Summary: The strange things always happen in anyone's life. So what will happen if they land onto a secondary school which has a long history? The mystery bases on the true story in my school. You will find it quite scary. Some characters' names and the school' name are replaced.

(A/n: This story is a sorry gift for lonely white cloud. Happy Brithday, my INSANE team.^^

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Disclaimer: I do not own TRC. It belongs to Clamp. I only own the students and teachers in X school.

Pairings: Kurofai (I'm a fangirl^^), SyaoSaku.

Chapter 1: The meet.

7.30 pm.

The X school, X St., Vietnam.

When everyone had gone home after an extra-class, a girl still had to stay to clean the board and collected the papers filled on the ground.

"Damn it! If it isn't going to be my duty tomorrow then I don't have to do anything in this time! Why did they leave me alone in this mess?'

'Oh yeah, it's not their problem, not their own class, so why do they have to care?'

Polly muttered. Even worse, she had to cycling, then it would take more time to get home.

The school at night was so peace, and cold too. Polly tighted her coat and locked the classroom's door.

"Hey, get out of my back mage! You are so heavy!"

Polly froze. 'Who can be at school at this time?'.

"Syaoran-kun, can you move a little?"

"Su… Sure!"

Polly held the broom tightly and ready to give the strangers some hits if they caught her.

But the thoughts was spinning in her mind. Are they thieves? What if they had weapons? Furthermore, it seemed like there are at least three of them, and they are all male. What if something happened to her? Polly didn't count so much on drunk gatekeepers, they are usually helpless.

"Who's there? Get out!" The deep voice threatened. Polly took in a breath.

"We don't mean any harm, if you're scared you can just stand there." A lighter voice said. Polly suddenly felt trustful, and emerganted her head.

The strangers had to be foreigners. The tallest was wearing a black suit with red helmet, the blonde standing next to him was covered by a white fluffy robe. Sitting on the ground was a brown-haired boy, who was holding a sleeping girl.

"Who are you?" She asked, still didn't leave the broom.

"We are… travellers." The brown-haired boy answered.

"What exactly you guys are doing in my school?"

"We just… passed by and…"

"Do you think I'm a three years old child?" Polly said. " There are fences all around this school. There are only two entrances and one of them are locked. The other was guarded by the gatekeepers and even they are drunk they still recognized you if you sneak in. The building has four floors and the roof's tiles are slippery because of the heavy rain 40 minutes ago, and you couldn't jumped over it."

Looking at their hanging mouth, Polly felt kind of gloating.

"Just tell me the truth, or I will call the police."

"Well, we came from…" The blonde pointed his finger up.

"A helicopter? A plane?" Polly asked uncertainly.

"The SKY, by its mean."

"You got to be kidding me…"

"You should believe it." Something white landed on her face.

1s. … 2 s. … 3 s. …


"Quiet please! Mokona is cute and kind! I won't harm you!"

"Wha… what the hell… are you…" Polly found her voice trembling. But the creature in front of her eyes looked really weird, and it was talking!

"Just trust us! I know you are a kind girl!" It smiled.

"I think… I can trust you… but…"

A sleeping girl wouldn't do any harm, so did the boy (a/n: Just change your mind). The slender guy was quite friendly and he had just encouraged her.

She didn't trust the black guy.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" That man turned a dead look at Polly.

"Wah! I'm sorry!" She startled.

"Don't be scared of Kuro-wanwan, he won't bite you when I'm here!" The blonde said with a 'hero style'.

"What do you mean' WON'T BITE '? I will cut your head out of your neck if you keep calling me like a dog!"

When the black man was about chasing the blonde, a voice echoed:

"What's going on in there?"

Hearing the footsteps coming closer, Polly gasped . That's not good!