Hi everyone. I know, I know, I am the world's worst updater. *hangs head in shame* But I am here with the very last chapter of Overjoyed. I had fun writing it. I think this chapter isn't really based on the song, since they are already together. But I still hope you all like it. DeniseDEMD mentioned that she thought it was based on Logan's reaction from the infamous steak dinner/lunch Ustream thingy with Jojo, where Logan answered a question when the last time was that he kissed a girl and he said a week before. It's not based on that, but it did start when Logan tweeted they had their first week of shooting done. As you can see in chapter 1. And since chapter 2 and 3 were kinda in a period of 2 days, I decided after reading Denise her review to add more of Logan's tweets in this story. I wanted to add more in the last chapter, but I ran out of time, so this gave me the perfect change to end the story. :)

Shoutouts go to Carlos'sCupcake – Yes, they finally got together. :) Danielle has been let down before by guys, and Logan was acting pretty strange all of a sudden, and she thought they were friends who didn't keep secrets from each other, so when Logan made the bad comment of her keeping a secret from him about being kicked out and he tried to apologize, she thought he might just say it to get her to stay. She has always liked Logan, so she was scared that it might be a lie. DeniseDEMD – Thank you very much! :) I hope you like this chapter. I tried to base it a bit from Logan's tweets and from tweets from others that were about him. :) FangedCutie – Thank you very much! :) Danielle has been let down before by guys, so she thought it might be a lie because he said it in the heat of the moment. And she was scared about everything. Miss talking to you on twitter. Hope you're doing good. *hugs*

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I wake up lying on my back. I turn my head to check my alarm clock that shows it's 11.15 in the morning. Suddenly I hear some soft snoring sounds coming from beside me. I look over and see Danielle sleeping peacefully and I immediately remember what happened last night. I carefully roll over on my side and watch Danielle sleep for a couple of minutes and I can't help but smile, she looks absolutely beautiful. I still can't believe we're finally together now, after seven years.

I'm suddenly pulled from my thoughts when Danielle shifts a little. Her eyes slowly flutter open and she blinks a few times before she realizes where she is. A soft smile appears on her face as she looks at me.

"Morning." She whispers softly.

"Good morning. How are you feeling?"

She lets out a sigh of content before she starts smiling.

"Good. I haven't slept this good in a week."

I smile after Danielle answers, I know it's been a rough time for her.

"What time is it?" she asks as she rubs her eyes.

"Almost 11.30."

"Wow. What do you want to do today?" she asks softly.

"Well, we still have to go downtown to the storage unit and get the things you need so you can stay here for as long as you want. And after that we could just stay here and watch a movie or something." I smile.

I could have said that we would get her things so she could move in here, but I don't want to push her or drive her away.

"Sounds good."

"How about if I go take a quick shower and when I'm done, I'll come and get you. Then you can take a shower and while you're in the shower, I'll make us some breakfast." I suggest.

"You do know it's almost lunchtime, right?" Danielle giggles.

"We'll have breakfast for lunch." I shrug.

Danielle starts laughing and shakes her head. God, I love her. We just stare at each other for a minute until Danielle starts to blush and buries her face into her pillow. She's so cute.

"Stop." She whines softly making me laugh.

"Alright, I'm getting up. I'll let you know when I'm done." I smile before I lean forward and place a soft kiss on her lips.

She's smiling and lets out a soft content sigh when I pull back. I get up out of bed and grab a pair of boxer briefs, a pair of jeans, along with a white t-shirt and my black Obey sweater before I leave my bedroom and head into my bathroom.

About twenty minutes later I'm all done and dressed and walk back into my bedroom.

"Dani, the bathroom's…" I start but stop when I notice the still frame in my bed.

She must have fallen back to sleep when I was taking a shower. She looks so adorable, all curled up in the blankets and half on my side of the bed. She was probably trying to soak up the warmth from me, I know she gets cold easily, and the past few days haven't been the warmest here in LA and there had been snow in New York when she was there.

I quietly walk around the bed to the side where she lies and sit down on the edge carefully.

"Dani, wake up." I whisper softly as I push a strand of her hair away from her face.

