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Chapter Two

"So, Ed, I was thinking since you are new and everything, want to sit with me at lunch?"

My golden eyes turn from the rainy, dreary view of the outside through the window to a nervous looking blonde. He's standing there awkwardly, rubbing his neck with his right hand and his left stuffed into his light blue jeans. His pale blue eyes are staring at me hopefully.

My left eye twitches in annoyance. Rising my eyebrow at him I realize he's the one who insulted me in first period. My liquid gold eyes slide into angry slits as I stare him down, his bright yellow shirt only adds to the dull throbbing that starts to form in the back of my skull. 'Great, just what I need, another damn headache.'

"My name is Mike by the-"


"Huh?" His pale blue eyes widen and he runs his right hand through his short dull hair, making it stick up in random places.

"You heard me…no." I grind out through clenched teeth. Crossing my arms over my chest (and ignore when my port protests) I glare at him. Mike shrinks under my gaze and laughs nervously.

"And don't call me Ed." My voice is rough as I stretch my arms over my head. Squeezing my eyes shut I groan as my right shoulder connected to my automail throbs with objection.

Sighing in relief to finally have alleviated some of the pressure, the bell rings, signaling that 5th period is over. Rising up from the uncomfortable black plastic seat, my limbs tighten and contract, especially my ports.

When I reopen my tired eyes he's still standing there, dumbstruck, and his annoying mouth is agape in disbelief. 'Stupid high schoolers, stupid schedule maker. Why the hell is Mike in every single one of my odd classes so far? Tch.'

Scoffing I grab my black shoulder bag strap with my right gloved hand and swing it onto my right shoulder, barely containing the wince as every nerve connected to my port ignites with tingling pain. 'Shit, forgot about that.'

My black and red boots squeak on the linoleum floor as I walk away from my desk. Choosing to ignore the pain and the dull blonde idiot, I walk past him, tense and ready for anything to happen if he tries something. Not that he would, but…you can never be too careful. Passing through the open doorway I walk as fast as I can without drawing attention to myself. I'm anxious enough as it is and being worried about Al isn't helping. Is he alright? Has anyone been mean to him? Did he find all of his classes alright?

My eyebrows crease when I reach my locker. 'Al is supposed to be waiting here. Where is he?' Thrusting my right gloved hand into the front pocket of my leather pants I pull out a crumpled white sheet of paper. Unwrinkling* it I look at the top of the paper.

Locker: 127

Combination: 45-13-29

Glancing up at the faded blue locker, I start to panic a little. 'I'm at the correct locker, where is he? He was supposed to be waiting here! Al, you better be alright!' Shoving the innocent paper back into my black leather pocket, I turn around and dash to where Al's 5th period class was. Rounding the corner I take in deep breaths when the need for oxygen starts to become overwhelming. And I don't think it's due to running. Halting to a stop in front of his classroom I don't see him inside the class. My eyes widen and I back up and run back in the direction of my locker, hoping Al is there, safe and unhurt. Black dots starts appear in my vision and I can hear my heart thumping loudly and fast in my ears. 'Damnit, damnit, where are-'

Grunting as I feel the air being knocked out of me, I grab onto whatever's blocking my path to keep from falling. My hands start to slip as my white gloves can't hold onto the silky material of the person's shirt. My muscles clench up even more, ready to right myself as I fall, but before I can two strong arms wrap themselves around my bright crimson coat. One lies on my lower back, while the other secures itself around my shoulders. The only thought I have going through my head is, 'I have to find to Al!'

Darting my eyes up I stare into bright honey colored orbs, not breathing I can't find anything to say. My mind is on overdrive. My brain is screaming at me to get the hell out and find Al, but my body doesn't move. It just lays rigid in two freezing, marble like arms. Thunder booms outside and I jump, bringing my now wiling arms up, I shove against an equally as cold and strong chest, surprising the one who caught me and am about to brush past him when I hear a familiar voice.

