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Giift from a God, Playful and Worthy of Praise

Tony had just fallen into a deep sleep, when a loud shout woke him up. He jumped and jostled his baby, who started to cry out of surprise and fear. Tony looked to the crying child apologetically and rocked the infant gently and cooed him with words. He looked up to see Thor with Mjolnir in one hand and Clint by the neck in the other. The god was angry and it was the first time Tony had seen him like that toward his friends. There was a look on the god's face that made Tony think twice before moving.

"You may insult my brother if you wish because he deserves such words now, but you will not insult my nephew or his mother."

"Hey, let's all settle down some. I was just about to have a good dream." Tony said moving closer to the scene hesitantly. Natasha had her gun trained on Thor uselessly. Steve had his hand on top of Thor's arm trying to stop him from crushing the smaller man's neck and Bruce was off to the side trying his best to stay calm.

"Anthony, it is not wise for us to stay here." Tony looked up at the god who had spoken. Then to Clint who was looking a little relieved that Thor loosened his grip.

"It's been awhile since I've been home and I'm sure you want to see Jane Foster." He said gently patting Thor on his muscular arm. The blonde looked at Tony then to Clint and then let the man go. He moved away just a little but stood right beside Tony looking every bit imposing.

"You would be wise to choose your words with great care." Thor said letting the hammer hang to his side. Thor had gotten a little overprotective from Tony's standpoint but he had been poison while pregnant and chased around Asgard at one time by some asgardian man wielding a sword. Again it was another long story for another time.

The room was silent except for Clint breathing hard. Natasha was at his side checking him out and watching Thor with an unreadable expression. As if they already didn't have trust issue, Tony's suddenly appearing only added to them.

"Okay that was an awkward greeting, so let's start over." Tony said giving everyone a disarming smile. "Hey, guys I'm back."

"Tony is that really you? Where were you and what happen?!" Steve asked. Tony didn't speak he just looked to his child.

For a long time Loki and Tony stayed away from his former teammates because of obvious reason. They had no idea that he was a female. The beginning of last year he made the choice to get pregnant and he didn't really have to tell his friends because they weren't on good terms.

Unbeknownst to Tony at the time, Loki had already started to betray him. He had taken something from Shield and the Avengers were sent to capture Loki, but they had left before the Avengers could arrive.

In Asgard, Loki had betrayed Tony and stabbed him during the banquet, Thor had to take Tony back to Midgard. The healing stones the gods used were ineffective on Tony, which was odd. Thor rushed him back to Midgard and to Avenger Tower at Tony's request. Pepper happened to be there looking for some paperwork. She was greeted with a bleeding Tony and a panicking god. Thor knew human were fragile and could die easily and Tony had lost so much blood.

Tony wouldn't let them take him to the hospital and had Thor take him to the infirmary floor of the tower. Pepper was panicking and Thor was confused by Tony's wishes but somehow the two of them patched up the bleeding billionaire. From there Tony stayed hidden from the team in the tower while they were out looking for him and he was recovering. Actually it was funny to Tony although he was in no shape to laugh then.

While hiding he learn about what Loki did and the item he took. It was a prototype of his reactor but not made by him. Of course, it was not made by him. Shield had hacked his systems, again, to get the schematics. That only served to piss Tony off. Loki had already made a fool of him. Then Shield decided to do so as well. He stayed for two day and for some odd reason decided to take a pregnancy test because he had been feeling sick.

They had been trying for over a year, before they left for Asgard. They even tried a couple times before the banquet and this made Tony take the test because he wasn't sure, but he had a gut feeling. Pregnant was good but bad since his so called loving husband was off gallivanting god or gods knows where.

That led to him finding out he was pregnant and he made the choice to leave for his child's sake. He trusted his friends but not Shield or the Council. He told Pepper and then Thor came for him. He didn't even have to call the god he just came as if he knew what was happening.

