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Chapter 2: Region Weak Against Charizard

-Route 1-

Cottage Camping Site

Early Morning

Chris was hardly used to the idea of camping out into the open. One reason he was against the notion of camping out with the bugs (or Bug Pokémon in this case) was because he felt a bit disgusted. He was amazed that young people like Red did this kind of thing too often during journeys across regions. Chris felt too tempted to use the controller method to make a path to a safe room indoors: either the one at the prestigious Smash Mansion or the one at his peaceful home.

The bad feeling was alleviated somewhat due to the fact he and Red were surrounded by murderous monsters that obeyed their orders…during battle. Outside of battles, it was mostly a matter of "every kid/teen and Pokémon for themselves" for the more outgoing ones. In the end, the ones that were most responsible never left their sides much.

During the early morning, the large cast of characters were taking down the cottage and storing the camping tools away. It looked extremely morbid to have the convenient hammer-space storage to store any sort of thing that wasn't hideously big, but nobody complained. "(Anything to make the journey any less stressful,)" Red thought. He'd made sure to take out his bicycle from his back when nobody was looking his way.

"So then…" Chris trailed off as everyone was ready to leave for Accumula Town, "I was thinking yesterday night that we need to solve this issue about the food we eat between towns and cities…"

At this, Arcanine's eyes widened as he yelled, "WE'RE GONNA STARVE TO DEATH!" startling almost everyone within hearing range.

Snivy, annoyed, used a vine to slap his cheek. "Hush, you big loon," she scolded. Arcanine shed a tear and looked down at her. "We're not starving to death. We have a rather endless supply of berries that we can eat anytime."

Ivysaur looked away with a sigh. "But we need variety," he said. "Berries do get old after a while…"

"I can't argue you with that, however," she said, sounding disappointed.

"And we can't live on grilled cheese, either," Pikachu noted, shaking his tail. He looked up at the trainers. "You need to have this sort of thing planned out from the beginning. If you want to live, you need food…and variety!"

Red rubbed his chin. "Well, we can spend my money on the best food we can find in towns and cities and have that for leftovers," he said.

"No," Jigglypuff said. "We don't carry a fridge around! Everything'll get spoiled before we have a chance to eat anything… Not even hammer-space is that kind to us!"

"What is so bad about berries?" Lucario asked. Everyone stared at him. "They're very nutritious. We have a lot of different kinds of them."

"Don't make me toast you on the spot, you big dog of death," Charizard fumed, supporting the idea of having something else to eat other than berries. "I'm used to eating other stuff. No way I'm going back to eating fruit!"

Pikachu looked deviously at the two trainers. "One of you needs to be the Brock by cooking up food," he said. The other Pokémon agreed by nodding their heads in unison.

Red quickly looked at Chris. "You know how to cook!" he said. "All I can cook is sandwiches."

"B-but…" Chris stuttered, feeling undermined at the proposal of being a cook. "I…don't really know how to cook a lot of things… I always used to cook simple recipes to get me by when I was alone in my home. More often than not, my relatives would come over to cook food for me."

An unsettling silence fell in as everyone exchanged glances.

"…There's no way around this," Luxray said, getting the team's attention. He closed his eyes as he said, "Either we suck it up and eat berries along with the same stuff for three months…or…we…" he was unsure about the other suggestion he came up with, "…we…find some kind of human partner who wants to come along with us and knows how to cook a lot."

"…" Red thought about the last suggestion as everyone mumbled things to one another. "That's…actually not a bad idea," he said.

"It is a bad idea!" Squirtle suddenly piped up. "This is a whole lot different than when we are going to other worlds requesting other main characters' help! In our world, getting someone else to join someone else's journey is nice and dandy…but not us."

Red blinked, confused. "Why?"

"'Cause we're a bunch of weird Pokémon that can talk English just fine," Ivysaur pointed out, and Squirtle nodded. "If we have someone else join us…that's going to keep a lock on our mouths. It doesn't look like it, but all of us – my brethren – like having to talk to you two without restrictions!"

Mightyena grinned. "Not talking will make Chris and Red figure out our every howl," he said. "Imagine the hilarity!"

"And the annoyance it will cause," added Snivy, to which then Mightyena sighed. She was right.

