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Deep under in the blue bahaman waters swam a beautiful girl with golden blonde hair so shiny it glowed, and sea blue eyes shimmery and bright. She wasn't an ordinary girl ... At times she could be normal, but in reality she was a mermaid. A royal mermaid at that! Her name was Mishell Gillia and she was the only generation left of Atargatis, or better known as Aphrodite Derceto. Mishell came from a french background, for her mother Nerissa married a nice french man while on visit in france. There she grew up for most of her life until she took on traveling around the world. You'd think she were half mortal therefore half powerful, but you're wrong. Mishell is the most powerful creature in anything water. To her knowledge she is the only mermaid left to be alive. For while she was living in her father flat a terrible disease broke out and killed of the mer species...including her mother who was visiting the ocean. When her mother died and all her other relatives all the power from Aphrodite and Poseidon was left to her in forms of jewelry. It was a very strange life she lived. Growing up she had legs and always looked like a human, but she yearned for water and had to take baths twice a day or she would come down with a bad sickness. Sometimes her mother took her down into the ocean, but it was a long trip so it wasn't often. Nobody but Non-Mortals knew Mishells little 'secret', with the exception of her father, in fear that she would be sent to the nearest science lab and tested on. So growing up she had to hide in the crowns and not put very much attention on herself, for back then she didn't have as much power and could have accidentally revealed herself. She left home in France for travels at about 17 when she was sure the water was disease free, and to this day at 23 she still through the waters all alone with the few exceptions of fish friends she makes along the way. She's thought about getting herself a mortal man to keep her company, but her biggest fear was of her secret to be discovered!

It was about at sunset when something caught Mishell off guard. Off in the distance she saw a...dog? How could a dog be under water. She swam fast over to the sight and nearly passed out at what she saw. It couldn't be! There in front of her was a Merdog! I thought that disease killed all the Merthings off! THAT MUST MEAN THERE ARE MORE! Mishell turned her attention to the Merdog. "Do you have an owner?" She asked excitedly. The Merdog sort of nodded and barked in confirmation. The Merdog sort of looked like he was in a hurry and swam around Mishell trying to get her to follow him. Mishell understood and swam fast with the Merdog to see a mermaid caught in a fish net...and the fish net was being pulled up by a ship. This scared Mishell greatly, for it could ruin the Mermaid's secret and she could be put in a lab! Mishell quickly found something sharp floating around in the water and cut the netting enough for the other Mermaid to swim free. The Mermaid was beautiful and had long flowing shiny red hear and golden brown eyes. "Bon Jour! I'm Mishell! And you are?" Mishell asked happy to have found another Mermaid.

"Um...Hallo...I'm Nixie.." She said shyly.

"Ah German I see? Is that right?" Mishell stated and Nixie simply nodded. "Well It's nice to meet you! Oh... And by the way... ARE YOU DAFT!? GETTING CAUGHT BY A SAILOR! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU!" She yelled at Nixie after making friendly talk. Mishell wanted to make a good impression so she made nice talk before the yelling.

"Uh" Nixie said looking a tad scared.

"It's okay. It happens to the best of us I suppose." Mishell said being nice again. " Look at you and your fins! Who knows what could happen if somebody saw you! You need some legs! Like me!" She said showing off her legs. She pulled off one of her rings that contained a lot of power and handed it to Nixie. "Here put this on." Nixie obeyed. "Now think of a beautiful pair of legs." She told her and Mishell watched has Nixies giant fin split then turned into a pair of nice smooth human legs.

"Hey thanks!" Nixie said sort of showing less shyness towards Mishell. "How did you do that?"

Mishell laughed at this. "I'm basically queen of the sea you see! I'm the only generation left of Poseidon and Atargatis!" Mishell explained to Nixie.

"Wowww!" Nixie said astonished that he had met somebody so high in power.

"Yep and I guess I just made you royalty too by giving you that ring. That thing holds all sorts of power!" Mishell explained to Nixie.

"Gee thanks! I've never been royalty before!"

"Say! You wanna be my Best friend!" Mishell asked out of pure lonesome.

"Didn't we just meet though?" Nixie asked and Mishell shrugged.

"Well we're the only mermaids in the ocean now, so might as well be!" Mishell said somberly.

"What do you mean? There's more out there!" Nixie said.

"Really? I thought the sea disease killed off everybody!" Mishell said in curiosity.

"What sea disease?" Nixie asked confused.

