A small girl walked along the long corridors of the spaceship she called home. Her long black hair flowing behind her, her vibrant green eyes distant. She was pale, her skin almost white. And her age was around seven.

As she walked, a strange noise sounded from behind her. Like sirens, but more drawn out and less loud. But it grew progressively louder, as if it grew nearer.

The girl turned around with a start and saw a most peculiar sight. A blue box, a police box, had appeared behind her. The door opened, revealing a man and a woman.

The man was of medium height with dark brown hair spiked up in the front. He wore a brown suit and converse shoes. His companion, the woman, was shorter still with strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore a black leather jacket and blue flare jeans.

They terrified her. Not because they were unknown, but because he had not seen them coming.

The man turned to her. "Oh, hello there," He said.

"Who are you?" The girl asked.

"Oh, well I'm The Doctor and this is Rose. And who are you?" The doctor replied.

"I'm Time." Time said. "Doctor who?"

"Strange name," The Doctor mumbled. Then he glanced up as if he had just heard her. "Just The Doctor."

The girl shrugged. "Where are we?" Rose asked.

"You're on Starship Seven. Where are you from?" Time said.

"Starship seven. Why do I think I've heard that name before?" The doctor absently questioned himself.

"Where are you from?" The girl asked.

"Earth." Rose said, watching the doctor.

"Earth? but Earth is gone. Destroyed thousands of years ago." Time Replied.

"Yes," The doctor replied. Then he froze, staring at her. "Why would you know something like that? You're only eight! so how did you gain this information?" The doctor rambled.

"The more important question is, Why can't I see you?" The girl asked.

"You can see me, Your looking at me!" The Doctor said.

"yes, but other than in my own memory? I cant see you in the past or the future, its as if you don't exist either way!" The girl screamed. She turned around and ran down the hall.

"What? Doctor What does she mean?" Rose asked.

"For once, I have no idea." The Doctor replied.