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* Means there is an explanation at the end of the chapter.

Chapter One

"Ready Brother?"

The worn, tattered book in my lap sits innocently, even though the secrets it contains are deadly. Sighing, I turn from the source of my now pounding headache, to my younger brother. He stands confidently in the doorway. His short blonde hair looks darker in the dim lit room. The only source of light being a candle resting on the old, dark brown desk, situated to my left.

Before I can reply, thunder booms overhead and lightning strikes, lighting up the room and Alphonse's body. The wide, expressive golden brown eyes shimmering with determination and the face that resembles our Mother is set in a calm expression, despite what we are about to do. For a moment I let myself picture her, not fighting the stab of sorrow that comes with it. Just one of the many things that has gone wrong. Just one of the many things I've managed to fuck up. Another fault on my list, though now, there's too many to count.

"Brother?" Snapping back from the tip of the depression filled iceberg that always is lurking beneath the surface, I focus back on what's important. Alphonse.

"Yeah Al, I'm ready." Placing the book on the dark brown desk, I heave myself from the large, blue, chair. I grab my red knee length coat and toss it on, making sure my golden braid is over it, and mindful of my aching port*. Damn rain. We've only been here a week and a half and it's barely stopped. I'm going to have to think of something to relieve to pain.

"Are your ports causing you pain?" Not meeting Al's worried gaze, I grab the faded black shoulder bag Al bought yesterday, and shove the tattered book in it, ignoring the throbbing in my skull. The worn dark blue book goes in easily enough, considering its massive size and that fact that there is nothing else in the black bag helps to. We are going to be picking up our school books when we arrive at Forks High School shortly. According to our age, I'm a Senior in high school and Al is a Sophomore. To say the least, I wasn't very happy when I found out we were going to be separated a few days back.

Hell, we've never been to a real school besides when we were kids, before and a little after Mom died. Then Al and I went directly into finding the Philosopher's Stone.

Furrowing my blonde eyebrows, I toss the faded black bag over my left shoulder, considering I don't need to add any more strain added to the right. I answer, "They're fine, Al, don't worry." Finally looking him in the eyes, I know he knows I'm lying, but before he can push it, I make my way to where he's standing and walk past him in the doorway, into the living room. I don't get but a few feet before a hand gently grips my left shoulder.

"Brother, I know this isn't easy, but please bear through it, for me?" Looking up to meet his pleading eyes, because yes, even though Alphonse is younger than me, he is still a just a little bit taller, I let out a frustrated, yet exhausted sigh.

"Alright, but only for you. As soon as I figure out what happened, I'm fixing it and getting us the hell out of here." The hand on my shoulder squeezes before letting go and I continue the short walk through the living room to the front door. I stop just before the front door that leads to the outside world. To the annoying, thick drops of rain that insists on ruining the first day to a big change in our lives. To something majorly different than what we're used to. The throbbing headache now advances to a piercing migraine and bring my right gloved hand up to rub my aching temple. I release a much needed sigh and drop my hand back to my side.

"It's going to be okay brother, we've been through worse." Quietly laughing bitterly, I mutter, "Just another thing to the long list of fuckups." I don't know if Al hears, but I grasp the silver doorknob and twist, pushing the door open and stepping out into the freezing drops of depression. Looking up into the dark grey, almost black sky, I know today won't be a good one. But I clench my jaw and prepare to deal with it. I haven't gotten Al's body back to mess shit up once more and am determined to get us back, if only so he can finally live his life, that I so stupidly tore away from him.

I readjust the shoulder bag and grip the black strap tightly, venting my frustrations out on it. Looking back down, I see Al already opening to driver's side of the shiny black car we transfigured out of a rusty, paint chipping Jetta that we found next to the abandoned house we unexpectedly arrived in.

