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That day the sky was as blue as ever combined the shining ray of light from the sun. There's not even a trace of rain half an hour ago except some puddle in the street

It should be another ordinary day but not for a young girl running for her life and some bunch of people in black chasing her.

What makes it strange is that the lump of cloth on her back along with the basket she carrying.
After a while running she manage to shake them off and hide in bushes in the park,

"haah haah, looks like I lost them for now" she said while panting "don't worry guys I won't let them get to you, I will protect you two" soon her statement get replied by two little chuckle from her back and the basket she carrying.

Turns out she were carrying two identical baby, each one in her basket and back.
One male and one female black haired twin one year old in age.

Suddenly her nerve getting tense as she feel the pursuers are getting closer. As she waiting for them to pass by her something unexpected happened.

The female baby on her back suddenly cried not knowing is it out of fear or hungry (well baby do cry when they hungry, right?)

She just dash out from the bush right to the street. "What the, there she is call the others and pursue her!" said the MIB (Man in black cloth) after gaining senses of what happened.

"Tch, Madoka why must you cry at this moment." Complained the girl. Then suddenly she hear a shout

"Wait, Chifuyu stop where you are!" This particular voice shocked the girl known as Chifuyu as she look back and saw a girl her age wielding scythe that bigger than her body chasing after her.

"Kana! Shit why you must be the one who must chase me here!" Chifuyu retorted back.

"It an order from the elder. Actually I don't care if it just you who running away, but what bugs me, is why are you bringing the twin with you to, You know right? That even I haven't got to see the faces of my little cousins and you dare to took them!?" Kana replied angrily.

"Wait, Kana I just want to give the best to my little siblings, an being in that family isn't the best thing for them. I don't want them to grow being assassin. They deserve a normal and happy childhood" State Chifuyu.

"Hah is that the reason why you 'kidnap' them? Just for them to have a normal childhood? It won't work Chifuyu you already know the history of our family. There's not even one Orimura who can have a normal childhood even if they did in the end they still will be a warrior or assassin. It in the blood and there's no way you can denied it!" Retorted Kana "And now accept your punishment and die!" She said while swinging the giant scythe.

"Tch" Chifuyu while holding the basket in her left hand, draw a wakizashi from her pocket and parry the scythe.

They exchange blow while running mostly Chifuyu is on the defense because she bring two babies with her so she can't display her entire skill but still she manage to stand her ground.

The other pursuer keep their distance so that they don't get caught in the fight. It continues until they reach a narrow bridge. Chifuyu decided to began fighting back there assuming because of the narrow bridge Kana would have a disadvantage because of the huge scythe.

And it does the railing on the side of the bridge obstruct Kana movement with the scythe, every time she swing the scythe horizontally Chifuyu just need to duck of jump high enough to dodge. Against vertical slice she will just parry or slide it away using her wakizashi, while slowly closing the distance along with infuriating Kana.

After a while Kana take a step back and turn to initiate a big swing using her scythe with her right hand intend to decapitate Chifuyu head.

But this is what she had been waiting for by just ducking to dodge the swing she immediately stand back up and dashing while aiming to strike at Kana.

What she didn't foresee is Kana just smirking upon her action and swinging her free left hand using the momentum of the turn and previous swing while holding a hidden nunchaku.

This action shocked Chifuyu but fortunately her training allow her to react in the sudden situation and dodge swinging her body but not fast enough as the edge of the weapon still hit her left arm prompting her to retract it and let go anything she hold.

And the next thing that happen would be a nightmare for both of the girls. Yeah, the basket losing the hand which hold's it combined with the momentum of the body swing get thrown into air and off the bridge into the water. It's too late for both of the woman to do anything when it's happen.

"No, Ichika!"

"OH SHIT! Why did this happen?"

Shout Chifuyu and Kana.

Both of them could only stare as the current drags away the basket, the current is pretty big and fast because of the recent rain filling the water volume.

Chifuyu being the one who recovered first started running across the bridge and alongside the edge of the river like trying to catch the floating basket.

"NO NO NO ICHIKA!" Unfortunately the current is faster than her and drag the basket far away until they cannot see it again.

"NOOOOOOooooooo why did this happen, Ichikaaaaa" shout Chifuyu with tears in her eyes.

Kana can only stood there watching the scene while cursing and surprisingly there's a hint of despair and regret on her eyes even though it quickly disappear as quickly it appear.

"Lady Kana what should we do now? One of them is missing, should we report that we failed or should we capture the other one?" Ask one the subordinate while Kana just stand there silent for a moment. Meanwhile Chifuyu who still in a grief hearing the subordinate question manage to coming back to her sense faster than Kana (AN : what else do you expect from the ice queen) leaping away from the site and run as fast as she could.

What the? O shit, all of you go chase her! It will be your head on the platter if you fail! Shout Kana who just barely return from world of shock.