"Brother? Are you alright? We went by your locker and you weren't there. I was worried."

"Al!" Eyes wide I run over to Al, who's standing just a few feet behind the honey eyed stranger. His innocent face stares back at me and I sigh in relief, letting out a breath I didn't know I had been holding.

"Don't you ever do that again! Damnit Al, I thought you were hurt! Right after class I went to my locker and you weren't there." My tone lowers into a desperate tone and I let my blonde bangs fall in front of my eyes as my shoulders fall in defeat and my head tilts downward," Do you know how worried I was? What thoughts were racing through my head?" By the end of my rant my chest heaves with shallow breaths, and my gloved hands are gripped into fists.

"That would be my fault." A voice rings through the quiet (luckily there are no nosey students around) hall, reminding me of wind chimes. Surprised my eyes widen and I bring my head up, and turn towards the voice.

A petite girl with dark brown hair styled into a pixie cut stands gracefully beside Al. I didn't even know she was there. Seeing the color of her eyes, my eyebrows raise. 'Really? Two people with honey colored eyes? That's weird even for me to see.'

Glancing back at Al he smiles encouragingly and I hesitate.

"Sorry, your brother has 3rd and 4th period with me and I thought to ask if you both would like to join us for lunch."

Sighing, my face sets itself back into its usual (as of the time being Al and I are here) annoyed mask.

"Fine, we'll join you for lunch, but Al and I will have to leave early because we need to talk...alone." Al gets a guilty look on his face, while the pixie girl just smiles.

"My name is Alice Cullen, and the quiet boy behind you is Jasper Hale. We're siblings and are both juniors." Her perfect smile never falters, though her voice takes on an amused tone.

"Edward Elric. I'm a senior." I hastily introduce myself and moves towards Al. I don't elaborate. I'm not here to make friends. Only to get back and give Al his precious life back. Stepping closer to Al, I finally take a good look at Jasper. I conceal my shock with a calculating glare.

Jasper is…pale. Paler than anyone I've ever seen before, even paler than Al after he finally got his body back. Though Jasper is equally as pale as Alice. Brown hair entwined with blonde sits upon his head in a curly, yet organized fashion. His face looks aristocratic. Like it was sculpted with precision, and that the artist was trying to get everything perfect.

My eyes search lower and dark jeans and a blue silk button up shirt fill my vision. 'So that's why I couldn't hold on when I almost fell earlier.' Looking back up to his pale face his full pale pink lips form into a frown and his expression turns into one of discomfort.

Quickly looking down, I will away the heat that suddenly shoots to my cheeks, coloring them a dull pink, and let my bangs fall onto my face once more.

Grabbing onto Al's forearm I brush past Jasper who's standing so still he looks like a carved statue, and drag Al with me.

"Come on Al, I'm starving."

"U-um, Brother…the cafeteria is the other way." I hear Alice giggle as I turn around and move past the now moving Jasper, still dragging Al behind me, and growl quietly when the scarlet monster reclaims my face once again.

Glancing at Al, I release his arm now that we're on the right track. Whispering, I sneak a peek at the two siblings before us, making sure Al and I are at a safe enough distance.

"I'm serious Al, don't do that again." My tone is firm but my eyes soften as I look at his young, open face. His golden brown eyes find mine and he gets that guilty look back on his face.

"I'm sorry; I really didn't mean to make you worried. I thought I was going to be at your locker before you, but Jasper, Alice and I got talking and she invited us to sit with them at lunch. I couldn't refuse, that would be impolite." His voice lowers even further and he continues, "Especially after all that's happened, you know I wouldn't leave you on purpose."

I sigh and close my eyes, creasing my eyebrows when a sharp pain passes through my head.

"I know Al, I know."

Bringing my left gloved hand up to my rub my temple I go on, my voice getting rougher when the pain increases.

