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Year: Seven

Screams penetrated the silence of a small room dark room. The light within in the room was insufficient for the task that the small woman was performing. She screamed out in agony although she knew she needed to be quiet. She could barely see what she needed to do from the glow that emanated from her chest, but she continued to force her body to comply. She held tightly to her legs as she pushed as hard as she could. Her legs shook and sweat beaded on her brow as screams were ripped from her throat. She had to hurry or she would lose her baby.

Her legs trembled and her muscles in her legs convulsed. Her back arched from the pain. Her breathing was becoming labored and her nails dug into her skin to keep her grip.

All alone the woman struggled to give birth to her child. No one was there to help her as she struggled to breath. This was not what she wanted. She didn't want to be alone in a room that smelled of liquor giving birth to her first child. Tears were forming in her eyes from the pain and her heart was racing. It felt like her heart would explode if she continued to strain, but she could not stop or her child would die. The baby was the only thing she had left, it was the only good thing left from him. It was her reason to continue on.

Again, she summoned all her strength and held her legs firmly pushing with all the force she could muster. Her lungs burned and her heart thumped loudly against her ribcage. She felt like her heart would burst through her chest. She kept the strong contraction of her muscles tight and finally the wailing sound of an infant echoed in the small room for minutes before it died down. The woman's breaths were still labored and small puffs of oxygen were all she could gather in her exhaustion. Tears leaked from her eyes as she fought to gather her strength. She couldn't rest yet. There was still work that had to be done.

The woman was not what she seemed and neither was her child. If asked her name, she would have proudly proclaim it to be Anthony Edward Stark, billionaire, intellectual, playboy, owner of Stark Industries and the Avenger known as Iron Man.

It was what he would have said seven years ago, but now he was different, well mostly physically. He had allowed himself be changed for that person, or rather god he loved. It was not something he did easily. He was never the submissive type but for the god he wanted to bear him children, which sounded so out of character for him that he still questioned himself even to this day. So he allowed himself to be changed for the god because he wanted to make him happy after everything they had been through. It was only natural to want to make the person you love happy.

He was happy that he had the courage to change for someone else, but now he hated the deity. He hated what he had done to himself for the god. He hated that he loved the god and now he hated Loki because in the end, The God of Lies was still everything his title insisted. He had used Tony and it hurt more than anything Tony had ever felt because he trusted him. He trusted Loki with something precious and the god threw it away. The bastard broke his heart and he would never admit it to anyone.

Before they were together Loki had been sentence for his crimes in New York to the Eternal Abyss and had served his time there before they met again. Loki had saved him from dying in car accident and Tony became curious. His curiosity always got him in trouble but in this case it turned into attraction and then to love. It didn't happen quickly. It took five long years for them to become close to each other and many trials that taught them about each other. It felt like a lifetime ago and Tony really thought Loki had changed. He had trusted the god with his life and even married him knowing he was opening a rift between himself and his friends that could not be repaired. He had forsook his own friends for Loki and this was what he got.

Tony had done a lot for Loki only to have everything he believed in torn apart. It was the worst kind of betrayal because it reminded him of Stane and Loki had promised him that he would never do that to him. He lied and after everything was said and done, Tony was wanted by the Council, Frost Giants, and everyone with a grudge against the Trickster. His only safe haven was with his mother and father-in-law, which was great but still a little weird. He had to live with gods. It was not something he wanted to get use to but what choice did he have. Loki had deceived even his family into thinking he had changed and it was so believable. He had really convinced everyone that he was different and ready to settle down with Tony.

Yet, as fate would have it, Loki used Tony only to learn about his arc reactor, which was strange but the truth from the god's mouth. Every sweet nothing, embrace, kiss and 'I love you' was a perfectly conceived lie on Loki's part, when Tony's emotions were really from the heart. He didn't think it could get worse until the god had literally stabbed in the back. He had almost died and unknowingly so did his child.

As he looked back, he realized how he almost lost his child and it only poured fuel on the fire. Tony would find the god and he would make him know the pain he went through. He would hurt the Trickster, but before that he would find out the truth and the reason behind the betrayal. He didn't think there were any good reasons but he had to know. He had to know if everything was a lie, even if he knew inside it was.