"Yep it's me" Tony said finally answering the question but none of the others. Steve eyes were on the child. He looked like he wanted to say something but didn't have the correct words to ask. He was use to odd but there were still some things he could not wrap his mind around. Tony being a female with a child was definitely one of those mysteries.

"Yes this is my son. His name is still up for debate but not for long." He showed the baby to everyone. The infant's green eyes were unfocused since the child couldn't see so far, yet. "Well here are your other Uncles and Aunt. I'm positive they won't hurt you just because of who your daddy is, right?"

He gave them a meaningful look. There was some agreement and a semi grunt from Clint. Clint still hated Loki for using him like a puppet, but he wouldn't take it out on the innocent child.

"Good. I only came here because I thought it would be safe for a while and Pepper wanted to see the baby. That and I have some words for Fury and his disregard of privacy. I want to know why he hacked my systems, scratch that, I know why. The question is who did it. I doubt anyone in Shield has the intelligence to hack that part of my security."

"It wasn't that hard Stark and from Thor's words earlier it seems Loki has betrayed you as well." Natasha said looking at the child. "You should have known that this would happen."

Tony said nothing because he was not sorry for his relationship with Loki. He would not let them make him regret it because without Loki there would be no baby. He really needed to give his child a name. "Yeah, go ahead and tell me I told you so."

"Tony we don't have to because you knew this would happen. Why you even gave him a chance, I could only guess. Why you know with him..." Steve didn't finish.

"Sex, Steve it called sex. Why I did it is a short story. We wanted a kid and I mean really, who goes with out when they don't have to?" Tony's smile said a million things. Steve shook his head in disappointment and Tony wonder if he should have stayed in Asgard. He didn't want to deal with them. Not when he felt like the floor would be his bed at any moment.

"Let's move on to something else and before you ask, no, I don't know where he is. If I did, my foot would be in his ass. So far up there-"

"Anthony." Thor said to stop the tirade that was about to begin.

"Sorry." He looked down at the baby whose eyes were on him just watching. "You really are going to need some ear plugs. Daddy…or rather Mommy is going to curse your father like a sailor, soon or later. And you seem to always look at me when I'm in the wrong. Not that I'm admitting I wrong."

Thor gave him a look that protested the first half of the statement. "Anthony."

"Fine, I'm working on the cursing, but I'm not admitting I was wrong to anything. Well maybe to Pepper but that's different and on to the other topic at hand. Are you going to call Fury on me? I'm not really up to talking to him, plus I'm not really any help since I don't know where Loki is and using me is pretty meaningless since the last time I saw him he was stabbing a dagger into my back. Then he was leaving me to die while pregnant. It's not as bad as it sounds...well yeah it is but it could have been worse."

"Are you alright?" Bruce finally spoke looking concerned for him. Tony smiled his normal smug smile as if his husband hadn't destroyed their relationship and almost killed him. Tony was always good at hiding the truth.

"Of course I am. I came here to patch up about six months ago, though you guys probably didn't notice since I stayed hidden. By the way trying to stay hidden was actually kind of hard. You know being me and all. After that I went to stay with Thor in Asgard. It was a really surreal…gods and-" Tony swayed lightly and Thor grabbed him by one arm and supported his other arm with the infant.

"Tony!" Steve said moving forward to help.

"I'm fine…just dizzy." He said as his knees weakened and he was relying completely on Thor to keep him stand. "Just gave birth to this kid, so I think I should be lying down, but you know how I am, stubborn and foolhardy."

Thor helped Tony to the couch and Bruce checked over Tony. It was at that moment there was a real realization. Tony was a woman. He was a real woman. To say the atmosphere got weird was an understatement.

The small brown haired woman laughed lightly at the way Bruce was acting while he tried to check her heartbeat.

"It's not like something's going to burst out of my chest. Well other than the arc reactor but chances are pretty minuscule when it comes to that."

Bruce shushed him and Tony rolled his eyes. He could tell his heartbeat was erratic and not normal. He didn't really need a doctor to tell him that.

