Albus saw Sarah Samuels going into the common room alone. "Hey, Scorius. I'll catch up to you later," He said as he scurried off after her. He went into the Slytherin common room and saw her sitting on a couch by herself. He walked over and stammered, "I-i-is this seat taken, Sarah?"

She smiled sheepishly and scooted over a little bit, "No, you can sit here."

"So, how's your day been?" Albus asked timidly.

"Good, and yourself," she smiled happily at him. He blushed at her smile. She immediately started to blush too.

"Good, do you maybe want to go get ice cream from the kitchen?" He more or less blurted out.

"Definitely, Albus," She grinned brightly and they left.

"Tim, we've got to get out of here!" Draco yelled as he launched a stunner blasting a pouncing wolf from the air. Timothy disregarded his companion and continued to run through the house throwing jinxes when needed. He saw the elusive Hathorne duck into a hall to the left and rushed in. A werewolf attacked him and he was on his back. He reached desperately for his wand. The wolf clawed his face and chest causing lines of blood to appear.

His shoulder was bitten as the wolf was thrown off of him. Draco ran in and picked up Timothy's wand. "Stupefy!" The two wands amplified the spell and launched the Hathorne through the air. Draco wasn't certain whether to grab the dark wizard as wolves closed in surrounding them. He dropped to one knee and took hold of Tim. The two apparated and appeared in the ministry.

Albus licked his ice cream cone as he and Sarah headed back to the common room. I can't believe she said yes, he thought to himself. He saw her hand dangling at her side and debated whether or not he should take it. By the time they got back to the common room, they had devoured the cones.

"I'm really glad to have spent some time with you, Albus," Sarah said happily. She leaned in and kissed his cheek. His face felt like it was on fire. She giggled lightly.

"I'm glad too," he half whispered, half said. He was having a hard time breathing. She kissed me, Sarah Samuels kissed me, his mind was reeling at the realization. They went back into the common room and promised each other to do it again. He rushed off to his room and collapsed on the bed, still trying to comprehend the miracle that happened.