Overall, he wanted to make the god hurt and he knew two wrongs didn't make a right, but in this situation it didn't matter. He wasn't the kind of person to care about things like that either. Tony had gave up everything for Loki only to be hurt in the end, so if he was asked what his name was he'd answer: Anthony Edward Stark-Odinson, billionaire, homeless, intellectual, ex-playboy, with an literal axe to grind into the back his wayward husband.

He couldn't even return to earth because of Shield and the council. They wanted to use him against Loki. His life was a mess before he met Loki and now it was a wreck after he left.

He pushed himself up and looked at the small blue child he gave birth to. A smile tugged at his lips but he didn't let it overtake his face. He first picked up the child and inspected the small light blue baby.

When Tony saw child's gender he became proud. He had a son and with a gentle force slapped the light blue butt cheeks of the child. The tiny baby wailed unhappy with the treatment and Tony smiled. He hugged the child and cooed him. This was the only good thing that Loki left and it hurt to acknowledge that fact. He had lost someone important to him again. He was left all alone again.

He was so sick and tired of losing people. He lost his friends to be with Loki and Loki to betrayal. Looking down at the small child in his shaking arms he realized he couldn't lose his child. He wouldn't allow it. The child meant the world to Tony. He couldn't take it if he lost the infant too. But as he clean the child up he realize nothing was wrong. His child had ten toes and ten fingers. The baby was safe and sound and Tony wouldn't let anything happen to him.

He didn't have much time so he cut the umbilical cord wrapped the child in clean, sterilized linen. It was something he carried around with him since he was so close to end of his pregnancy. He gently laid the child on the small mat he sat on and then went to work getting the after birth. After he gagged a couple times he kept pressing on until it cleared his body.

He heaved a great sigh and he felt like his entire body was going to fail him. His body wanted to rest but his mind knew he had to move, even though his heart was pound loudly in his ears and his hands shook slightly. He grabbed some of the clean linen he sterilized and tightly wrapped it around his lower abdomen then between his legs to support himself. He grabbed the dress he was forced to wear during the late stages of his pregnancy and pulled it on. Using all of his strength he dragged himself up into a standing position. Then he picked up the child and went to the door and waited. He could hear the fighting through the door.

The sound of bones breaking and men brawling filled the bar outside of the room. This was his life at the moment and he refused to think about all the things it entailed. His priority was his child at the moment because the baby needed to be checked out. Tony was smart with machines but had zero knowledge when it came to babies. He did know the basic but he really wanted to make sure the child was okay.

A small tavern outside of Asgard was where he was. It wasn't by choice but he had to leave the care of Odin and his wife because there were so many on Asgard that wanted him and his child dead. He had been poisoned but morning sickness saved him. He'd been kidnapped and attacked a couple time while pregnant but it didn't surprise Tony. He was Loki's spouse so of course they wanted to kill him and the spawn of the traitor. But, the real reason he left was mostly because he needed to find Loki.

Earth was no better with the Avengers. They were ordered to capture him on sight and he didn't think they would hesitate. They saw his relationship and marriage to Loki as a betrayal. They didn't even know he was pregnant and he refused to tell them even when Thor suggested. It was because he didn't trust them. Really he did still trust them with his life but he didn't want them to look at him differently. He couldn't stand the thought of them lecturing him on his love life. He already had to deal with the consequences of falling in love with the wrong person.

The arrangement over the years had been as long as Loki hadn't done anything to cause problems he was allowed on Midgard to make reconciliation for the destruction he caused, though his friends never trusted Loki. It hurt because he wanted them to see how much the formerly madman...god changed, but it was for nothing. They were right not to trust Loki and Tony wish he wouldn't have been so blind.

Eight months ago was when everything changed. It seemed like everything was fine until they visited Asgard. Tony had traveled with Loki to Asgard a couple times. It was normal for them to go because Loki needed his progress reported to Odin and his mother Frigga wanted to see him along with Thor. Loki seemed normal or as normal as he could be. The torture he suffered in the Eternal Abyss changed him. He was quieter and would only talk to Tony, Thor (at times) and his family. Even after seven years he had never gotten better or so it seemed. They had been already married for a year and a celebration at Asgard was normal.

During a banquet he returned to his former demeanor. Tony had thought nothing of it at first. They were in a crowd of people for the first time in a long time. He thought it was a defense mechanism. Later, he found it wasn't. The sly, dangerous sorcerer with the charming smile and the perfect skin he saw that night was really his husband. It wasn't until later that night he learned how much of a lie he was living. Loki had tried to kill him and had almost succeeded. If Thor had not come, he would have been dead. Lying a pool of his blood in shock. Tony still could remember that night vividly.

