Summary: The strange things always happen in anyone's life. So what will happen if they land onto a secondary school which has a long history? The mystery bases on the true story in my school. You will find it quite scary. Some characters's names and the school's name are replaced.

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Pairings: Kurofai (I'm a fangirl^^), SyaoSaku

Chapter 3: When everything was started.

"Syaoran! Wake up!"

"Wah!" Realizing Mokona was jumping on his face, Syaoran stopped screaming. " What's wrong Mokona?"

"I sensed a Sakura's feather!"

"Where? Where?" He nearly shouted, and when he saw the expression in Kurogane and Fai's faces, he blushed. " I… am sorry."

"Don't be so embrassing, we know that. Beside, Mokona!" Fai glared at the still-jumping-thing on Syaoran's laps.

"Sorry Syaoran! But you sleep so well that I have to do this to wake you up~" Mokona explained with a pout. Seeing Syaoran's dissapointing face, she comforted:

"I just don't sense the feather this morning, I did last night!"

"Last night?"

"Hey, why didn't you wake us up at that time you stupid manjuu?" Kurogane growled.

"But Mokona was sleeping at that time, my eyes just opened for a while and shut right after!"

Fai patted her head and comforted:

"Don't be sad about it Moko-chan, we couldn't go and come for it at the midnight anyway."

"Fai-san is right, we wasn't allowed to run around and look for the feather." Syaoran turned his head back to Mokona:

"So where is the feather?"

"In this school! But it seemed to be underground."


Knock knock knock.

"May I come in?"

It's Polly's voice.


She opened the door and stepped inside.

"Good morning. You wake up very early. You guys must be hungry for all the night without eating anything.

"Yes! Mokona is very hungry~" Mokona said. Polly giggled:

"Okay, I bring you some bread, paté and butter, we will eat them."

Syaoran looked very confused:

"That's so embrassing, you haven't had breakfast yet right?"

"Don't mind me, I usually go to school without it. I just want to eat with you. Ok, let's me prepare some sandwiches."

"Oh, I know how to do it, can I help you?" Fai stood up and hold the bag.

"That's very nice of you. Thanks."

"I am the one who should say it." He smiled warmly.

"Uhm…" A small groan from Syaoran's coat, he ran quickly near it.

"Sakura-hime, you wake?"

"Syaoran-kun… Where are we?" The brown-haired called 'Sakura' had beautiful emerald eyes, and looked at the same colour haied boy, asked quietly.

"We are in a new world now, princess. Oh, we are having breakfasts now, you should sit up and I will bring some to you."

"You are a princess?" With busy hands, Polly still had a little time to ask.

"Yes… And you are?"

"Polly. Here, try some." She gave her the sandwich which just had made. Sakura looked at her again, saw the nod and bited:

"It's really good."

"Just a common sandwich, don't make me feel like I'm a cook of a 5 stars restaurant!" she joked.

"Kuro-rin, Syaoran-kun, I'm done!" Fai happily said and the sanwiches was served. Polly surprised said:

"Wow, you're really quick! That's good, I don't have to do much." She sat natually on the ground. Everyone began eating their breakfast.

"It's an honor to see a real princess, nice to meet you." Polly spoke to Sakura.

"Nice to meet you too."

"Oh, if you are a princess, then Syaoran must be the prince!" Polly said like she recently discovered a new continent.

"Hoe?~" Their face turned red.
"Just kidding, look at your clothes I can know it. But Sakura… I think Syaoran is YOUR prince, right?" She smiled. Now their face not only red but also turned into tomatoes. Feeling pity them, she looked at two persons who were eating at the corner of the room.

"And you guys are princess's guardians, aren't you?"

"I'm not!" Kurogane shouted but froze when he saw Sakura's eyes filled with water. Fai poked him:

"Uh oh, Kuro-sama, what did you say?~"

He gave Fai a dead glare and stuttered to Sakura.

"Well, I didn't mean that… Just Tomoyo is my master and I… I still protect you okay?"

When she finally nodded, he pulled a breath and looked away.

"It's time for me to go now." Polly stood up, sighed "I still get my duty to do."

Mokona hold her shirt:

"Polly-chan, can you do us a favour?"

"Huh? Ok."

"We are looking for something very special to Sakura-chan and we know it is in your school, can you help us?"

"Of course, what's that?"

"A memory of Sakura-hime's" answered Syaoran "It's underground."

"Underground?" Polly's eyes opened widely "Are you sure about that?"


"Underground…" She mumbled "I will try to help you."

"Thank you."

"Don't say thanks to me, I didn't say I could do it, I just try to."

"Your trying is enough for our thanks." Syaoran said.

Polly left, with a worry on her mind.

