

"Calm down Inuyasha", Kagome said softly. "I'm getting you out of here"

She led him out of the kennels, through the stadium, and finally reached her car. Kagome looked at him and noticed he was apprehensive to get in the door she opened for him.

"It's ok. Whenever you are ready, we can leave" Kagome said. "Let me just start the engine so you can get used to the noise." She turned over the engine and her Chevelle roared to life. He jumped back a few feet, took a defensive pose, fangs bared at Kagome's beloved car. "Hey…hey" she said calmly making eye contact with him. "It's ok, it's just a car…my car. It's not going to hurt you"

She walked up to him and reached out to comfort him. His instincts took over and he snarled at her. She continued forward but more slowly, and then she slashed at her with his claws catching her arm. He stopped growling as she brought her arm to her chest, cradling it. She was about to say it was ok but when she looked at him, she noticed two triangular ears poking from the top of his head.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have tried to force you," she said. "Come on, I need to patch this up and Barney may have called someone by now."

He did not quite sit in the car, more like squatted in the passenger seat and glared out the windshield, secretly daring the car to make another noise. They drove in silence to Kagome's house. Pulling into the entryway, the keyless access to the gate signaled and opened before she fully approached it.

Inuyasha's ears perked up again when he saw the sprawling grounds, lots of trees and open areas. Kagome smiled, rolling down the windows so he could smell the pine trees and she swore he sighed contently. "Welcome to my home, Inuyasha" she said still smiling.

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