After that Loki took something from the treasury in Asgard that had the Asgardians up in arms. Tony was kept in the dark about whatever it was but he was told it was a declaration of war on Loki's part. It was surprising to say the least and from that time on Tony had found out he was pregnant. He was also wanted by The Council and the Avengers were ordered to take him in if spotted. The media wanted to know where he was and what he was doing.

At some point he and Pepper made up. He had screwed up her weddings to him years ago and for a long time she could not forgive him, but when he needed her most she was there for him. He sometimes regretted not saying yes. When Thor brought him home dying and bleeding, she was there and they both realized that they made a mistake.

It took some harsh and heart aching conversations but they came to a conclusion that was best for them both. She was one of the people he could trust, she even helped him escape from his friends. Thor was the second person he could count on because the god was the one to take him to Asgard and the one that was fighting out in the tavern. His brother-in-law was there for him like they were truly siblings.

Tony looked down at the small child and gently brushed back his dark hair. He was on the run from many people but he would find Loki and he would make him pay for hurting him and his child. He wasn't sure what he could possibly do to a god. He pretty much was useless in a fight with an Asgardian and it was disturbing to him. He wanted revenge on the god, but what could he possibly do?

"That's your uncle out there little one. He's kind of large, loud and too trusting but he'll protect you and so will I." Tony kissed the child's forehead trying his best to forget about his thoughts. The child's skin was cool to his lips and he smiled. There was no denying this child. The infant was a light blue color, nothing like fathers darker hues, but the baby's hair was black like his father and his eyes were a light brown with a touch of blue. It was an eerie combination, the way they almost glowed but beautiful nonetheless.

It was all Tony in those eyes, even the touch of blue. He pulled on the heavy cloak Thor had left him and hid the child in the cloak. He had tucked the infant close to his body protectively. He waited until there was silence and peeped out the door. He didn't take chances like he used to, so he only opened a small crack in the door. The tavern was completely destroyed and Thor was looking around calling for him.

"Over here, I left the moment the first mug flew." Tony said making his way over the unconscious bodies. He moved cautiously toward his brother-in-law, not wanting to trip. The man looked worn out and barely able to stand on his feet but he kept pushing on. He could rest later.

"Is something wrong Anthony?" Thor asked the short woman. She looked terrible as if she had been in a battle herself.

"Yeah, someone came out a little unexpected. I think he wants to meet you." Tony got over to Thor and pushed the cloak open to show the god the small child.

Thor's eyes lit up with happiness. "You have given birth to a son. My nephew has finally been born and he has your eyes, but he takes after his father..."

Thor stopped abruptly with sad eyes and Tony looked up at the god. It was hard for Thor as well because he really thought things had changed for the best. Tony hated that sad look in the god's eyes.

"It's true. There is no way he can deny this child. I can't wait to show him the pain it was to get this child's head out of me." Tony smiled and Thor couldn't help the smile that formed on his lips.

"Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, or something like that." Tony said looking down at the child that was looking around with his eyes. "He'll know not to fuc-"

"Anthony, language, the baby is listening." Thor reprimanded him.

Tony looked down at the infant that was actually looking directly at him now. "...sorry, guess I'll have to get a handle on my mouth."

Thor nodded in agreement and then looked down at his brother's child. He still could not believe that his brother had betrayed his own wife and unknowingly his own child. Loki was a troubled person but he did not think that his brother would stoop so low. He could not fathom the thoughts within Loki's mind, but he knew there was little the Trickster could do to ease the pain he caused Anthony. The man was strong, very strong to give birth to his own son alone in a small dark room, but Thor feared for Anthony's emotional health. Tony had been through so much that Thor thought the man was broken.

He read somewhere on Midgard that women were very emotional and things like betrayal and heartache could take a serious toll on them. At first he was going to leave the pregnant man... woman at home but he couldn't since not even Asgard was safe to leave his brother-in-law...sister. He still was not use to Anthony being female. It had been almost two years but he still could not get it right, although Anthony's refusal to be referred to as a female did not help the situation.

"Hey, shouldn't we be leaving to get on that floating boat outside." Tony said looking around making sure no one was coming to. "None of them had any information on Loki, did they?"