But hadn't said about her worry yet, right now her class was having a Biology test.

"I can't believe I couldn't do the second question!" A long-haired girl bended her head down to the table.

"You got lucky with it. Look at me, I could do only 3/5 questions!" The shorter-haired one rolled her eyes.

"Polly is the best, she could do everything." The girl standing next to Polly pointed at her. Polly smiled bitterly:

"Hey, don't get jealous with me yet, I did one wrong."

"Still better then me." The shorted-haired complained. "Oh, I don't understand anything! Gene, chromosomes, DNA,….Genetics program is definitely the wrost."

"Charlotte, don't worry about it, not everyone could do all. And beside, our Biology teacher Helena was not an easy marker."

Right, this was the INSANE team, with the captain Charlotte. The long-haired was Petria – a money lover, the girl who holding a dictionary was Nicole, and the glasses one, nobody else, was Polly.

So, where was the fifth member?

There she is, a pony tail-haired, with a sad face.

"What happened, Nonoe?"

"About the class's log. Our class's discipline score was too low and Pillera was angry at me." She explained.

Polly discontented:

"It was not your fault, why did you have to be yelled at?"

"No… she didn't yell at me… just reprimanded…"

"That's not better at all!"

Charlotte sighed:

"She is our homeroom teacher, she will to take responsibillities if our class's marks aren't good enough. And I have to admit our class today is like a broken street market."

"Always likes that when we have a test."

Seeing their boredom, Polly felt very sad. But what she could do? And… yeah, there is another problem. After considering for a while, she finally asked:



"Can you… allow somebody to join our team?"

"Of course. Where are they?" Charlotte exicited quite up and held Polly's arms.

"Well… I mean…" Polly swallowed hard. " Can you allow them to join our plan tonight?"

"…You told them?" She looked very unpleased.

"Well yeah… but they need to… and I…"


"T-They will be there after class…"

"Do you know who they are?"


Silence was everywhere.

Poked, poked.

"Are you sleeping, Kuro-puu?" Fai asked. Kurogane opened an eye to see the blonde, and then shut it:

"Ninja doesn't sleep during the day."

"Eh? So why are you so quiet?"

"We have to keep silent in order not to be recognized."

"Oh I see, you trust Polly right?"


"Hey, Kuro-sama!" Fai leaned closer. "Do you trust me?"

Both of Kurogane's eyes now opened.

"Why do you ask?"

"I just want to~" He said with a sing song voice. 'I know he definitely doesn't, but if he does,…' Fai snapped out of his thought by giving Kurogane a smile.


Suddenly they heard footsteps from outside like someone was rushing on the stairs. All of them froze, eyes locked on the door. It was finally opened, or correctly, be kicked out. Appearing at their sight was a girl with an angry face. Behind her was Polly, who was holding her shirt.

"Great! Now they aren't even Vietnameses! What are you going to do now?" She turned her head to Polly.


"Wait, did you say something about foreigners?" Nicole asked, and when she saw the group her eyes twinkled.

"Ahhhh! I finally see them! Oh my god, where did you come from? What is your language? You looked different from each other so you must come from different countries? And…"

"Nicole!" Charlotte frown. Nicole realized that she was too excited to see the situation right now, and bow her head:


"Okay, this is the serious problem, as the captain I'd like you to explain to me about these persons directly Polly."

"They are all nice and kind Charlotte! They just want to-"

"Don't beg for them, I don't want to hear." She stopped Polly.

"What's going on?" Mokona asked nervously.

Charlotte shoot her vision to Mokona, and the serious face complety gone. She gasped:

"OMG, OMG, it's so cute! What are you? You can even talk!"

"Mokona is Mokona! Nice to meet you!"

"Oh, soooo cuuuttttteeeee!" She hugged her tightly.

"What's this?" Kurogane shocked."Just one minute ago she still have a cautionous face and now she changed 180 degree ?!"

"The world is full of posibilities, Kuro-chu!" Fai laughed. Polly sighed:

"This is her weakness, whenever she sees something cute, especially cute animals, she will throw away all her doubts in whatever situations. And…" She looked at Nonoe, who was standing in front of the door. " Not only one person."

"Wah! Charlotte! Let's me touch it!"

"No way! She is mine!" Charlotte turned her back, hided Mokona.

"You are so selfish! Let's me see let's me see!"

"Hum… If we sell this creature then how much money will we earn, minus the tax and advetising costs…" Petria caculated with a focus face.

"Ok… So captain, can you let them in?" Polly asked nervously.

"Sure, sure! As long as I can see this cute Mokona, they can stay in here as they want! Mokona, raise your hand higher so I can picture you!"

Polly and the travel group:


And that's how it started.