Harry and Draco wove their way through the ancient spires of CorfeCastle sending jinxes bank and forth with the vicious zealots. Harry looked to Draco before Draco disappeared with a bang. Harry dove from behind the column screaming out, "Stupefy!"

Draco reappeared and began launching a ferocious volley of spells in a few flourishes of his wand.

Suddenly, Draco was blasted back and the piercing black eyes of a blonde haired wizard shown in the shadows. He looked into the assailants eyes and saw a look of arrogance. How can a wizard stare down Harry Potter and me, two aurors, as if we were first years, Draco thought curiously. He launched himself upright and sent a stunner at a wizard in black running towards an already hard pressed Harry. Draco looked at the man with curiosity and it dawned on him. It's just a boy, full of youth and perceived invincibility.

Draco saw the boy grin and disappear with a bang. Draco turned back and ran towards the mad wizards and launched a few spells that shot rope from his wand. All but two of the wizards were captured. These two did like the boy and disapparated before they could be taken. Draco saw that Harry was limping slightly and rushed over to his ally.

"Oi, Potter! You okay?" Draco asked his one time rival with a sincere grimace.

"Yeah, Draco, I'm fine. Slipped on a stone back there. Who the bloody hell are these people?"

"I don't know, there was a boy that, well, quite frankly, reminded me of me. He was reckless and careless," Draco said with a reflecting tone, "I saw him with some old knife just before he fled."

"Well, we might as well get these five to the Ministry," Harry said acknowledging the attempts of his friend.

"Yeah, maybe the Ministry will know who these people are," Draco agreed.

Draco tied the wizards together and grabbed their wands. The aurors left with their prisoners. After the gut wrenching sensation of travel, they appeared at the ministry. They saw a couple of other aurors with groups similar to theirs. They heard one of the wizards identified as Zachary Hathorne, an American. By the end of the inquiries, all of the wizards save a few were American, Mexican, or Canadian and they all claimed the surname Hathorne.

"I'll talk to Hermione and see if she's ever heard of any Hathorne's after I get the kids sent off to school tomorrow. You wanna meet at the cauldron about seven?" Harry asked Malfoy, "Bring Astoria?"

"Sure, thing Potter," Draco replied with a small grin.

The next day, the two aurors exchanged a curt nod as their sons were boarding the train. Malfoy mouthed silently, "Eight?" Harry gave him a nod as he hugged Albus.

Albus sat curiously taking in the Hogwarts Express with his cousin, Rose. The door to their compartment slid open and a young blonde headed boy stepped in, "Do you mind if I sit with you two? My father said that you would make good friends for me. He works as an auror."

Albus replied to the boy, "Hello, I'm Albus Potter. You can join us." He smiled lightly at the boy and shook his hand.

"I'm Rose Weasley, pleasure to meet you," Rose attempted to act in a grown up manner, but she ended up blushing slightly. The boy's cheeks turned a slight shade of pink as he took his seat.

"Well, I'm Scorpius Malfoy, your dad and my dad work together I think, Albus," Scorpius smiled at the thought of having new friends.

"Your dad's Draco, right?" Albus asked rather quickly.

"Yes, I think our parents are going to have a get together tonight." The young boy said with a cheerful grin. He looked over at Rose and started to stammer, but stopped himself in an attempt to keep from embarrassment.

The woman with the trolley came by, and the three of them loaded up on candy. Suddenly, Albus jumped up spilling his jelly beans all over the compartment. Scorpius flicks his wand and says, "Wingardrium Leviosa." The beans start to rise, but his concentration is shattered when Albus screams, "Hogwarts!" The other two children get to their feet quickly and scurry to the window. They saw the spires and towers jutting over the hillside. A few moments later, the castle begins to appear sprawling over the country side. Scorpius smiles with glee. Rose begins to talk her head off about the history of the school. Little did they know that there was a very similar meeting some years prior between Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

"So, what have you found out," Draco asked Harry and Ron, while at the bar.

"Not much, Hermione knew about a wizard from the Salem Witch Trials who attempted to take over the American wizards by the name of Reverend John Hathorne. Apparently, there is a group in America that every so many years come out of the woodworks and sew terror amongst the American wizards. I asked Kingsley what he knew about it," Harry replied with little hope.

"John Hathorne was in Slytherin. The Hathornes and the Blacks were of relation before the Hathornes went to America. I should have thought of the connection!" Malfoy said as he slapped his forehead. "What did Kingsley say?"

"He told me that a Mrs. Jenniveve Hale was coming from the States to investigate the break ins and arrests here. Possibly, more," Harry said grimly.

"So, they have no control over the situation?" Ron asked with an incredulous look about him.

"No, Ron. Then again, we can't judge them because of that. Look what happened here," Harry gave a grin to Ginny across the room, "Besides, Kingsley said that there has only been one murder over there related to them. They can't be that dangerous."

"You said that they beat you and Malfoy, though mate?"

"Yeah, they almost did and three of them got away. They were in a group of seven though. They had no organization; they fought like they were insane."

"Musta been, to pick a fight with Harry Potter," Ron let loose with a belch and a chuckle.

"They were like zealots, I might be able to figure out some patterns with time. I could probably infiltrate them if I have to." Draco added with a grimace.