The sun had finally set upon the humble town of Storybrooke. Regina was in her study, sipping on a glass of scotch and writing in her diary as she did every night when she heard the slam of a car door coming from outside of her New England manor – Graham's Crown Victoria. The white rose that Graham had brought to her earlier in the day was lying on the table in front of her. She would let it dry out a bit and then press its beautiful petals in an old book for safe keeping. Regina was quite sentimental, and the rose was very special to her being that Graham rarely brought her gifts of any kind.

A smile lit up Regina's face as she closed her journal in her lap and placed the diary and her glass of scotch on the table before her next to the single rose. She stood from her seat and flattened her short black dress with the palms of her hands before making her way from her study to the front door of her home. Not even a minute had passed when she heard the soft knock which Graham had placed upon her front door. She took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and she toyed with her hair before opening the door to greet her lover.

Graham stood before her wearing a blue dress shirt and jeans. His hair was wet, and he smelled of cologne – a heavenly scent which fueled Regina's smile to brighten, exposing her perfect white teeth. Her eyes danced up and down his body and then back up to meet the gaze of his flawless blue eyes.

"Graham…. you look… soso…"

But, Regina was unable to finish her sentence as Graham moved forward and grabbed her, pulling her close to him for a deep kiss. His hands found her hair, and he ran his fingers through her soft brunette strands. She smelled of perfume, and her aroma was quite intoxicating. He felt her moan into the kiss, and his tongue roamed around her mouth. He kicked the front door shut as quietly as he possibly could, and he pushed her up against the nearest wall.

She tasted of expensive scotch – she had indeed been drinking, and this was something that stirred much warmth within Graham. When Regina was drunk, she was far calmer, far more fun to be around - not that she wasn't fun to be around when she was sober. Today in her office had been quite an adventure, and Graham knew that there would be far more adventures to come in their relationship. He could feel his cock hardening within the denim material of his already tight jeans, making them even tighter.

Regina pulled away from the kiss as best as she could while being pinned between Graham and the wall behind her. She looked up into his eyes, and she smiled the most loving of all smiles.


Graham pressed his lips to hers once more before pulling away to gaze deep into Regina's chocolate brown eyes.

"Did you miss me?"

Regina's hands made their way up to Graham's curly, wet locks of hair. She had indeed missed him, despite the fact that she had last seen him only hours before.

"Of course, I did. I almost thought that you weren't coming over, Sheriff."

Her voice was as light as a feather as she nearly breathed the words as they came from her red lips. It was obvious to Graham that she had been waiting for him as she had showered and changed into the shortest of tight, black dresses.

"I had to go home and take a shower first. I wanted to look nice for you."

He said this with much pride in his voice, and Regina was quite grateful that he came. She leaned up and pressed her lips to Graham's once more, before pushing him playfully away from her and walking towards her liquor table in the entryway of her home, her high heels clicking on the hard floor of her manor the entire way. She grabbed a glass and poured the most expensive of scotches from its decanter into the glass in her hand before turning to shoot Graham a playful wink.

"Care to join me for a drink?"

Graham nodded at the offer of a drink and with that, Regina turned and walked back into her study. Graham smiled as he watched Regina walking, taking in the view of her from behind. Her body was that of a goddess – she was more than perfect, and he loved her so very much. Regina's fireplace was lit, and its flames sent a breathtaking glow across the room, as if it were inviting Graham to stay. Graham shut the door to Regina's study quietly behind him and took a seat next to her on her small, ornate sofa. There was just enough room for the two of them.

Regina handed Graham his glass of scotch before taking her own into her hand once more from the table before her. She smiled into her glass as she sipped, her eyes never leaving Graham's. She watched Graham sip from his own glass, and she loved the way his 'Adam's Apple' moved when he swallowed.

Graham's eyes left Regina's and fell to the white rose on the table before them.

"You kept it," she said in a loving tone. "I'd half expected you to leave it at your office."