"…Uh…" Lucario muttered loud enough for everybody else to hear. "…I can open a mental link with each one of our minds to talk through telepathy within a hundred miles if necessary."

"…Oh yes, he can do that!" Chris said relieved. "You're a supernatural Lucario. You can do that sort of thing without trouble!"

Lucario felt proud for getting a compliment from his trainer. He smiled as he said, "If we use my method, we can avoid having to explain ourselves to others. I don't want anybody to follow us because we'r-"

"Weirdos who can talk," Swampert interjected.

"…I wouldn't put it that way, but yes."

Red chuckled. "That takes care of that…I think," he said. "Yet still…maybe it's going to be okay to let them know about our little secret…"

Chris thought about the possibility. "If they're very trustable, I think we can make exceptions," he said. "…Just, talking about our other fair share of secrets is a no-no."

"Remind me again?" Oshawott asked.

"One, I'm not really from the Pokémon world," Chris said. "Two, every single universe is a video game except for mine."

"Oh yes," Snivy said, shrugging at the facts. "Those facts gave me such a nasty explosion inside my mind the first time I found out…" Her fellow companions shrugged and nodded.

"We'll be fine!" Pichu said brightly, climbing on top of Arcanine's back. "Here for a bountiful journey across Unova!"

Red nodded. "Who knows, maybe we'll find Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren, and Bianca down the road. This is their home region," he pointed out. "They know our secret about talking Pokémon."

The teen remembered the time when the four Unovan trainers wandered into the Smash Mansion grounds only for them to investigate the mansion after seeing the rare sight of a Mewtwo inside. From there, things unraveled, ending up with the fellow trainers becoming acquainted with everyone. "Yes!" Chris said relieved. "They surely know how to cook!"

"…Isn't it sad that that is our whole reason to find them in the first place?"


"…So, uh, on to Accumula Town, everybody!" He picked Tepig up. The little pig looked happy, flailing his little legs around.

-Accumula Town-


Early Afternoon

The team had made it safely to Accumula Town. Just like Nuvema Town, the town looked pretty normal with no exceptional places that made it remarkable. In short, most of them considered Accumula as another forgotten town that will never be brought up again because of its lack of a Gym building. Some of them wouldn't forget the anxious looks of people due to them not being used to seeing the large Pokémon casually wandering around the place. A little girl wanted to hug the big dogs that were Arcanine and Lucario, but her mother pulled her away. The two felt insulted.

After having treated all of the Pokémon in the local Pokémon Center (and finding out that Nurse Joy looked foreign unlike the past four regions) to be on the safe side, the group went to a secluded area at the local park to plan out their course of action across the region. Wanting to act as a support for Red, Chris managed to swipe a map of the Unova region that detailed all towns and cities. They were now sitting around a table with everyone looking down at a large map of the region.

"Gather around, everybody," Red said, as one by one the Pokémon filled the circle to inspect the map. "This here will help us a lot to get through the region."

They soon noticed that Accumula Town and the areas around it constituted an island that was detached from the mainland that led to a big circle of other cities and places to go. "We're starting in an island of sorts," Luxray commented.

Luckily, the map had small bits of info that highlighted the most important features of the cities. On the back of the map, one would find more detailed info in sentence form. For now, they focused on the actual map. "Here we are…" Red said, drawing a finger on Accumula Town's location. There was almost nothing worthwhile mentioning about the town.

Emolga jumped over his hand and pointed down at the nearest city: Striaton City. "Hey, here!" she said. "Um, I don't know how to read much. What does it say here?"

Swampert was proud of having learned how to read. He looked over to the city's table of contents to read aloud what he found there. "Striaton City: Home of the best restaurants in Unova. Features: World-Class Restaurants & Striaton Gym," he read.

"There's a Gym in there," Mightyena said. "Oh, great. The next city won't be a boring one without anything. What does it say about the Gym?"

"Gym Leaders: Cilan, Chili, and Cress," Snivy read. "Also known as the Striaton Triplets, challengers might choose which sibling to fight to earn the Trio Badge. You can choose who to fight? That's nice. The Gym specializes in Grass, Fire, and Water types with the respective sibling."

"So I can choose who to fight…" Red muttered.