She doesn't answer, but instead I hear soft snoring sounds.

"Dani, time to wake up." I try again.

"Mhmmm." She groans in return.

I call her again for a few times until I notice the corner of her mouth curl up, she's awake, and she's trying to fool me. I'll get her back for that. I slowly move my left hand to her side and start poking in the blanket which will hit her in her side, making Danielle squeal and open her eyes in terror. I know she hates being tickled.

"No! Stop!" she says as she swats my hand away and looks at me.

"Nope. You tried to trick me." I answer as I continue to poke her through the blanket making her giggle.

"No, I didn't."

"You didn't, huh? I know you did." I respond as I continue my actions.

Before I can register what is going on I'm being hit in the head with a pillow. I look at Danielle a bit stunned as she looks back at me and covers her mouth to stifle a giggle. But it's not helping, because a not even a second later she starts laughing loudly.

"You think this is funny?" I ask her with a serious face.

"Uh huh." Danielle giggles.

"You do, huh?" I ask to which she nods in return as she can't stop laughing.

"You're so gonna get it now!" I growl playfully as I quickly get up from the bed and lean on the bed with my right leg.

Danielle get nervous and tries to make an escape by wanting to roll to the other side of the bed, making the blanket roll off of her. But I before she can move I move my left leg over her waist, so that I'm straddling her, and hold her hands down, all before she can even blink.

"No, no! It's not funny! I'm sorry!" she apologizes, hoping to get sympathy from me.

"Too late now." I chuckle darkly.

"No, no, no, no! Don't!" Danielle protests.

I can't help but laugh. Danielle looks so cute when she's trying to get out of things.

"Your phone is ringing! My phone is ringing! There's someone at the door!" Danielle rambles as she tries to fool me.

"No, there's not. And if it was true, people would call back or come back if it's important. I think that just earned you an extra minute."

Danielle looks at me like a deer caught in the headlights as her face falls, and as she blinks once I let get of her hands and my hands find her sides where my fingers start doing their work. Danielle is screaming and laughing at the same time while she's shaking her head frantically and trying to slap my hands away and protect her sides. She's squirming underneath me and trying to kick her feet, but she can't move at all.

"It's not so funny now, is it?"

"I-I'm sorry! I'm s-s-sorry! S-s-s-st-stop! P-p-p-pl-please!" Danielle pleads.

"Can't do that." I respond as I continue for another minute or two.

"L-l-l-Logan! S-s-s-stop!" Danielle pleads again with a raspy voice from all the screaming and laughing.

"Why?" I ask her as I give her a little break.

Danielle looks up at me and almost silently thanking me for the little break. A few tears have made their way down her cheeks from laughing so hard and her chest moves up and down rapidly as she tries to catch her breath.

"B-because I'm sorry." She answers after a few seconds.

"You are?" I ask a bit unsure and raise an eyebrow to tease her.

She nods her head rapidly, making me laugh.

"Is that the only reason I should stop?" I ask to which she shakes her head.

"Okay, what else?"

"Because you like me." She answers softly.

"Oh really?"

"Uh huh, you said so last night." Danielle smiles.

"Nuh uh, that's not what I said. I don't like you." I answer with a smirk.

Danielle furrows her eyebrows and looks at me confused. But before she can say anything or ask questions, I place both of my hands on either side of her head as I lean forward until I hover over her and my face is inches away from hers.

"I'm completely and insanely, head over heels in love with you. That's what I said." I whisper with a smile.

Danielle starts blushing as she smiles back softly.

"Well that and something else are all the more reason to stop." She whispers.

"What's the other thing?"

"That I'm in love with you too." Danielle smiles.

"You're lucky you're so cute." I chuckle.

I wipe away the tears from her cheeks before I lean in and let my lips touch hers for a brief second until I hear her stomach growl, making us both laugh.

"You go take a shower and I'll make us something to eat." I tell her as I move back and get off the bed and walk towards the door.

"Rise and shine, before I tickle you again." I laugh as I walk out of the bedroom.

"I'll get you back sooner or later, Logan Mitchell!" Danielle fake threatens.