"And who cares about being impolite! We don't know these people Alphonse. No matter how nice they seem, they could still be a danger to you—to us." Lowering my voice the way he did earlier I say, "We can't trust anyone right now Al. It's not safe." My tone rises into a teasing one and I finish, "Plus, as soon as I find a way back we're leaving, and you can finally ask May out on that date."

Sputtering, Al's face turns as bright as my coat and I chuckle. But I stop when I hear other laughter join in. Though it's quiet I glance up to see Alice smiling.

Narrowing my eyes, I shove both of my gloved hands into my black, leather pockets. Gritting my teeth at the sudden wave of pain, I look forward, just in time to see Jasper's rigid back give a barely concealed wince. Closing my eyes, I listen to the sound of our footsteps on the hard floor and the sound of the swooshing rain colliding with the school roof.

The sound of footsteps in front of me stop and I reopen my eyes, cringing a little when I see Mike standing just inside the cafeteria doors, his shirt as bright as ever. Grimacing, I take a side step closer to Al, and he gives me a calculating gaze. Tilting my head at Mike, I mouth, "Later." And he nods.

You could be amazed at how fast a loud room can change to a dead silence. Every head is turned towards the four of us as we make our way to the left and past some round tables to the line to get food. I gently shove Al in front of me to shield him from the stares and glare smolderingly at all of the shocked and curious faces. Many of them look away and loud whispering erupts from within the room.

Ignoring the disbelieving voices, I grab a plastic red tray from the stack and browse the food. Raising an eyebrow at the lack of choice, I grab an apple, a water bottle, and a sandwich. Al's already gone through and is waiting for me by the time I pay and I see Jasper and Alice already waiting at an empty table. Joining Al, I glare venomously at all the students, hoping to keep them away.

"Come on Brother; don't make enemies even before you've had a chance to make friends." Al's reasonable voice cuts through my glaring and I roll my eyes.

"We're not here to make friends Al."

"Even if we're not here for a while, we should still at least try."

"Yeah, yeah" I mumble as we make it to the table. Alice looks up and smiles while Jasper just sits there like he's forced to and looking anywhere but at Al and I. Al takes a seat at the circular table next to Alice, which leaves the only other open seat next to Jasper, across from Al. 'Great.'

Tossing my black shoulder bag on the ground, I set my red plastic tray down on the mute white table and sit down, jerking a little when pain flashes through the nerves connecting both of my ports. 'Fucking rain!' Gritting my teeth, I hear Alice and Al make meaningless conversation while Jasper still sits there, rigid.

Putting my elbows on the table, I place my head in my hands and squeeze my eyes shut. 'Damn ports, damn rain, damn migraine, damn—'

"Hey Ed. Why don't you come and join me at my table?" Mike's annoyingly loud voice slices through my skull like an icepick and the pain makes flinch. I'm fed up with the pain, the rain and most of all Forks, Washington.

Slamming my gloved fists onto the table I say in a harsh, demanding tone, "Didn't I tell you no!?" The whole cafeteria abruptly quiets once more due to my outburst. Lightning strikes and thunder roars, resonating throughout the cafeteria, sounding much louder than it should.

Not caring about the crowd, I jump up from my seat, and roughly grab the strap of my black shoulder bag, not bothering to throw it on my shoulder I march for the open cafeteria doors.

"Brother! Brother, wait!"

Ignoring Al's call, I continue marching through the open doors toward my 7th period class. Weight Lifting and P.E. Good, I really need to blow off some steam. Marching down the empty hall, my ports start to ache with pain once again, but I ignore it and keep going until I reach a sign that states, BOYS LOCKER ROOM.
Nodding my head, I open the dull blue door and close it behind me. Leaning against the cold metal, my head swims and my vision blurs, which isn't the best combination with the jagged pain ripping through my skull.

Not knowing which P.E. locker is mine, I toss my black shoulder bag on the hard ground next to a row of light brown benches. Quickly looking around to make sure no one is in the room with me, I dig in my shoulder bag for a long sleeved grey shirt and black jogging pants, thanking Al when he slipped it into my bag after first period, knowing I'd forget the articles of clothing at our temporary home.