"Pick Cilan," Charizard said. "I can burn his Pokémon alive. There. Easy win."

Red sighed. "It's times like this I wish I started from zero to avoid getting easy wins," he said.

Pikachu gave him an angry look. "Hey, don't say that now. I hate when somebody says that," he said. "Say that again and I will zap you."

Red had been told already that Ash always did that in each region he visited. Although Red wanted to meet the guy someday, Pikachu prohibited the very thought to everyone else because he didn't want his trainer to find out that the Pikachu he started with was not with him at the moment. An identical Pikachu was taking his original one's place. Pikachu adored his freedom, though he did miss Ash from time to time when the questionable topic about his expertise as a trainer was never discussed. "Alright, I get the point," Red said. "The second half of the Gyms should increase in difficulty. Also, I do plan in catching new Pokémon."

"Neglecting the several Patrat and Lillipup (the cute little ones) on the way here wasn't such a good choice," Chris said. "You're planning to catch all Pokémon in the world, don't you?"

"Oh, you're right. I forgot about that… Well, next time, I'll try to befriend them using my old method," Red said. The method he mentioned was feeding Pokémon with the right food. It was an easy method that didn't work most of the time, but when it did, the tamed Pokémon would gladly accompany Red around without being force to through a battle. Red looked back at the map. "Okay, so Striaton City is north of here. We can reach it by tomorrow."

"What's the next city?" Snivy asked.

Oshawott looked sharp. His reading skills were slowly taking off, so he wanted to prove everyone that he was a badass. Ultimately, he thought thatreading now would prove him as a badass. Sauntering over Striaton City's spot, he eyed the next city's table of contents. "Nacrene…City… Home of warehouses…and artists… Gym Leader: Le…nora…"

Chris felt proud. "Oshawott, your reading skills are coming along great!" he said. "I'm so proud of you."

The Otter Pokémon looked up, looking proud, as his other companions looked at him with dull looks. He went back to reading the map. "Lenora owns the Nacreme Mu…seum…with her husband… She…speciali…zes…in…Normal…types… Whew!" he sighed, looking exhausted.

However, many of them looked sick after listening to what he said. "She's…a Normal-type Gym Leader…" Squirtle trailed off, looking ill.

Red looked like he wanted to barf, seeing as there was a purple shade over his forehead. "Oh no…" he muttered.

A traumatic flashback played in his mind. It wasn't the first time he had fought a Normal-type Gym Leader. A long time ago, he met Whitney, the very same Goldenrod Gym Leader. She had showed up around the village next to the Smash Mansion because she had gotten herself lost during a dandy walk around the forest. When Red learned that she was a Gym Leader from Johto, he fought her, thinking that it would be nice training.

He unwillingly let Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard know the terror that was her Miltank. Once Rollout was on the move, Red could only remember himself yelling, "NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOO!" in complete panic. The three were soundly defeated in one-fell strike.

As for Chris, he never did actually fight her face-to-face, but he never forgot the times when he tried to defeat her in the video game when he was younger.

"…Moooooooooo," Jigglypuff muttered.

"Hoo boy…" Pikachu trailed off. "I always saw Normal-types as the most unimportant types nobody liked to use the most…until I met Whitney…and then Norman."

Squirtle stared at Red's exasperated look. "…Red?"

"…" Red shook his head. "Sorry, traumatic flashback… S-still! There's no telling if she's that freakishly strong like…Whitney… This is an early Gym, anyway. They need to go easy on us…"

Charizard interlaced his clawed fingers and looked up to the sky, "Please don't let her have Rollout, please don't let her have Rollout…" he prayed to almighty Arceus.

"…M-moving on," Chris said, looking down at the map with the rest. "After Nacrene City, we'll cross a bridge to make it to…"

"Castelia City," Mightyena read. Tepig felt a bit jealous that everybody but him could talk and read. "City of skyscrapers and businesses. Gym Leader: Burgh. He is an avid artist whose love to Bug-types can't be compared to anyone else. Ugh, Bug-types," he shuddered. "I've got no idea why my typing is weak against their attacks…"

The fire lizard smirked. "Oh, thank goodness! Some relief after the nightmare in Nacrene City!" he rejoiced. "MAN! It's like this region doesn't like Fire-types or something!"

