Timothy Hunt recovered from the long apparition, and he waved his wand over his watch effectively changing the time zones. He walked through the pub he arrived in and found an elderly man with a hunched back. He had found out this was the barkeep Tom in his briefings before he left the States.

"Hello, Tom. I could use some assistance," Timothy asked politely.

"Yes sir, Mr?"

"Hunt, sir." Tim answered.

"Mr. Hunt, then, what can I do for ya?" Tom said with a slight tip of his head at another patron.

"I need help finding the Ministry of Magic, I was told to come here to find the entrance." Tim replied.

"Ah, yes sir, I can have one of the boys show you," Tom called, "Jenkins."

Immediately, a young man of about twenty appeared. He had black hair and curious blue eyes. "Yes, Mr. Tom, what can I do for you?"

"Please, show Mr. Hunt, here to the ministry of magic," Tom said before he broke away and hollered at a mangy looking man, "Put that down, Fletcher!"

Timothy was accompanied out the back door of the bar and saw a wall. He immediately sensed a tingling, Magic, he thought to himself. Jenkins tapped the wall in four different sections and the bricks began to unfold. Timothy was mildly amused at the ingenuity.

"So, Jenkins, have you ever met Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy?" Timothy asked the young man.

"Yes sir, they was just at the Cauldron last Saturday, sir," Jenkins replied matter of factly, "Fine gents, sir. Saved the world at the Battle fer 'Ogwarts. Tip genrosly too, sir."

"Ahh, I know that they were heroes, but I thought Mr. Malfoy had a darker past?" Tim asked, desperate to find out what he may of his allies in London.

"Indeed, he does," said a voice from behind, "used to be a Death Eater, although, they say he regretted every moment of it."

Timothy and Jenkins turned to see a man in his late thirties. He had platinum blonde hair and a bit of scruff on his chin. He looked at the American with a grin. This must be Draco Malfoy, Tim silently noted. Draco eyed him up and down before flicking a galleon at Jenkins. The young man caught it and shuffled back to the leaky cauldron. Not to be outdone, Timothy called to the kind young man and tossed a light sack containing around ten galleons. The bartender nearly leapt for joy at his newfound gold.

"Mr. Hunt, I presume?" Draco asked with a light smirk.

"You presume correctly, Master Malfoy," Tim stared him down to gain a measure of the slight man. Draco stared back just as hard. The two of them chuckled lightly and shook hands.

"Come along, Harry is anxious to meet you," Draco began leading the man through the bustling market.

Albus and Scorpius walked together to there first class. Well, more of a run than a walk actually, they were a little late for Defense Against the Dark Arts. They burst in the room, believing they were on time. They gave a sigh of relief, until they heard the open door close behind them. They saw the gristly professor walk past them and take a large bite into his yellow apple.

"Excuse my eating breakfast, unlike some I prefer to arrive on time," he gave Albus and Scorpius a more than incriminating look, "I'm Professor Grim. You shall learn about numerous things in my classroom. How to defang vampires, detect evil, defeat werewolves, and most of all survive. I am going to tell you a little about myself. I was in Ravenclaw and finished Hogwarts seventeen years ago. I fought alongside many of your parents in these very hallways. Before that, however, I hoped to fight against many of your parents. In perhaps my darkest of hours, a man who once held this post after a long tenure of being the potions master taught me the error in my ways. His name was Severus Snape. I wasn't the most popular at school. He apparently saw a lot of his younger self in me and helped me get off of the track I was on."

The professor stopped his story for a moment as a small tear rolled down his cheek. He wiped it away and took another bite of his apple. He then continued his tale with an added fervor, "While most at the school believed the Headmaster to be Voldemort's strongest supporter," he paused for a moment to let the children get over their shock at that name, "I knew him as a man forced into these circumstances. A good man who only did what he must to bring down the Dark Lord. While some will argue to this day that he was the opposite, that he was an evil man who found some remorse on death's door. Harry Potter will agree with my opinions, as Severus was the man that showed him the path to killing the darkest of wizards. This man took me under his wing as much as he could. He advised me against the Death Eaters and in his honor I fought them when he could not. He was a man that was not given the recognition he deserved. He was behind the scenes aiding those seeking to bring down Lord Voldemort as best he could." With that the story ended.

"On to todays lesson, the shielding charm. It is a more complex bit of magic, but one that everyone needs in their arsenal. It is one that can save your life, or condemn it if you cannot perform it."

"Protego!" Timothy yelled as a shielding energy burst from his wand tip.

Tim looked over to see the British wizards were launching stunners with ferocity unmatched by most. A few however, could match this and Timothy was one. He threw spells that nearly always hit their mark. He blasted back one heretic and then another. He saw a large man with blonde hair and black eyes behind the zealots duck into an alley. He recognized the man as his target.

Tim saw Harry drop back and to the left a step before launching a red streak of magic at an attacker. Timothy used his opportunity and darted through the momentary opening. He ran into the alley after the Hathorne. Suddenly, a green wave blasted towards him. It took every bit of his reflexes to dodge the killing spell. He spun back around and screamed, "Petrificus Totalus," the spell hit nothing but air as the man disappeared. Tim continued looking down the alley.

He heard a movement behind him and turned as swiftly as he could. It was not fast enough, though. A heavy punch knocked him to his knees and he felt blood pour from his nose. The punch was followed with a stunning spell that threw him down the alley. He was left in a crumpled heap when the wizard apparated at the sight of the two aurors. They rushed forward and checked on Timothy. His vision faded as Harry was talking to him.