I have seen many you tube videos of Hiccup and Merida and I was inspired to write a story about it. I don't care about historical accuracy and I don't want to hear about it. Also, if anyone got the title reference pleases comment on it.

The Dragon and the Bow

Chapter 1: A Bumpy Ride

It had been about a couple of months since the defeat of the Green Death and Hiccup was flying Toothless around the island of Berk. His emotions clouded his judgment as his landing was off by a lot as he crushed some grass. Hiccup looked at his leg as it reminded him of what he had to do to get the citizens of Berk and what it costed him.

He became "Hiccup the dragon tamer", the number one expert on dragon taming.

As soon as he got in town, Hiccup looks at the other Vikings, who were rushing into the great hall as his father, Stoick the Vast, had a very important meeting about the unity of the Scottish.

"Ok, I have heard news from some scouts that the Scottish people have ended their feud and have considered making a pact with the Vikings" Stoick said looking at all his people.

Hiccup moves to the front of the people to hear what his father had to say about the matter of a truce. After Stock's announcement, everyone began shouting about Scots not being peaceful or what if they go to war against them due to the dragons they possess.

"Calm down, Calm down. I know that and I have agreed to send anyone is willing and able to fly there to be a representative of the Vikings" Stoick said roared looking at everyone to see who will go

Everyone yelled again in order for one of them to be picked. One after another shouted reasons as to why they are qualified to leave Berk in hopes of peace with the Scots. However, it was no use and Hiccup was being pushed and shoved until he had enough and shouted.

"I will leave for this land" Hiccup looked at everyone as there was a look of hesitation in everyone's eyes including his father's.

"But, Hiccup I don't think that is such a good idea" Stoick said putting his hands on son's shoulders trying to persuade him into not going.

"Why not", He said. "I have tamed dragons, I have helped this land, and I even defeated a large dragon. Pleases let me go"

Stoick was about to say why he couldn't but then gazes at his son's leg as he still remembered the blood that he lost from the battle of the Green Death. Stoick never broke down just because a Viking lost an arm or a leg. However, Hiccup was different and he had to admit that it is true that Hiccup has done a lot for Berk. He signs and stares at Hiccup and the villagers as the decision rested on his shoulders.

"Fine, you can go but you must be careful" He looked at Hiccup in agreement to let his son go on this questionable mission.

Hiccup saddles Toothless up as he heard a voice from behind him. He turns around to find Fishlegs behind him.

"Look Hiccup, are you sure you want to do this?" Fishlegs asked him

"Yes, Fishlegs I am sure that I am ready" Hiccup answered

"Well, it's just that you and Astrid did have a rocky break up" Fish legs said looking at Astrid training with an axe.

Hiccup looks at Fishlegs. Tears were going to appear from his eyes but he faked a cough in order to calm himself down.

"They are called crushes for a reason, Fishlegs. We just have to move on from them" Hiccup felt pain as he got on Toothless. He couldn't worry about such things as he had a job to do. Convince a race of people he didn't fully understand to make peace with the Vikings.

"Well, be careful ok Hiccup" Fishlegs said

"What's the worst that could happen" Hiccup said as he pats Toothless signaling the dragon to fly.

Hiccup was flying over the water day and night to reach his destination in time. Yawns and tired eyes were both on Toothless and Hiccup. They were exhausted from the travel as they thought they would have never reached land in time. It was night time and Hiccup was about to camp for the night when he gazed upon a sight that immediately woke him and his dragon up.

It was land! They had finally seen a sight of land that seemed like if they saw it if they were in the desert. Hiccup and Toothless slowly started to descend to land when a rock soared past them. He realized that he wouldn't be welcomed as warmly as he had hoped. Alongside the rocks, arrows and spears were being tossed in the air at them. Hiccup avoided most of them trying to land near the mouth of the river. However, Hiccup laid eyes on a blue wisp that sneaked past him and saw many others in front of him before a boulder hit Toothless, thus causing Hiccup to dismount from Toothless as the both of them separated upon impact on the land.

Hiccup hit a few branches before crashing into the ground. Too weak to get up, Hiccup laid on the ground looking up at the nighttime sky. The cold air blanketed him as shivers went up his spine. Hiccup noticed the smell of the land smelt similar to Berk. The last thing he saw before closing his eyes was of the blue wisps surrounding him. He was in for one wild adventure.

I hope you liked the chapter. Sorry, if it seems short. The next chapter will be on Brave and what is going on there. I hope you will like this story.