"You, stop showing off," Squirtle said. "I'm betting the next Gym is a Fire-type Gym."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Arcanine said. Squirtle blinked as the huge canine read the city north of Castelia City, "Nimbasa City: The city of amusement parks and stage shows. Gym Leader: Elesa. She is a famous fashion model whose sparking personality is matched by her Electric-types."

"Oh, come on!" Squirtle groaned as Charizard laughed. "News Flash: You're also a Flying-type! You'll get zapped down in that place!"

"Yeah, but I can put up a good fight against Electric-types!" Charizard said, puffing out his chest.

"Not so much against Water-types, though," Ivysaur said, making the Fire-type scoff at him.

Jigglypuff noticed that there was more info about Nimbasa City. "Nimbasa City is also home of the Pokémon Musical where Pokémon can entertain the audience with their clothes and moves. There! There! I need to go there!" she said excited. "That's the place! It's right next to the Gym!"

"Good, it's on the way to the Gym after all," Red said. "But, um, how does one exactly participate in a musical?"

Jigglypuff closed her eyes and simply said, "I'm an instant expert for these things. I'll figure it ALL out when we get there."

"…" Red grimaced. "Next up is…" his finger was drawn to the west of Nimbasa City. "…Hey, the bridge connecting Nimbasa City and the next one is also known as the Charizard Bridge…"

"I like this region!" Charizard explained with a happy look. Everyone else rolled their eyes.

Red just sighed and went to the next city on the map. "Driftveil City: Home of diggers and a growing economy funded by the Gym Leader, Clay. He is a rowdy man with big dreams buried in the dirt, requesting the aid of his Ground-types."

"FINALLY!" Squirtle said. "A place where Ivysaur and I can shine instead of this big buffoon over here…"

"If you forgot already, I'm a Flying-type," Charizard said boasted. "Ground-types are nothing against me."

"I don't like this region!" Ivysaur complained. "It's like everyone is afraid of Charizard!" Little they did know that Clay had a Steel-type as his main Pokémon, which further proved that Charizard was going to decimate the Gym.

"Come on, now…" Luxray said. "You're drawing fast conclusions. Start complaining after we're finished with our path, okay?" Squirtle sulked.

Swampert looked northwest of Driftveil City's point. "Mistralton City: The large airport city. Gym Leader: Skyla. Skyla is a master pilot who reaches out into the skies with her Flying-types."

"Pass…" Ivysaur muttered. Charizard chuckled.

"Hmm, I need to catch a Rock-type or an Electric-type for that one…" Red trailed off.

Pikachu raised his hand. "I don't mind if you use me for that Gym," he said.

"You're as much of a game breaker like Lucario!" Red said. "That Volt Tackle of yours is just…inhuman."

"Not to mention it's strong enough to give anyone seizures when you use it," Chris noted. "I still remember that time when you got it from Master Hand and used it on a random enemy."

"FLASH!" Squirtle said, opening his arms wide. "And then everyone dropped to the floor with a grave case of seizures…"

"It's not my fault you can't handle the spark," Pikachu said defensively, playfully sparking sparks on his red cheeks. "After all, I'm level 500!"

"Whether you're that level or not doesn't matter," Red said. "Anyway, I might use your help, but NO VOLT TACKLE. Seriously, you'll kill somebody if you use it again."

At that moment, they heard Charizard snickering. "What is it…" Snivy said, almost knowing full well where he was going. He pointed a clawed finger northeast of Mistralton City. "Icirrus City. The city of ice and snow. Gym Leader: Pryce. A former movie star, Pryce has a hardened body that can withstand the cold temperature with his Ice-types…"

"…" Squirtle and Ivysaur were giving Charizard some nasty glares as the Fire-type snickered.

Red looked down at Tepig on his arms. "…Oh, I forgot! Tepig needs the wins," he said, making his trio look at him. Charizard's irises shrunk. "I'm not letting Charizard waste all that experience."

Squirtle and Ivysaur grinned at a bewildered Charizard. "In your scaly face!" they both said in unison.

"Y-you can't be serious!" Charizard said. "I was having a good time rejoicing on my future victories! You can't just…go ruin them all like this!"