Confident that no one is spying, I carefully take off my bright crimson coat, folding it and place it on the bench. Doing the same with the small black jacket, I tear off my black tank top and groan when my automail arm spikes with unpleasant tingles.

Grabbing the long sleeved grey shirt I quickly put it on and fold the black tank top, placing it on the growing pile of clothes. Pulling off my black and red boots I place them next to the bench on the floor. Shimmying out of my black leather pants, I pull on the black jogging pants, hissing when the material rubs against my automail, igniting sparks that make my nerves go haywire.

Roughly folding the leather pants, I grab the pile of clothes and shove them in my now heavy shoulder bag, thanks to many meaningless school books. I lay my black bag against the too bright white wall close to the door. Tugging my black and red leather boots back on the bell rings and I make my way to the closed door. My stomach growls angrily at me, but I disregard it.

Fixing my face into a blank mask, I walk back out the dull blue door and cross the small, now crowded hall, and arrive at a matching dull blue door, and twist the shiny knob with my right gloved hand. Stepping inside I take a look at the gym.

It's small. Just a bit smaller than the cafeteria, which isn't too small, just smaller than I thought it would be. Seeing an overweight, balding man in shorts I assume he's the teacher. A volleyball net is set up in the middle of the gym, resting on a shiny brown floor. Mute white walls make the room seem smaller with the combination of no windows, and red plastic benches lay against them on one side.

Taking a deep breath, I take the first few steps to talk the teacher when a pale and tall figure walks past me. Eyes widening, I cover my shock with a scowl, and continue my path to the coach.

'Another one? He must be related to Alice and Jasper. Why do they all look so….immaculate?'

"You must be Edward Elric. My name is Mr. Neil. Class is always started with five laps around the gym, and then we play whatever sport I feel like. Today, it's volleyball." Even though it's not sunny and we're inside, sunglasses are hanging around his neck, and his right eye is red, like a blood vessel popped. "You're locker number is 16. Tardiness is not acceptable, nor is not dressing out. You will always participate. I don't care if you are missing a limb; you're still going to exercise. Got me?"

Nodding, I think to myself bitterly, 'How ironic. I've already lost two.'

His chubby face looks down to his right wrist, examining a silver watch. "Alright, class! Today, we're obviously playing volleyball. Edward Cullen and Mike Newton will be the team captains."

'Of course Mike is in this class. I'm beginning to think Truth** hates me.' Not even bothering to roll my eyes, I glance at my classmates, pointedly skipping over Mike. In total there are thirteen, all male, which means one person will have to rotate on a team of six.

"What are you all standing here for? You know what to do!" Blowing his shiny whistle, the coach takes a seat at the red plastic chair on the sidelines of the court and the students start to jog around the gym. Taking a slow start I join them. I'm about in the middle of all the students when I hear whispering behind me.

"Dude, why is he wearing gloves? That's weird."

"Yeah and look at his hair? What is he, a hippy?"

"Haha! I heard he was sitting with Alice and Jasper at lunch, and Mike came up to him and he totally freaked! He yelled at Mike and then ran from the cafeteria like a little girl."

Growling, I turn my head to say something to those dicks when coach blows his whistle yet again and yells, "Faster ladies! This isn't kindergarten, run!" Meeting eyes with both of the assholes, they cringe and look away. Narrowing my eyes, I turn my head back around, my blonde braid swishing with the effort.

Sprinting, I pass the remainder of the class until I reach the sibling of Alice and Jasper. He doesn't look my way as I pass him and finish the fifth lap, breathing deeply and regretting running so fast when my vision and head start to blur once again.

"Line up! Cullen, Newton pick your teams! Newton, you choose first." Coach yells out as he takes a drink from his red Gatorade. Taking a few more deep breaths I make my way over to the black line tapped to the floor, I grit my teeth as my automail shoots pain into my nerves. 'Damn rain.'