Not wanting to get anymore wet, I pull the handle to the car door, I let my bag drop to the floorboard, dropping myself onto the cold leather seat and shut the door quickly, hoping to get away from the wet, unwelcome rain. I don't need my ports soaked, along with the incessant ache from the weather. That would be a bitch. Not to mention, how would I explain to all the new people I meet why they can hear metal clanking when I walk by. No thanks.

"How did you even get us enrolled in a school anyway Al?" Starting the car, Al gives me a pointed look and I grumble to myself while putting on the seatbelt. His golden brown eyes focus on the road and as he pulls out of the driveway and he answers, "It wasn't that hard Brother. When we arrived I knew we needed to get a grasp of what was going on I figured why not get enrolled in school? We've missed out with trying to get our bodies back and it wouldn't hurt to be informed and learn some more." Even though his tone doesn't change, I can tell Al's still upset that he got his body back, yet I didn't.

With nothing to do but listen, I search outside the window for something to keep my nerves sedated and my mind off of what we're about to walk into. The color green in various shades greet me, as well as the wet, pounding rain, that has yet to let up, even if just a little. Trees quickly pass by as Al drives carefully but fast through the twist and turns of the road. He continues and I still keep my eyes on the emerald foliage to settle my nerves.

"I just walked into the school after hours and talked to the secretary and then the principle. Even though we have no records of existing here, they let us attend after I filled out some paperwork and told them some lies about why we had no files." The dark green trees seem to disappear as we enter the small town of Forks.

"Idiots," I say under my breath, more to myself than Al. "Anyone could just waltz into their school, lie and be a danger to all the students and staff." Stopping briefly at a red light I tap my right foot impatiently, ready to get first impressions over with. Al hums in agreement but then counters, "I doubt it though with such a small town though. Besides we can keep ourselves, and others safe if that happens." Instead of replying I flex my fingers that lay in my lap and my anxiety spikes, though I keep my face blank to not worry Al. He's worried and fussed over me enough, now he needs to worry about himself.

I rest my forehead on the cold, fogged up window in hopes to lessen the intense pain in my skull. Closing my eyes, I take a few deep breaths and open them again when I feel calmer. I do, for a brief moment, until I see the root of my anxiety and swallow inaudibly. I jerkily shake my head and berate myself. This is no time to be wallowing in fear. It's a High School for god's sake! These are children that are oblivious, innocent. I steel my nerves and narrow my eyes. Just another thing to complete, Ed, a small insignificant thing. It can't be harder than trying to find a Philosopher's Stone. You're here to learn, albeit only because of Al, but still. To learn about things you and your younger brother missed out on.

Finally in check, I ignore the stares from the people when Al parks. I glance over at him, and my eyes soften. "Are you ready, Al?" He looks at me unsurely for a moment, but then gives me a reassuring smile and nods.

"We can do this Brother. It's nothing compared to the challenges we've faced before." How I wish I could be more like you Al. With determination I nod as well. I grab my shoulder bag and bring my white gloved hand to rest on the door handle. Not looking at Al, I quietly say, "Stay close to me Al, I don't want to lose you." We both know it's not just about losing each other in the small crowd of students.

"I will Brother." He shuts off the engine and I take another deep breath, grimacing in pain when Al turns to open his door due to the pain. The pounding in my head is not getting better, but I can deal with it. Rolling my right shoulder I try to get the aching to go away, but it doesn't. I sigh and finally open the door, swinging my black leather clad legs over the seat and let my black and red boots land onto the hard, cold cement. I throw the black bag over my left shoulder and shut the door. A little too forcefully, judging by how many more people look our way.

Rolling my eyes, I once again grasp the strap of the bag in a death grip. Ignoring the annoying stares, I shove my right gloved hand in my pant pocket and walk around the front of the car to meet Al so we can start our first day as High School students. He's standing there, with a calm expression on his face and his eyes show nothing of the anxiety I feel.

