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Author's Note: I'm adding a few elements from the game, Jurassic Park: Trespasser; such as the Monorail track and a few more construction vehicles and such. Not going to be in the same places as in the game, because then this would be taking place on the wrong side of the island – Look up an Isla Sorna map for JP3 and JP:T and you'll see what I mean.

PS: I also apologize for any of the names I use that belong to real people, wasn't intentional, I swear it just happened like that.

"Talking" – human and dinosaur.

"Talking" – dinosaur talking from human perspective.

Thinking - thoughts, both human and dinosaur.

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So with out further ado...

"Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler... Welcome, to Jurassic Park." ~John Hammond, former head of InGen, creator of Jurassic Park.



Chapter 1: Welcome to Site B

Isla Sorna Site B, noon, somewhere in the jungle...


Bloodied and cut up hands pushed and shoved the thickly growing branches from their path.


Boot clad feet stomped and trampled grass, dead leaves, and small plants alike as they made their way past at a frantic pace.


Alexander Owens threw himself through the thickly grown underbrush hurriedly, leaving bent and swaying plants in his wake. Reflexively ducking under low hanging branches, weaving his way around trees, and leaping over logs and roots that obstructed his path. From behind he could faintly hear rustling from the plants he'd just passed through, and they were growing closer. He increased his pace, moving at speeds only achieved by fear driven adrenaline, nearly stumbling over an unnoticed root sticking up from the ground.


Alex's lungs burned, pleading for him to slow down, but he ignored the pain. For he knew it would be the death of him if he so much as slowed to anything below an all out run. Cause when what was chasing him finally caught him, it would kill him, rip his body apart and eat him. And not necessarily in that order either.

The Velociraptor was known to do that.

The sound of the plants just a few meters behind him thrashing broke him from his thoughts and he hurled himself in another direction, quickly increasing the distance between him and the deadly carnivore. Alex mentally kicked himself, You idiot! Of all times for your mind to wander, it had to be now. Concentrate first on getting away from this thing and then you can think all you want! I just need to find somewhere to hide!

Almost as if an answer to his thoughts, He burst from the underbrush and found himself standing in a small open clearing surrounded by tall trees and more thick underbrush. Making a split-second decision Alex ran for the closest tree and jumped, pushing off the trunk with his foot and toward the tree next to it, grabbing onto it's lowest branch. Quickly pulling himself up and then climbed into the higher, leafy branches and settled into the crook of a thick limb without a second to spare.

The raptor exploded from the undergrowth and skidded to a stop in the center of the small clearing. It seemed confused, as it scanned it's surroundings with yellow eyes, hissing lowly, before it slowly began to circle the small grass filled space. Alex tensed as it slowly approached his hiding place, passed below it and stopped to sniff the first tree he'd used as a springboard.

Please go away, don't follow the scent. Please go away, don't follow the scent... Alex silently chanted.

The raptor cocked its head, stared at the trunk quizzically for a few more seconds, then chirped disappointedly, turned to its right and loped away from the clearing. Alex leaned his back heavily against the trunk and slowly began to regain his breath, eyes staring ahead but seeing nothing. His mind thinking back on the events that led up to his current situation...

"Jake, are you sure we should be flying this low?" Michael Phillips, or Mike, asked over the headset, his voice filled with uncertainty.

"We should be fine," Jacob Coleman, Jake, replied with assurance, "There's still enough distance between us and the trees below us. Besides, if we want to see any dinosaurs we have to be this low."

"Yeah we get that," said Alex, cutting in on there conversation, "But how can we see any dinosaurs if we're stuck in this fog bank. And this rain storm isn't helping out either." He grumbled as the plane was once again jolted by the erratic wind currents caused by the storm that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, as was common in that region of the tropics. "I would feel a lot better if we weren't flying in these conditions."

"Hey, come on guys, it's me! I've flown in weather that was worse than this plenty of times, trust me you're in capable hands." Jake said, his voice thick with confidence.

The three eighteen year olds, having been friends since elementary school, had grown up together in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. The trio was inseparable, always doing everything together from baseball, camping, Boy Scouts, and finally ROTC in high school. Now the three, having just graduated from high school, wanted to have their last summer before they headed off to college be a blast. And so, being that all three boys were dinosaur nerds and all that stuff they had heard about Jurassic Park, as well as the news about the rampaging T-rex in San Diego, decided to go on a trip to Costa Rica and then go see the island for themselves. They first asked their families for permission to take the trip, leaving Jurassic Park out, and asking to use Jake's dad's plane, a white and blue Cessna 182, they got their passports, and were packed and flying south in less than a week.

