Harry saw a patronus in the form of a great Drake rushing to meet him. He heard Draco Malfoy's voice say, "Harry come to St. Mungo's. It's the Hathornes."

Harry drew his wand and transported himself to St. Mungo's after gathering two other Aurors: Crowley and Westmont. He had them do a sweep of the hospital grounds as he rushed up to Timothy's room. He saw broken carts in the hallways near the room and burn marks on the ground. There was a healer lying on the ground with a blank expression on her face. He saw two Hathornes crumpled against the wall adjacent the door.

He drew his wand and stepped in the doorway. Malfoy was on the ground with a gash over his eye and a broken leg. Two healers were beginning to work magic on him. "Excuse me, may I have a moment with my associate," Draco asked the pair. They nodded and left briefly.

"What happened," Harry said as he scanned the war zone of the room. The bed was knocked free of the frame. There were long gashes in the wall. Sectumsempra, he noted to himself. Then it dawned on him. Tim's gone.

"Oly Hathorne came with about twelve of his followers. A Hound was with them. He attacked and broke my wand. Then, he took hold of Timothy, and they left as quickly as they arrived," Draco explained distraught.

"Did they say where?"

"No, Timothy laughed in Hathorne's face and asked if they were going to duke it out like their ancestors. The Hathorne said to duel Timothy would need a chance. Then they apparated," Draco trailed off.

Albus looked to Ted as their group of four was walking through the corridor with no guiding light. "Can't we use a light, Lupin?" Ted's friend, Clay, asked.

"No, you know how much a single light shows up!" Ted said in a hushed tone.

The three of them all had some of Weasley Wizard Wheezes fireworks. It was just about an hour and forty five minutes until breakfast. They stalked their way silently through the hallways and by empty classrooms. Scorpius looked at Albus with a grin as the two of them followed the older boys.

Ted had grown to like Scorpius and Clay had grown to like Albus. The four of them were a dream team of sorts for trouble makers. Harry had told Albus that he didn't want him to get in trouble but it was in their blood and sent him the Marauders' Map as an initiation. The four boys began to call themselves the New Marauders. Teddy learned that his father and Albus's grandfather were Moony and Prongs. These two kept the nicknames of their relatives. Clay took the name Fireball in honor of his father's love for dragons, and Scorpius took on Snake for his house and family crest.

They snuck their way into the great hall and planted the fireworks into hidden alcoves amongst the rafters. "Oi, Moony! I hear someone!" Clay whispered harshly.

A normal teenager in the rafters would not be able to hear that, but Ted's father left more than one legacy. Ted was part werewolf. He did not suffer through the transformations but had heightened senses, strength, speed, agility and the ability to see in the dark. The two boys on the ground ducked underneath some tables, when the doors opened. Albus looked at Clay and saw a mildly excited grin on his face. Albus peeked from underneath the table and saw Fred, Bill, and the cruel looking boy named Louis, Lou for short. Fred had a lighted wand in front of him as he searched the hall.

"I swear, I saw 'em open the door, Lou," Fred explained quickly.

Lou gave Fred a harsh look and said in his hoarse voice, "Look under the tables, then. You said it was just Lupin, Clay, and the two first years, right?"

"Y-y-yeah, I think so. I-I-I mean definitely," the ferret like boy stammered as he and Bill began checking under the tables.

Clay pulled out a fire work and looked at Albus and grinned, motioning for him to do the same. When Bill and Fred looked under Clay and Albus's table, the two boys yelled out, "Incendio!" There was a loud bang and a series of whizzes and pops as the two cronies were launched from their feet. Lou turned to run, but Teddy jumped from the rafter and landed in front of the brute. Lou swung and his hand was caught in midair. "Well, if it ain't zit face," Ted laughed.

"You better watch it, Lupin!"

"Oh, excuse me, Sir Zit Face of the Scotland Zit Arses," all of the boys began to howl with laughter. It was broken up when they heard a meow from the door way.

Lou and Ted's eyes met as they said together, "Filch!" They nodded at each other and Lou led the boys away from the great hall. Ted grabbed up Mrs. Norris and rushed in the opposite direction, singing, "If you thought Peeves was awful and bad, when you see Lupin, you will go mad, We're going for a spin, to the tower to see the stars, can she fly or will she drop like a pin? Splattering on the yard! Filch has gone crazy, batty as a bird, wait til his cat is pushing daisies, 'cause she has not the wings of a bird! She'll fall with a crack in the daisies"

Lupin began to sing this over and over at the top of his lungs. Paintings across the castle began to join him. Why, even, Peeves flew along the boy singing along.

Harry was in Kingsley's office by one and was explaining the events, when an auror ran in saying that Shepherd, the Head of the Auror department has been murdered. Kingsley did not hesitate and told Harry he was the new head.

"Harry, you and Malfoy know more about these Hathornes than anyone. I want you in charge and to do anything necessary to stop them," Kingsley said in his reassuring voice.

"Well, sir, the person who knows the most of these is Timothy Hunt…" Harry trailed off.

"Oh, I see. If there was a way of knowing where they took him, you know I would tell you. There isn't, though. We are on our own. We do know that they are looking for something, however."

"But, sir, we do not know what it is."

"We have found out what has gone missing from CorfeCastle. You know the history of this castle, correct?"

"Erm, not really, no. What is the significance?"

"Corfe castle is the birthplace of King Arthur's sister, Morgan Le Fay. The dark witch that dueled with Merlin on several occasions. I believe that they are after something of hers, some relic of dark power," for the first time, Kingsley's voice was not reassuring, but slightly fearful.

Ted strutted into the Room of Requirements and gave a curt bow to his fellow Marauders. "The old bugger didn't even take you to Seviers?" Clay inquired, astonished.

"Oh, he was about to! Until I was levitating the cat off the astronomy tower, that is." Ted replied, full of swagger.

"You didn't!" Scorpius exclaimed, squealing with laughter.

"I did! Asked him if cats always land on their feet," Ted chuckled at his cleverness, "Filch said that he'd do anything as long as I don't hurt his sweet Mrs. Norris. I told him that he is never to turn the four of us in for detention again. I added that if he sees that we have detention request we are given to him and to let us go our merry way."

"Really?" Clay's face lit up at the possibilities.

"Really," Ted repeated eagerly. They looked to the clock and saw that they were late for breakfast. The four of them rushed to the Great Hall and the entire school stared at Teddy. Albus saw a parrot perched on Filches shoulders. The parrot had bright orange eyes and glared at Ted. "It was Him! It was him!" The parrot cawed as it dug its claws in Filch's shoulder.

"I know, love. I know," Filch looked up with utter rage at Ted.

"Remember our talk, chap. Or else we'll see if a bird can swim," Ted walked casually past the groundskeeper. "We will leave just before everyone else. Light the fuse on the way out, Clay."

"Yes sir, Moony," Clay gave a salute.