When I reach him, we both start walking to the entrance. I take the time to inspect the school so I can get my mind off of the migraine, aching and the intrigued stares. The building appears to be made out of brick and consists of three different sectors. Windows line the sides and front of the building, and I don't know why there are so many. The only thing to look at is the damn rain. The High School looks old, but no more than a few decades.

Finally reaching the entrance, we're almost run into by a few male teenagers messing around. But before they can, I grab Al with my left gloved hand and pull him towards me and take a quick step back. I guess after all those hard years of trying to find the Philosopher's Stone paid off, if only to protect Alphonse from some stupid teens.

"Watch it." I growl out as they stare dumbstruck, clearly expecting to help us up and apologize for knocking us down. Releasing Al's arm, I walk past them, pointedly ignoring their stares. I'm through the entryway and can see the front office when I hear Al apologize to them, "Sorry about him." Rolling my eyes I wait for Alphonse to catch up before heading into the office to get our schedules.

The school looks pretty ordinary on the inside. Boringly white and clean. Kind of like a hospital. Shuddering at the thought of having to be in a hospital again, I walk the short distance to the main office, knowing Al isn't but a few steps behind. It's weird to not hear the clanking of armor anymore, Al often scares the shit out of me on accident, since I always expect to hear his approach.

The office is just the same as the inside of the school, though it doesn't have the sterile smell of a hospital. The secretary looks up and offers me a kind smile and though I don't return it, I lose the annoyed expression. Alphonse is already asking for our schedules and I look out into the hall to see people 'casually' walking by to take a peek at the new students. Though, most of them have stopped and are openly staring.

"Here's your schedule. Let's go to first period so we aren't late." Taking the piece of paper, I skim it.

Name: Edward Elric

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Grade: Senior

First Period: AP Literature

Second Period: Pre-Calculus

Third Period: German 1

Fourth Period: Chemistry

Fifth Period: World Humanities Asia

Sixth Period: Off Period

Seventh Period: P.E. / Introduction to Weight Lifting

"We only have first and fifth period together. While we walk I will explain how the schedule works." Al and I walk take a left from the front office and make our way down a long hall way with lockers lined up across the walls. Apparently, Al has already memorized where everything was at. Why am I not surprised?

Ignoring the people who have stopped by their lockers to check out the new students, we take a right in to a smaller hallway with no windows and classroom doors. Stuffing my hands farther into my black, leather, pant pockets, Al continues. "Since today is Thursday, it's an odd day. Which basically means we have First, Third, Fifth, Lunch then Seventh. Each class period is an hour and thirty minutes long, and lunch is forty three minutes long. Listen Brother, because I don't want to have to explain this twice."

"Yeah, yeah Al, I'm listening." Rolling my eyes, I rub my right shoulder with my left hand to try and relieve some of the ache. And then rub my right temple with my right gloved hand to stop the throbbing.

"Monday's are always all classes day and lunch is after Fifth period. Tuesdays are odd days, so it's the schedule I just explained earlier. Wednesday's start at 9:11am, whereas every other day of the school week starts at 7:30am. Wednesday is always an even day. Like I said, Thursday is always an odd day, and Friday is always an even day, with the exception of an advisory** that is on every Friday, right after Second period."

"Jeez, how do they expect teenagers to sit around that long and actually learn?" I complain as we reach a plain white door, that's propped wide open by a doorstop.

"It's not that hard Brother." Al reasons with a raised eyebrow, though amusement is shining in his golden brown eyes. I grumble and will away my pounding heart. I swear you can hear it from a few feet away. Creasing my eyebrows in pain, the migraine is at its peak. I can feel blood reverberating off the insides of my skull. At least this pain is taking my mind off my aching ports.

Taking a shallow breath, I hold my head up high and cross through the open doorway, into the rowdy classroom, already filled with students. All the noise stops and I clench my jaw. My muscles are tense as Al passes me to talk to the teacher. I sweep my golden eyes over the quiet classroom, not really seeing anything. Too nervous (though I would never admit it aloud) to care about my new classmates. My first and main priority is finding a way back so Alphonse can finally be free to do what he was denied by my terrible choices.