Regina took another sip from the scotch glass in her left hand and shook her head.

"Of course I kept it. It was from you."

Regina crossed her legs and leaned back onto the soft cushions of her sofa. She was more than content with how her life was going as of late.

"I love how much time we've been spending together. I mean… not that we didn't spend time together before, but now that we're 'official,' it seems that we've been spending a lot more of our time – together," she said.

Graham nodded in agreement, his smile not fading from his face as he looked back up into Regina's eyes.

"I've been making more of an effort. I have been swamped at work with paperwork and things, but all of that can wait. I'd much rather spend my hours here – with you. You know that."

Graham's eyes wandered down to Regina's thighs. With her legs crossed, her already short black dress rode up her legs, giving him the perfect view of her tight leg muscles. His cock hadn't softened, either. It was still rock hard, and it made sitting down a bit uncomfortable. He took a longer sip from his scotch glass and swallowed it, loving the warmth that the strong liquor and the blazing fire were bringing him.

"Thank you, Graham. That means a lot to me – more than you can imagine. I've missed this," Regina replied as she placed her right hand on Graham's knee, giving it a loving squeeze.

"Here's to many more nights – together," Graham toasted as he clinked his glass against hers.

"To us," Regina toasted back with another bright smile.

They both drank from their glasses, and at the same time, they placed their glasses onto the table before them.

"Now… For what I've been waiting for," Graham teased as he moved forward towards Regina, forcing her to lie further back onto her sofa.

"Is that all that I'm good for?" Regina teased back, her smile not fading until Graham pressed his soft lips to hers once again.

Graham pressed three kisses to her lips. Her lipstick began to smear, and he smiled as he knew that it would be completely wiped off soon enough.

"Of course not, but I can't resist you, Regina. You're so fucking sexy. Can you blame me?"

Regina laughed as he spoke, but she was soon quieting herself as she felt Graham's strong hands making their way up both of her thighs. His right hand found her panties, pulling them aside. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer to her. Two of his fingers slipped into her pussy, and she closed her eyes, her head resting on the soft arm of her sofa.

"You're wet, Regina," Graham whispered into her ear before giving her earlobe a gentle bite, tugging it with his teeth. "You're always wet for me."

Regina moaned – a deep, low moan as his fingers found the depths of her wetness. He worked magic with those fingers, and he never ceased to bring her pleasure. He slowly thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy, and she slowly bucked her hips to meet his gentle thrusts.


Graham was so loving – so very passionate as his mouth found her neck. He was so very different than he had been earlier in the day at her office. He sucked on the soft skin of her neck as his fingers danced in and out of her vagina, and she ran her fingers through his locks of soft hair some more. Her fingernails made their way across his scalp, and she could feel herself getting even wetter.

No one in Regina's entire life had ever turned her on like Graham could. Except for… Daniel, but they had never had the chance to make love before. Regina was quick to shun away the thought. Pleasure took over her entire being – her bad memories drifting off into the distance like tiny seashells washing away into the waves of the ocean.

"Baby, that feels so good."

But as she spoke, Graham slid his fingers out from her vagina, and Regina's eyes snapped open with disappointment. Her eyes were glued onto Graham as she watched him take her panties into his hands and work them down her legs – down to her ankles. He backed away from her and slid off Regina's black high heels, tossing them aside onto the floor of her study. He then slid her panties from her ankles and tossed them aside, as well.

"I'm going to make you feel even better."

With that, he pulled her short dress up over her hips, and he moved towards her once again. He moved his mouth down to her exposed pussy, and he ran his soft, wet tongue gently up her slit and up to her little clit. He flicked the hard bud with his tongue a few times before kissing it. He firmly pressed his lips to it before allowing his tongue to caress it once more. His tongue fell from her clit down to the warm, wet opening of her pussy. Her juices tasted sweeter than any wine ever could, and Graham savored the taste of her more than anything.

