Summary: The strange things always happen in anyone's life. So what will happen if they land onto a secondary school which has a long history? The mystery bases on the true story in my school. You will find it quite scary. Some characters's names and the school's name are replaced.

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Pairings: Kurofai, SyaoSaku.

Chapter 8: Lucky?

"We got to see what they are burying with him!" Fai suggested.

"Are you crazy?"

Kurogane lowered his head and accidentally "kissed" the blonde's forehead. "-Sorry."

"It…It's okay…" Fai flushed, but he shook his thoughts wasy immediately – this was not a time to think about such things "They might be related with the present, don't you see? If it is not, so why were we brought here?"

"You are right. But it is very dangerous out there, and they will point that toy to our faces, especially you."

"What? Why me? You are such a meanie~"

"I saw the millitary which they are fighting with has lots of people with the same eyes's and hair's color as you have."

"When did you see them?"

"I'm a ninja, I usually fight at night, so my eyes's sight is very well."

"Oh." Bowing his head down, Fai asked "So, Mr. Ninja, do you have any ideas now?"

"That's your suggestion, why don't you think about it yourself?" He grumbled.

"Because I have worked my mind a lot and I can't think more now." The mage pouted. Not wanting to hear more his arguments, Kurogane tried to think a best way for their investigation.

But not letting him to do it, the war was beginning – a new beginning – and this time was more slashing.

And the ground started shaking, the place they were hiding started making cracking sound. Some pieces of stones dropped on his back.

"Tsk!" Kurogane had no choice but to pick up Fai and ran out of the place they were hiding. Right after that, it crashed into a mess.

Those people which had just talked, had gone.

"Woa! They are a couple! So cute!"

An innocent voice came from no where made them startled. The ninja looked around and asked:

"Who's talking?"

And after some giggles, and two girls appeared with the glowing lights from the empty space right next to him.

They seemed like twin, with the black hair and black eyes, amd wearing black shirts.

"You guys are the ones the master got mad about? No way, such a cute couple, I could die!" One of them screamed, and her eyes keeped staring at the Kurogane's holding hands. The girl next to her frown:

"Hey, remember what our master said? We have to make sure that they won't escape!"

"Oh, right, sorry." She winced. "But why did he do that to them? I think they weren't served to be so unfair like this. I want to see their marriage."

Kurogane's face was now a colorful picture, changed from the purple, red to black. Fai was trying his best not to blush again.

"Quit your joke already! There is no way they are in that kind of relationship!"

"Yes they are!"

"No they aren't!"






"STOP IT!" The black-haired finally exploded "What did you just say? You said that this fucking place is your master's creation?"

"Oops!" The girls both covered their mouths. The annoyed girl glared at her twin:

"It's all your fault!"

"Why me?"

"Don't tell them any more informations!"

"No! Please tell us, we have children at home and they will be so sad~" Fai brought out a going-to-cry face.

"The fuck are you-ouch!" Poor the ninja, was pinched by the mage and couldn't argue anything.

(Let's call the girls like this: the girl wanted Kurofai would be A, and the other would be B.)

So the girl A was completely "seduced" by Fai's words, and the girl B was kicked out of the conservation. While the blonde was talking, Kurogane still rolled his eyes around. The war was continuing, but it seemed like when they were close to those girls, nobody could see them.

"That's enough! You are going to tell them about the shelter right?" B shouted.

"Master is a horrible person, don't you see? We have to keep this mirage clearly and trapped them in here! Not mention about that solider called Douglas who we took away his son's remembrance from his dead body yet, we closed the only way which they can get out of here is the shelter!"

Both Kurogane and Fai looked at each other: There was a way out!

"Wait! You told them everything!" The girl B stormed out. A mumbled:

"It was you who leaked them…"

"Shut up! I have to capture them!"

She immediately did her hands's movement like "Kamehameha". The lightings flew around her body and shot a laze to them. Through Kurogane had to brought Fai along, but as a ninja, he still made it to dodge aside.


The place where he was standing was now recessed into a large hole.

"My god…" They couldn't image what would happen if that power landed on them, and their faces looked pale.

But, thanks to Fai's crusade about their "relationship", the girl A had standed on their side.

"Quit attacking them like that! If you want to capture them, you have to use a pacific way!"