(Meanwhile the baby Ichika got dump on the river and started to drown and the end AN : OF COURSE NOT SCRATCH THAT. SORRY I JUST JOKING WE COULD NOT HAVE THE MC DIE IN THE PROLOGUE RIGHT:) )

AN : Okay back to the story.

Meanwhile about 1 and a half mile from that place a pair of young male foreigner one red hair and the other one have brown hair were sitting and fishing on the edge of the river.

"Hey Neil, What do you expect to catch in this river?" ask the Red hair

"Well maybe some goldfish or maybe catfish. What about you?"reply the brown hair known as Neil

"Me ? I want to catch Tuna or maybe Salmon-class fish. You now what I mean right?

AN : Yeah the day you caught a Tuna or Salmon in this place is the day we see an elephant can do back flip jump.

Neil can only sweat dropped hearing that 'Yeah like that could happen'.

"Hey at least we won't catch a peach and found a baby inside like in the legend of momotaro or something like that right?"ask the red hair.

"Sometime your imagination level is just like a kid imagination level. Please try to act like an adult mercenary like you really are."

The red hair could only shrugged and reply "Hey that mean you know, You too still act like.. what the fu%$* ?"
He could only say that and stone in the place not believing what he saw.

"Hey Gary, Gaarry what's happening man? Are you okay?" ask Neil

Gary could only move his hand and point it to the river prompting Neil to look at that direction. And what he see shock him to. There in the river is a basket and in the basket is (AN : Ask and you shall be given) a baby and the baby is in the middle of a fu*&$#% river.

"Hey you see what I see? It's a baby right?" ask Neil. "You damn right, it is a baby. O SHIT!" Shout Gary out of his stupor and hurriedly jump to the river by instinct and reflex. And swim to catch the basket and return to the shore in a record time.

"Good job man, but hey it's a shock to found a baby in the river" say Neil while helping Gary out of the river.

"Yeah luckily we found it in time, Hey it's a baby boy." Said Gary while examining the baby who now started crying suddenly startling them both.

"Hey make it shut up man, it's noisy you know."

"Hey I'm just a mercenary on vacation I'm not a babysitter" replied Gary.

"I don't care it's you who found it so it's your job"

"What the hell, alright then here you go little devil, now what should I do to you" Said Gary in defeat while lifting the baby out of the basket and try to silent him.

'Hmm now what should we do with this baby, there's a big chance he's being dumped by his parent so there's no way in any chance we could return him to his house if we know where it is. What kind of parent who would dump they own child to the river?' contemplateNeil 'How about we leave him on the orphanage? No that's totally not good I now that spending your childhood in the orphanage is not a good idea based by my experience so far. Then what should we do?' Suddenly he realize something miss from around him 'Hey isn't there supposed to be a baby crying now, where the noise gone?' And he turning back just to see Gary playing with baby while the said baby boy have a huge smile and laughing. Somehow Neil could only see a vision of a baby with his father in front of him. And this give him an idea he himself could not believe it. He just call Gary to get his attention and say " Hey Gary do you know what should we do to this baby?"

"I don't know, return him to his parents maybe?"

"Yeah like that will work there's a huge chance he being dumped by his parent you know and orphanage is a no go for me."

"Then what should we do adopt him?"

And there's a huge grin on Neil face "Who said we?"

"Huh?" is the only reply from Gary.

"It's you not we who should adopt him." Answer Neil.

Gary could only respond with "What!"

"Listen here, it's you who found him first and it's you who rescue him and third he seems to like you. So it's only make sense for you to adopt him." Explain Neil easily.

"Hey I'm a mercenary you know and I think it's not the best occupation for a father you know that."

"So what me to, it's better if you take him than leaving him on the orphanage or on the street. Beside you have a great talent in business and technology so after a while you can change your occupation to start a business.

"Shit you right, okay, it maybe not a bad job being a father. Then again I always wanted to have a families in the future. Okay I accept but you and the other's must help me raise him you know that." State Gary.

"Sure but what you gonna call him"

"Huh" say Gary dumbly.

"His name, the baby name what you gonna call him."

"I don't know Mike maybe or Ralf."

Neil could only sweatdropped and retort "You know its suck man you better upgrade you naming skill. Shit try to search the basket or the baby maybe there's an info we can fine."

"Okay-okay my bad."

And for the next few minute of searching they found a label on the basket with name Ichika on it in alphabet and nothing else.

"Hmm Ichika, a Japanese name, well it suits him because he a Japanese baby and it's better then what Gary come up with" Mutter Neil.

"So your name is Ichika huh well that's a good name." Said Gary to Ichika who smile back hearing his name.

"Well so from now on your name will be Ichika Biaggi little boy, well it sound good right. Okay now call me Papa, say" Said Gary jokingly.

"You know I know you a dumbass but I don't know that you are a sick person to" Insult Neil.

"Shut up! Now lets go back and announce this to the other."

"Yeah yeah, lead the way."

And they go walking to the place they stay momentarily. And that the day Ichika Biaggi the son of a dumb but also smart mercenary is born.

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