Welcome to a future project of mine that will start production once "The Bond of Aura" finishes its run. This "spin-off" of sorts ties with "The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest", but it's not ALL that tied up in canon terms to make this really look like a true Pokémon fic.

Of course, there's a twist that will just beg to ramp up the humor…

I encourage all potential readers to read on, enjoy, and review.

~ Why You Should Never Challenge The Unova League ~

Prologue of Introductions

Pokémon Trainer Red – An inspiring 11 year-old who has already beaten the Kanto League, thus becoming its champion. Although very young, Red is quite an accomplished and mature trainer who knows his stuff. He took part in a huge universal war against a very dangerous group called "The Subspace Army" with Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard, saving many universes from being consumed by Subspace Bombs by working alongside a huge ragtag bunch of misfits that surprisingly work well together. From there, Red uses his knowledge of battle to completely obliterate his opponents. He hasn't experienced a loss at all due to this. He wishes to take on the Unova League while also catching more Pokémon to aid him in the long run.

Squirtle – Red's first Pokémon who fervently refuses to evolve, yet can defeat huge Fire-type opponents several times his little size. He's very supportive to Red, and he likes hanging out with his other Pokémon. A good friend all in all.

Ivysaur – Red's second Pokémon who has quite an adoration to Legendary Pokémon, especially the ones that are Grass-types. He's always seen with Squirtle and Charizard whenever Red is busy doing other things. He cannot stand the types he's weak against.

Charizard – Red's third Pokémon who formerly liked to make his life a real pain in the butt. After being caught, Charizard went through a lot of hardships until he recognized Red as a good trainer. From Red's main trio, Charizard is the absolute powerhouse, and he's also cocky to a fault. Has a huge phobia with water that causes hilarity within the group.

Ash's Pikachu – THE Pikachu from the anime. He's tagging along with Red just to see how different the game Unova is from the anime Unova, even though he never got to step in the latter. Unlike other young Pokémon, Pikachu is very knowledgeable about so many topics one would think he's a Raichu trapped in a small body. To avoid Ash from ever noticing his absence, Pikachu has an "identical cousin" take his place while he's off participating in Smash Bros. tourneys. He's got a creepy obsession with ketchup bottles and is very genre savvy about pretty much everything there is to know.

The Wandering Jigglypuff – The very same Jigglypuff that pestered Ash's group is actually the very same Jigglypuff that appears in Smash Bros. tourneys. Thinking of herself as a singing diva, she likes to sing, and her lucky admirers always end up dozing off for…obvious reasons. Very feisty and energetic, she always wants to be the center of attention in hopes to gain herself a few more fans.

Pichu – A wild Pichu that is never seen alone without Pikachu. Although young, Pichu can show some surprising instances of maturity, but that doesn't stop him from goofing around and having fun with others, acting childish at times. Despite his size, he can actually put up a good fight, resisting his own electric attacks for dear life. Wishes to be like Pikachu one day.

Pokémon Trainer Chris Garcia Bennett – The 19 year-old World Traveler who was destined by fate to cross over from the real world to save the gaming worlds along with the elite group known as "Smashers" from the Subspace Army. Unlike many headstrong protagonists, Chris is the timid "bookwork" type, completely averting any unfortunate deeds his actions might lead to. He has a wide range of "Jobs" that allow him to fight in any kind of situation, but he doesn't find the need to do so in Unova. Along with his rather big entourage of Pokémon (which are eight walking Pokémon instead of six), he's only traveling with Red to get to know the new region by inspecting every nook and cranny without necessarily challenging the league at all due to how insanely powerful his team is…because of his main Pokémon, which earned him the title of champion in the Sinnoh region. Likes making friends with people that don't get on his nerves. As a side note, he has completely lost hope in the Pokémon anime that he has stopped watching it altogether, but this ISN'T something he should concern about…right?

Lucario – A very, VERY unusual Lucario. This calm and collected Lucario is not like the others. He's a 6'07" tall Pokémon with the power to demolish an entire mountain with a single, focused punch of his mighty fists. He is known as the Legendary Lucario from the Valley of the Aura, following a lineage of prestigious Lucario known to have supernatural powers that exceed any other Pokémon known to humanity, easily reaching the status of a Legendary Pokémon. With his terrorizing Herculean strength and extremely developed aura skill that can track down other auras within a hundred miles, almost no Pokémon can beat him in battle. Despite all this, he's highly protective of Chris, and he's not much of a lone wolf. Likes being groomed by people with good auras, especially his trainer. Among the team, he's an excellent sparring partner.

Snivy – Chris's very stoic female Pokémon of the team who likes bending others to her will…or so she used to until she saw the potential in her trainer. Once a wandering wild Pokémon who was bored out of her mind with her life and tried to find something different for once, she one day arrived at the Smash Mansion and made her way to the teen's room where she was received with open arms, much to her surprise. Highly mature, Snivy is quite sneaky, and the training given to her by Chris has turned her into a deadly foe that leaves her foes dazzled and their dignity shattered to pieces.