Well, maybe not.

They want not only to be safe but also get out of here, so…

"It's okay if I use my idea…?" Fai looked up and asked. The ninja just nodded, he didn't have time to consider any more.

"Hey, did you say we are not a couple? That's so mean, you are obviously wrong! We are more than that!" He waved his hands happily.

Kurogane thought he would faint right now, he gave Fai a dead glare: 'Do you really think this would work?!" But the mage blinked his eye: ' Just wait and see.'

"Ha! Serve you right! I know I was right all along!" the girl A laughed.

"How many times have you been talking about this?"

"I know you always think you are right! You are just jealous with me!"

"I'm not, you stupid!"

"Who do you call stupid, hot-headed?"

"You annoyed dog!"

"Crazy ass!"

"Fucking br**sts!"




And after the "very nice" talk, it ended with a "very nice" fight.

"See? I told you my idea would work!"

Kurogane had nothing to say. Are those girl innocent, strong or stupid?

"What are you waiting for Kuro-rin? Want to see them fight?"

"Kind of… wait! Why are you maknig fun of me? You bastard!"

"I found out your face looked really red!" 'The same as mine' – Fai thought.

"So what is that Douglas's son's thing?"

"Oh, right, here is it!" The mage gave him an old iron bowl.

"How did you get it!"

"Silly Kuro-tan, I got it from the naive girl who I was talking to, you just didn't notice it."

"…This is going to be more stupid than it was."

"I don't think so, we just got lucky!"


"Let's run first, you know the place, don't you? I don't want to be lost."

"As if I would!"

And in the end (maybe), they left, went straight to the bomb shelter, while the girls were still fighting with the swearings everywhere and that made the war more intense.

"How long it is gonna take?"

Boring. That was the only thing that they could think abot right now. The 'man' hadn't done anything useful yet, although Syaoran had reminded him a lots.

Now he finally took an action.

"Something is broken!" The solider shouted "Everyone stand back!"

"Stand back?! But we are in the corner!" Charlotte said.

"Whatever, just move aside, not going ahead is fine!"


The place started shaking again and the space beyond was glowing.


"AH! Another ghost!" The girls screamed. Syaoran blinked his eyes a few times, and looked closer.

"Kurogane-san! Fai-san!"

Yes, they came back, with a terrible situation. Their clothes were filled with dusty soil, they have some slight scratches, and when they came back they fell in the water. No wonder why the girls thought they are some ghosts from the underground.

Sakura ran to them right after Syaoran:

"Fai-san, your leg…"

"It's fine, Sakura-chan!"

Mokona asked worriedly:

"But you need some medical treatment! Mokona had some from the last world, please use it"

"Thank you Moko-chan."

"Eh?" The white creature twinkled its eyes " Are you hugging Fai? That's so romantic~"

"I'm not!" Kurogane roared. Fai coughed a few times, too much misunderstanding for one day.

"Sorry for interupting your greeting moment but I have to ask you something" The metamophosis appeared and asked " Where were you dragged into?"

"Who are you?" Kurogane eyed him cautionously. The brown-haired boy explained:

"He is the brother of whom put us into this condition, please answer his question, he might help us!"

"Fine. We were in a war which took place in this school. And some soliders wore exactly like you, a path's captain was Douglas." He said.

"Hey," Hearing his words, Polly asked "Isn't that the Winter War 1946?"
"You are right about that child." The solider frown "So he still has his hatred…"


"When you guys crossed the mirage to the present, you accidentally broke the dead spot of this maze, so I think we can get out now."

"Huray!" The Insane team jumped, but Syaoran's face was getting more seriously:


"So," The metamorphosis turned his back "We are going to meet my brother."

When he had just finished his sentence, a purple light glowed right in front of them, and a person appeared.

Or not a person.

"Brother." It was an old man who was wearing a worn suit, with purple slippers had a wrinkled face. Looking at him, no one could think that he was related to the negative metamorphosis.

"Long time no see, right?"



Everyone froze.

"What do you want to say, dear little girl?" The old 'man' smiled to Sakura – the one had just shouted.

"Well, I want to know… something…" The princess asked nervously "Are you really his brother, I mean, you look more like his father or grandfather…"

Awkward silence…