"I'd like to see you try." I chuckle as I poke my head in the room again.

Danielle huffs as she grabs a pillow from next to her and throws it towards me, missing me by two feet.

"Missed me." I tease as I stick out my tongue, pick up the pillow and throw it back on the bed.

Danielle sticks out her tongue at me before I leave and make my way downstairs.

I start making some coffee, before I start getting the items I need for breakfast. I set the table and think of another idea I could make. I know I still have a few banana's on the counter and a few kiwi's as well as some strawberries, blueberries, grapes and a jar of mango slices and a jar of peach slices in the fridge. I make my way to the pantry and see I also have a can of pineapple chunks. What can I say, I love fruit. I start cleaning the fruit that I need to and cut it before mixing everything in a big bowl to make a fruit salad. I grab two small bowls and fill them with some of the fruit and cut a banana and add those pieces in last, before I set the big bowl and little ones in the fridge where it can stay cool.

Several minutes have passed and I start working on the scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I grab a bowl and crack a few eggs and add a little bit of milk before I whisk it all together. I set that to the side and get out some slices of bread for toast. When I grab some butter from the fridge I hear Danielle walking into the kitchen.

"Hey, pretty girl." I smile as I turn around to face her.

My mouth drops and I nearly drop the butter when I notice she's wearing my red Obey sweater. It's a bit big on her and it hangs a little to the side, exposing her right shoulder a little. But it looks really good on her. Besides my sweater she's wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans and her uggs and she has her hair in a loose messy side braid hanging over her left shoulder. God, she looks absolutely gorgeous!

"I'm sorry. I didn't have any more clean sweaters in my suitcase and all my other stuff is still downtown in storage, so I looked in your closet and grabbed this sweater. I hope you don't mind." She tells me nervously as she starts to blush.

"No, of course I don't mind. It looks good on you." I tell her honestly before I walk up to her and give her a quick kiss.

"Thank you." She blushes.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asks.

"No, I have it all under control." I answer.

I set the heat and put some butter in the pan and as that melts I put some bread in the toaster. When that's set, I start working on making the eggs and bacon.

"Logan?" Danielle nearly whispers after a few minutes.

From the corner of my eye I can see her leaning against the counter and fidgeting with her fingers. Looks like she's nervous about something.

"Hmmm?" I answer.

"Did you mean what you said last night?"

"About what?" I ask a bit confused.

"About me moving in with you?" Danielle whispers.

I turn off the heat of the bacon and eggs because it's all done, before I turn to face Danielle and walk up to her.

"Yes I did. If you want to move in here, you're more than welcome. But if you rather want to find another place, you're welcome to stay here till you find something and I will help you look." I answer truthfully.

"Do you uhm… I uhm…" Danielle starts nervously and looks down at her feet while she's fidgeting with her hands.

Can she get any cuter? I move my hand to her face and with my thumb and index finger I hold her chin and make her look at me.

"Do you want to move in?" I ask carefully.

"Would that be okay?" she asks nervously before she starts to ramble on and on.

"I mean, we just got together. If we even are together, I don't know. But won't that ruin things between us? And you will have me around all day since I don't have a job. And we'll be…"

I lean forward and silence her with my lips. She's confused for a second but then kisses me back, making me smile into the kiss. I let my tongue roll over her bottom lip and just when I think she's giving me access, she pushes me away.

"Logan…" She pants as her forehead leans against mine.

Damnit, I probably screwed things up, by pushing her too fast. Way to go, idiot!

"..The toast." She adds.

A faint smell of burning toast tickles my nose.

"Oh shit!" I curse as I move away to get the four slices of toast out of the toaster and put them on a plate.

Luckily they're not burned. I hear Danielle giggle next to me.

"Think this is funny, huh?" I ask as I hold out my hands towards her threatening to tickle her again.

"No no no, it's not funny. I wasn't laughing." Danielle starts to freak.

I take a step back towards her again and wrap my arms around her waist.

