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Mishell walked with Nixie with a huge smile on her face! She couldn't stop thinking about that boy. He just had the most charming smile she had ever seen! She kept thinking the scene over and over again until she was pulled out of her thought by Nixie.

"Um... Where are we going?" Nixie asked.

"We're going to my house for a few minutes!" I replied back giving her a warm smile. Nixie and Mishell continued to walk with Nixie slightly behind her. When they finally got to a little condo that Mishell was renting out, Mishell started digging in her closet for something. "Hmm! Which ones should I pull out! Oh these ones seem nice! Yeah these ones!" Mishell said and then pulled out a handful of clothes.

Nixie made a face kind of scrunching her nose up at Mishell." What're these for?" She asked.

Mishell chuckled. "They're clothes! You can't just walk around in a bathing suit!" She laughed then pulled out clothes for herself.

Nixie cocked an eyebrow. "Why not?" Nixie asked looking a bit naive and confused.

Mishell rolled her eyes playfully ad chuckled. "Because ,Nixie, then people will state at you! And not in a good way either!" Mishell explained. Then she handed her some under wear and sent her into the bathroom to change. "Um of you need any help trying to put this stuff on I'm right out here!" Mishell told her then shoved her through the bathroom door. Mishell then walked into her room and changed into the clothes she picked out. It was a very light blue color that went down to here knees. At the bottom is was kind of scrunched up in contrast to the rest of it which was straight. From the top of the scrunched part were seven black buttons that ended at a pretty black bow at the top of the drees. It had short sleeves and covered Mishell's whole chest and around her shoulder was a little white cape that went around her neck almost like the capes on Navy uniforms. In front of her chest the cape ended inside the bow! Mishell loved this dress! It was one of her favorites. Not to mention it was blue, her favorite colour! After she got dressed she brushed her wet hair and then scrunched it up to it's natural curliness. The beautiful lock of golden brown hair curled down below her back almost to her butt. After she finished with her hair she found a pair of pretty blue shoes and slipped them on. The had about half and inch to an inch of heel on them and matched the colour of her dress perfectly. 'Parfait' she told herseld. They looked like ordinary heels except they had a nice barrette looking thing attached to it at the top. Mishell finally finished getting ready and thought she should go check up on Nixie. She walked to the bathroom door "Are you alright in there Nix?"She asked walking in. Mishell chuckled at the sight of Nixie trying to pin her hair up and helped her pin the rest up. "Okay, so where would you like to go first?" Mishell asked quickly. Nixies stomach growled loudly and Mishell laughed. Even Nixie cracked a smile at that one. "Alright! I know just the place! Mishell exclaimed happily. Nixie and Mishell walked out of the condo and along the docks until they reached a nice bahamian restaurant. They walked inside ad seated themselves. They sat down and minutes later a waitress came in with menus. She stopped and looked envious at the Mishell and Nixie.

"You two are really beautiful" she told them nicely.

"Thanks!" Mishell said back. Mishell would think so since mermaids only exist due to beauty. She was sure the story went that Atargatis was a fish that used some sort of power to turn her human. She then manipulated a human and hooked up with him... But then she felt bad for it because she was fish not a human. So Atargatis thought she would jump in the water turn back into a fish, but the gods didn't want her to lose her beauty, for she was the most beautiful human to walk the earth. So the gods only turned her into half a fish, so that he could still have her exquisite face. Ever since then every mermaid has been extremely beautiful!

"What can I get you to drink?" The nice waitress asked.

"Two waters" Mishell told her nicely. The waitress nodded and left. While she was gone the door to the restaurant opened and some cute looking fellow with auburn hair entered. Beside him was the gorgeous boy from earlier! Mishell couldn't believe it! She smiled charmingly at him and waved. And he did the same. She looked over at Nixie and smiled who seemed to be looking at one of the boys that entered after the first two. Nixie caught her looking at her ad smiled also, and before they new it they heard chairs scraping across the floor. They looked over to see that the boys had moved chairs around the table they were sitting at. The auburn one pulled up his between Nixie and Mishell, separating them. The cute one with the big brown eyes sat on the side next to her, while another dark haired boy who held a toothy smile plopped himself shyly on Nixie's side. Another one sat alone on one side in front of me, Nixie, and the auburn haired boy. He had a sort of big nose, but it fit him in a cute way.

The cute one looked at her and smiled. "I never got to ask you your name." He stated. "So... Um... Hi! What's your name?" He asked.

Mishell giggled." It's Mishell." She smiled brightly. "What is your name?"

He gave her a funny look and his mouth dropped. "You mean you were being serious?! You really don't know who we are!?" He asked surprised.

"Nope." Mishell said honestly.

"But!" He started. "Everyone knows who we are! Where have you been?!"

"I suppose I've been spending time in the water a little bit too long then." She laughed. Of course the boy probably thought it was a joke even though she was being serious."So your name is...?"

"Paul" he said simply.