Regina was in heaven. She could feel Graham sliding his tongue as deep into her wetness as it could go, and the feelings of pleasure that were running through her body were taking her over completely. She closed her eyes once more, and her heart began to pound deep within her chest. It wasn't merely the fact that Graham's mouth was on her most private of areas – no. It was his tenderness– the loving touch of his tongue to her body that was sending her over the edge. He loved her, and Regina knew this more than she had ever known anything before.

"Graham…" she breathed. "I'm going to cum."

Graham took in Regina's words, and he continued to do as he was doing, occasionally running his tongue back up to touch her clit. He knew that Regina's body was responding. He could feel her trembling beneath him, and her pussy leaked more juices. He slid his two fingers slowly back into Regina, loving the way that her vaginal walls stretched against them as he did so. He found her G-spot immediately, and he merely touched it. He didn't finger fuck her hard as he normally would. His tongue slid up her slit and continued to run circles around her clit, and his fingers massaged her special spot. No. This time was so very different. He was making love to the woman he adored more than anything in his life.

Graham's loving fingertips pressing on her G-spot sent Regina's body into a wild frenzy. That oh, so familiar feeling began to slowly pool deep within her abdomen, and seconds later, Regina's pussy was convulsing on Graham's fingers. She didn't cum as violently as she had earlier in the day on the floor of her office, but this feeling was that of pure ecstasy. Regina breathed hard – not uttering much of a sound as she was completely transported away. This climax was different. Both peace and pure happiness were dancing through the depths of her soul.

Graham waited until Regina's orgasm had ceased before he withdrew his fingers from her wetness. He lifted his mouth from her pussy and stared down at her – the beauty that was Regina Mills lying before him. She opened her beautiful brown eyes, and Graham smiled as he gazed deep into them. The light of the fire made them sparkle, and Graham's heart skipped a beat.

"I love you. I love you so much, Regina."

Regina's heart was still beating so very hard in her chest, but she couldn't help but smile back at Graham.

"I love you, too. With all that I am – and I always will."

Graham's cock was becoming sore as it had been firmly pressing against the crotch of his tight jeans for far too long. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and he took his hard cock into his hand, giving it a tight squeeze. He slid his off boots, pants and boxers, and he kicked them aside onto the floor. He loved Regina's facial expression as she eyed his hardness, knowing that it would soon be inside of her yet again.

Graham took Regina's tight dress into his hands and lifted it up her body and over her head. He reached underneath her, and he unclasped her black bra, sliding its straps down her arms and tossing it onto the floor with the rest of their clothing. He could feel that Regina's back was sweaty, and he knew that shortly, he would be quite sweaty himself. He moved forward and placed the head of his cock at her soaking wet entrance. She had cum, and once he was finished with her – she would be cumming once more.

The touch of Graham's hardness at her entrance was intoxicating. Regina's hands found the soft cushion of her sofa, and she dug her fingernails into the material in anticipation. He slowly slid himself deep into her, and she let out a soft moan. He was so gentleloving, and she adored him with all that she was.

Graham brought his body down to lie upon Regina's. Her hard nipples pressed into his chest, and his mouth found her neck yet again. He tenderly nipped her neck, and he ran his tongue over the red mark it left. His cock drifted slowly in and out of her pussy - he was passionate. His hips worked, but his thrusts were that of pure love – true love. His cock filled her up completely – his soul filled up with her love. Her mouth found his ear, and as Regina sucked on his earlobe, Graham took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

Graham's bite, his tongue and his hot breath on her neck sent chills down Regina's spine. Her hands found his hair, and it was even wetter than it had been before – his curls now wet with sweat. She moved her mouth down from Graham's earlobe to his 'Adam's Apple,' and she licked it, running her tongue over the hard bump. She felt him swallow, and she loved how it moved over her tongue.