"I'd like to say we're together, we're taking things slow and see where things will take us. But you moving in here, won't ruin things between us. I'll make sure that it won't, I promise. Tomorrow, I'll come with you to face the evil she demon, we'll pick up your things, then we'll head over to the studio, where you'll get to see me do my thing and in between takes, we get to hang out and you get to hang out with the other guys as well." I reassure Danielle.

"Okay." Danielle whispers.

"Okay? Y-You m-mean… I… Y-you're moving in?" I stutter.

She bites her bottom lip as she starts to smile and nod. I break out the biggest smile as I hug her tightly and spin her around before I let her down again and lean in to kiss her.

"I'm hungry." She mumbles against my lips.

"Okay, let's eat."

I let Danielle go so that she can sit down at the table and head back to the stove to put a bit of eggs, bacon and two slices of toast on each plate and bring them to the table before I head back and grab two mugs and fill them with coffee and two glasses or orange juice and bring those to the table as well.

We both eat our breakfast, well lunch, and I tell Danielle we can drop by my parents and I can take my dad's SUV, so we can move more boxes at once. I don't have any time during the week, because we're shooting the new season, and I don't want Danielle to have to do it all alone. She agrees to this and I call my dad asking if we can buy his car and when he agrees I let him know we'll be over in a little while. When we're done eating, I grab the two small bowls from the fridge with the fruit and hand one to Danielle. After we're done, we set everything in the dishwasher and head to the bathroom to brush our teeth, while trying to make each other laugh.

While I wait for Danielle to grab her jacket I quickly check my twitter and notice lots of tweets mentioning mine and Kendall's name and they're talking about Featuring You, which is one of our demo tracks we recorded not too long ago. I wrote the song with Kendall.

"Dammit!" I mutter to myself.

"Is everything okay?" Danielle asks as she is walking down the stairs.

"Not really. I just checked twitter and notice people tweeted me and talking about a song I wrote with Kendall. We recorded a demo and someone leaked it and now it's all over the internet."

"I'm sorry. It sucks when people steal your stuff and leak it. I wish there was something I could do." Danielle answers and offers an apologetic smile while rubbing my arm.

I put my phone away and notice Danielle looking at me with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"You want to hear it, don't you?" I ask her and Danielle nods her head quickly.

"I didn't want to look like a bad person by asking." She blushes.

"You could never be a bad person. You're the only one I would leak new songs to."

"Don't I feel special." Danielle giggles.

"You are special." I whisper before I lean in and give her a kiss.

"Come on, let's go, I'll play it for you in the car." I add before I open the door and head out.

I can hear Danielle clap her hands excited behind me, making me laugh and shake my head. We head out to my parent's house in my white Fisker Karma, listening to the song and Danielle tells me it's really good, which makes me feel a lot better. When we arrive at my parent's house I explain to them what happened between Danielle and Monica and that she's moving in with me. I didn't tell them we're dating just yet. I want to take things slow with that, and right now is not the time.

About fifteen minutes after we left my parent's house, we arrive downtown at the storage units. Danielle has her own personal code to get on the property and get to her stuff when she needs to. I park the car and follow Danielle to her unit. We start carrying out several boxes and load them into the car. I already pulled the whole backseat down so that we have more room. About an hour later we're done getting out the boxes with clothes and other items Danielle might need and we have everything loaded in the car. Only a few pieces of furniture are left in the storage unit. We head back to my house and unload all the boxes and take them upstairs to the spare bedroom, which is now Danielle her room. Once we're done, we head back in the car to my parents where we have some coffee and it gives them and my sister Presley the chance to catch up with Danielle as well, because they haven't seen her in a while. While they are catching up I take out my phone and check my twitter. I'm still bummed about the song leaking, so I decide to compose a tweet.

'Hate to see the hard work I've spent at the studio making new music get leaked...sucks when people steal stuff' I write before I send out the tweet and put my phone away again.

My mom invites us to stay for dinner, but Danielle and I decline, because she still has to unpack some of her stuff and we have to be up early tomorrow morning.

