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This fanfic was supposed to be posted in one go (5 chapters). I have grown tired of me not finishing it. So I give you the first chapter as a treat.

This is jellie fiction for all jellie fans out there (we might be with a hand full). Jellie= Jareth/Elspeth. I owe this all to rp. Big thanks to my fellow rp'ers.

For all who are new to this pairing I hope you enjoy it too.

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I wish I could write Elspeth for a living. Please! Goblin King, give me Queen Elspeth. I can do this. I could make people happy by being her.

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She felt as if she had been in that room for a lifetime. She listened to the soft repeated banging of her head against the floor and screamed. Her beautiful hair fell in front of her face. She rested her forehead on the cool floor. The cold could not temper her frustrations and she had no strength left to let them out. Slowly her sobbing diminished. She looked up. There was no one there but her and her reflections. This was her safe place. This room was everything she was. And it had betrayed her.

Downstairs in the hall the feast had not ended yet. She did not care. She had left it under mocking looks as she had failed to make the prince fall in love with her.

"Nonoooonnoononoooo" a whiney shriek forced its way out her body.

This could not possibly get any worse.

She gritted her teeth to keep herself from crying. That idiotic prince. He had destroyed both mirror pieces by accident, crushed to dust beneath his foot.

She had run out of options. She needed to drive him and her stepdaughter apart. When she shakingly arrived here her humiliation was followed by a ghastly trick her mirror played on her. She would get rid of the girl and take the prince for herself.

"Elspeth," A shiver trailed down her spine. Some people you recognize without having ever seen them before. The tone of voice, the glimpse of a boot.

A gloved hand gallantly entered her sight. She could not be mistaken.

"Don't look so suspicious."

She groaned. Not him.

The hand waved indicating she should accept his offer before he, whimsical was his second name, changed his mind and withdrew the offer.

She ignored the hand she would have accepted from anyone else. "Queen." She corrected. She took his hand, and rose to her feet

"That was cruel." He waited for her to correct herself in her betitling of him.

"Jareth, the Goblin King." She whispered reluctantly.

He granted her a regal nod. "The one and only." He conducted himself with flair and determination he was the centre of all.

She wiped her dress, postponing she moment she would have to look up at him. They both had a feel for theatrics. When she did look up grim shadows were cast around her eyes and a charming smile graced her lips.

"So the rumours are true, the Goblin King has developed a taste for little girls."

"I don't know what you are talking about. You are not that young."

"You want me to wish Snow White away." Elspeth grinned, as full of herself as he was. "You showed up too soon. I am not giving up."

"Wrong." He sneered. "She would be a nice asset to the labyrinth, no doubt, but she is not the reason for my visit."

He left the silence to tell his real reason. "I'm not about to wish myself away."

"Yes you are, sweetling, you don't have a choice. You might as well confess, you are completely crazy about me and my little monsters."

"We've not met before."

He was appreciatively staring down at her and swiftly moved on. "Don't you have a brother to wish away? "

"I can't. He is in the same business as you are."

"Oh" Jareth inspected his black gloved fingertips. "I might be able pull some strings…"

"I said no. He can take care of himself. We're not that close."

"You wouldn't want him back? Then I will have to find another way to temp you. "

"I don't think so. You have no permission to be here. I didn't wish make a wish."

"This girl has everything she ever wished for. And is she happy?" He looked at her with a teasing pout. "No.

You have plenty of wishes. You just don't dare say them. "

"You still shouldn't have come. I did not call…"

"I can be here." he interrupted. "You are an exception." He was standing too close for comfort. He was waiting.

She glared. "You can stop that. I am not going to wish myself away."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are not."

She moved away before he could tap her on the nose. "I am not saying it."

Jareth shrugged with a natural flair. "It was worth a shot."

She clenched her hand. Her eyes flashed to her mirror. How she would love to throw it at his face.

"A piece of advice: You should give up on that toddler prince. "

She headed for the door. "Be gone when I return."

She summoned her mirror to her hand. It did not come.

"Elspeth." Slowly turned around, knowing this could not mean anything good. "you are forgetting something." He held up his hands and eyed the empty mirror stand. Her mirror was gone.

"How did you?!" She stormed at him.

"Your mirror betrayed you." His most innocent look on his face. "Why would you still want it?"

She grabbed him by the collar, ready to throw him out of the room. "You can't keep my mirror hostage."

"Apparently I can." He twirled the mirror around his hand and balanced it above his finger. It vanished before she could reach for it.

"I did not wish it away." He fed off her scared little lost girl look.

"You thought about it."

"I did not wish. Find your entertainment elsewhere. In the town square perhaps. The peasants would love to see your magic tricks. I have no time for this."

She turned back to the door and found him blocking her way. She opened her mouth in protest. He silenced her with a casual hand gesture. "Are you now prepared to hear me out?"

She shook her head. "Give my mirror back."

"As I was saying." He put his hand on hers. "Your prince teddy bear is terribly at fault. It's his loss. He is head over heels for that …" Jareth vaguely pointed towards one of the tall mirrors Snow White had appeared in. Apparently he had been watching longer than she knew. "creature."

He squeezed her hand and shifted to stand beside her. "On second thought, if you are going after him now, I'll accompany you." He smiled. To make certain it would be a disaster, without doubt.

"I am not going anywhere with you."

"All you have to do is solve the labyrinth, Elspeth." He whispered in her ear.

"Give me some personal space, Jareth."

The mirrors flashed to reveal a gigantic view on his labyrinth. She jerked away.

"That's a good mirror." He said. She felt his hands on her upper arms, keeping her in place. He was standing behind her now. She would give anything to back away from this.

If she had but flung her mirror at him sooner. But then he would have halted it by holding up his hand and thrown in a smug smile to accompany the act.

She heard him breath in her scent. She glanced sideways, looking wary at him and saw him watching her over her shoulder. A kiss but a breath away, a small turn and a breath away.

He talked before her anger escalated. "The mirrors show you the labyrinth. Step through it and you will be there. Find your mirror. That is all there is to it. If you fail, you are mine."

She looked out over the labyrinth. "There is no way in hell I am going there." She kept her eyes fixed on a point right in front of her. If she would chance looking behind her he would take advantage of that with a kiss. She was too angry to let that scenario take place.

He leaned over her to look her in the eye. Just a breath now. "I don't need you to agree, Elspeth."

She was alone again.

The mirrors were empty, reflecting the room but not her.

"Mirror?" Elspeth shrieked. She circled around the room. Her mirror was not in here and did not answer her call. She glared distrustingly at her mirrors in case Jareth was watching her through one of them.

After a little while she left the room, smashing the door shut behind her. "JARETH!" She screamed. Her skirts billowing around her. "I am not going anywhere. "

She hurried down the stairs to the hall. "You have three hours to solve the labyrinth." His voice echoed. She looked around for him. He was nowhere to be seen.

She shouted at the ceiling. "That's a bit short."

"We are eager to have you."

"You don't make the rules here. This is my castle."

Little monsters raced before her feet. She kicked them down the stairs. Goblins unmistakably. In hér castle! Goblins!