Author Notes

This is my first fan fiction. I have already completed it on my computer and I worked up the courage to finally publish it. I hope it's an enjoyable read and that it makes sense because I did tweek a few things to the story line of Chuck.


Chuck is around 30 or 31(which is Zach's real age) but its season five, Morgan still has the intersect and after months of trying to fix the glasses to get rid of it, they gave up on waiting and decided to train him. Sarah and Chuck had been married for a while and they are still living with their apartment building next to Ellie and Awesome. Also Morgan and Alex are still together. If I forget to mention something from the back-story, I will make up for it later.


Chuck V. The Will

Charles Bartowski was lying in his bed, with his arms wrapped softly around his beautiful wife thinking to himself, how could I be so lucky?


The alarm clock went off. Sarah Walker lifted her head from her pillow and turned to Chuck with her eyes half shut as she let out a large sigh.

"Good morning beautiful," he said smiling at her. She turned around with a smile and looked into his handsome brown eyes.

"Good morning, what time is it?" She started rubbing her eyes awake.

"It's eight." He stretched his arms out, yawned loudly and then rested his arms back around Sarah again, "We should probably get up now." He stretched again.

"We probably should," Giving a playful smile; she leaned over him and kissed him. When she was about to pull away, he grabbed the back of her head and continued to place his lips on hers.

"Sarah?" He asked, "um?" He said trying to pull back but she gripped his head instead, "Sarah, we might need to get up. We are suppose to meet Casey and Morgan at Castle." She stopped to look at his face.

"Just one more minute." She begged and continued to kiss him. Chuck could sense that he needed to get up and start the day but his body wasn't getting the message to get out of the bed. This moment with Sarah was just too precious for him to stop.

-Knock Knock-

Sarah's head shot up to sound, her eyes quickly became pealed to the door near her. "Chuck, did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I think it's the front door."

"Why does someone have to be at our door at eight on a Tuesday morning?" Sarah groaned as she got up from the bed, putting on a pair of pajama pants as she walked to the door. She looked through the peep hole and tried to see who it was. Chuck followed her lead,

"It's probably Morgan or Casey. Just let them in."

"No its Ellie." She started to unlock the door.

"Ellie? Isn't she suppose to be at work?" Chuck pondered to Sarah. She opened the door as Ellie let herself inside. Chuck could feel that something was wrong the moment she walked into the apartment. She seemed to be shaking; her steps were coming off larger and faster than she planned. Her uneasy behavior didn't seem right and he had no idea why.

"Hey guys. Sorry to come here like this without calling, but this needed to be done in person."

"Ellie, what's going on? Did you get fired?" Chuck asked.

"No, it has nothing to do with that. I got a call today." She paused trying to concentrate on what she was about to say. "Jill's dead. She passed away."

"What? What do you mean she's dead?"

"Well, I guess she got into a car accident and lost control. She was killed on impact." She looked at her brother with head folded into his hands and arms placed on his knees as he sat the sofa.

"Wait I thought she was in a CIA prison?" Sarah asked.

"I guess she must have escaped somehow." Chuck said.

"That's horrible," Sarah placed her hands on his shoulders, and started rubbing them to ease his tension. "When did this happen?" She asked.

"Last Sunday. Part of the reason that I am here is that tomorrow they are having a service for her at St. Dominic's Cemetery. We have been asked to pay our respects." With a little hesitation, Chuck turned Sarah and said,

"Sarah, we are going."

"Wait what about Morgan and the intersect?"

"He will be fine for a day or two. And Casey will handle things. It's just I have to be there. It wouldn't be right if I didn't go. I did care about her at some point."

"Are you sure? She also left you for another man." Ellie added.

"Not really she said she didn't and she was strapped to a lie detector test."

"Chuck, she was a trained professional, I have been trained to fake a lie detector test. Besides she lied about being in Fulcrum." Sarah said.

"I know but I am still going."

"Morgan, until we get the intersect out of you and fix the glasses to give it back to me, then you are staying put." Chuck said to Morgan as he sat at the conference table in Castle.

"I feel like a little kid who just got grounded by his over protective parents for shop lifting at a store."

"Dude, I would let you come with me to Jill's funeral but since you have the intersect you are staying with Casey."

"Fine, I will stay put but bring me back some food, sometimes Casey forgets to feed me." Chuck looks over to Casey.

"What? He is a big boy he can feed himself. There are always coffee and donuts somewhere around here." Casey said in response to Chuck's look of disappointment.

"Just stay with Casey. Ok Morgan?"

"Yeah" Morgan sighed.

The Bartowski family arrived at the funeral just as any normal family would. Their faces were long, their clothes were black and they were respectfully quiet.

"I can't believe she is gone, considering what she has done." Ellie said as she stared at Jill's closed coffin.

"Considering all she has done to betray me you mean?" Sarah and Ellie looked at Chuck.

"Oh Chuck," Ellie walked over to him, "I understand that she did betray you but it's her funeral maybe she shouldn't bring that up today."

"Yeah, you're right Ellie, I probably shouldn't mention her efforts to make me miserable." Chuck said as he stuck his tongue at her coffin.

"Guys!" Sarah said to them, "Bryce Larkin is here."

"What?" Chuck turned to Sarah confused. Everyone's heads turned to Bryce sitting down in all black looking melancholy.

"I thought he was dead?" Ellie said.

"Well, I guess he pulled another Commissioner Gordon on us." Chuck said.

"That is impossible. There is no way he could be alive right now." Sarah turned to Chuck.

"Do you think someone could have revived him like the last time?" Chuck added again.

"I have no idea but if that is him for sure, why would he be here?"

Morgan stay still!" Casey said with a rope in his hands.

"Casey, no I am not going to let you tie me up.

"Well maybe if you stop running away I wouldn't have to tie you up. Stop moving while I run some tests."

"Tests?!" Morgan said, "You never mention tests, Casey."

"Just keep calm, I need to measure your head for the new glasses and when Bartowski comes back then he can fix it."

"Seriously if that's why you tied me up then what was the point?"

"Because I could." Casey laughed, "Since Bartowski and Walker aren't here, I will to need to train you, alone."