When we arrive back at my house I help Danielle unpack some of her things and in the meantime order a pizza. After we finish the pizza I get us both some left over fruit salad and after we finish that we unpack a few more things before we decide we've done enough for the day. Danielle is standing in front of the dresser, putting a few things away, with her back towards me. I walk up to her and wrap my arms around her waist as she closes the drawer. My sweater that she's wearing is exposing some of her shoulder, making me smile.

"You look gorgeous in my sweater." I whisper in her ear before I place a soft kiss on the point where her shoulder meets her neck and letting my lips linger for a second before I place another kiss right next to it, earning the tiniest moan from Danielle.

"I'm going to take a quick shower and then watch some tv in my room and wait till you're done." I tell her before I place a kiss on her cheek and leave the room.

Danielle unpacks some last things as I go take a quick shower and when I'm done Danielle takes a quick shower and joins me in my bedroom when she's done, where I'm lying in bed watching tv.

"Want some company?" she asks softly.

I pat the empty space next to me and Danielle smiles before she climbs into bed with me and cuddles up against me and lays her head on my chest. We watch tv for a bit until I notice Danielle has fallen asleep I don't want to wake her up and make her go to her own room, so I just place a kiss on her forehead and turn off the tv and light on my nightstand before I slowly drift off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up from my alarm clock going off. I quickly turn it off and notice Danielle is still sleeping next to me. I can get used to this, waking up next to Danielle. I know she fell asleep and she was supposed to sleep in her room, but waking up and seeing her lying next to me, I can't think of a better way to start the day.

"Baby, wake up." I whisper in her ear and nuzzle my nose against her cheek.

I hear her groan softly, making me chuckle.

"We have to get ready and face the evil she demon and then I have to be at work."

She groans louder this time. I know she's not in the mood to see Chelsea.

"I'm going to take a quick shower and I'll call you when I'm done." I whisper again.

"M'kay." She mumbles in return and snuggles her face into the pillow.

I get up and grab some clothes and take a quick shower. When I'm done I call Danielle again who reluctantly gets up and takes a shower. When she's done we enjoy some coffee, orange juice and cereal together in the kitchen, before we head over to ChEll Designs, her former work. I walk in with her holding an empty box. People stare at us and I notice a few ladies gushing when they realize who I am, but they won't say anything, so I just politely smile. I tell Danielle to go talk to Chelsea and get her last paycheck and I will put her things in the box. Several minutes have passed when Danielle returns and an angry Chelsea is watching from her office. Danielle says goodbye to a few friends and I grab my phone to send out a quick tweet.

'Early morning Feelin goooood!' I type before sending out the tweet.

Just as I put my phone away Danielle is ready and we both head back to my car and drive off to the studio. When we arrive at the studio ten minutes later, I can leave my things in my dressing room and head straight into hair and make-up. Danielle tags along and catches up with Kendall, James and Carlos who are already there. They head out to wardrobe before me and when I'm done in hair and make-up Danielle comes with me to wardrobe. I introduce Danielle as my friend to Denise and Tiffany from wardrobe, just like I had done with the ladies from hair and make-up. We somehow manage to get to the topic of Danielle her former job which she explains what happened.

"Oh wow, I have a friend who has also worked for Chelsea, she quit after four months because she couldn't take it anymore. Kudos to you for managing working for Chelsea for a year. Any idea what you want to do next?" Tiffany asks.

"Uhm no, before we came here we went over to the office to collect my things and my last paycheck and now I'll have to start looking for a new job." Danielle explains.

"Well, our colleague Cindy will be leaving us soon. She's not working today, but in two weeks she will start her new job. We could use someone else with us. Would you be interested in the job?" Tiffany, the head of wardrobe asks.

"It's not exactly the same as with Chelsea, but it's in the fashion department. You get to shop for clothes for everyone on the show, make sure everything fits correctly and that they get the right outfits. And sometimes I'm booked to help at photoshoots as well, where I do the same things as here. I believe somewhere next week I'm helping at a photoshoot for Popstar and M-magazine that will take pictures of the guys. Sometimes Denise or Cindy help me, but they can't always help. The photoshoots are next week, right Logan?" Tifanny continues.

"Yeah I think so. I'd have to check." I answer as I put on my shirt for today's shoot.

"So what do you say? You can of course take a few days to think about it."

