Chapter 9

Kagome moved to her sparing area and felt her father's presence following close behind. She wondered if Inuyasha was close by as well but her focus was on the scumbag who delighted in making her life a living hell. However, she noticed a shadow getting larger to her right and was impressed that Inuyasha fell instantly instep with her once hitting the ground. Once they reached the usual spot where Inuyasha and herself spared, she touched Inuyasha gently on the arm, reassuring him that he need not help. He excused himself to the patio and sat down at the table.

Kagome faced her father once she got into her usual position. "You've grown so much babygirl."

Kagome shuddered, "It never ceases to be disturbing when you call me that. Let's make this quick."

Naraku kicked off the ground and raced towards her, Kagome braced herself for his attack and it came as a roundhouse kick landing on her left side. She winced but did not cry out, though out of the corner of her eye she noticed Inuyasha had stood up, ready to defend her. She stooped down as if in pain, and heel kicked out Naraku's legs from under him. He landed hard on his back and axed kicked him in the chest. He groaned and she jumped back in case he decided to grab at her legs. After a few minutes, he sat up and soon was in a standing position.

"You have improved. I assume my half-breed trained you?" he said after coughing up some blood. "I must admit I got quite the bargain for that one."

"No. Someone else did. Are we talking or fighting?" She shot back.

"Oh yes, a very good price." Naraku said smiling.

"Can you at least try to focus?" She said irritated.

"I am focused, I am merely here to check on my daughter and reclaim the piece of property she stole from my facility. Tsk tsk naughty child." He replied.

"Fuck off. You aren't taking him anywhere!" she yelled, her voice full of rage.

Inuyasha felt a surge of pride that Kagome was protecting him, from all people her father. He wanted nothing more then to jump in and kill her father. The one who had caused them both so much pain and suffering, but this battle was between Kagome and Naraku. He needed to resolve himself to deal with the after math of this battle, of tending to her wounds.

"Get up." She said getting into her defensive pose. "Or are you done? If so you can let yourself out."

Naraku used this pause to his advantage, raced towards her, and landed a hard blow to her rib cage, knocking her onto her back. Kagome curled up into the fetal position to protect her vital organs as he kicked her savagely. "Just like old times huh, Kagome?"

A rage filled her then, almost primal. Naraku had struck a nerve, a nerve she had taken great pains to overcome. Kagome let out a savage yell and grabbed his foot before he could connect his foot with her body and twisted his ankle, feeling the bones break. "Fuck you!" she screamed.

Her father cried out in agony and crumpled on the ground. Kagome pulled herself up to stand; she knew the fight was over. "Get the hell off my property." She told him then began to stride back toward the house, where Inuyasha was waiting and turned to face her father, maintaining an air of confidence. The two stood on the patio, watching Naraku getting to his feet and making his way around the house to his waiting car. Before he was out of earshot Kagome called, "If I ever see your fucking face around, I will destroy you."

Inuyasha heard the car leave the property and he turned to Kagome, who looked bloodied. She met his eyes and crumpled on the ground, sobs racking her body. He pulled her into his arms and let her weep, stroking her hair. She had put on her bravest face but she was petrified to meet her worst nightmare so unexpectedly. She remained this way for nearly twenty minutes, burying herself into Inuyasha's chest. All Inuyasha could do was rock her gently, whisper soothing words to her and tell her that she had done well. He carried her inside bridal style when she had calmed down enough, and ascended the stairs and made his way to her bathroom. Gently, he set her down on the rim of the tub then began to assess her wounds.

"So much for our amazing morning." she tried to smile.

"Hush." He said softly bringing his forehead to hers. "Now, let's see." Then he helped her remove her shirt and growled low in his chest by what he saw. Her sides, chest, and stomach were beginning to blacken with bruises. She winced every time he poked or prodded any of them, almost crying when he touched one of her ribs. "I need to get you to a doctor, Kagome." He said watching her reactions.

"No, you can't leave the house. He may still be hovering around." She began to panic. "I need my cellphone, can you please get it from my office?"

He left her, ran to her office, grabbing what he assumed was her cellphone, and rejoined her in the bathroom. She laughed, told him it was a stapler, and with his assistance travelled to her office. He set her down on the chair, worrying that she needed to get to a hospital now and why was she stalling?

Kagome called a number she knew as well as her own and almost smiled when she heard the voice on the other end. "Kagome? Holy shit! It's been years, to what do I owe the pleasure of speaking with the extremely sexy Kagome today?"

"Miroku" she began, her voice grave.

"What happened?" he said, all levity leaving his voice.

"'Roku." She said fighting back tears. "Please come."

"I'm on my way." Miroku said and ended the call.

"Who was that?" Inuyasha asked.

"Miroku is," she started, trying to calm herself. "Complicated. He was the one who patched me up after my father would beat me. He was beginning medical school when we met so I was the perfect guinea pig for his Emergency Room situations. Miroku, needless to say, wasn't the least bit afraid of blood, broken bones or rape situations when he started his internship at the hospital."

"So how is that complicated?" Inuyasha asked. "Seems ok to me."