Glaring at Mike, I hope to silently tell him to fuck off. He better not pick me. "I pick…Ed."

'Yup, that's it, Truth definitely hates me. What did I ever do to you bastard?'

My eyes narrowed at him the whole way I stand on his left side, farther than I have to. Cullen stands to his right and picks the first member of his team, though his tone shows he really couldn't care less who was on his team.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I close my eyes and wish I was back where Al and I belonged. That he was finally living the life he deserves. And that this damn migraine would go away.

Reopening my eyes, I see everyone has been picked and those two assholes from earlier are on my team. Sighing, I go to stand a little behind the net on the right side, ready to spike the ball. I may hate being here, but that doesn't mean I want to lose. Mike stands on the left of me, close to the net. The others take stance and Cullen's team is ready.

"First team to twenty five wins!" Tossing the ball to Cullen, coach blows his whistle yet again and the pale teen lifts the white ball up and flawlessly hits it over to our side. Seeing it coming in my direction I jump, lift up my right gloved hand palm out and slam it back over, hearing the loud smack before it hits the shiny floor. Everyone is quiet, like they didn't expect me to be able to do that. Even Cullen stands there allowing his dark eyebrows to rise.

Mike suddenly shouts a "Yeah!" and everyone is moving again. The one's on Cullen's team show their disapproval and the ones on mine trying to give me a high five, even the bastards from earlier. Clearly showing I don't want their approval, I walk to the lower right corner of the box, and standing on a small line of black tape.

"Point to Team Newton!"

Cullen has the ball in hand and tosses it over to me above the net. Catching the ball, I ready myself to serve. Letting the white sphere rest in the palm of my left gloved hand, I raise my right gloved hand, palm facing Cullen's team. Taking a deep breath I toss the ball in the air and strike it with right gloved hand, and watch it soar through the air and land inside the box, hitting the floor with a loud crack!

"Point to Team Newton!"

Smirking to myself I catch the ball once more as it's tossed to me and repeat myself. But this time one of the players is ready and bumps it back over to our side. Not having enough time to reach the ball, one of my teammates tries to spike it and the ball goes flying to left, missing the other team's point zone by a lot.

"Point to Team Cullen!"

Rotating positions, I step over to the lower left side of our box and get ready to defend. An athletic guy with red hair serves the ball and Mike bumps it up twice with his forearms and tries to spike it over, but Cullen is already there and hits it over to our side and it hits the floor the same time thunder booms overhead. 'Holy shit! I didn't even see him move! How did he get there that fast?'

Eyes wide, my team rotates and I end up a little behind the net on the left side, which just so happens to be right where Cullen ends up because the thirteenth player rotates in with another. Seeing Edward up this close makes me realize how different he looks from Alice and Jasper. Of course they all have the same honey colored eyes, and pale, pale skin, but are they even really related? Even though Al and I don't look exactly alike we still resemble each other a little. Granted he takes after Mom and I take after…Hohenheim.

Taking my mind off…him, I preoccupy myself with assessing Edward. His face is deathly pale, like his skin belongs to the dead, not a living, breathing teen. Just like Jasper, his face looks like years were spent on carving in every perfect detail. And yet again reminds me of Jasper because his bone structure is looks aristocratic. His chestnut brown hair is tousled in every which way, but looks like it's meant to be that way. Edward's muscles flex under his plain blue v-neck, and he looks ready to pounce, for more than just for a game of volleyball.

I'm brought out of my thoughts as I hear my name being yelled by the annoying Mike. Cullen's eyes meet mine and I'm about to turn around when something hard strikes me in the back of my head. Honey colored eyes and excruciating pain are all I remember before my golden eyes roll back into my head and a vast sea of total utter blackness consumes me.


*Dewrinkling? I have no clue which is right—or if there's a better word for it. Sorry! ^^;

**Truth—he's in FMA and FMA Brotherhood. The guy that can be called "God," "The Universe," etc.


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