"Where have you been?" Mishell asked emphasizing 'you'. "About four years ago some fatal sea disease broke out through all the waters and killed off pretty much the whole Mer population! The only reason I was still here is because I was living on land with my father the whole time!" Mishell explained. Then wondered how Nixie was still alive and her Merdog. "Wait... How are you and your Merdog still alive?"

Nixie looked visibly sad. "Well...I was swimming along a couple years ago when I spotted this little guy" she pointed to the Merdog" and I swam over to him and picked him up 'cause he looked like a stray. Then a big fat whale appeared out of no where" Nixie said emphasizing no where" and then swallowed us both up! We finally got up only to e captured by that big net you saved me from." She explained then was almost close to tears. " I was actually on my way to find my parents... I didn't know about that sea disease."

Mishell felt very sympathetic towards Nixie."Aw it'll be alright! Say! What's your Merdogs name!" Mishell said trying to change the subject.

Nixie sort of bitter-sweetly smiled "Oh! That is Zale! His name means Sea-Strength since he was the only strength pushing me through that dreadful time in the whale! " Nixie told her. Mishell nodded and was glad that her new friend spent her isolation with a friend. She knew it was the most terrible thing to be lonely.

"Aww he's adorable!" Mishell had always wanted a Merdog, but since she mostly lived on land she never got one. "Say! You want to go on land with your legs for the first time!" Mishell said. She figured she could expose herself a little more now that she had pretty much full power and didn't have to worry about a scale patch popping up on her legs anymore, and she could go weeks out of water. She could also control when Nixie's scales did what, so Nixie was safe too! As long as she kept that Ring on.

"That sounds like fun! I've always wondered what it was like above the surface!" Nixie said.

Michelle grabbed Nixies hand and swam up at sonic speed, another power she held, up to the top of the water in a a split second. Mishell and Nixie swam over to the shore and climbed up onto the sand. Before they could get out Mishell stopped. "Hold on we need to put some bathing suits on... I don't think the mortals would like it if we came out of the waters with shells as clothes." Mishell used her mind to materialize a bathing suit for her and Nixie. Her bathing suit was a dark blue with light blue polka dots. Mishell and Nixie continued out of the water only to see cameras all over the area and what appeared to be four young men messing around on the beach. Everyone around stopped what they were doing and looked at the two girls that randomly appeared on the sand.

"CUT! CUT!" Some man who was mostly bald but had hair on the sides and back of his head screamed. "WHO ARE THEY? I DON'T REMEMBER CASTING THEM ON HERE!" He said sounding aggravated. Before Mishell and Nixie knew it they were being approached by a gentlemanly man who seemed he was in his early thirties.

"Um excuse me" he said in a posh accent. " I was just wondering... Who are you?" He asked.

Mishell smiled politely. "Well I'm Mishell and this is my amie-friend- Nixie" She said accidentally slipping up on her french.

He smiled." Well. What I meant is why are you here? My boys are trying to get a movie made and we do not need to be bombarded by a bunch of fangirls." He said trying to be stern yet polite.

"Oh well we just went for a swim and ended up here...and fan what?" Mishell asked confused by that last part.

"You're telling me you swam all the way here?! How could that be! The nearest island is fifty miles away!" He said not buying it. " and fangirl...you know fans of The Beatles!"

"Uh-yeah- we are professional swimmers! Nous aimons à nager (We live to swim)! " Mishell said slipping up on her french again. "And don't mind me asking but who are you...and who are the beatles?"

"I cannot believe this! Even if you are pros there is no way you could swim that far! And believe me you aren't the first to claim not to know who The Beatles are! Happens all the time, then they see them and they cry there eyes out and try to rip the boys hair out!" He said starting to get a little angry." Oh and my name is Brian Epstein" Brian said outstretching his hand for us to shake. "Now you have two options. Leave...or be kicked out."

"Well considering we were already planning to leave I guess we'll leave! It was nice talking to you Mr. Epstein sir! I hope to see you around." Mishell stated kindly. "C'mon Nixie!" Mishell and Nixie started walking away from the camera crew and Brian Epstein when it was there Mishell noticed 'him'. He was was leaning on a mossy rock smoking a cigarette. He had the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen. The look was complete by china white skin and dark almost black hair. His lips were red and pouty and he was tall and slim. He glanced at her and smiled and Mishell could have melted right there. She smiled back and gave a feeble wave before walking away out into the distance. Mishell looked at Nixie and Mishell could clearly see that she wasn't the only one who found someone cute.

Maybe getting a mortal man wouldn't be so bad after all.

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