After a few days of flying and refueling, the boys landed in San Jose and checked into a hotel for the night. The next morning, after refueling the plane and Jake getting clearance for a fly-about route, they were on their way toward the Las Cinco Muertes islands. When they had started out that day the sky had been clear and sunny, with only a few patches of clouds here and there. But as they passed within view of the first Jurassic Park Island, Isla Nublar, more clouds had started to appear on the horizon, which didn't worry the boys at the time as they were far away. By the time their plane reached the no fly zone surrounding Isla Sorna, and had dropped to a lower altitude, the clouds had rolled in unexpectedly fast and the sky grew overcast. They had just passed over the shoreline of the island when the rain started and the fog rolled in.

"It just had to storm today of all days," Mike grumbled into his mike from his spot in the co-pilot/passenger seat as he glared out the side window, his breath starting to fog up the glass.

"Mike! Don't do that, it's hard enough to see as it is!" Jake complained as he reached for the overhead air-conditioning vents. "I'm going to have to turn the air on higher. If the windshield gets fogged up, we're screwed."

As Jake was now focusing on the air conditioning and not to where the plane was flying, he didn't see what was beginning to appear in the fog. But Alex did. He leaned forward between the pilot and co-pilot seats and squinted his eyes to get a better look. As they continued to grow closer, he was able to start making out what appeared to be a...

"Shit! Jake, look out!?" He shouted and pointed.

Jake and Mike both flinched when his panic laden voice blared in their ears and glanced out the windshield to see what Alex was pointing at. There, materializing out of the fog directly before them was the framework of a giant birdcage.

"Sonofa...!?" Jake exclaimed in surprise as he quickly jerked the yoke to the left, sending the plane into a steep banking turn, all three held their breath as the plane just barely missed the construction, with inches to spare. Just as they felt they could breathe easy, a rocky cliff face suddenly appeared before them.

"Pull up! Pull up!" Mike cried, his hands covering his face.

"I'm trying!" Jake hollered, pulling the yoke back as far as he could without causing the plane to stall.

The Cessna climbed rapidly, the cliff face growing closer all the while. It seemed like they were going to make it, when...

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" Jake cried as he once again jerked the yoke, this time hard to the right, when a metal and glass platform seemed to appear sticking out of the rocky surface before them.

What happened next was inevitable.

With a heartrending crunch and jolt, the left wing crashed through the window and tore through the thin metal wall before hitting a solid steel support. Most of the wing buckled against the force of the collision while the wingtip was shorn off, sending the plane swinging over the top of the cliff and into open air once more. Immediately alarms blared as fuel poured out of the damaged wing and then the stall warning buzzed.

"Hold on guys!" Jake shouted as he struggled with the controls, trying to keep the plane from spiraling out of control and airborne.

It was then the boys realized that the sky was brighter and the fog was completely gone. Unknowingly, Jake had flown them into a small canyon with a river flowing through and that large cage in the middle of it. They were now hurtling over a small patch of forest then a lake, another patch of forest followed by a field, the Cessna jerking in every direction. Alex was just able to catch a glimpse of some buildings on the fields edge when, with a body shaking vibration, the engine sputtered and died. The boys could only watch with sinking hearts as the prop spun slower and slower until it stopped.

"Shit!? Guys, hold on to something!" Jake shouted as the plane suddenly began to dive to the heavily forested land below.

Alex could only watch in spine chilling horror as the treetops grew closer and closer. Jake struggled with the controls, trying and failing to pull the plane out of its dive. The plane flew into a gap between two trees, it's left wheel breaking off as it clipped a thick branch. Alex waited till the last second before he closed his eyes, ducked, threw his arms over his head and muttered a quick prayer. Just as he finished, a jarring impact threw him forward against his seatbelt, and then another flung him back against his seat. Then a third, with the sound of tearing metal, jerked his head to the left and slamming into the window, hard.

The next thing he knew, Alex found himself waking up, or at least trying to. His left eye wouldn't open and it hurt when he reached up to touch it, his chest ached from repeatedly slamming against his seatbelt. His left wrist throbbed and sent a wave of agonizing pain through his arm when he tried to bend it, probably sprained. His back popped as he slowly pulled himself into an upright position and the top of his head stung. In other words, he hurt all over, but at least he was alive.

It was only when he was finished with his personal examination that he realized that the plane had stopped moving. Alex lifted his gaze to the window, the glass pane completely shattered and missing, only for his view to be obstructed by a bunch of leaf filled branches. Confused, he shifted closer to the window and leaned forward to look down. Below, through the twisting branches, he was able to make out what appeared to be a construct made of cement. Unable to see what it was, Alex started to pull himself closer when the plane suddenly made a creaking groan and began to tilt to the left. Alex froze and slowly shifted back to his original position, causing the plane to groan once more and to slightly shift back to its former position. The haze that was fogging up Alex's mind suddenly vanished and putting two and two together, came up with this conclusion: The plane was stuck in a tree.