Oshawott – A little youngster who is a force to be reckoned with despite his small size. Oshawott is energetic, and he greatly looks forward to the day he evolves into a "badass Dewott". He's currently the most active Pokémon of Chris's team that does battle a lot more than the others. No matter what he does to distract himself from Oshawott's happy mood, Chris is putting a lot of effort to help Oshawott achieve his dream. He's nice friends with Snivy and Emolga more than the other evolved Pokémon.

Arcanine – A huge Fire-type Pokémon who absolutely enjoys having fun with his dear trainer. Very energetic and very strong, Arcanine hasn't quite matured from the Growlithe he used to be, possibly because Chris prematurely used a Fire Stone ahead of time. His hyper activeness leads him to have some unhealthy dog-like obsessions that greatly embarrass the others. Still, Chris loves his big fire puppy a lot.

Mightyena – A very snarky Mightyena who does have a heart. Once a Poochyena that didn't have much self-confidence, Chris raised him properly, accidentally giving the shy Poochyena a big ego in the end. Despite this fact, Mightyena is a cool Pokémon who does not like the idea of his trainer being harassed by others, shooting them with fierce glares (and directly using Intimidate) whenever possible to feel satisfied with himself. Biting people's butts is a huge plus in his book.

Luxray – Like Lucario, a very protective Pokémon. He is perhaps the second strongest Pokémon of the team. Due to his protective nature, he became best friends with Lucario, and the two work together in Double Battles the most. Although intimidating, Luxray has been taught to make friends with others. He is quite proud of the "young adult" he has become from the little Shinx he used to be, and he is forever grateful to his trainer.

Emolga – Chris's second hyperactive Pokémon of the lot who likes hanging out on top of people's heads. She's very curious to a fault, which leads Chris to become extremely concerned of her actions. In truth, Emolga is quite a prankster, and she loves making her trainer lose his calm self just seeing her do crazy stuff. Luckily, the other Pokémon do their best to stop her…which further fuels her happy fun time. However, Emolga uses this very nature to her advantage in battle, loving to see people's exasperated expressions whenever she does something unusual. Chris really doesn't mind that about her.

Swampert – By no means a joke when he was a Mudkip, Swampert is a very special case in Chris's team. He provides his trainer with a lot of fun in the water and is good friends with Squirtle. Although big in size, Swampert is a big softie who is reduced to tears to the simplest of sad tales…which in turn makes Chris look his way, as he is just as emotional. In battle, Swampert likes terrorizing his foes with his Ground-type moves, especially the dreaded Earthquake. Little does he know that this particular move should never be present in Unova, or anywhere else in the Pokémon world, for a good reason…

Striaton Gym Leader Cress – One of the Striaton Triplets. Cress is a Water-type Gym Leader of sorts, forming up the Grass and Fire triangle with his fellow brothers. Unfortunately, he is the only one who is currently running the Striaton Gym alone due to his brothers Cilan and Chili being on their own personal journeys. Having been defeated by Red without much trouble, Cress decides to tag along with the big group, wanting to know more about their personal lives. In exchange, he provides them with masterful cooking skills along with Panpour. The triplets have an insane entourage of fangirls.

Panpour – Cress's only Pokémon. He's pretty peppy and likes mimicking his trainer's actions a lot. It is beyond the others how this monkey can see with his eyes shut, but luckily he never sees evil with them, only a group of funny people and their walking Pokémon roaming the streets.


(True) THE GROUP AS A WHOLE – A bunch of people from other regions (except the native ones from Unova) that are on an adventure to follow Red's challenge of the Unova League to become the champion. Every Pokémon except Cress's has been taught how to talk human language, enabling them to communicate with each other flawlessly.


THE TWIST – Neither Chris, Red, or their Pokémon really know that they had accidentally entered the anime Unova and NOT the game Unova until too late to go back on their word. They will find out firsthand that the overall IQ quotient between the two versions of the same region leaves a plain-down nasty canyon of emptiness on the spot anime Unova is…and that Red isn't exactly challenging the Elite Four of the region at all but rather a bunch of WEIRD Pokémon and their even WEIRDER and CRAZIER trainers… Pikachu is going to scream at the end for sure, and Chris's grip on reality will go down the toilet.

There you have it. Until I start writing chapters for this…interesting twist of events, keep reading these descriptions over and over till the very first chapter is published in the future.

BTW, no matter how you look at it, Chris isn't meant to be a Gary Sue despite the implications the descriptions tell about his Pokémon team. They're just there to add more humor to the history, all the while giving Red the support he needs to finish this weird Unova League. That doesn't mean they're getting scoff free from experience the weirdness that will ensue…

Just so you know. Red is getting more Pokémon. So, you see, the cast is almost entirely made up of talking Pokémon taking the spotlight more than the trainers.