"Something's wrong with your heart." Bruce said making Tony lean forward so he could listen to his lungs. Tony obliged and let Thor hold his child, who really needed a name.

"Yeah, I think the strain from getting his little chubby self out of me did a number on me." Tony said closing his eyes for a minute longer than normal.

"We need to get you down to the infirmary. Your heart is too erratic it's dangerous to go untreated." Bruce said looking to Tony who was slowly losing consciousness. "Tony!"

Steve was already picking up the small woman and taking her to the infirmary. Everyone followed behind him as they rushed to the elevator.

Tony woke up to the sound of a crying baby and more voices. He moaned out from pain and then spoke.

"Whose kid is that?"

"Thor you have to bounce him some. Not that much just a little." Steve said. The shorter blonde was trying to help calm the child down. The god looked confused, Clint and Natasha had disappeared and Bruce was standing over Tony.

"Yours." Bruce said pulling down his stethoscope. "Finally got your heartbeat normally, you'll need to stay in bed for a couple of days. I also gave junior over there a checkup. From what I can tell, he doing fine but I'm not really an expert on people. You'll need to see a cardiologist."

Tony sat up before he spoke. "Okay, so I need to take it easy."

"And you need to avoid coffee and alcohol. Tony your heart almost stopped from being overworked."

"I get it, rest, moderate exercise and things like that." He said looking at his crying child. "Thor would you mind bringing him to me, he doesn't seem to like you or Steve."

Thor gave Tony his baby and Tony cooed the child until he stopped crying. The child already knew who his mother was and would calm down quickly when he was in her arms.

"You're a natural." Steve said and Tony gave him an incredulous look.

"I am not a natural! I'm still a man, you know."

"I think the jury is still out on that." Bruce said looking over some of the readings from Tony semi heart attack. "You're going to see a cardiologist Tony."

"Anthony I think you should see this cardio- person." Thor said looking down at Tony.

"Cardiologist and no, I think I'll wait that one out." He gently kissed the child's forehead.

"Tony! You just had a heart attack." Steve said going over to the table. "You can't ignore this."

"He's right Tony. You're going to a cardiologist." Pepper said stepping into the room and headed straight toward her boss and ex-fiancee.

"Pepper, you're here? I didn't even call." He said as the woman looked down at the baby and her stern look melted.

"He's so adorable. Can I hold him?" Pepper asked. Tony nodded and gave the infant to Pepper. She hugged the child gently and lapse into baby talk. "Oh you're so cute."

"Tony about your heart, I don't think there is any damage but it's better to be sure." Bruce said.

"Fine, I'll go." He said. Then he suddenly shouted out. "I got it!"

Everyone around him jumped. Then they looked to the baby who was too interested in Pepper red hair to care and then Bruce who only raised an eyebrow. He turned his back to them and shook his head laughing lightly. "I'm not going to freak out over a shout."

"Sorry, but I have a name for my kid. I got a little carried away." He reached out and Pepper gave him the infant.

"Don't worry little one. It won't be as bad as it could be…maybe worse? Anyway your name will be Nathaniel."

"Tony that's a perfect name for him." Pepper said smiling at the child. She knew he looked just like his father but the child was too adorable for her to even care and she thought that Tony would pick a horrible name. For once he surprised her.



"Stark Odinson." Tony finished off.

"Tony, for real… Hugleikr?" Pepper said with her hand to her forehead. She didn't even know how to spell that off hand.

"That's one name I'd hate to have." Bruce said pitying the child for his middle name. Thor looked happy with the name, knowing what Hugleikr meant in Norse.

"Well he's my child so I get to name him whatever I want. Plus, it an awesome name, albeit probably hard to spell as a kindergartener, but again he's my kid so he should be smart." Tony said wondering if the child would resent him for it later in life. He'd deal with that when or if it happened.

"Poor kid is going to get beat up." Steve said looking down at the baby with a gentle smile. "…or not if he's as strong as his daddy."

"Well that's another problem I'll think about later in life." Tony said nonchalantly.

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