Red got serious. "Hey, you listen to me now!" he said. "I know you're a damned cannonball on two legs, but there's no way I'm neglecting my other Pokémon! I don't want to face deep trouble if you're taken out at the league and my other Pokémon aren't trained well."

"Fine!" Charizard said. "You'll need me, anyway…"

"This is so Fire Emblem-ish," Chris randomly commented.

Lucario shrugged. "Don't remind me that time," he said. "I was told to stay away from the battles one time too many…"

"Okay, that settles the seven Gyms," Red said. Charizard crossed his arms in a vehement fashion. "The last Gym would be… Opelucid City: City of dragons. Gym Leader: Drayden. A powerhouse himself, Drayden is extremely knowledgeable in Dragon-types. Rumor has it that he wrestles Dragon-types himself despite his age…"

"He WRESTLES dragons?" Mightyena said. "…That's badass in my book!"

"I can just imagine how the last Gym is going to be," Chris said. He fought the thought about an old man fighting Red's Pokémon head on without using Dragon-types at all. It'd be a very demeaning defeat that would prove humans didn't need Pokémon to fight. "Oh no, it's a Dragon-type Gym. If it's anything like Clair's Gym, you're in for a rough time with him."

"I know Dragon Claw," Charizard scoffed. "But our little pork here SURELY is learning Roar of Time when he evolves twice, and that's going to put me out from the battle!"

Tepig shook in fear just looking at the imposing dragon-like monster. "Knock it off, Charizard!" Red demanded. "Just shut your mouth and let me rotate Pokémon equally!"

"Fine, fine, I get it," Charizard fumed.

"Geez," Red muttered. "Back on the course… After I get all eight badges, it'll be the time for us to go through the Victory Road of this region, and then after that, the league it is."

"And so," Ivysaur said, looking northward of Opelucid City as he used a vine to draw the path, "the Pokémon League should be located right around…right around…right…around…"

The group noticed that there was no mention of a Victory Road close to Opelucid City. To the north of Opelucid City, there was a forgettable city called Vertress City that had no relation to the Gyms. "It's not to the north…" Swampert noted.

"Maybe it's somewhere else?" Arcanine asked.

The group exchanged glances before they broke into groups to search for the Victory Road somewhere in the Unova region. Since there was a circle of cities and town connected in the very center of the region, they thought that the Victory Road was on the east side. They passed over Lacunosa Town and Undella Town, but there wasn't any sign of the road anywhere.

"…Wait a minute," Oshawott spoke up as he found a city called Humilau City in the northeast corner of the region. He narrowed his eyes to read the table of contents. "…This city has a Gym Leader, too!"

Red and the others turned to him. "Wait, there's a ninth Gym in the region?" he asked.

"Unova has nine Gyms?" Ivysaur asked. "Uh, wow, this region is really that different from Kanto…"

Lucario looked to the southwest corner of the map, and his eyes were drawn to another city called Virbank City. "…Make that ten Gyms," he said, and everyone looked to his direction.

"Ten Gyms?" Chris said. "But Red needs to defeat eight Gyms…"

Red rubbed his chin. "Maybe they don't like forcing trainers to go around all over Unova?" he wondered. "That's the only reason I can think of…"

"…So, where's the Victory Road again?" Swampert asked, looking doubtful.

A small time passed, but despite their efforts, none of them could find the Victory Road, or the Pokémon League for that matter, anywhere in Unova. After coming to the realization, they could only look confused at each other. "What's the big idea?" Emolga asked. "The Victory Road is nowhere!"

"And the Pokémon League is absent, too…" Pichu muttered. "What is wrong with this region?"

"I don't get it, either!" Charizard said. "What's the point in defeating eight Gyms if you don't have a league to participate?"

"…Oh, I get it now!" Squirtle said. "The officials surely inform THE LUCKY ONES WITH EIGHT BADGEEEEEES themselves about the location of the Victory Road! That's why it's not listed on the map!" He crossed his arms and nodded. "Yeah, that's it."

"That makes…no sense whatsoever," Chris said. "…But since there's almost no logic in any of the worlds we've visited, that must be it."

Red stared blankly at them. "Ugh, Unova is proving to be such a weird place," he said. "It works…so different from what I've gotten used to..."