Regina's breathing was heavy and uneven – each breath almost forced. Graham's cock ran perfectly over her G-spot, and she could feel that her pussy was still pulsating over his hardness. Her body was still attempting to come down from her previous orgasm, but she could feel another one building up ever so slowly – trickling through her entire being, burning deep down into the depths of her soul. From her head down to her toes was nothing but pure ecstasy. Her pussy squeezed down onto Graham's cock, and she came. This orgasm wasn't fierce. It was almost gentle – peaceful. She felt so very calm – more than she had felt in as long as she could remember, and her eyes closed as she took in the feeling of this wonderful climax – never wanting to let it go. She took in the deepest of breaths and let it out as slowly as she possibly could.

Graham nearly passed out as he felt Regina's soaking wet pussy squeezing his cock as she came. His lips found hers, and he slid his tongue into her mouth, caressing her tongue with his own as he had done oh, so many times before. He never grew tired of kissing her, but he pulled away as he felt his balls begin to tighten. He forced his body up, using his arms for support. Graham closed his eyes. His cock twitched, and seconds later he was spilling his seed deep into her wetness.

"Oh, GodRegina."

Regina opened her eyes as she felt Graham's hot seed fill the space between her legs completely. How could one man produce so much semen in one day? Her hands found the tight muscles of his arms, and she caressed them with her fingertips. A smile formed on her lips as she breathed his name over and over again.


Graham collapsed completely on top of Regina, and he tried to catch his breath. His heart was pounding uncontrollably in his chest. Sweat dripped from his forehead, and he opened his eyes.

Regina didn't want him to pull himself out of her. She wanted him to rest on top of her forever. Their hearts were both beating so very hard within their chests – and their heartbeats were synchronized, as if together – they were one being.

"I love you…"

Graham moved his right hand up to Regina's hair. It was wet with her sweat, and he ran his fingers through her soft brunette strands. He pressed a kiss to her shoulder, and allowed his head to fall onto her once more.

"I love you, too, ReginaSo much," he breathed.

Regina kissed his hair, and she took in the heavenly scent of him. He was perfection, and the feeling of him on top of her sated her soul more than anything ever could before.

"I don't want you to leave."

Graham smiled, even though he knew that she couldn't see it from this position, but he couldn't help but smile at her words.

"I don't have to leave. Henry knows about us. I can stay."

Regina ran her fingers through his curls some more, and she began to caress his wet forehead.

"I don't just mean tonight. I want you to stay here – with me."

Graham lifted himself from Regina, and his hand found the back of her head. His blue eyes gazed deep into her brown eyes, and his smile widened.

"What are you saying? You want me to move in with you?"

Regina leaned up and pressed her lips firmly against Graham's. She pulled away, and the back of her head pressed on down his hand as she rested her head back once more against the arm of her sofa.

"That's exactly what I'm saying."

Graham stared at her – almost as if he was in shock, but he wasn't. He was more than honored to have her ask this of him.

"Are you sure that that's what you want?"

Regina bit her bottom lip nervously. She had half expected him to say no, but he hadn't – yet, anyway.

"You don't have to give up your apartment. Just say you'll stay here with me – for a while."

Graham's smiled had yet to fade. He was so very elated in this moment, and he pressed his lips to hers once more before responding.

"Of course, I will. I'll pack up some of my things tomorrow."

Regina's heart skipped a beat and her soul danced with pure joy.

"You've just made me the happiest woman in the world. Do you know that?"

"And, you, Regina, have just made me the luckiest man in the world."

Graham climbed off of Regina and made his way over to the chair which sat in the corner of the room by the fireplace. He grabbed the soft, green blanket from the back of the chair and returned to his woman, sitting down once more onto the sofa.

Regina sat up, as well, and she brushed some wet hair away from her face that had fallen there. She moved to lean against Graham, and she smiled as he pulled her green blanket over them both.

The light from the fireplace sent shadows and designs dancing across the walls of Regina's study, and it was a beautiful sight to see. The couple sat in silence for the longest time. They didn't need words. They were both where they needed to be. They had each other, and that was all that mattered.