Danielle is overwhelmed with everything. On the same morning she picks up her last paycheck from her former work and now she gets offered a new job, not even two hours later.

"Uhm… yeah, I'd love to work here." Danielle answers excited.

Danielle is excited and since everything for today has been done by Tiffany and Denise Danielle gets to watch me shoot my scenes.

I couldn't be more happier, Danielle is my girlfriend, although we're keeping it quiet for now, she got fired from her old job, but she has a new job now, which means we'll get to spend more time together.

Three days later on Thursday I'm just happy about everything, things are going great between me and Danielle. She slept in my bed most of the time, but I don't mind, it's usually when we watch some tv in my bed that she falls asleep. We drive to work together, she started her new job two days ago and she loves it and gets along with everyone. Everyone accepted her as the new girl on set and has been nothing but sweet to her. I get to see her several times during the day in between takes or when I need to put on a different outfit, but we're still keeping our relationship to ourselves. She loves her new job and today, right before lunch, I watch her as I stand by the door waiting for her till she can go for her lunch break. I grab my phone and send a quick tweet.

'I ell O vee E why Oh U!' I type in and hit the send button.

No one will know what it's for, but as long as I know it doesn't matter. Later that evening we get to go home early and as I heard Carlos talk about taking a little trip to Maui, I got an idea myself. I haven't been able to go snowboarding for a while and I kinda want to go.

"Hey baby, want to go to Big Bear this weekend? Take a little break, do a little snowboarding, just the two of us. We can leave straight after work tomorrow, make sure everything is packed in the car and we can rent snowboards there and come back on Monday. What do you say?" I as when we leave the Paramount parking lot.

"Just the two of us? For the weekend?" Danielle asks.

"Mhmm mhmm." I hum as I keep my eyes on the road.

"I'd like that." Danielle smiles.

I start to smile and hold out my hand. Danielle places her hand in mine and I link our fingers together before I make my way onto the highway. When we get home, I make reservations for a cabin at Big Bear and we pack the things we need and make sure everything is packed and we can put it in the car before we leave for work tomorrow. After we're done and we had dinner Danielle and I watch the Lakers play against Miami Heat on tv. After the game is over and the Lakers lost it's already getting late, so we head to bed since we both have to be at the studio early tomorrow and I have to drive the two hours to Big Bear.

The next day time flies by, and before we know it, we're leaving Los Angeles and we're on our way to Big Bear.

We settle in a small cabin which is just perfect. I wouldn't mind staying here for a few weeks alone with Danielle, just get away from everything, no paparazzi, no obsessed fans, no twitter, just me and my girlfriend Danielle. Man, that feels good to call her that!

It's already late, so we just have some dinner and get cozy on couch and just cuddle and talk until it's time for bed.

The next morning after breakfast Danielle and I head out and rent a couple of snow boots and two snowboards and just hit the slopes, in the meantime we stop for a quick lunch before we head back. I taught Danielle how to snowboard a couple of years ago. She was nervous at first, but now she loves doing it. Big Bear mountain is an awesome place, and it's only two hours away from Los Angeles. It's kinda like a getaway resort, I've been here with the guys a couple of times as well. When it starts to get dark Danielle and I head back to the cabin to relax and have some dinner and just enjoy each other's company.

The next day Danielle and I spend pretty much all day outside, snowboarding and having snowball fights with each other.

The next morning I wake up pretty early, it's our last day here. I've had a lot of fun this weekend, but today it's time to get back to reality. Danielle is still sleeping, so I carefully get up and head out to get a few items for breakfast from the tiny store and bakery nearby. When I get back to the cabin I check to see if Danielle is still sleeping, which luckily she is. I start preparing breakfast and listen to the radio. As I am about to food the food on the plates I can't help but sing along to one of the songs.

'I'm just saying it's fine by me, If you never leave. And we can live like this forever, It's fine by me.'

It's an upbeat song from Andy Grammar, called Fine By Me. I wouldn't mind if Danielle never leaves. When the song is done I hear someone giggling behind me. Danielle is smiling at me, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a sweater from me, somehow they're more comfy than her own clothes, but I don't mind. She looks beautiful, no matter what she wears.