After silence fell in, Luxray said, "There is no other way. This is how we're expected to do things. We need to just tough it up till the end."

Pikachu chuckled. "I swear, you guys, that if you happened to participate in my world, you'll be just as astonished," he said. "In my world, you don't fight the Elite Four and/or the Champion. Instead, you get to fight a lot of WEIRD Pokémon and their even WEIRDER trainers. When I learned things aren't the same in the game worlds, I had to facepalm multiple times. Life is much better in the game worlds than my world…"

"Luckily, that's not the case here," Snivy said with a smile. She looked at the area around Pinwheel Forest on the map. "…This forest… This is my home."

Chris blinked. "That's your home?" he asked and she nodded.

"Yes. That's where my parents live," she said. "They're two Serperior that watch over the forest. They…told me to go out into the world to learn about how it works."

Her trainer shrugged. "I hope they like the idea of you being owned by me," he said. "I don't want to have two large snakes using Wrap on my frail body." He noticed Lucario stiffened his look. "You don't get any crazy ideas! You're not harming any of them!"

"Fine, but if they do harm you…" Lucario trailed off, slowly muttering a menacing growl.

"They won't," Snivy said. "They're pacifists that defend Pokémon instead of attacking others. It'll…be nice to see them again, I guess." She smiled at Chris. "I did find the right trainer to spend my days, after all." Moved by her statement, Chris picked her up and rubbed her head. Snivy looked happy and nudged her face against his chest.

Red chuckled. "You know," he began, "having moments like these will make the journey enjoyable, so…let's not bust our heads open. Let's enjoy the ride." Everyone nodded, forgetting any drawback that the journey would give to them.

-Lacunosa Hotel-

Fourth Floor, Room C5


"I like having a friend who's loaded with money to the nine digits," Chris said.

"Oh, but I'm not rich enough to afford a bicycle! Those are expensive!" Red said, and a set of laughs soon followed.

Red didn't look like it, but he was one rich trainer, sporting a wallet that reached the impressive quantity of 999,999,999 Poké Dollars. Ever since he got to abuse an Amulet Coin that he had found during his Kanto journey, being low on money was never a worry anymore. It would only take him to show his defeated trainers the amulet to magically force them to give double the amount of money. It looked so weird when that happened, but now he didn't need to use the amulet at all.

Thanks to his richness, Red could afford anything. He never got to try out an expensive hotel before. The experience was welcomed once he did give it a shot. The hotel they were staying at was the most expensive place there in town (but it wasn't that expensive). Their room overlooked the southern side of the town at night through a big wall window. Inside said room, large red beds were placed apart from each other between luxurious golden furniture that would blind anybody if the light of the sun got in through the blue-and-yellow curtains.

The beds were too big, in fact, that many of their Pokémon took the advantage of finding the right spots to lie down. Best of all, the beds were water beds. Oshawott found himself rolling around the waving waves underneath the bed sheets, as his diligent trainer was busy working in the first pages of his large project in his laptop. The large Pokémon were allowed to rest on the bed at fixed spot, though Lucario was lucky enough to lie down in the bed next to his trainer. Red had a plethora of small Pokémon and Charizard hogging the bed he was resting on. Charizard, though, lied down his head and arms instead.

"Please, let's not ever go to a normal hotel," muttered Oshawott as he rolled between Mightyena and Luxray. "We are…in heaven…"

"That's a fact," Red said, taking off his hat and putting it on the drawer between the beds. He had to toss it because he was too far. "Luxury life is…luxurious. I'll never go back the way I was…" He took out a small journal from the side, buying one from the local Pokémon Center. "And now, I get to write it all down in this."

Seeing that it was getting late, Chris decided to switch to a new page to write on his diary. "What are we doing tomorrow, then?" he asked.

"We'll wake up early morning to reach Striaton City by early afternoon," Red said. "Route 2 isn't as long as Route 1."

Arcanine yawned, his large body pressing the water down the most. As a result, Emolga and Snivy were nearly swallowed under the gaps his body made. "Are we going to…find a cook in there?" he asked groggily.

"Oh, how convenient," Pikachu said, curling up into a ball next to Red's legs. "Striaton City is a city of restaurants. Maybe we'll find an aspiring chef who wants to go on a journey in there."