Thor shook his head and heaved a deep sigh. "It was an exciting battle; however, they did not have any useful information on Loki's whereabouts. We should try Heimdall again."

"I'd rather not. He's too all seeing for my likings and he said that Loki had concealed himself and me." It was something he wondered about.

Why had Loki concealed him from Heimdall as well?

"Anyway do you mind if we return to Midgard..." he shook his head "-earth. I want to show Pepper the baby."

He knew she would be happy to see that he was alright and that the baby was in good health. She was the first person he told he was pregnant and she made him promise to return to show her the baby.

"It is fine with me, but we will need to shroud the child's features. I do not think taking him there when his skin is blue is a good idea. We should see my mother. She will know what to do."

Tony wondered why not Odin but didn't bother to ask because he was too tired. All he wanted to do at the moment was lay down on the weird airship, for lack of better words, and sleep. Thor helped him to their current mode of transportation and he did just as he needed to. He fell asleep dreaming of his foolish husband and chocolate.

As soon as they reached Asgard Tony was escorted to Frigga. The woman was so excited to see the baby that she almost ran Tony over. She took the child and Tony almost reached for his baby, but realized that the woman would not hurt the small child. She hugged him to her chest and made small noise at him. The infant closed his eyes and relaxed and Frigga smiled widely.

"I am so proud of you Anthony Stark. You have born a babe all by yourself. Now I have my first grandchild." She gave Thor a meaningful look, to which he pretended not to see.

Tony always wondered how Odin and Frigga still considered Loki their son after everything he had done. "I fear my son does not know the hurt he has caused and the pain he has left behind, but be assured that my husband and I will be here to support you and this babe. Thor told me that you need to conceal the child's features because you wish to go back to Midgard."

Tony nodded wiping the sleep from his eyes and trying his best to keep himself standing. He knew that women need to rest for a while after giving birth and standing was not a great idea. Frigga noticed and led him to sit before she continued to speak.

"Humans are very interesting when it comes to their endurance. I will conceal the child but not as my husband had done to Loki. This will be different for I do not have the same spell that he has used. Instead I will enchant an item that the child must wear so that he will look like a Midgardian. He will always have to wear the item so that he will look like you and not like the little frost giant he is." she said the last sentence endearingly and Tony could feel her love for his child. He didn't have to worry about her hurting his little one.

She took a very small bracelet and modified it so that it was a necklace for the baby. She then said unintelligible things over the necklace and placed it around the child's neck. Slowly the blue skin tone receded leaving the white tone of his father. Tony looked at his baby and smiled. He looked exactly like his father right down to the green eyes. Sometimes he wanted to hate Loki so much for all the pain he caused but he couldn't because deep down he could never stop loving the god. No matter how much pain he caused him, Tony would still love him. He was whipped and he hated it.

Before he left for the biforst or rainbow bridge -which he refused to call it- Frigga told him that the necklace also kept those with ill intentions away from the child. It would be an obvious sign that he could discern. She also told him that it would not be a discrete sign. Tony thanked her and wanted to talk with Odin but the god was busy fortifying Asgard for the coming war. So, he left without speaking to the god and Thor led him to the bifrost. He was suddenly worried about what the thing could do to his baby, but Thor assured him that the baby was a frost giant, asgardian and human. The baby could probably handle it better than Tony could.

To which Tony found out when they landed on Avenger's headquarters that Thor was right. The moment they got there he handed Thor his child and then he proceeded to puke all over the deck outside. He kept puking until he couldn't.

"Anthony..." Thor grabbed the small woman by her shoulder and pulled her to her feet. She swayed and he wasn't sure if she was finished.

"I think I need to lie down. Now." he said trying his best to stay on his feet. The urgency in his voice was all Thor needed to hear. He grabbed Tony up around the waist and led him inside of the tower. He went to the nearest couch and deposited Tony on to it.

The Avengers didn't seem to be at the tower at the moment so the alarm continued to blare. "Jarvis shut off the alarm."

Tony said with a restrained voice. He could hear his baby crying and even though he wanted to swoon like a woman, instead he sat up and took the child into his arms. He talked to the baby and calmed him down until he was sound asleep and Tony was headed in the same direction, while Thor took a seat and waited for the return of their friends. The situation they were in was trying and even if he had to fight his friends he would protect his brother-in-law and his nephew.

He let Anthony sleep and sat watching over him waiting for his friends' arrival. He only hoped that they would understand and not try to capture Anthony.

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