"I thought you were still sleeping, I wanted to surprise you with breakfast." I pout a little.

"I woke up and the bed was empty, and I heard some music, so I checked it out. And I was surprised by your little show you did there." Danielle giggles as she walks up to me.

I turn around and wrap my arms around her waist.

"If we could live like this forever it would be fine by me too." Danielle winks.

"I know we've only been together for a week, but I am happier than I've been in the last few years." She adds with a smile.

"I'm glad to hear that." I answer before I lean in to kiss her.

Me and the guys have a week off from filming the show, and I would have loved to stay in Big Bear another week, but we have several things planned. Tuesday evening I hang out with my good friend RAS. I hadn't seen him in a while, so it's good to be able to catch up again. Danielle heads out to catch up with a friend of hers. Wednesday morning Danielle and I can drive to work together. We don't have to be on set to shoot the show, but me and the guys have a photoshoot with Popstar, and Tiffany from wardrobe at the studio had asked Danielle to help her out at the shoot. Danielle and I agreed on keeping things between us for now, so during the shoot we act professionally, just like we do on set. Later on in the evening I get to go to a concert of Muse with Dustin Belt at the Staples Center which I'm really excited for, Dustin is our guitar player from the band and a good friend of Kendall. It's too bad I wasn't able to get a ticket for Danielle. But she didn't mind. My mom invited her over and she gladly accepted it. We both had fun. Thursday Danielle and I get to sleep in a little, but after lunch we have to be at another photoshoot, with M Magazine and Tiger Beat this time. Danielle is once again helping Tiffany out. It's funny to make Danielle blush by just sending her looks, knowing she can't do anything during the shoot.

Today, it's Friday, and me and the guys finally have our infamous steak dinner, well lunch since it's only 12.30pm, with KIISFM dj Jojo Wright. He promised us a steak dinner last year in the studio live on air if we would get him to 100.000 followers on twitter and our Rushers came through, so he came through on his promise. We've been busy on our summer tour last year and our fans kept asking Jojo about the dinner and we were finally able to set a date for it, which is today. Kendall, James and I are already inside Morton's The Steakhouse in Burbank with Jojo and a few members from his crew, Carlos is stuck in traffic, so we're all waiting for him. Part of the whole thing is being broadcasted on Ustream for the fans. I had to get up early this morning and head to Century City for a meeting with my manager before I came here. It was a pain in the ass, because it was literally planned last minute. Danielle stayed at home, she was still in bed when I left. She woke up when I had to get up, but she stayed in bed for a while longer.

While we wait for Carlos we all order our drinks, starters and our steaks. And just as we're about to order for Carlos, who Jojo is talking to on the phone, he walks through the door. He tricked us.

We all sit and chat for some time and explain everything we have been working since the last time we were in the studio with Jojo and what we are working on now. Twenty minutes later our starters arrive, I ordered the Caesar salad and I'm pretty hungry so I can't wait to start it. While we're eating our starters we continue to talk about our plans and we also answer a couple of questions from the fans.

"Hey Logan, here's a question for you." Kendall starts as he looks on his phone for the tweet.

"What's up?" I ask.

"From Nina Maslow, when was the last time you kissed a girl?" he continues.

"When was the last time I kissed a girl?" I repeat the question.

"Yeah. Like a couple of days ago, or…?"

"Or last year?" Carlos pipes in.

"That's a very personal question. It was like a week ago, I guess. To be honest." I lie as I look into the camera and around at the table.

"Hey, a week ago, that's pretty good." Kendall answers.

I know it's not exactly the truth, but I don't need our fans knowing about me and Danielle right away. I just hope they won't ask any more about it. Luckily Kendall doesn't go on about it and moves on to the next question.

Once we're done with our starters we have to wait for about ten minutes before our steaks arrive. I ordered the Center-Cut Filet Mignon and as side dishes we have sautéed Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, onion rings, cream corn and French fries. Once we all cut a piece of our steak and eat it in front of the camera, the crew kills the live broadcast and we continue to eat our meals and just have a good time off camera.