"Well, Miroku is a bit of a deviant and he has a weakness for pretty women. Which is why I have yet to introduce him to Sango, she would have no tolerance for him." Kagome smiled then. "You'll see when he gets here."

About an hour later, Miroku arrived. Inuyasha had cleaned her up as best he could and carried her down to the living room, setting her down on the couch, and making sure she was comfortable. She was beginning to come down from the adrenaline rush of the battle and the pain of her injuries was surfacing. The door opened and a males voice was heard, "'Gome?" he called.

"Living room!" she called back.

Inuyasha watched in tense apprehension as he heard the strangers' footsteps approach. A young male turned the corner, he was tall, and had short black hair that he had pulled back into a small ponytail at the back of his head. He wore jeans and a plain black shirt but had a doctors' jacket overtop, he also carried a traveling physicians' bag.

"Holy fuck." He gasped when Miroku set eyes on Kagome. He rushed to his friends' side and assessed the damage. Covered in cuts, bruises, and he felt her ribs and noticed that one of her ribs were broken. "Just like old times, huh love?" he tried to joke.

"Shut up." She smiled. "Miroku, he's fucking back. Why is he back?"

"Hush honey. Let's take it one step at a time. Is that him?" he jerked his head towards Inuyasha. Until then, he had not acknowledged his presence, fully focused on calming his patient and figuring out the course of treatment. But she had to relax and speaking about this new man in her life was the way to do it.

"Yes. That's Inu-" she cried out when he prodded a rib. "Inuyasha." She finished after the pain subsided.

Inuyasha bristled every time this Miroku touched her in a painful spot and had to restrain himself from throwing this stranger against the wall. Yet, he reserved himself and let him touch her and administer aide.

"Alright 'Gome. Looks like you have three cracked ribs, two bruised, and as you can plainly feel, you're bruised to high hell. In my professional opinion, he fucked you up. I hope you did some damage to him."

"I broke his ankle" she tried to smile.

"She did great." Inuyasha said. "She did more damage to him than he did to her."

Miroku turned and caught the eyes of Inuyasha and nodded at him. Turning back to his patient and friend, "Well hon, you need to rest, thankfully your ribs can heal in time. You just need to relax and take it easy. No business meetings, at least video ones, I doubt your clients want to see you all bruised like this. Inuyasha, I'm going to give you her pain pills and you need to make sure that she takes them."

Kagome thanked him but something was nagging her. "Why now? Why did he choose to come back now?" she said to no one in particular.

"So what happened?" Miroku asked.

Inuyasha relayed the events of her fathers' visit to the house. After he finished, Miroku was silent for several minutes.

"Well shit," Miroku said, "that fucker sold his soul to demons so he wouldn't die. Pretty fucked up."

"It takes a very evil person to accept a 'gift' like that. How was he supposed to die?" Inuyasha asked. The topic had never really come up except for when Kagome had initially informed him who she was and who her father was.

"I was told it was a car accident but Naraku had a lot of enemies, someone cut the break lines on their car. The way that Kagome's parents drove to and from the CDF was winding back roads with many cliffs." Miroku explained. "So on their way back they supposedly broke through the barrier and plunged into the valley."

"Your mother was involved in the CDF?" Inuyasha turned his attention to Kagome.

"No. He made her go to keep up appearances with the CDF. She would tell me to grow up and take apart the CDF. So I became an accountant, after which I found out that he was skimming off the top. I took him to court, lost as the judge was a patron of the CDF and when I came home, he beat my mother and I to within an inch of our lives. There was so much blood, Miroku came and took care of us. That was the first time he actually beat my mom. She made me recuperate at Sango's while she came back here, and while I was gone, they had the accident."

"Do you think your mom cut the break lines?" Miroku asked.

"It had crossed my mind but she would never leave me alone like that. Plus I don't think my mom knew the first thing about cars to even find break lines." Kagome said.

"Kagome was implicated in the death of her parents too. She was accused of murder. But she had a solid alibi since she was with Sango." Miroku said. "She's been through hell, lost her beloved mom, her abuse by Naraku was brought to light, and then accused of the death of both her parents. It's amazing she's still with it and trying to make a difference. Kagome's a tough lady."

"I noticed." Inuyasha said softly smiling at Kagome.

"So, Inuyasha." Miroku started smiling lecturously.

"Don't you dare Miroku." Kagome said sternly.

"What? I haven't done anything." He protested.

"Just focus on her injuries" Inuyasha said.

"Ok. I'm going to go to head to the pharmacy and get your pain medications and I'll be back soon." Miroku informed, fully back to business.

"Thank you Miroku." Kagome said smiling.

With that Miroku left, leaving Kagome and Inuyasha alone. He crouched down to where she was on the couch and brought his forehead to hers, a low rumble in his chest. Kagome began rubbing one of his ears with her hand.

"It's going to be fine." She said softly. "I've been banged up worse than this."

"I'll kill him before he lays another hand on you." He replied.

She kissed him then, a soft gentle kiss but full of the appreciation for him. "Thank you."

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