"Enchantée Paul!" she said basically saying nice to meet you in french.

"Ahh so you're a french girl!" Paul said smiling.

"Half" Mishell stated "I grew up in france for most of my life though. Then took up swimming around the world. I've been everywhere! It's fantastic!"

"I've been everywhere meself! Touring with the band! It's been great." He said.

Then the one with the big nose chimed in. "We've been to Australia, America, New Zealand," he paused with a smile" and Australia...and New Zealand" he laughed.

"'Ey Ringo! Save it for next christmas record will you?" Paul laughed. It seemed to be some sort of joke I guess, but I didn't get it.

The waitress soon came back with out waters. Nobody noticed her until she dropped the waters and glass shattered everywhere."It's-it's-it's- THE- THE- BEA-"

"Shhhh! Keep quiet you!" The auburn haired one said before she could finish what she was saying."We'll sign anything you want if you keep quiet!" The waitress simply nodded her head and walked away. She returned minutes later with new water and a picture that looked like it had the boys on it. She handed them a black marker and gave the picture to Paul first who signed it happily then passed it to auburn hair and so on. The waitress then handed me and Nixie our waters and asked the boys what they wanted to drink. I only heard what Paul ordered and it was a bottle of coca-cola.

After the waitress left to get their drinks Paul turned around and faced me again. "So Mishell!" He smiled that charming smile of his. "What brings you to the bahamas?"

"Well" Mishell started " I just liked to travel, and I thought that the bahamas would be the best place to swim during february!"

"Yeah! Better than most beaches!" Paul agreed. " Even though it's still bloody cold" he laughed. The waitress came back with the boys drinks then took everybody's orders. Naturally, Mishell and Nixie got seafood, but the boys stuck to something less ... Lets say exotic.. Than us. Just plain old fish n chips.

Actually Mishell was quite embarrassed by this and so she made up a silly excuse. "I always think it's good to try different exotic foods at all the different places I visit. I mean I'll probably only visit them once you know... Best to get the most out of every visit!" Mishell laughed nervously.

Paul smiled at her. " Never thought of it tha' way!" He seemed in thought or a moment "Cor! Now that I think about it, I've been to all these amazing places, and have gotten the same boring food at ever place I've visited! Y'know...tomorrow I think that's gonna change!" He laughed lightly.

Everyone at the table was chatting away to someone next to them. Mishell and Paul were really engrossed in a conversation. They talked to each other about a lot of different things that the other thought was interesting. About twenty minutes later the waitress came back with our food. Mishell looked over at Nixie realizing she had never ate outside of the water. Mishell almost caught Nixie picking-1aw up her seafood with her hands, so she mind zapped her,(yes, they have mind powers) but Nixie was unaware of it so her mind was blocked and it gave Mishell a massive headache. Once Nixie realized what Mishell was doing she looked over and Mishell and Nixie started communicating.
'Nixie! Humans usually eat with utensils! Don't eat with your hands or anything like that! You see that fork?' Mishell asked and Nixie nodded. 'Alright pick it up like this' Mishell said picking up her own fork'Now take it and lightly stab it into your food' Nixie did as said 'Now bring it into your mouth and eat! But don't eat the fork' Mishell lightly laughed.

When Mishell snapped out of her and Nixie's little conversation she realized Paul had been talking to her. She turned to Paul and cocked an eyebrow."Mishell?" He said waving his hand in front of her face.

"What?" Mishell asked blankly.

"Oh! I finally got your attention!" Paul said with a smile.

"What did you need?" Mishell asked.

Paul frowned at this. " I don't remember..." He said and Mishell rolled her eyes playfully.

After that it was kind of quiet between the two and everyone seemed to have finished their good. The waitress came back with a check."Thank you." Mishell smiled up at the waitress while taking the check. She went to pull out some money when Paul stopped her.

"Allow me." He said politely.

Mishell shrugged. " Sure, but at least let me pay for mine and Nixies share."

Paul grinned. "Nope"

"Why not?" Mishell pouted.

"Cause I said so!" Paul trued to say seriously but ended up busting out laughing afterwards.

"Demanding are we?" Mishell said playfully. "Alright sure, but only if..." Mishell paused.

"Yes?" Paul asked.

"Only if we can go somewhere together again, so I can pay for it and then we'll be even." Mishell smirked.

"Ummm okay. Let's all go to the beach together! I'll let you pay for that!" He winked. Mishell laughed at his sneakiness. Of course he picked the beach because it was free.

"Fine! You win!" Mishell said playfully hitting his shoulder. "Alright me and Nixie should probably be getting back now!" Mishell said standing up. Paul stood up with her.

"Bye" he smiled charmingly and he opened his arms for a hug.

"Bye" Mishell smiled back accepting the hug. Then walked back over to Nixie. "You ready to go Nixie?" Mishell asked and Nixie nodded, and they left the restaurant smiling and waving good bye at the boys.

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