My eyes narrow as I think about the words that worn dark blue book holds.

"-rother! Ed!" Snapping my unseeing eyes from the students, I see a worried looking Al, though his expression shows no disbelief, since I tend to get lost in my thoughts quite often.

Seeing I'm back in reality, Al quickly explains, "The teacher Mr. Cooper would like us to introduce ourselves to the class." His golden brown eyes promise for an explanation later as to why I zoned out, but I ignore him and turn my head back to the now laughing class. My golden braid swings as I shift the black shoulder bag and rotate my right arm, hoping to relieve some of the tension in my port.

"My name is Edward Elric. This is my younger brother, Alphonse." My tone is firm and holds no room for question. I stress the fact Al is my younger brother. I protectively stand a little in front of him, though not enough for the class not to see him.

"Younger? But Alphonse is so much taller!" My nostrils flare and I almost yell at the smartass but before I can, the class erupts into loud whispers. "What the hell is the Edward wearing?" "Is that leather?" "Kinda hot!" "The younger one looks more approachable." "Why does Edward have long hair, he's a guy isn't he?" "You're just jealous Mike***!"

I clench my gloved hands into fists and stand completely in front of Al. I don't care what they say about me, but they better not talk bad about my baby brother!

"Class! Class! Shut your mouths! Now, I expect you to be nice and welcome the Elric brothers. I don't want to hear any more of that mean gibberish! Now what is my motto?" The whole class rings in one monotone voice, "If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it." Mr. Cooper smiles and continues, "Exactly! I hope you treat them with respect."

Al rests his hand on my shoulder in a gesture of comfort. It doesn't help, though I relax a little. "Okay! Edward, you can sit in the empty desk by the window. Alphonse you can sit in the empty desk to Edward's right."

"Yes, sir." Al drops his hand and moves from behind me to his new seat, and I make my way toward mine, ignoring the stares. Sitting down, I drop my black shoulder bag to the ground beside me and heave a small sigh of relief, feeling some of the pressure taken off of my left leg. The port still throbs, but the ache lessens without the full weight of my body resting on it.

A jolt of unexpected pain through my skull makes my golden eyes widen slightly, but I manage to keep quiet and not alert Al. I peek at him from the corner of my eye. He's calmly sitting there, with a notebook open to a blank page and a blue mechanical pencil in hand. He either chooses to ignore the stares or just doesn't hear them. Which I highly doubt.

Tilting my head to the side in thought, I take a good look at what Al's wearing. A white button down shirt and grey flat-front pants.

Now that I think about it, he blends in pretty easily, albeit dresses nicer. Well, besides his golden brown eyes. I must really stick out, with my crimson knee length coat, black leather pants, and black leather boots with red soles. Plus, the long golden hair doesn't help. Screw what anyone else thinks, I'm not changing my appearance.

Rolling my eyes, I continue my looking, reaching his black shiny shoes, that remind me of the ones Colonel Mustang wears. A pang of something reverberates inside my chest and I quickly look away from Al, to my desk. What the hell was that? I can't miss the bastard can I?

Sighing, I prop my right elbow on the hard desk, and place my gloved hand to my right cheek, resting it there.

This is going to be a long day.


*Port- the place where Edward's automail connects with his real body. Or so I've heard.

**This is exactly like my schedule at my school. I know weird right? Sitting in class that long suck . And an advisory class is a mandatory class everyone has to take every Friday. It's also an hour and 30 minutes long and is basically a study hall, with the exception of a few projects.

*** Yes, that Mike. The one who asks Bella to the prom ( or whatever was called ) and has PE with her. /shudder/ just mentioning her makes me want to gauge my eyes out with brooches. Guess what that reference is from? ^^ (too sadistic? Eh, whatever)


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