"Ooh, what happened...?" groaned Mike as he slowly regained consciousness and began to sit up and lean forward.

"Mike, stop don't..." Alex hissed in warning.

At the sudden shift in weight the plane began creaking and groaning as it started to tip forward this time, it was the sound of cracking wood that caused Mike to stiffen in fright. Alex quickly reached forward, grabbed his friend's shoulder and pulled him back against his seat. The plane gave another groaning creak as it settled back once more. Alex sighed in relief as he released Mike's shoulder and sat back slowly, while Mike let out the breath he'd been holding.

"That... was too close," he panted as he glanced back at Alex. "Thanks man."

"Don't mention it," he replied, "I only just discovered the fact that we're stuck in a tree a few seconds before you came to."

"Quite an unsteady perch we landed in, huh?" Mike quipped, a nervous smile on his face.

"Very," Alex muttered as he wiped his hand across his face, taking care to avoid touching his swollen left eye. "I'm amazed that we're still alive and in one piece, well mostly anyways."

"I hear that." Agreed Mike.

Both boys then fell silent as they each began to assess the damage not only to Mike - which amazingly since he had lesser room to move around in he only suffered a few bruises, sore ribs and a broken leg - but the plane as well. From where mike was sitting he could easily tell that the right wing was miraculously still attached, though it horribly mangled and bent, the right wheel had gone the way of the left. Only half of the left wing remained. The windshield was still intact, though it looked like someone had been shooting at it with a machine gun.

Alex glanced back behind him and found the rear window shattered and almost half of the tail section of the small craft gone. All the luggage that was in the compartment behind the rear seats, except for two duffle bags, was also missing, probably had fallen out when the tail was torn off, whenever that had happened. It was at that point that Jake had regain consciousness.

"Oww... My head! Hey, did anybody get the plate of the truck that hit me?" he groggily asked as he sat up and shifted around in his seat, only for Mike to reach over and shove him back against the backrest. Jake looked over at him with pained and confused eyes.

"Jake, don't make any sudden moves," he warned.

"Why not?" was his friend's puzzled reply.

"Because if you do, you'll cause us to fall." Mike stated.

"Fall?" Jake asked puzzled, not comprehending what Mike was trying to tell him, "Fall from where?"

As he asked that he started to lean forward, causing the plane to begin creaking once more and the branches they rested in to crack.

"WE'RE IN A TREE YOU MORON! SIT DOWN!?" Alex bellowed as he tried to grab for Jake's shoulder, but was unable to reach.

"Jake, NO!?" Mike screamed as he also tried to pull his friend back as quickly as he could.

He wasn't fast enough.

With a horrible, mournful snap, the largest branch supporting the plane broke and the Cessna 182 tilted forward and slid off of its perch, sending the disabled craft crashing through smaller branches as it fell toward the ground. The last thing Alex remembered before the plane hit the ground was the sound Jake and Mike screaming, and the large grey object that he now thought looked like a...


Alex had, once again, awoken to his body filled with even more pain, the sun shining in through the cracked and hole riddled hull, the sound of birds chirping, and alone. He gingerly sat up, his chest still in pain though to a lesser extent than before, and glanced around. Jake and Mike were gone, their seats empty, and both doors appeared to have been broken off their hinges, as they were lying on the ground beside the plane. Confused as to what had happened and where the other two were, Alex unbuckled his straps then slowly and carefully pulled himself through the left door and limped out away from the wreckage. Then after his eyes grew accustomed to the bright sunlight, he turned and began observing his surroundings.

The cement structure that he had seen below the tree, in which their plane had 'landed', was a stretch of a partially constructed monorail track, standing about two stories tall and he didn't know how long. The track was supported by thick cement supports and the closest section was slightly curved. And resting right beside it was the remains of Jake's plane. Turning some more Alex found he was standing at the edge of a thin man-made corridor in the middle of the forest – he could tell as there were still plenty of tree stumps around and a large stack of logs nearby. The monorail track ran through the center of the space with sections of it missing in a few random spots and continued on in both directions, eventually disappearing into the trees and out of sight.