After our stomachs are filled we head outside, take a few pictures with some fans that are waiting outside and then all head into our cars to head home.

"Dani?" I call out as I walk into my house.

"Didn't your mom always teach you not to lie?" Danielle giggles as I walk into the living room.

She's sitting on the couch with her legs in Indian style as she's using her laptop and looks up at me. I don't know what she's talking about right away, so I give her a strange look.

"You kissed me this morning before you left." Danielle tells me as she notices it.

"Ah, you've been watching the Ustream."

"Of course. You know I love Jojo, so I had to see what he was up to."

I playfully narrow my eyes as I walk up to the couch and stop in front of Danielle. I lean down and place my hands on both sides of her head.

"And here I thought you were watching it because of me." I tell her pretending to be hurt.

"It was an added bonus to see you four goofballs as well." Danielle shrugs playfully.

"You were my favorite though, but don't tell the others I said that." Danielle winks.

"Good." I smile before I lean in and let my lips touch hers.

God, I missed her. I've only been away for a few hours, but I just can't help but wanting to be with her all the time.

"Hi baby." I murmur against her lips.

"Hi. I missed you." Danielle answers as I break the kiss.

"I missed you too."

"Did you tell the guys anything? After Kendall asked you that question?" Danielle asks as she closes the laptop and sets it on the table and I sit down next to her on the couch.

"No I didn't. My parents don't even know yet. I rather have them hear it from us than read it as gossip. We could tell them. Maybe have dinner with them tonight and then tell them." I suggest.

"What if your parents…"

"Don't like you?" I finish for Danielle to which she nods.

"My parents love you. You know that."
"Yeah, but they know me as your best friend, not as your girlfriend." Danielle protests.

"They will still love you."

"Okay, we can tell them."

"And maybe we can tell the guys tomorrow at Carlos his place? You're still coming with me, right? You said you wanted to see us work on songs." I ask in return.

"I guess so."

"The guys already love you. They will keep it to themselves and it will also prevent future mistakes from happening in case someone asks if I have a girlfriend or not. I don't want anything bad happening during an interview."

"That's true. That would be awkward." Danielle agrees.

I take out my phone and call my parents to ask if we could come over. My mom is excited to see us. We're heading over for dinner tonight and then we'll tell them and my sister about us. But for now I can spend some time with Danielle and take her mind off of it. I place my phone on the coffee table and pull Danielle towards me and she crawls into my lap. I lean forward and let my lips touch hers briefly and tease her a little by pulling back and softly biting her bottom lip every now and then.

It's Saturday afternoon and Danielle and I are on our way to Carlos his place to work on our album with Carlos, Kendall, James and also Damon Sharpe.

Last night we had dinner at my parents' house and we told them and my sister that we have been together since a week. You should have seen the look on my mom her face, she was so excited. But somehow she already suspected something. She told us she always knew that I liked Danielle and as she got to know Danielle more, she knew Danielle liked me too. She said it took us long enough to figure it out, but they were really happy for us. Presley too, she loves Danielle as a big sister. I'm just happy about everything. For once things are looking better.

"Hey guys, Danielle and I have something to tell you." I tell the guys as we sit down in the studio.

Damon isn't here yet, so it's a good chance to tell them.

"You know Danielle moved in with me last week, and that she started working with us on set. But what you didn't know is that Danielle and I have been together for the past week." I continue.

"Yeah, people are often together when they live and work together." Kendall jokes.

"No, butthead. I meant Danielle is my girlfriend. Since last week." I answer as I squeeze her hand.

I continue to explain how we got together and they have a laugh about how I acted like an idiot that night. But they were happy for us. Somehow they noticed we liked each other as well. Seems like we were good at hiding it for each other, but not for others. They promise to keep it quiet for now.

Shortly after our talk Damon arrives and we can get started. I get in the booth to record my part for a song first and as I wait for Damon to set things up, I look over at Danielle through the window and I all I can think about how overjoyed I am.


Not the strongest chapter. I hope I gave the story a worthy ending though and I hope you like it.

I will see you all very soon.

Xoxo Eve