"But I like the hotel's food!" Pichu said, curled up next to Pikachu. "Oh Arceus, that Sitrus Berry Cake…"

"We're not living on cake," Squirtle said, his head sticking out from his shell. "Oh my goodness. What did I just say?"

"You're insane," said Ivysaur, lying down on his belly with paws outstretched. "But I'm sleepy. Good night!"

"Good night," everyone else said, but Red and Chris were busy writing on their journals. The focus was on Red as his left hand was rubbing Tepig's back with care. The pig was soundly asleep.

Dear Diary,

I'll stop calling you dear because that's just not my thing.

So then, Diary, hear me out if you can.

I've started my journey in the Unova region! I'm so thrilled because I have friends supporting me from the sidelines. (Good thing Chris isn't doing the challenge. That Lucario of his…he's not normal… Technically, he could NOT use him, but…) So then, I was lucky enough to get a new Pokémon, that is Tepig, for the journey.

Sadly, I can't say it's been normal. For some odd reason, there's a deadline to enter the league in this region. Furthermore, the Victory Road is absent from the map, and…so is the league. Is Unova this different? I can hardly believe how it works. Being miles away from my home region, or the other regions nearby, really does make things weird the further I travel.

Okay, so maybe I traveled using portals, but my point remains.

In any case, the guys and I decided on a set path. We're going to start with Striaton City and make it all the way to Opelucid City. After that…um…I'm hoping SOMEBODY tells us where the league is. It better not be somewhere outside of Unova. Who'd think that? That makes even less sense than what we're dealing with… For now, I'll deal with Charizard's giddiness. Man, I need to a close

Tomorrow, we'll reach Striaton City, where I'll fight one of the three siblings in there. Chris could probably take on the task of looking for a chef while I'm busy…or maybe, we'll remain in the city for a few days till we find the one.

Best wishes to us… Hmm, that's a nice saying. Please, little saying, hold up on me!

The focus switched on Chris.

Diary Entry #2

Today we reached Accumula Town. At the local park, we formulated our course of action through the region. Everything was fine until we found out that the Victory Road was…like, nowhere on the map. The league was not even on it, either. Before that, we had to listen to Charizard showing off how easy the whole thing was going to be for him. But like what happened in Tellius, he's getting the same treatment Lucario got when we first met Ike: he'll stick in the barracks until he's needed.

"Please, Chris," Lucario said, startling his trainer. Chris just noticed the large Aura Pokémon was lying down his head at an angle he could use to see the computer screen. "Don't write that."

"Y-you're supposed to be asleep!" Chris scolded, looking flustered. Lucario turned his head away.

Lucario just read my diary! H-how scandalous!

"I can still use my aura to detect the movement of your fingers," Lucario pointed out. Chris groaned. "Actually, I can use your vision t-"

"Go to sleep!" everyone else said. Lucario noticed that he had been talking a little bit loud. Blushing, the Aura Pokémon muttered an apology and went to sleep. Now he wanted to see what Chris was writing about him.

Now I'm unsure whether to write or not… No, Lucario is very loyal. Curiosity got the better of him now. That's just it…

Where was I? Oh yes.

Today, I also started my project. So far, it's looking good, but the amount of work is still too much. I have a lot of free time thanks to Master Hand freezing time in my world. I shouldn't get too caught up in this, though. I have Pokémon to look after. Training my team takes priority. I want Oshawott to evolve soon…and maybe Snivy if she wants to.

Speaking of her, I learned that she was from Pinwheel Forest. I already met Mightyena's parents, and they almost nearly bit me… I've seen a Serperior once now, and I fear I get asphyxiated by TWO of them.

Nah, I'm worrying too much. Once again, tomorrow is another day…

The screen turned off. The teen put the laptop away and lied down on bed. A sleepy Lucario pulled him to his side with a free arm. With his left cheek resting on the side of Lucario's furry chest, Chris merely sighed and fell asleep. It was Lucario's subconscious telling him to keep Chris safe. The sentiment was pure and honest, though, so Chris just smiled and went along with it.

The night went by…

Prepare yourselves to meet the third main character of the story in the next chapter.

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