Off to Alex's left, was an old construction yard with clumps of grass sprouting through the sandy ground here and there and surrounded by rotting wooden fence. Situated in the far back-right corner was the weathered and rusted framework of a workman trailer. Parked in front of the derelict building were two pick-up trucks and a jeep, all covered in rust and falling apart. Resting the corner closest to him was a big backhoe and a bulldozer, both in the same shape as the other vehicles. And parked along the back edge of the lot was a water truck, it's front left tire missing and the axel resting atop of some cement blocks. Scattered throughout the yard were portable construction lights, stacks of crates and lumber, and oil barrels as well. As he continued to examine the weathered construction equipment, Alex noticed it was growing darker as more clouds were starting to roll in. He looked up just in time for the first raindrop to hit his cheek, which was then followed by another and then many more.

Quickly taking shelter under the monorail track, Alex sat down on a wooden crate and looked on as the rain really started to come down. While he watched and waited for the rain to slow, his mind couldn't help but wonder what had happened after the crash and where Mike and Jake had gone off to. Unwilling and to anxious to sit there and wait for the rain to stop, Alex decided to follow the track overhead and see where it would lead him.

...And that's how he had landed himself in the situation he was in now, hiding from a freaking Velociraptor in a tree and soaked to the bone.

Damn it Alex, how stupid can you be? He berated himself, what's the most important thing Harris told about wandering through any wild area; always be observant of your surroundings. If you had, you might not have fallen down that embankment you didn't see and you probably wouldn't have landed in front of that startled raptor! Oh yeah, nor would you have lost sight of the monorail!

He continued his internal shouting match for a while longer, eventually calming himself down enough to check if the raptor was actually gone and not hiding nearby. Alex slowly leaned out around the trunk and scanned the small clearing for the dinosaur. He listened for any sign of movement, but all that his ears could hear was the sound of the pitter-patter of the rain hitting the leaves of the surrounding vegetation. He leaned back against the trunk and sighed in relief.

"Good it's gone." Alex whispered to himself, "Now to just figure out where I am."

Alex then scanned his surroundings and spotted a familiar shaped construct through the trees. It was the monorail.

"Alright! Now I just need to get back to it and hope the raptor is completely gone."

As he was saying that, he'd begun to slowly climb down. As he stepped on the next branch down...


... Only too realize that he'd stepped on a weak, thin branch that broke under his weight. Alex let out a startled yelp as he lost his grip and fell to the ground with a thud.

He didn't even wait to see if the raptor had even heard that or not, Alex just started running down an old overgrown trail in the direction of the monorail as fast as his tired and aching legs could carry him. It wasn't that long after that, sure enough, he could hear something running through the tall grass behind him, heading in his direction. And it was gaining. Gravel and leaves were kicked up from the muddy path as he increased his pace, barely noticing the pair of rusted oil drums standing beside the path as he ran by, doing his best to ignore the burning cramp in his side. Spotting a log laying across the path ahead of him Alex prepared himself and, once he reached it, slammed his hand on the top, pushed, and vaulted over it, landing on his feet just right to continue running, just as his brother had taught him. Though he could still hear the raptor tailing him as it apparently just leapt over the log like it was nothing.

He repeated the same maneuver every time he came to a log or a tall root that he couldn't just jump over or dodge around, Keeping up a steady pace, but still it seemed that the raptor just kept closing the distance between them. Desperate for something, anything that could slow the creature down, Alex found another log in his path only this one had a thin sapling as tall as he was growing out of it's rotting side. Quickly, he ran toward the log, hearing now the heavy breathing of the raptor as it was closer than he had thought, leapt over it and grabbed hold of the top of the flexible green sapling. Pulling it with him as he dropped down on the other side of the log he then released the bowed plant, sending it springing back up into its former position only to smack the pursuing predator in the snout, hard. Screeching both in surprise and pain the raptor's clawed feet caught on the slippery moss covered bark, sending the creature tumbling to the ground in a startled heap.

Wishing he could've seen that, Alex continued running down the path, slowly gaining distance between the now confused predator and him. The path eventually met up with the monorail and he followed it once more, slowing his pace considerably to regain his breath. He'd walked only a few meters when he came across another jeep, this one stuck in a trench full of muddy water. It didn't look any different than the jeep back at the crash site and was just as rusty, but there was one key difference. Hanging from one of the side mirrors was a torn piece of red fabric, a piece of fabric that looked like it had come from Jake's red shirt. And written with mud on the driver side door were the words:

'A, If find keep following track.

See u soon!

J n M'

Alex could feel the hope rising in his chest as a grin appeared on his face, he was finally on the right trail.

"So this is where you guys went," he panted to himself as he started to jog, "I just hope that I'll be able to catch up soon."

The Velociraptor finally shook itself from it's startled daze, pulled itself back to it's feet and gazed down the path toward the monorail, narrowed yellow eyes burned with anger as they glared in the direction it's prey had gone.


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